GH Update Friday 9/1/06

General Hospital Update Friday 9/1/06


Written By Suzanne
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Lulu is very suspicious of Dillon and what he has planned with his family about making her have the baby. Dillon asks her to just think about what's going on insider her and let herself want their baby. She glares at Dillon, then she goes on sarcastically about why they should have a baby. She doesn't think he's even thought about what this means to him and his family. They keep arguing.

Sonny asks Jason to find out who took his therapy files and get rid of them permanently. Jason asks if there is anything there that could get them in trouble with the law, but Sonny says there isn't. He's just worried that there are psychological things in there, weaknesses that his enemies could use. Sonny worries that Jason will run the business permanently and he will be left with nothing. Jason assures him that won't happen but wonders if it's Ric that's behind this, not Alcazar.

Carly argues with Jax, who has just showed up at her door. She doesn't think that he's really there with the best intentions. She rants and raves, so he stops her and asks why she's so angry at him. They argue about their relationship. Jax tells her that fell for her, despite not wanting to. Hurt, she blasts him for leaving her. He tells her that he was wrong and wants to make it up to her. She doesn't want to hear his apologizes. He assures her that he heard her say that she doesn't want to jump through hoops for him--he plans to jump through hoops for her. She tells him that she's not interested in being romantically wooed by him. She just wants to know that she can trust him to be there in everyday, real life. He keeps at her. He kisses her and knows that she is lying when she says that she wants him to go home, but he leaves anyway.

Sam apparently didn't hear Alexis tell Lainey that she is worried that she will tell her that she saw her and Ric slept together. She gives Alexis some paperwork and goes to get her some water. Alexis worries that she heard. Lainey asks if it would really be so bad if she did. Alexis doesn't think now is the time to confront them, but Lainey says that is up to her. Lainey points out that it might ease Alexis's stress, but Alexis thinks it will be create more stress. Sam comes up and hears that Alexis has mentioned Ric. She thanks Lainey for giving Alexis someone to talk to. Sam tells Alexis that while she's glad that she is so worried about her girls, she thinks Ric should be there for her. Alexis tells Sam that she has Ric to take of things at work. Sam lets the matter drop. Lainey leaves them alone. Robin and Patrick come up to get her ready for her surgery. Patrick tells her that Noah was originally scheduled to do the surgery, but he's out of town so she has him instead. He informs her about the AIDS exposure, but it doesn't bother Alexis. Instead, she is worried that after she gets the anesthetic, whether she will babble about stuff she might not want other people to hear. Sam wonders what that could be, but Alexis merely replies that they all have their secrets. Sam tells her that she shouldn't worry about and just get through the operation. Patrick tells them about the surgery. Patrick says it's a complicated surgery, but she is in his good hands. Robin assures Alexis that he is the best. They give her a consent form to sign. Later, Alexis asks Sam if she thinks she should sign it. Sam wonders why she's asking her, since it's her surgery. Alexis wants to give Sam the chance to butt into her life the same way she has been doing and she trusts her judgment. Robin comes in and asks Alexis whether she is going with Patrick or not. Sam tells her that Patrick is fine, and Alexis signs the form. Alexis unpacks her things, including the frame with the picture they took. Alexis thanks her for it. Sam tells Alexis how much it means to her to have a family and that she will never take it for granted again. Sam says that if Alexis needs any encouragement, she will find it right there. Alexis hugs her, then Sam leaves so that Alexis can change. Alexis watches her leave and then sits on the bed. She looks at the picture and then hugs it close to her chest.

Lucky is staring out into the water on the docks. Elizabeth comes up and asks him what he's doing. He says that he's waiting for Garcia and looking out at Windemere. He realizes that he has a nephew that he barely knows. She points out gently that Nikolas knows that he is having his own problems right now. Lucky thinks that means that everyone thinks he's this dangerous junkie that can't be around children. Elizabeth disagrees. Lucky wishes he could help Lulu with her problems, but Elizabeth thinks that he should just give her some space. He knows that she is right and that he should just focus and breathe. She is glad that he is off the pills and getting through withdrawal. She gives him a kiss and leaves to go to work. Lucky takes the pills out of his pocket that Maxie gave him and takes one.

Jason goes to GH and asks Elizabeth if she knows of a room in the hospital that has a copy machine that is near an exit. Elizabeth knows that she's not supposed to ask any questions, but she tells Jason of a room like that. Jason asks how things are going with Lucky, so she tells him. He reassures her that he will not tell Lucky about their night together. She nods thankfully. He leaves but runs into Sam. She tells him that Alexis is in her room, getting ready for surgery. He asks if she's scared, and she admits that she is. He offers that he is there for her when she needs an ear, and she asks him if he really means that because she can use to talk to him. Sam pours her heart out to Jason about her sisters. She worries that she will become neurotic like Alexis, since she is acting and talking like her. Alexis is wheeled out, so Jason leaves them alone.

Lulu arrives at GH, looking for Maxie, but she's not there. Elizabeth offers to chat with her instead. Lulu doesn't want the same lecture from her as from everyone else, so Elizabeth assures her that she is just there to listen. Lulu thanks her. Edward comes up behind Lulu and threatens her not to have an abortion. Lulu blasts him for the defective condoms. Elizabeth overhears and raises an eyebrow, then looks over at Jason. Lulu argues with Edward, threatening to sue ELQ and to tell everyone about the defective condoms if he doesn't back off her. Edward tells her to follow her conscience, then he leaves. Elizabeth tells her to ignore all that stuff and just figure out what she wants to do. She advises her to find someone who is objective to talk it over with. Lulu knows that Lucky will not be the one and she doesn't want to put Elizabeth in the middle. She leaves, frustrated. Patrick comes up and asks Elizabeth if she wants to scrub in for his surgery, but she says she has something to take care of. She grabs her purse and rushes off.

Jax drops by Alexis with a plant for her room. She is in her nightgown in the bed. She jokingly tells him to take it to someone who won't kill it, but he assures her that his mother said it was a hearty orchid plant. It looks barren right now, but he says it will be blooming in a few months. She knows that she may not have her hair then. He jokes around to cheer her up and help her stay positive. Alexis smiles at him. She admits that she is scared about the operation. Jax is the third person to note that Ric should be there for her. Robin drops in and greets Jax. He leaves them together. Alexis shows Robin the orchid plant. They talk about Alexis' personality and the support she is getting from everyone. Robin assures Alexis that she is more endearing than she thinks. Alexis regrets that she tried to handle this by herself. Robin knows that is common when finding out you are sick, but that support is important in recovery.

Sonny tells Lainey in therapy that Jax is back. They discuss whether he should interfere with Carly's love life or not. Sonny doesn't think that Carly will take Jax back now that he dumped her, but of course Carly arrives and barges in, saying that it is his turn to stop her from doing something crazy, to keep her away from Jax. Lainey leaves, so Sonny and Carly chat about Jax. Sonny figures out that Carly and Jax kissed, so he figures they will be getting back together. Sonny makes the same comment that Jax did, that she used to be a better liar. This makes Carly angry, so she stalks off.

Lulu goes to Carly's place and walks in with out knocking, so Carly chews her out for that. Lulu is upset and tells her that she's pregnant. She also mentions the defective condoms and how everyone is pressuring her. She rants and raves about her problems, getting more tearful and upset. Carly hugs her and asks how she can help. Lulu says she needs her to tell her if she should have an abortion or not. Carly brings some cheese and crackers out. She tells Lulu that she should eat crackers if she gets morning sickness, but otherwise she should snack if she wants to. She tells Lulu that the abortion is her decision. Lulu is grateful that Carly has that attitude and notes that she and Georgie are the only ones who think that way. Lulu basically tells Carly that she doesn't want to bring another unwanted child into the world, and she's not ready to have children. She asks Carly what she would do in her circumstances. Carly tells her about how angry she used to be at Bobbie for giving her up for adoption. She says that realizing that Bobbie could have had an abortion made her change her name. She doesn't think she could ever terminate a pregnancy, since she's had two children. However, she says that's her and that Lulu has to make her own decision.

Elizabeth goes to Jason's place and finds Bernie there. She says she left something there the last time she was there, so she wants to find it. He offers to help, but she wants to look on her own. He is not keen about leaving her there on her own, but she reminds him that she is a good friend of Jason's and that he trusts her. She offers to phone Jason but points out that he might not like being interrupted. Bernie chuckles at her and then leaves, hoping he is doing the right thing. Elizabeth looks at the living room and remembers making love with Jason. She looks around and finds a box of Enduro condoms in his drawer by the bed. She sits down, thoughtful and looking kind of worried.

Jason brings Sonny his file from Lainey's office. Jason tells him that it was in the trash near the copy machine, so he figures that someone copied it and then took the copy, tossing the original. Sonny asks about Sam, so Jason tells him. Sonny reminds him that this time last year, he was dying and refusing the surgery that would save his life. Sonny feels he owes her for this. He knows how angry and betrayed Jason feels. He tries to talk Jason out of it. Jason rails about how much he hates Ric and that her sleeping with him disgusts him. He admits that he's trying not to let Sam see that because he knows how much it hurts her. Sonny notes that it also hurts Sam to see Jason shut down. Jason doesn't want to lose control and doesn't know how to get over these feelings. Sonny talks about how Michael and Morgan handle their feelings, suggesting that Jason is not acting like an adult. He's shutting down rather than dealing with his emotions. Sonny says adamantly that he has to learn how to forgive. Jason says that he doesn't know how to do that. Sonny argues that he has to learn for his own sake, as well as for Sam.

Meanwhile, Alexis has the copy of Sonny's file that was stolen. She gives it to Garcia to take care of. Sam comes in and is annoyed to find Garcia there right before Alexis' surgery. She ushers him out. Alexis notes that Sam is being bossy. Sam wants to take care of anything that Alexis needs. Alexis starts by saying, "In case something goes wrong...", but Sam interrupts her to yell that it won't. Alexis finishes by saying that she has one last thing to say. Alexis tells her that she saw her with Jason earlier, and it is clear that they still love each other. Sam tries to dismiss that, but Alexis wants to talk about it. She says that she wants Sam and all her daughters to live a long and happy life. She knows that it's not fair to ask her, but she asks Sam to promise that she won't get back together with Jason no matter what.

Edward tells Dillon about how Lulu threatened to sue and tell everyone about the defective condoms. Dillon wonders if that means they are backing down. Edward is pleased that Dillon used the word "We". Edward assures him that they are not backing down and that they will find someone at ELQ to take the blame for the failed condoms. He tells Dillon that his child will be born, no matter how many women sue them.

Lucky meets Maxie on the docks and begs her for more pills. She's not interested in helping him any more. He stops her and tells her that if she gets him just enough pills so that he can get Lulu straightened out, he will leave Elizabeth for her.

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