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General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/5/06


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Carly admits to Lulu that if she were in Lulu’s position, she would not have an abortion. Lulu is not ok with hearing that. Carly assures her that she realizes it is her own decision to make. But Lulu tells Carly she wishes that she(Carly) would realize that she(Lulu) is not ready to be a mom.

While Alexis is in her hospital room, Sam tells her mother, in all honesty, that she cannot stop loving Jason. Alexis tells her daughter she realizes that but Sam must promise her that she will stay away from him.

Right then, Jason returns home and is surprised to see Elizabeth. She tells him she is really sorry. She did not know that he would be there.

Lucky tells Maxie that it used to be that he could not imagine life without Elizabeth. But things change and people change. He admits to her that they have drifted apart and have never been further apart than they are now. She tells him that Elizabeth does not understand and accuses him of being an addict. He tells her that he hates being dependent on these pills. But he has a family and has to take the pills for the back pain. And he is the one who has to live with the fact that his partner was shot and killed. So maybe he just needs to let it go. He tells her that he cannot talk to Elizabeth about it. But he owes her an apology. She asks him for what. For being human? For suffering the loss of his partner and friend? He tells her that he is not the kind of guy that would cheat on his wife. Before her, he has been totally faithful to Elizabeth. His marriage vows mean something to him. But she reminds him that that has not worked. And they conclude that he needs the pills. She will get them for him. And they can have a life together.

Carly tells Lulu that when she was accidentally pregnant, she intended to abort. She went to the clinic but could not go through with this. Hearing that, Lulu is very frustrated and tells Carly she knows she would say that. Carly is just like everybody else. Carly tells Lulu that she made the choice she made because she was not going to listen to a bunch of hypocrites who wanted her to make a decision that was not right for her. And Lulu must do the same.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she just walked into his apartment to look for a necklace that she left there. But she probably did not leave it there. So she has to get back to work. She leaves. He does not prevent her from leaving. But it looks like they both have difficulty tearing themselves away from each other.

Sam asks Alexis if she could just try to understand how good Jason was for her and how good he was to her. She tells her mother that she spent most of her life alone. She was a con and trusted nobody, especially any man she was with. Because they would all use her and leave her. That went on until she met Jason. She was pregnant with somebody else’s kid. Yet he was there for her. She lied to him about so much, including her brother and her ex boyfriend who was after her. She completely took over his life. And he never once complained. He treated her with respect. He paid attention to her and was always good to her. And he never once made her feel like she was not good enough. In response to that, Alexis asks Sam if she means that she(herself) makes Sam feel not good enough.. Sam tells Alexis that she realizes that Alexis would have never “picked” her to be her daughter. She would not have “picked” Alexis to be her mother. But she wants to be there for her. They both cry and Alexis tells Sam that she so wishes that Sam did not have to have grown up without her. She is worried that Kristina and Molly might have to grow up without a mother. So that is why she is counting on Sam to take care of them. She knows what she is asking of her and what a huge sacrifice that is for Sam. She knows it’s not fair and hopes that Sam will forgive her. But she does not know what else to do. Sam then promises her mother that Kristina and Molly will not be alone. And she will not go back to Jason. She promises. Right then, Sonny enters and apologizes for interrupting. Alexis tells him that she’s glad he is there. She informs him that she and Sam were just talking about Kristina and Molly and what would happen to them in the event that she died. She informs Sonny that Sam has agreed to take care of Kristina and Molly. That way the girls will not be uprooted. And Sonny can see them whenever he wants. He tells her that he’s glad that she is comfortable with this. She tells him she is not comfortable with the fact that she has cancer and will have to have this procedure and may die. And the only way for this to be ok is for her daughters to continue living where they already live. Sonny then tells Alexis he will agree to her terms under one condition. He does not want her to give up. He tells her that she will have to meet all of them half way. He looks at Sam knowing that she agrees with him on this. He tells Alexis she will have to fight to get through this. She then smiles and thanks both Sonny and Sam for respecting her wishes. Right then, the doctors come and tell Carly they will have to prep her for surgery. She gets in the wheelchair and asks Sam to inform Ric, if he comes by, that she is ok.

Lulu tells Carly that she is 18 and not ready to have a child. Carly tells her that nobody is ready to have a child but that can change. Lulu reminds Carly that some women should never have children. Some abuse and abandon their children. And she knows that she is not fit to have a child. Carly tells Lulu that she cannot tell her what to do. But she knows, in regard to her own life, no matter how messed up she was, she never regretted having babies. Lulu then concludes that that is the difference between the two of them. Bobbie did not regret having Calry. Carly did not regret having her children. But her(Lulu’s) mother did regret having her. So that may be the reason why she knows what she has to do. Right then, she walks out of Carly’s house looking upset.

Lucky finds Elizabeth and admits to her that he was wrong. He accused her of doing things she did not do. And he will always love her. She tells him she loves him. He tells her that his NA meeting is about to start so he will see her later. He leaves and Jason gets off the elevator. He asks Elizabeth if Sam is with Alexis. She tells him she thinks so. It looks like Jason and Elizabeth cannot take their eyes or their minds off of each other.

In the OR, Patrick Drake asks Alexis not to worry so much. He tells her this will be a “simple surgery”. She asks if those two words are not an oxy-moron. Robin is on the other side of Alexis and tells her that Dr. Drake loves to rationalize everything. She then asks the two of them to think about her daughters before they put her under. They both agree to do what they must do for Kristina and Molly.

At the Quartermaine house, Dillon observes Lulu drinking coffee and tells her maybe she shouldn’t be doing that. She then lashes out at him, telling him he must stop nagging her about the baby for just one moment. If she aborts, it does not matter if she drinks coffee. He tells her that he wishes she would just trust him and believe that he is in this with her.

Ric goes to the hospital and asks Sonny how Alexis is. Sonny informs Ric that Alexis went into surgery without him and he demands that Ric tells him where he was.

Jason goes into Alexis’ empty hospital room and asks Sam how things are with her mother. She looks at photos and tells him that throughout her life, she always dreamed of having a real family. Whenever she saw family photos, she wished she could be in them. And now she is in them. She has a mom and sisters who love her. And she now knows that this is why she cannot let him love her.

Lulu tells Dillon that they keep coming back to this “happy ever after” thing. But it’s all false. He does not love her. He’s in love with somebody else. How is Georgie going to fit into the picture? In response to that, he tells her that there are many women who have babies under many different circumstances and the fathers can be there for their children. There are many ways they can work though this. He has plenty of money. Right then, she gets a call. She answers it, notices a hang up, and gets distracted. He then tells her that he wishes she would stop evading this and getting distracted. He knows how she feels about everything. But if she would just trust him. In response to that, she asks if he’s going to say if she would just have the baby. And she tells him fine. Hearing that, he hugs her, grateful that she will consider doing what he wants.

Ric tells Sonny that if he were there, it might not be the best thing for Alexis. She has many other people there. She has her family, Nikolas and Jax. He tells Sonny that he is letting Alexis decide. He is staying away because that is what she wants. Sonny informs Ric that Alexis asked him(Sonny) to let him(Ric) raise Kristina and Molly. Hearing that, Ric tells Sonny he believes he would be a good father to them. Sonny then tells Ric that he can prove that by being a good husband to Alexis.

Sam informs Jason that Alexis made her promise to stay away from him in the interest of Kristina and Molly. Jason tells her he understands. But he tells her that he was wrong. He was so engrossed in protecting her from danger that he took away her right to make her own decision about how to live her life. He now knows that it is not up to him to make that decision for her. And he is sorry. She cries. He goes out into the hospital lobby and knows that Elizabeth is not ok about something. She does not tell him what is on her mind and apologizes about walking into his home. She tells him that she is not comfortable living in her own home with Lucky. She wants to bring her son home but cannot because of Lucky. She tells him that maybe Nikolas was right that she should force Lucky into rehab. She asks Jason what he thinks about that. He tells her that he cannot make that decision for her. That will have to be between her and Lucky.

Patrick comes to talk to Sam and Ric. He tells them that the surgery has gone ok so far. But he cannot predict what will happen. They can only wait for the results. They return Alexis to her room. She opens her eyes to see Ric and Sam. Ric tells her she will be well again. Sam goes out the door.

Sonny goes to Carly’s and informs her that Alexis is in surgery. Carly tells him she knows how worried everybody is about the surgery. Sonny informs Carly that the doctors told them that Alexis pulled through and will probably be ok. She asks if there is anything she can do. He informs her that Alexis has asked him to let Ric raise Kristina and Molly. Carly says she knows. She disagrees. She tells him she knows that she’s had her differences with Alexis. But she is his daughter’s mother. And she respects that. Sonny then tells Carly that he believes it would be very difficult for him to raise his kids without her.

Robin and Patrick go to the docks together and talk about Alexis’s limitless and unconditional love for her children. Robin tells Patrick when she hears that, she realizes that her biological clock is ticking. He tells her that she has time. He knows that many people with HIV decide to become parents. She then tells him that the truth is; she would love to be a mother, regardless of how complicated it is. He tells her in that case, she should do it. He then admits to her that when he called her a coward and told her she is hiding from her life, he was wrong. He saw how courageous she as been with HIV and the whole thing. He tells her that he has been running and living in fear for a long time. He has had a fear of crashing and burning like his father. He remembers losing his mother and is afraid that if he allows himself to be vulnerable, it will ruin him. He tells her that she’s been so good to him even when he was a shallow jerk. And he thinks she would be a great mother. He realizes that no matter what anybody does, there are risks. There is no guarantee. Alexis has this lung cancer when she doesn’t even smoke. And her kids are in danger of losing her. That is what life does. It throws us curve balls He tells her that she is not risk free and neither is anybody else. But he believes that she should not be afraid to be a mother if she wants to.

In her hospital room, after surgery, Alexis tells Ric that she has had this belief that she can take care of everything without anybody to help her. He tells her that he knows he has really screwed up. But he honestly believes that she is going to make it.

Jason returns home to an empty apartment. Right then, somebody knocks on the door. It’s Sam. She tells him that he was right. Nobody should ever tell another person who to love or how to live their life. It sounds like she wants to get back with him.

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