GH Update Wednesday 8/30/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/30/06


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Carly tells Jax that she dragged herself and her boys across the world to see him. He jokes about how she had the boys spill food in Gemma’s lap. Hearing that, she tells him that that poor woman who only “posed” as his girlfriend, as a favor to him, did not deserve that for helping him.

NIkolas tells Elizabeth that she has to stop trying to make her marriage work with Lucky and accepting all of his excuses. He has to go into rehab and she must realize she has done everything she can do for him and there’s nothing more.

Not far away, Lucky justifies to Maxie that he needs pills just for now so that he can help Lulu get through her situation. Once that is taken care of, he will quit. So she needn’t keep coming around to supply his “habits”. But she tells him she knows he will only go off the pills when he is ready.

Lulu and Dillon both assert to the Quartermaines that they will make their own decision about her pregnancy. But when Edward asks Dillon if he is ok with this “abortion business”, Dillon asks if that is an option she’s chosen, and indicates that he might not be ok with that.

Carly tells Jax that she is done with him. She knows he only wants cheap sex. He doesn’t want a relationship and she’s not going to commit to him.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that she must realize that Lucky is not ready to work on his issues. They have seen how emotionally messed up he is and how he’s finding every excuse to keep taking the pills and lie about it. He’s cheated on her with Maxie while she’s been scoring drugs for him. He also reminds her that her son has to live with her grandmother because of him. She justifies to Nikolas that Lucky has been suffering for a long time. He believes that everybody is against him. He tells her that he highly recommends that she leaves Lucky whether he gets clean or not. He asks her why she is not furious at Lucky for cheating on her.

Maxie kisses Lucky. But he attempts to pull away, telling her that he won’t betray Elizabeth. She tells him that he must realize that Elizabeth does not understand him. He justifies that he will just take the pills temporarily so that he can help Lulu. When that’s resolved, he will quit. But she asks him how he thinks that he can monitor he consumption of the pills all by himself. And she asks him where he thinks that that would leave “them”.

Lulu asks Edward if they want her to carry this baby for 9 months and then hand over to them so that they can raise him or her as a Quartermaine. They tell her that there are worse things for a child. She protests that they are the very reason why she is pregnant in the first place. They had to manufacture the defective condoms. Tracy protests to Lulu that she cannot prove that she is pregnant because of the defective condoms. Lulu gets up to talk to Dillon. But neither of them can get a word in edgewise when they hear Edward and Tracy arguing and disregarding them. At that point, Dillon asks his mother and grandfather to shut up. He tells them that he knows that his grandfather wants marriage and a baby and his mother only wants the baby. But they both must realize that the decision is between him and Lulu and not theirs to make. Edward tells Tracy that she has been treating that girl like a scullery maid from the moment she walked into the house. Lulu tells them that they will not buy her or her baby. Dillon chases them out the door. And she assumes that he is going to confront her and talk her out of her decision about abortion. He tells her that he did not mean to jump on her. But the idea of abortion seems too final for him. She reminds him that he must have at least considered it also. He tells her he realizes he is not the one who is pregnant. He won’t have to live with the physical symptoms. But he’d really like her to tell him why she is considering what she is considering.

Nikoas tells Elizabeth that she must know how unrealistic it is to think that she can help Lucky without a rehab program. She tells him if she bails on him, she will just give him more excuses to keep using. And if he keeps using, she will have to leave him. He tells her that he just wishes she would stop making excuses for him. She tells him that she committed to her marriage vows for better or for worse. She knows that Lucky wants to do the right thing, be a good husband, a good father and a good brother. He tells her that Lucky can do all of those things if he agrees to rehab. She then tells Nikolas that she will try to talk to Lucky again. He tells her that he wants to be there to support them in this.

Maxie tells Lucky that he has told her that she is the one person who gets him and who understands him. But as soon as he gets his drugs, she is nothing to him. And the only person who matters to him is Elizabeth. He tells her that he is hurting her and that is the last thing he wants to do. She then tells him there is a simple solution for that. From now on, he needs to get his drugs himself.

Carly informs Jax that the baby whom he wanted to be his and called John, is now named Spencer Cassadine. Hearing that, he tells her at least they are raising him with his own family. But he’s concerned that he might get teased in school. He asks her what the baby looks like now. She admits to him that he looks just like Nikolas with dark eyes. He tells her that he always loved John and he will always be John to him. He believed that he could have given the baby a good life, like Courtney would have wanted. But that does not justify taking another man’s child. She admits to him that she wondered if he was the only thing that was keeping them together. He asks her if she is telling him that that is the case and if that is what she wants. She asks him if he expected her to stay in Port Charles and wait and check her message and cry on her pillow every night over him. He asks her if she considered doing that. Does she have any faith or loyalty in him? She tells him that she slept with Patrick Drake. He asks her why she could not be faithful to him. He asks her if she does not understand that guilt was a good reason to leave. He took another man’s child. He asked her to help him with that. She made too many compromises for him. And he blew them both out of the water by telling Nikolas the truth. It was unfair to her. So he had to leave town and give her the opportunity of getting on with her life. He regrets what he did to her. But when he saw her walk though the door in the cute little maids’ uniform, he saw that maybe she came after him and thought he might have finally gotten it right.

Georgie finds Maxie at Kelly’s and knows she is hurting over Lucky. She tells her sister that it’s good she’s gotten over him early before she’s gotten too attached to him. She must realize that Lucky is married. Maxie protests that Lucky and Elizabeth’s marriage is going to end soon. Elizabeth does not understand him. But Georgie reminds her sister that Lucky loves Elizabeth and they’ve been together for a long, long time. They will work out their differences. And Maxie cannot allow herself to be used and believe that she has a future with Lucky. Maxie then concludes that she won’t let Lucky use her for pills or sex or anything else. The next time he needs something form her, she won’t be there for her.

Right then, Lucky goes to the hospital to, yet again, observe Elizabeth talking to Patrick and looking all friendly. In their conversation, Patrick tells Elizabeth that she needs to realize that Lucky has a serious problem and must get help before she can commit to their marriage. And it’s nothing for her to feel guilty about. He knows all too well, from first hand experience, what it’s like to live with an addict.

Lulu reminds Dillon that he does not love her. She asks him how he’s going to fit their child into his life where he’s traveling and doing films and going to school. Is he going to take the baby along with him and fly back for his or her birthday? Is he going to ask Georgie to baby-sit? How is it going to affect his life with Georgie? And what if he wants to have other children? How will it affect this child’s life? Hearing that, he admits to her that he knows she’s been giving this a lot of thought. She tells him that this baby does not have anybody to commit to it’s life the way Spencer does or the way Cameron does. There is nothing they have to offer the baby. So why can’t he let this whole pregnancy be over? He tells her because they’d be killing the baby.

Carly asks Jax if he finally thought he got things right, then why did he have to mess it all up? She tells him that she believed in him once. But it’s all a game to him. She’s nothing more to him than a distraction. She has put her heart on the line for too long. She does not want him, or anybody enough to throw away her self respect. So he may have a nice life and stay away from hers. She goes out the door but cannot leave. He stands behind the door and is very tempted to go after her.

Patrick tells Elizabeth that he bets that Lucky is refusing to get help for his addiction. And she is believing that it might be her fault and would stop if she did things differently. She asks him how he knows so much about this. He admits that he lived with it. While his father was drinking during his childhood, he made himself responsible for his father’s problem. He did everything to succeed assuming that he would help his father. The person who enables the chemical abuser is just as sick as they are. She is very impressed and asks how he knows so much about this. He admits to her that he learned all this in al anon. He went to their meetings and learned the entire drill when he was going to med school. Right then, Lucky enters and asks them if everything is ok.

Lulu tells Dillon that this is not a baby yet. This is not Spencer or Cameron. It’s only a genetic code that could be stopped before it’s too late. The “baby” is only an idea. And she still has the choice about whether she wants this idea to come to fruition. And the more she thinks about it, the more she wants to say no.

Jax admits to his mother that he loves Carly and it scares the hell out of him. Hearing that, she asks him why he is telling her that. Why doesn’t’ he just tell Carly? On the way back, flying home, Carly looks like she is not complete with her decision.

Dillon tells Lulu if she does not have this “procedure”, then in 9 more months it will be a baby. And if she aborts, he will spend the rest of his life wondering what would have happened if he’d given it life. He realizes that she does not want to give it to the Quartermianes. He understands why. But wouldn’t it be a better alternative than terminating it? He tells her that he knows it’s her body and her choice. But he is the father. So giving it to him is an option. She asks him how he could give it a life. He answers that she must know that he is rich. He would be willing and able to make sacrifices for the kid. He won’t abandon this baby like his father did nor drag him around the world like his mother did. He will spend as much time with the kid as he can. Yes, there will be a nanny. All Quartermaines live with that. But he intends to make sacrifices for the baby. He asks her if she has not at least considered that. She tells him that that is all she has thought of for a long time.

Jane reminds Jax that Carly bought that ridiculous story about a gold digger so that she could find an excuse to come out and be with him. So can’t he appreciate that? She asks her son what it’s going to take for them both to stop playing games and admit what they mean to each other. At that point, Jax gets on the phone and call his pilot to get the jet ready to go to Port Charles.

Elizabeth finds Lucky at the docks. She asks him if he is ok. He tells her that it’s getting easier. He asks her what she was talking to Patrick about. She tells him that she and Patrick were discussing the medical resources he has about addiction. Lucky tell her that he bets Patrick and all the others just want to get rid of him. But he sounds calm and as though he is just joking. He tells her that one reason why he has to stay around is for Lulu. He tells her he will get better as long as he knows she is there for him. She hugs him and tells him there is no way she is going anywhere.

Tracy asks Dillon if he’s gotten through to Lulu. She tells him that there is a way that they could “stop” her. They could hire a lawyer to get the courts to issue an injunction to prevent her from having an abortion. Dillon tells his mother that is ridiculous. She’s only 1 month pregnant. And he’s not going to do that to her.. Tracy tells her son that maybe Lulu just needs to be stalled so that she has time to think before making a rash decision.

Lulu tells Georgie that there is no reason to bring the baby into the world when he or she was not wanted. She knows that she was an accidental pregnancy. Georgie tells Lulu that so was she. But that does not mean that a baby cannot have a quality life. Lulu tells Georgie that her father let her know when she was very young, that she was her mother’s project and he made it clear that he wanted nothing with her. She concludes that she will never again be that person who she was before her father told her that. And she will never let a child have that happen to him or her.

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