GH Update Thursday 8/31/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/31/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Sam brings home groceries and wonders what Alexis is doing. She is writing a list for Viola, the housekeeper. Alexis tells Sam that Ric is busy, so Alexis asks Sam to take her to the hospital for her appointment instead. Jax arrives; Alexis hugs him, glad to see him. He had gotten a text message from Sam, saying that Alexis was not doing well, so he asks how he can help. Alexis is touched that Sam told Jax. Jax wants to know how sick Alexis is, but she tries to avoid the question. He admits that he came back because of Carly, not just because of Alexis. Alexis suggests to Jax that he consider reconnecting with Sam instead of Carly. He gently turns her down and asks again how sick she is. She tells him that she has lung cancer. He is very upset and holds her close. He asks again what he can do to help and urges her to fight it. She is happy to have him there and telling her that. They hug tightly. Alexis explains to Jax about her operation. He wonders why Ric is not there. She reminds him that they don't have a traditional relationship and that Ric is taking care of things at the office so she doesn't have to worry about it. Jax still thinks she should be there. She is glad to have her ex there. He reminds her about their crash in the desert and how positive she was. He wants her to be that positive now. He makes her repeat, "I can beat this thing". She does and tells him she wants to live, but she has to prepare her husband children for the worst. Just then, Nikolas drops by with Spencer. Alexis asks them to be nice to each other. Nikolas agrees and is glad that Jax can be there for Alexis. They both agree that Alexis needs to fight the cancer, then Jax goes to leave. Nikolas asks Jax if he wants to say hi to the baby. Jax is glad to see the baby and mentions the name change. Nikolas offers to let Jax hold him, but Jax thinks it might be too confusing to Spencer. Nikolas thanks Jax for telling the truth in the end; he confesses that he is beginning to understand why it was hard for Jax to give him up. It is a nice but tentative moment between then, filled with kindness and respect. Jax thanks him and leaves after saying goodbye to Alexis and giving her a kiss.


Alexis thanks Nikolas for doing all that. He wonders in an annoyed way where Ric and Sam are. Alexis doesn't answer but instead talks about her children. Alexis does end up telling Nikolas that Ric is at work; Alexis snaps that she doesn't want to talk about him, then she apologizes. Sam arrives and gives a gift to Alexis--a frame for Alexis to keep in the hospital. Sam intends to get a picture of them all, so Nikolas takes the picture of Alexis, Sam, Molly, and Christina.

Carly knocks on Jason's door; he asks when she got back. She answers that it was just a few hours ago but says that Jax broke her heart before that. Carly rants and raves about Jax. Jason tries to get her to tell him what's been happening. She is annoyed that Jax made her prove herself. She rants about men, pointing out that Jason was going to go see Sam and make up with her when she left. He tells her angrily to drop it and that they are over. Carly asks him about it anyway, concerned. Jason tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it, so she can tell it's something awful.

Jason finds Sam crying on the docks. She tells him that she's fine but just crying about Alexis. She relates that she went to Wyndham's to get a present for Alexis, but she realized that she was crying so hard that she couldn't see, and the sales girl was staring at her strangely. She mentions that Ric is not there for Alexis like he should be, since he's staying away because Sam is there. She stops, realizing that Jason can't stand to hear Ric's name. Jason offers his help. She tells him that he's done enough and it's very nice of him to stop and make sure she's ok. He starts to walk away, but she tells him that she knows this is not easy. He repeats his offer for help and then keeps walking.

Sonny is on the phone with Stan when Lainey walks in. He wants him to find out what Alcazar has been up to, since he dropped out of sight. Sonny hangs up and asks Lainey if she found out about her office being broken into. She didn't but tells him that the file is just gone. She feels guilty, but he assures her that it is not her fault. He figures that he has to quit therapy because this proves that he can't confide in anyone. She tells him that if he quits, he risks everything. He says that he will be fine as long as he takes the medication, but she points out that he still needs therapy. Sonny maintains that he can't keep up with the therapy because someone has his records. She urges him to go to another therapist if he doesn't trust her. He assures her that it's not about trusting her. She volunteers to come see him at home to continue their therapy. Before she leaves, Sonny warns her not to take the danger lightly, so she assures him that she won't. She agrees to leave his records there, as long as he promises not to look at them. They jokingly argue about it. Just as Lainey is saying that having therapy would help Sonny maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship, Carly walks in without knocking, saying that she is back from Africa, she needs Michael laptop, and doesn't want to hear any I-told-you-so's about Jax. She stops short when she sees Lainey there.

Carly grabs the laptop and wants to rush off (Lainey has left), but Sonny insists that she sit down and chat. She protests, but he wants to know what happened on her trip. She tells him that Jax played mind games with her, so they are over. He tells her that Jax doesn't deserve her. He describes Jax as shallow and says that Jax doesn't see how great Carly is with her courage and fire. He suggests that she move on and look for something better. She thanks him but doesn't' want to talk about Jax any more. Sonny informs Carly about Alexis' lung cancer. Carly feels bad for Alexis and her little girls. Sonny tells her about Alexis wanting Ric to raise Kristina. Carly agrees that's a bad idea. They talk about how terrible Ric is. Carly can tell that Sonny is keeping something from her about Ric and Jason. He won't tell her, but she keeps at him. Eventually, she guesses that Ric slept with Sam. Sonny pretends ignorance, but Carly knows that it is true. Sonny tells her that Alexis doesn't know, so she has to keep it from her while she is fighting cancer.

Tracy finds Lulu on the patio, looking out. She tells Lulu that she's been looking for her. Lulu is upset because the neighbors' dog got into Lila's garden again and ruined her roses. Tracy notes that Lulu is just upset because of her pregnancy hormones. Lulu lashes out at her. Tracy tells her that she had three pregnancies - Ned, Dillon, and one she aborted. Lulu is stunned to hear it. Tracy explains that she got pregnant by an Italian man after she left Ned's father. She knew it was a mistake, so she had an abortion. Tracy confides that nobody else knows about this as she explains how she felt at the time. She was very confident about her decision, but then later she saw little girls and wondered if she had made the right decision. Lulu doesn't believe her and knows that she is just trying to manipulate her. Tracy denies sadly that she made her story up. She doesn't want Lulu to regret her decision. Lulu says that if Tracy did indeed have an abortion and regret it, then she's sorry. However, she points out that Tracy made her decision based on the circumstances at the time. They keep arguing about it. Lulu thinks that Tracy is just trying to manipulating her into having the baby, but Tracy points out that is not into being a granny. She just wants to help her, even though it may ruin Dillon's life and Edward could give their whole fortune to the baby. In other words, if she talks Lulu into having the baby, it is at great personal cost to her. She just doesn't want to stand idly by and watch Lulu make another mistake, since this happened because of her son. Lulu argues again that the biggest mistake that she could make is to have an unwanted child. Tracy tries to argue that Lulu is not unwanted. Lulu doesn't buy it. In fact, she says she's relieved that Luke is not there telling her what to do like everyone else.

At the hospital, Georgie asks Dillon what he would want in a perfect world. He replies that he'd like them to have the chance they deserve. She clarifies, asking if he would rather raise Lulu's baby with her, or Lulu, or not have it at all. He is not ready to say he can support the abortion. She keeps bugging him to answer. He admits that he can't picture himself with Lulu and a baby. He asks her for her opinion, but she can't answer. He asks what she would do if she were pregnant. She just knows that everyone would think it's a great thing if it were her and not Lulu. She's glad that she's not the one making this decision because she wouldn't have any clue what to do.

Edward asks Tracy whether she talked to Lulu and made it clear that she was going to have the baby, no question. Tracy informs him that Lulu is still considering abortion. Edward rails on about how that would be a bad decision for Lulu to make and why. Tracy tells him that what Lulu really needs is her father. Edward thinks that's moot, since Luke is not there. Tracy intends to find him.

Later, Edward stops Lulu and asks her to chat. He advises her on resting and eating properly. Lulu doesn't want to talk about it. Edward tells her that he likes her and that she has a great spirit, like Laura. He describes how great Laura was and tells Lulu that he likes having her around. She just glares at him suspiciously. Edward gets her to sit down with him as he talks to her about her condition and her choices. She tells him that it's not his decision, but he says they will take her to court if they have to. She protests that Dillon would never let them do that. He laughs that Dillon knows all about it and that he is the father of her child, so he has rights. Lulu is annoyed that they could take this decision away from her, saying it's not fair. Later, Dillon walks in and finds Lulu sitting there. He asks how she's doing. She is quiet at first but then blasts him for what Edward said. She screams that Dillon wouldn't force her to stay pregnant and have the baby.

Jax goes to Carly's house. She is surprised to see him but tells him that she doesn't want to. He thinks her face says that she is happy to see him. He hopes that she knows that he came home to her. She asks if that's what he did. He admits it and says that he's sorry it took so long.

Sonny tells Jason that someone broke into Lainey's office and stoles the tapes of his therapy. He says they are personal and confidential, and if the wrong hands get them, they could bury him.

Alexis goes to the hospital to get her surgery. Lainey is there and says hi. She suggests to Alexis that she talk to her if she needs someone. Alexis says that's a good idea because she's very nervous. She mentions that she is very close to telling Sam that she saw her and Ric sleep together. As she says this, of course, Sam walks up behind her.

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