GH Update Friday 9/8/06

General Hospital Update Friday 9/8/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Ric brings some coffee to Alexis in the hospital to try to cheer her up, but he forgot to get her decaf. He is surprised when she says that she's keyed up anyway, since she is on pain meds. She asks where Sam is and notes that Ric has been great with her. She asks him to keep doing that while she focuses on getting well. The nanny brings Molly and Kristina in to visit, so Alexis kisses them, happy. They give her a card and some drawings they made. The nanny takes the kids away after a few minutes. Alexis worries about the girls. She asks Ric to get along with Sam so they can take care of the girls. Ric just nods.

Sam and Sonny continue to argue about what they will tell Alexis about what's been going on. Sam wants to keep from Alexis that knowing that she is back with Jason. Sonny thinks they should tell Alexis the truth about things. Sonny is worried about Alexis' wish to keep Molly with Ric. He doesn't think it's an issue any more, but Sam points out that she could still die. Sonny wonders how far Sam is willing to go as far as Alexis' wishes.

Nikolas, in a good mood, walks into one of his rooms where the nanny Colleen and baby Spencer are. He suggests they go for a picnic in the park, so Colleen smiles happily. Nikolas is pouring some water when Elizabeth arrives in a frantic state. She tells him that she doesn't think Lucky will be able to get off the pills without rehab. Nikolas asks her why she is having such a hard time. She admits that she is pregnant, but Lucky doesn't know it yet. Elizabeth explains why she thinks Lucky is not able to kick his habit and then asks Nikolas to talk Lucky into rehab. He asks if she will tell Lucky about the pregnancy, but she wants to wait until Lucky is further along in his recovery. Nikolas agrees to talk to lucky. He tells her that he is sorry that she is going through this, and they hug.

Colleen takes Spencer to the docks with the picnic basket. She talks to Spencer, saying that she thinks Nikolas likes her. Helena comes up and says that would be unfortunate. Helena chuckles at Spencer, noting that he is a little prince. Colleen adds that he's wonderful, so Helena wonders if she means the baby or Nikolas. Helena reminds her that she is only there to take care of the baby and be her advocate to Nikolas. She advises her to put aside her fantasies. Colleen spies Nikolas nearby on the phone, hiding. Colleen slips a knife out of the picnic basket and suddenly points it at Helena, yelling that she should stay away from the baby. Nikolas rushes up and holds Colleen's hand back, telling her it's okay. He warns Helena away from the baby again, saying that he will have her committed again. Helena says in a forlorn way that she just wanted to see the baby, who is family. He says another comment about her staying away, so she leaves. Colleen breathes a sigh of relief.

At the Quartermaines, Dillon tells Edward that Lulu is gone from her room. Alan is sitting there, too. Edward and Dillon wonder about where she went. Lulu walks in, so they ask her if she's okay and where she went. Luke comes in and tell them that she was with him. He dares them to have a problem with that. Luke and Lulu get breakfast as he accuses them of enslaving Lulu so that they can breed an heir. Dillon is shocked that he thinks that. Luke argues with Dillon about Lulu's decision. Luke makes it clear to all of them that this is purely Lulu's decision, not theirs. Edward offers money to Luke to get rid of him. Alan suggests that Luke take the money. Luke stands up and with glee, makes fun of Alan. He says in a humorous way that Alan is the only one whose parenting skills are worse than his. Edward offers $75,000. Luke suggests instead that they sue instead over the defective condoms as he pulls one out. Alan grabs the condom out of Luke's hand. Luke suggests that they cooperate, or else he will go to the news. Edward tells him to do whatever he wants, but Lulu will not abort his grandchild. Lulu lets him know that she hasn't decided yet. Alan reminds them that abortion is safe and legal, and he wants it to stay that way, but he doesn't think it should be used for birth control. Luke counters that their choice of birth control didn't work or else she wouldn't have this problem. Alan says that abortion wasn't meant for girls with Lulu's advantages (which is a crock). Lulu points out how money will not fix their problems, which she lists. They all keep arguing. Edward insists that Luke tell her what Laura would think about the abortion. Later, after the Quartermaines are gone, Luke asks Lulu what she wants to do. Lulu admits that abortion seems like the best option for her. Lulu lists what other people say about that. Luke points out that these are all other people's opinions and shouldn't count in her decision. He further tells her that she's smart and has a lot of heart, so she is capable of making a decision on her own using both of those things. These people may all be gone out of her life tomorrow, but she has to live with this decision the rest of her life. He tells her not to let anyone talk her out of her decision. Lulu says that the problem is, she doesn't know what she wants, aside from the fact that she doesn't want an unwanted baby like Luke did. Lulu walks out, leaving Luke to sigh heavily.

Dillon comes in later and asks Luke if Lulu made a decision yet. Luke lets him know that she just left and that's all. Luke wonders what Dillon was thinking. Dillon tells him that he wants to see the child grow up, but maybe Luke can't understand that. Luke tells him coldly that he has no right to make any assumptions about how he feels. He asks Dillon to treat him fairly, the same way he has treated Dillon. Dillon looks upset as he begs Luke to convince Lulu to keep the baby. Luke holds his head in his hand.

Sam visits Alexis, who tells her about the girls' visit. Sam tells her about her day but leaves out the visit to Sonny's. Alexis praises Sam's attention to the girls. Alexis asks Sam what she plans to wear to the Mayor's cocktail party. Sam hasn't thought about it, but Alexis asks her if she can treat her to a new dress at this little boutique. Sam notes that it sounds like Alexis wants to go. Alexis says these things can be fun and admits that she wouldn't mind being able to hear a little music and go dancing. Sam listens solemnly as Alexis mentions that Ric is an excellent dancer. Sam doesn't think she will be doing any dancing. Alexis tells Sam that she notices that things are awkward between her and Ric. She asks Sam to give Ric a chance because it would be better for Christina and Molly.

Still at GH, the nanny takes Christina to the rest room while Ric walks around with Molly to wait for them. Ric tells Molly that her mom will be just fine. He also tells her that she'll always be first in his heart and that he will always love her more than his own life. He adds that Christina will always love her, too. He warns her about being the younger one and says that she should never let her older sister bully her. He tells Molly that she is special, her beautiful baby girl. He says that she will never take a backseat to anyone. Ric tells her that he is done living through anyone's rules but his own. He has a plan to take charge, he says, grinning at her.

Sonny talks to Lainey in his therapy session about his problems with Ric, Alexis, and Christina. He doesn't want Ric to raise his daughter without Alexis. He fears that Ric will use her against Sonny as he has used other people Sonny loves. Lainey asks if it would be that difficult for Sonny to show his brother some kindness. Sonny asks her not to take Ric's side, but she just wants to know how Sonny feels. He says that Ric is twisted and knows that Sonny is done with him. When Lainey asks him how he feels about Ric hating him so much, Sonny admits that he doesn't feel anything. He is used to it from his business. He says that in his business, when someone is that big of a threat...but he trails off, not finishing. She asks him what he would do, so he pauses and then tells her to figure it out.

Luke finds Lulu on the docks later. She tells him that she was right before about warning her to be careful with her heart. She apologizes for leaving earlier because she was just mad at herself. He tells her that she shouldn't bother with anger and guilt. She talks about Dillon's feelings for her fetus, and then his family's feelings. She is certain that she doesn't want to raise a baby or have one feel that it was unwanted. She talks about her childhood and the feelings she had. Luke tells her that it's okay and not her fault. She asks if Edward was right about what Laura would have wanted. Luke assures her that Laura would have wanted her to live her life the best way she knew how and to make her decision from her own heart. He adds that she would not want her to worry about what other people think. Luke waxes philosophically about life, especially his own life and Laura's. He notes that Lulu got caught in the middle between their two different lives. He says that even though he is chased by monsters from his childhood, it doesn't mean that he doesn't love or want his kids. Luke points out that her childhood did not make her an emotional cripple (the way it did him), so she should be able to make the right decision for her, based on her heart. She listens with tears filling her eyes. He says that if she decides to keep the baby, he will be the best grandfather possible, but if not, he will do whatever he can to help her. He concludes with saying that the decision is not about the past, only her future.

Elizabeth visits Sonny at home. He is smiling and looking at a picture of his kids on his desk. She was hoping Sonny could get in touch with Jason for her, but he's not around right now. Sonny offers to help, but she says it's personal. They both note that Jason is a great friend to have. She assures him that what she wanted to say was not an emergency. She stops before leaving and asks Sonny if what Jason is doing is dangerous. Sonny just tells her that Jason will be fine and that he values her friendship. She values Jason's friendship, too. Sonny is sure that when Jason returns, he will be able to help her any way that he can. He adds that Jason loves Sam. She smiles and thanks him, then she goes. Outside, Elizabeth touches her stomach and looks forlorn.

Lainey visits Alexis, who looks very tired and worn. Alexis tells her that when she's awake, all she can think about is what's best for her children, and the affair between Ric and Sam. She wonders what other choice she has besides keeping it secret. Lainey has Alexis look at all of her options, including the fact that Sam and Ric could form a new bond because of Alexis wanting them to be friends. Alexis doesn't think that they would ever do it again, but she figures that maybe one of the reasons she is pushing them together is to see if they take the plunge again. Lainey points out that she might be pushing them together to do the one thing she wants to avoid.

Ric tells Sam when to be ready for the mayor's party. She informs him that there's no way she will ride or dance with him. He says that Alexis wants them to go to the party together. Sam looks shocked. She tells him off, but Ric just makes snide comments back.

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