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General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/12/06


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At Nikolas’ home, Alfred suddenly passes out. Emily notices that he is not breathing and asks the other servants to call 911 immediately. Neither Emily nor Nikolas can understand how or why this could suddenly happen to Alfred or what caused it. Not far away, Colleen hides and observes them unseen. I think we have our answer.

Downstairs in the lobby of the metro court, Maxie and Elizabeth have a confrontation.. Lucky hides and overhears.

Upstairs, Carly confronts Jax. But she is interrupted to notice Sam holding a knife on Ric out on the patio after he’s been unable or unwilling to take no for an answer from her after asking her to dance. Carly comes out and tells Sam she might not want to carry out her threat with that knife. It might not help her with her present situation in having to hold down the fort for her mother and sister, if she were to lose her freedom and get put in jail for violence. She takes the knife out of Sam’s hand and points it at Ric. She confirms that she wants to do what Sam was ready to do and reminds Ric that she is not worried about the consequences for herself if she were to use this knife on him. She is already certifiable.

While Sonny is talking to Alexis in her hospital room, he tells her that he is ready to reveal an “ugly truth” to her. He hesitates to spit it out to her that Sam and Ric slept together and she asks him what could be more ugly of a truth than the fact that she might be dying. He kind of beats around the bush while he talks about the fact that Sam does not care for Ric and neither does he. In response to that, she tells him that whether he likes it or not, they have a child together. And he must face the fact that he and Sam and Ric are the center of their daughters’ lives. She tells him he must cut the crap and get along with his brother. Right then, she starts coughing again. At that point, Sonny knows it’s not a good time to drop the bomb shell about Ric and Sam.

On the patio, while Carly holds the knife at Ric, he asks her if she cannot mind her own business for the first time in her life. She ells him he is trash and walks inside to ask Sam if she is ok and if they can talk.

After listening to Maxie and Elizabeth arguing, Lucky comes out of hiding and demands that Maxie shuts up and goes away. Maxie leaves. He attempts to get Elizabeth to enter the party with him but she also turns her back on him.

Back at the Quartermiane house, Luke and Lulu return home. Right when Luke hopes that he can have a private conversation with his daughter and hear the decision she’s made, Dillon and Edward enter the room. Dillon demands to know what she plans to do. She informs him that she’s made up her mind and is going to terminate this pregnancy. In response to that, Dillon angrily calls her a selfish bitch. Edward tells Luke it’s all his fault. Lulu was ready to sign over custody of this baby to Dillon. And then he comes and changes her mind. Lulu then tells Edward that he better not blame her dad. This is her decision. She has to carry this pregnancy and nobody else. In response to that, Dillon angrily confronts her that it’s all about her and poor her. She is worried about gaining weight and being inconvenienced. Luke demands that Dillon stops verbally abusing his daughter. Dillon asks her what this is all about. Is it because she wants to punish him because he went back to Georgie? Is it because she’s desperate to get daddy’s attention? In response to that, she slaps him.

Lucky talks to Elizabeth in a room alone and tells her that he wants to get back what they had. He wants to clean up his act and work on their marriage. But she surprises him by telling him that he should not be trying so hard to live up to her standards. He must know that she is not a saint. He asks her what she is talking about. But before they can continue their conversation, Lucky gets an urgent call from Edward Quartermaine, informing him that his sister plans to abort and that Lucky must do something to stop her. And Lucky is right on that.

Carly tells Sam that she got involved in her business with Ric because she knows a lot about Jason and is his best friend. In response to that, Sam immediately assumes that Carly is implying that she is better than Sam. But carly sounds like she may be sincere and sensitive to Sam when she tells her she knows that Ric took advantage of her in a vulnerable state. She tells Sam that maybe she can help her with some things. But right then, reporters and photographers go to talk to the mayor and DA. At that point, she calls Sonny and asks if he can “help”.

While Colleen is alone in the house, looking like the good nanny whom nobody can suspect for anything, Nikolas and Emily return form the hospital where they’ve just taken Alfred. She acts all concerned that he is alright. They tell her that hopefully he will be. As soon as they leave her alone, she reveals that she is happy that Alfred is out of the house and cannot prevent her from carrying out her plans.

Lulu asks Dillon if he thinks he’s going to motivate her to have the baby by insulting her. Edward then tells her that his grandson wants to be a good father to her baby. Right then, Lucky walks in and surprises them. Elizabeth is not far behind him. She takes Lulu outside while the others are arguing, telling her she does not need to hear this. Lulu cries. And when Elizabeth attempts to sit down, she appears dizzy due to her own condition. Lulu asks Elizabeth what she should do in regard to the fact that the guy who got her pregnant is treating her this way and believes she is a baby killer. She asks Elizabeth what she would do in Lulu’s situation.

Jax goes to talk to Sam and offers to help her since it’s obvious she is not getting along with Ric nor he with Carly.. Right then, Sonny appears out of nowhere and surprises everybody. While photographers and reporters observe Ric talking to the DA and posing, the others observe. Carly talks to her ex husband about what a pig Ric is to be grandstanding and groping his stepdaughter when his wife and mother of his child is in the hospital fighting for her life. Right then, Sonny approaches the media and asks if they can take a picture of him with his little brother. He stands by Ric, puts his arm around him and smiles. And they photograph them together

Emily goes to visit Alexis and brings her some chocolate chip cookies. Alexis asks Emily about Spencer. Emily informs her that Spencer is perfect and that Nikolas is starting to grow into his father role. Alexis tells her she wishes she did not have to miss this. Emily tells her she mustn’t’ believe that she will miss it. She also reminds Alexis that she remember what it was like to live in fear of cancer. Alexis asks her how she coped wit it. Emily admits to her that when she first got it, she did everything wrong and denied and kept it a secret. But she admits that she might never have made it without Nikolas. Although medical treatment had something to do with it, she honestly believes the reason she is alive today is because of Nikolas. Right then, Nikolas appears outside the door and overhears his ex wife telling his aunt that his love for her was the strength she needed to save her life. Alexis tells Emily if she loves Nikolas so much, then just thinking about him could make all the difference. Right then, NIkolas interrupts their conversation and enters to greet his aunt. Alexis tells Emily and Nikolas that she thinks the two of them should go to the party together. They are not certain whether they should or not. Nikolas leaves to check on Alfred. And Emily continues her private conversation with Alexis about what she’s learned form having cancer. She tells her that if one can be honest about everything they think and feel, it will make it easier for everybody.

At the party, Sonny faces the reporters and photographers and talks all about how great his brother is and how close they are. But the mayor takes Ric aside and warns him how his involvement with his criminal brother could ruin his career as well as his marriage and many other thins.

Lulu talks to Elizabeth alone. She cries and is very emotional when she tells her that she is doing the right thing. And if Dillon and others believe that she is selfish, then that is their problem.

Inside, Lucky confronts Luke about his failure to give Lulu any emotional support. Luke tells his son that he is self righteous and has no business judging his father or Lulu. Where was he when Dillon was doing his little sister? Lucky lashes out at his father and tells him that his and Lulu’s mother would be ashamed of both him and Lulu if she could find out what they are both doing. Right then, Lulu enters and tells her brother he must stop it. Edward then attempts to calmly talk to Lulu by telling her that he believes that her mother loved babies. She worked in the hospital with them and he believes that she should have her baby. Dillon tells her that he believes that also. In response to that, she screams at Dillon that he is ridiculous to say something like that. He did not even know her mother and would not even have a clue what she would want or think or feel about anything. Lucky tells her she must know that her mother would not want her to have an abortion. She tells him that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Right then, Nikolas and Emily enter. Nikolas tells Lucky he needs to back off and let Lulu make her own decision. And he is a fine one to be judging anybody. Lucky makes it very certain that he believes anybody who would have an abortion is terrible. Elizabeth hears that and takes note of her husband’s opinion. Lulu tells them all she will have an abortion regardless of their opinions. And right then, she is ready to pass out. All the stress has gotten the better of her. And only her father wants to help her.

At the party, Ric asks Sonny what kinds of tricks he had up his sleeve by crashing this party uninvited and acting so out of character with the reporters and mayor. Not far away, Jax asks Carly if she still has feelings for Carly. And it looks like he has a ring in a box to give to her. But he tells her it comes with a condition.

Elizabeth goes to see Cameron and puts him to bed. She tells her young son that she hopes everything will go well with him staying with her grandma. And she informs him that mommy is pregnant. He is going to have a little brother or sister. She does not know if the real father is Lucky or Jason. She cannot see herself with either man, however. Jason is a really good person but his lifestyle is not for her. And she wants to make her marriage work with Lucky but it’s not working. She tells Cameron that maybe she needs to have more faith and patience. But it is not there.

Once again, Lucky meets Maxie on the docks. She asks him if he wants more pills. He admits that he does. He has a lot going on in his life. Lulu needs his help. Maxie tells him that maybe Lulu does not want or need his “help”. And knowing that he is not willing to do what he’s promised her the last time, she “teases” him by giving him far fewer pills than he’s been used to. She tells him she will give him more, hours later after he sleeps with her. And she turns her back to leave.

Alone in the house, Colleen calls to ask the hospital what has happened with Alfred. They report that his condition is stable. As soon as Nikolas enters, she cries and acts like she feels terrible for what has happened to that poor man who has been so kind to her. She goes to check on Spencer. And while alone in the room, Nikolas notices that Emily left her scarf on his couch.

Alone in the Quartermaine house, Lulu thanks her father for sticking around and tells him she does not believe she could have fended off all those people without him. Realizing her father’s history of always running whenever there is a problem, she asks him if he can stay and be there for her. He tells her of course. He will be there every step of the way.

Jax tells Carly that she can have the ring for now. And when she believes that she can trust and be with him again, she has to give it back so that he can put it back on her finger. She agrees that that is a deal. And they kiss.

Ric goes to see Alexis in the hospital and notices the chocolate chip cookies that Emily brought her. She asks him where Sam is. He informs her that Sam was tired and went back home to the girls. He informs her that everything was great at the party until Sonny suddenly decided to crash the party and talk to the press. Alexis asks Ric why Sonny would do that.

Sonny and Sam return to his house. She tells him she really appreciates what he did tonight. But she has her concerns about Ric. She tells him it looks as though ric is getting bolder and doesn’t even care if Alexis were to find out about them. Sonny right then tells Sam she mustn’t worry about Ric. He knows how to handle his brother.

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