GH Update Wednesday 9/6/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/6/06


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Lulu goes to see Carly and informs her that she’s made a decision. She is going to have the baby because Dillon wants that.

Sonny returns home and gets a surprised visit from Luke. He asks Sonny why it was that he wanted him to come back all the way from where he was and cancel his important plans to do what he was doing wherever he’s been hiding. He tells Sonny it better be something good. IN response to that, Sonny informs Luke that his daughter is pregnant.

Jason gets a knock on his door. It’s Sam. She tells him that she has come to the conclusion that nobody can tell anybody who to love or what decisions to make in their life. And she tells him that she will not let anybody break them up.

Sonny gives Luke some grape juice. In response to that, Luke asks why Sonny would give him that type of drink after delivering that news. Sonny tells Luke that he wishes he could offer him something stronger but there is no alcohol in his house. Luke asks Sonny how he found out that Lulu is pregnant. Sonny informs him that he ran into Lulu on the pier and she told him. Luke asks who the father is. Sonny informs him that it’s Dillon. In response to that, Luke is shocked and certain that Dillon’s family is probably freaking. He asks Sonny what Lulu has considered doing. Sonny tells him that she has not made a decision. But Sonny did think that Lulu’s father should know about this. Luke admits to Sonny that he has no clue what to do about this situation.

Lulu tells Carly that she will do the “parenting thing” although she does not believe she will have a clue how to do it. Carly tells her that nobody knows how to parent but they learn as they go. Carly can tell that Lulu is not ok with the decision she is obligating herself to make. She asks her why she has decided she will not have an abortion. Lulu tells her that Dillon and his family would never approve of that. Carly tells her she must make her own decision. Lulu tells Carly that maybe she cannot go through with an abortion. It may not be what she wants to do. She has to give this a shot. And if the kid grows up hating her incompetent guts, then she will just have to deal with it. Carly looks at her cousin, not ok about how she is complying with the wishes of others.

At the hospital, Ric can see that Elizabeth is not ok. She leaves and the doctor comes and informs Ric that he has the results of his wife’s biopsy.

At Jason’s, he tells Sam that so many people want things to be different. In response to that she tells him that she needs to know if they have a possibility. He tells her that he is sorry that her mother is sick. She angrily asks him if that is all he feels for her. Is it nothing more than pity? OR will he never forgive her for sleeping with Ric? She demands that Jason tells her the way he really feels about her sleeping with Ric. At that point, Jason yells at her that Ric is his enemy. How could she have slept with that guy, of all people? How could she let the likes of Ric put his hands all over her? She tells Jason the reason she did it was because her mother told her she was trash. She did not know what she was doing. She had also lost all hope that she could ever get back with Jason. She admits that she did it to punish Jason and to punish Alexis. She woke up on the floor, deeply regretting what she did after it was over. And she somehow knew that Jason would never look at her the same.

At Sonny’s, Luke concludes that his daughter is too smart to get pregnant by accident. She knew all about condoms and STDs and accidental pregnancies. She must have done it on purpose after having visions about a white picket fence and a family. He concludes that he may know about certain things that can help his child. But the whole pregnancy issue is Laura’s department. Sonny then asks Luke what he’s going to do. Luke admits that he does not know but he tells Sonny he owes him one.

Sam tells Jason that even when he pushed her away, she could see in his eyes that he was not over her. And it can all be thrown away because of the mistake she made. He tells her he hates Ric and she knew that. She asks if he cannot forgive her. HE tells her if it were anyone else, it would have hurt. But he could accept it. They were together for two years. They were going to get married. He realizes he pushed her away and he hurt her. But he thought that she’d realize that he did what he did in order to save her. In response to that, she tells him that she did everything she could to get them back together. And she wishes that he would stop believing that he was saving her by pushing her away. He then tells her that he may be somewhat responsible for what she did. The way he treated her may have pushed her to do what she did. But, regardless, she could have walked out. She did not have to sleep with Ric. And she did sleep with Ric. He tells her he wishes he could get past it. But he does not know how.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth returns home with a pregnancy test. She’s ready to use it when the door opens and Lucky unexpectedly enters. She is surprised to see him. But he reminds her that he still lives there and was just returning home in order to change his shirt. She hides the pregnancy test and tells him she can find him another shirt in Cameron’s room. He reaches for her but she edges away. He asks her if she does not want him to touch her anymore.

Luke goes to Carly’s. At first, they get off to a bad start. But he tells her that the sole reason he is there is for his daughter. He needs carly to help shed some light to him on what Lulu needs right now. Carly tells Luke that Lulu needs her father.

Jason tells Sam that he would like more than anything to get back with her. But it’s not that easy. He asks her if she would ever go back to Ric again. She tells him absolutely not. She then asks him if he would go back to Elizabeth. He does not answer that question because he knows he cannot promise her no. She tells him that Elizabeth is not her enemy, the way Ric is Jason’s enemy. She knows that she cheated first. But does that give her any less of a right to feel the devastation that she feels, as though her heart has been ripped out of her chest, to know that Jason slept with Elizabeth.

Ric goes to see Alexis after her surgery. He acts calm but tells her that he overheard that her surgery was not successful and the cancer has spread.

Carly informs Luke that Lulu was seriously considering an abortion. In response to that, he asks her if she put in her two cents. She informs him that she told Lulu that she would not do it because she would never want to give up her boys. But she told Lulu it would be her own decision. He then asks her if, after she gave her “politically correct speech”, what did Lulu do? She tells him that Lulu’s most recent decision is to have the baby, for the sole purpose of appeasing the Quartermaines, who have no respect for her right to make her own decision about the matter.

At the Quartermaine house, Dillon attempts to help Lulu with ideas about what to do with morning sickness. But she sounds like she is not looking forward to any of this. She believes that it would ruin the baby’s life as well as theirs. Right then, Edward walks in and tells them he has the perfect solution. She asks Edward what he has in mind. He tells her that he can put plans into motion for Dillon to adopt the baby after it is born.

Alexis tells Ric that now her only choices are to take chemo, lose all her hair and be sick and want to die but hope she won’t. He tells her he realizes that her prognosis may not be good right now but she can see this more positively. She asks him what he will do. He tells her that he wants her to want to do whatever she can to get well.

Jason tells Sam after he walked to Alexis’ house, in an attempt to get back with her and saw her and Ric together, he returned home. He forced tequila down his throat in order to numb out the pain. He had so many flashbacks of all the times they’ve had together. Then he heard a knock on the door. For a split second he thought it was her. But it was Elizabeth. Sam concludes that the only reason Elizabeth came to see Jason was because Lucky was on drugs. Why doesn’t she go back to her baby or her grandmother? She tells Jason that it would be easier if she hated Elizabeth because it wouldn’t make it so difficult to understand why she would have the gall to go to Jason and sleep with him. He concludes to her that Elizabeth is his friend and he’s not going to abandon her. She asks him what about her.

Lucky asks Elizabeth if she’s talked to Lulu. She tells him that she has but realizes that the Quartermaines are forcing their values upon her. And she does not believe it would be of any benefit for Lulu to have her “well intending brother” attempting to “help” her. He tells her that she must realize that his “withdrawal symptoms” are over. He’s going to meetings and he will be fine. He goes out the door at that point, obviously indicating that he has other things on his mind. And as soon as she is alone, she takes out the pregnancy test.

Jason tells Sam that he remembered loving Robin. She was his whole life. Everything she told him, he accepted it as right. But when she told AJ he was Michael’s father, that ended. Something broke inside of him and he knew that he could never love her the way he did. He has been involved with Calry. She is still one of his best friends. But he cannot fall in love with her. She asks him if he can throw away two years of so many beautiful memories. She tells him that she will love him for the rest of her life. If she died tomorrow or if she lived to be 100 or even if she never saw his face again. What she wants is for them to try. Right then, they both wonder if they should no longer wear their rings. And they confirm that they are not over each other. They hold each other. Right then, Sonny walks in the door. He apologizes for barging in when he sees them together and tells them he can come back later. But Sam tells him it’s ok. She was just leaving.

Lulu tells Edward that she has just decided that she will have this baby. And already, he wants her to give it away. In response to that, Edward tells her he really commends her for that, realizing that she is not certain about having a baby and it will be difficult for her. He then gives her a contract to look over and sign and asks Dillon for his two cents. She asks Dillon if he really wants her to sign this. He tells her that maybe it will be a good solution. All the pressure will be off her about what will happen with the baby. Edward tells her he believes this will be the best solution for all. She is ready to sign it. And right then, Luke comes in and surprises them. It sounds like he is finally going to step up to the plate and be there for his daughter.

Alexis asks Ric if the doctors have a clue when she can leave. He informs her that they are worried about her risk of pneumonia. She tells him she cannot think in this place. He tells her that she shouldn’t have to think or make any decisions right now. Right then, Sam enters and Ric leaves. Sam tells her mother she looks tired. Alexis can tell that Sam has something on her mind. She informs her that the results are in. The cancer is spreading. Sam then tells Alexis in that case, they have to keep fighting. In response to that, Alexis asks Sam how she can say that. Sam tells her mother she will not let her give up, end of Story. In response to that, Alexis tells her daughter that she is glad she is there for her and for Kristina and Molly. And she’s glad that Sam has agreed to stay away from Jason. But Sam may have to let her mother know that she has other plans.

Right then, Jason is pulling out a picture of himself and Sam and it looks like he has a passport.

Elizabeth does the pregnancy test. She has a flashback of sleeping with Jason. And then she notices that the stick has confirmed that she is pregnant.

Carly comes home and notices that Jax has bought some presents for her boys and they are having a lot of fun with him. She tells him that he will not use them to get to her. He tells her that the fact that she’s angry proves to him that she has feelings for him and that it’s working.

Luke hugs his daughter. Edward talks about all of the legal plans he has. Luke demands that he shuts up. He tells his daughter that he won’t let this “old bastard” pressure her into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. Dillon tries to defend the “old bastard” to Luke that he’s only doing what he thinks is best. Luke then demands that Dillon shuts up. He tells them both they better get out of there and let him talk to his daughter alone. They hesitate. And he screams that they get out. He holds Lulu in his arms and tells her that he is there for her now.

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