GH Update Monday 9/11/06

General Hospital Update Monday 9/11/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine house, Lulu calls for Dillon. Right then, she has a vision of her daughter coming to pick up her birthday present that Lulu has for her. She finds herself trying and failing to make things up to the child who knew she never wanted her. Her teenage daughter is very angry at her. And she finds out she is having a nightmare and awakens when her father calls to her.

At the hospital, Nikolas and Emily talk about Lulu’s pregnancy.

Jax comes into Alexis’ room and gives her jewelry. She seems to know they are not for her. He wants her “advice” on his new relationship.

Carly goes to Sonny’s home and tells him that there is an emergency. She needs to talk to Jason about it. But she won’t tell Sonny what it’s about. At that point, he, right away, knows that it’s about her and Jax.

At the hospital, Elizabeth calls to make an appointment with her OB/GYN who just happens to be her friend and colleague, Dr. Kelly Lee. She asks Kelly to keep her pregnancy a secret because she does not want Lucky to know right now. Right then, Lucky enters. He informs her that they have been invited to the mayor’s party. And he really believes that he should be there since he is known as a police hero. She asks him if it’s not too soon after he’s just gotten off his pills. He tells her that although they both know that it was Jason, and not himself, who shot Manny, he needs to do this for his career.

Nikolas tells Emily that he’s worried about Lucky. He’s trying to get straight but if he loses Elizabeth, it might cause him to give up on rehab. She tells him that maybe the threat of losing Elizabeth will be a wake up call for Lucky. She asks him if he’s heard of this new treatment facility that they might consider for Lucky.

At Nikolas’ home, Alfred and Colleen are arguing about Nikolas’ social life. They both know that he is with Emily but she(Colleen) wants him for herself. He tells her she better control her “desires” for Mr. Cassadine, or he can arrange for her dismissal.

Sam goes to the metro court and meets the mayor before the party. He tells her that he knows he will not get re-elected with his present track record. All of the recent homicides in Port Charles does not make him look good. She tells him she has to get back to the office and finish some work before the party starts. He talks to her about her mother, Alexis’ career and how Sam has been taking care of her affairs, along with Ric, while Alexis is in the hospital. He also informs Sam that it will look a lot better for her mother’s record (and in turn for his) if Alexis’ daughter is no longer with a lawless thug like Jason Morgan.

In Alexis’ hospital room, after hearing that Jax has been seeing Carly, she tells him that he really should realize that it’s a mistake. He tells her that he’s finally realized how he has missed what he had with Carly. She tells him perhaps she is too tired to tell him that he needs to get over Carly. But he tells her that Calry made great efforts to travel across the world in order for him. And that means something to him.

Sonny asks Carly how long she thinks it will take Jax to get bored and go back to aAfrica. A week? Two weeks? She tells him that Jax is not like some people who only want to test her. In response to that, he asks her if this is about her and Jax or about her and himself. She tells him that it may come as a surprise to him, but her entire life does not revolve around him and everything is not about him. He asks her if her life is now revolving around Jax and everything is now about him. He then asks her what about the new and improved Carly who does not depend on a man. He tells her that he is concerned about what could happen to her if she allows herself to get emotionally attached to Jax. She tells him that he does not need to worry aobut that. What he should be focusing his energy on is in telling Alexis what that slime ball she is married to did with her daughter.

Right then, Alexis is telling Jax, from her hospital bed, that she is concerned that if he allows himself to get emotionally attached to Carly, he could get used and burned. He tells her that relationships are all complicated and reminds her about the very odd type of convenience marriage they had. Right then, Ric enters. She noticed that her husband is all dressed up with nowhere to go. Jax leaves. Alexis asks Ric if he was able to read Kristina her bed time story. He tells her yes. Kristina and Molly are both in bed and the nanny is with them.

Lulu tells her father that she knows that her baby will resent her. He tells her that she cannot make her decision based upon what she believes some future person will think or feel. She must make the decision based solely upon what she thinks and feels. She tells him that it’s not that easy. But right then, Dillon enters and tells them maybe it can be and he informs them that he now has an idea that could make things easier. In response to that, Luke warns Dillon that if he thinks he will make things easier by brow-beating and guilt-tripping Lulu, then he’s mistaken. He reminds Dillon that he is just the sperm donor. Nothing more than that to his daughter. Lulu then tells her father that it’s ok. She can talk to Dillon alone and hear what he has to say. Luke leaves and Dillon suggests to her that they tell a “well intended” lie to the baby about its’ parentage so it never needs to know how it was conceived. She tells him she does not want to be part of a lie. He tells her it’s better than killing it and asks her what she suggests.

When Jax is leaving the hospital, he runs into Sam who has just arrived in her party dress, ready for the mayor’s ball.. She informs him that they already did the surgery on Alexis but unfortunately found out that the cancer has spread. He tells her that is not good. But he noticed how healthy Alexis seemed. He tells her that if she has her family and friends there for her, then she can recover much sooner. He obviously has no clue of the complications that have recently happened in Alexis’ life.

Carly tells Sonny that he should not underestimate Alexis. Although he promised Sam to keep his mouth shut about her and Ric, and he believes Alexis cannot take this in her present condition, Carly believes that once Alexis finds out what kind of a man she married, she will fight tooth and nail to keep him away from her children and to stay alive so that Sonny won’t have to comply with her last dying wishes.

Alexis tells Ric that Kristina can tell that something is wrong and she thinks they just need to give her special attention. Right then, Sam enters. Ric gets ready to leave with her, as Alexis has asked them to do. She tells the two of them that when they get back, she will probably be asleep. But she encourages them to tell Kristina all about the party, knowing that she will want to know all about it. Before Rick and Sam go out the door, Alexis asks him to do her a favor and make Sam his priority and make certain she has a good time tonight. He tells his wife no problem and kisses her on the forehead before leaving with Sam.

Dillon reminds Lulu that this baby is as much a part of him as it is of her. They made the baby together. She tells him he must stop talking as though they chose to make this baby together. He tells her he wants to have this baby. She asks if she does not matter. Is she nothing more than an incubator that he slept with? He reminds her that he would have never slept with her in the first place if she had not lied to him. In response to that, she leaves. And he seems to know that he was out of line by making that comment.

Right then, Nikolas faces the “concerns” of Alfred and Colleen about his social life.

And we are interrupted by a SPECIAL REPORT about the anniversary of 9/11/01

Jax meets the mayor at the party. Ric finds Sam and they talk about what the mayor expects of both of them. He tells her that she needs to make better efforts not to look like she cannot stand him. She reminds him that she cannot stand him. He then asks her if she wants Alexis to find out their secret. Their conversation is interrupted by the mayor and they play their roles. Right then, Carly enters to meet Jax. She goes to approach the mayor and tells him he will have to dump the “interim DA”(meaning Ric), if he wants to be elected for a second term.

Nikolas and Emily come back from their meeting and decide that maybe they should not go to the mayor’s meeting together. Alfred and Colleen both watch them. And at that moment, Alfred falls to the ground. Emily rushes to help him and believes he’s had a heart attack.

Luke accompanies his daughter to the hospital. They are both really disappointed in Dillon. He asks her what she thinks. She tells him she thinks she knows what she’s going to do.

Lucky and Maxie are downstairs in the metro court wondering if they should go to the party together. She asks him why he does not want to be seen with her and admit to the people there that his marriage is over. All he wants her for is to score him his pills. He then tells her that she must know that he only wants to be with her. He intends to get clean and take care of his family business. And then he will leave Elizabeth. Right then, Elizabeth enters. But Lucky knows he cannot let her know what he has just told Maxie. He leaves the two of them alone. Maxie approaches Elizabeth and tells her they have to talk.

Sonny goes to see Alexis in her hospital room after Carly has made her “suggestion” that he tells her about Ric and Sam. Having no clue what he is considering telling her, she informs Sonny that the mayor is holding a party. And Sam and Ric have gone together.

Carly tells the mayor that Ric Lansing kidnapped her and chained her to a wall when she was pregnant. He is a snake. And the mayor should know what kind of a human being he has in the DA’s office in Alexis’ absence. The mayor does not want to seem to listen to her. Jax finds her. Out in the balcony, Ric tells Sam that they must dance and appear to be friendly. But she won’t cooperate. He grabs her arm. At that point she struggles, points a knife at him and tells him he better not ever touch her again.

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