GH Update Tuesday 8/29/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/29/06


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Carly and Jane sit alone at the restaurant waiting for Jax after Jane has informed Carly that her son has a problem with some gold digging woman he is seeing. Carly tells Jane that she has made extensive sacrifices and traveled across the world in order to “help” this man who chose to abandon her and move out there. And the least he can do is show up. Jane is ready to admit to Carly that there is no woman currently in her son’s life, assuming that when she arrives he will be alone and Carly won’t find any woman. But right then, Jax walks in with a woman. The woman confirms that she has never met Jax’s mother. Carly is not happy and Jane has no clue what to say or do or think.

Lucky goes to find Lulu at Kelly’s right when she is on her cell phone ready to make a call. He snatches the phone out of her hands and tells her he won’t let her have an abortion.

Sam goes to talk to Sonny’s about Alexis’ current situation. He tells her that he cannot let Ric have parental rights to Kristina if Alexis were to die. He hopes that she agrees with that. She does not argue until Sonny tells her that he intends to let Alexis know that Ric slept with Sam so that she might reconsider whether Ric is fit to have custody of Kristina. Hearing that, Sam tells Sonny absolutely not. She does not want her mother to know that she slept with Ric. She tells him that they all need to stop assuming that Alexis will die. They need to be there for her so that she gets better and so that this will never have to be an issue.

Right then, Alexis asks Jason to come to her house so that she can talk to him. Right then, she has a coughing bout.

Carly asks Jax and his “lady friend”, Gemma what their plans are. Gemma asks Carly if she flew all the way out there on business. Carly tells her that she had some plans at the casino and gives no indication to her that she is there for Jax.

Lulu tells Lucky that he is not going to make the decision for her in regard to her pregnancy. He tells her that she cannot be seriously considering killing her baby. She tells him that it is a safe and legal medical procedure. He tells her that if she goes through with it, it will ruin her life. She tells him that it will ruin her life far worse to have a baby that she cannot care for and who will know that he or she was not wanted or planned for.

After Alexis has a terrible cough. Jason tells her that maybe he should call a doctor. She tells him no and then realizes that she may be in denial. She learned that it’s the way for a Cassadine to cope when she was a little girl. She admits to Jason that she cannot stop thinking about this. And she asks him if he could help her. She does not know how to face her own death or that her time could be running out. She does not know how to say goodbye to her children or prepare them for the loss. She admits she is so terrified. And she tells him she realizes that he has been faced with his own death. He was terminal last year. And she asks him how he dealt with it? Did he just not care or did he find some sort of peace? She asks him if he can offer her some suggestions so that she does not have to spend the rest of her time being so scared. He tells her that he does not know how to tell her not to be afraid. He admits to her that he was afraid of dying. He thought about how Sonny’s boys could go on without him and how it would affect Sam if he left her. Alexis asks him about the actual physical process of dying and having the people you love looking at you and knowing they will never see you again. He admits to her that it’s so complicated. And when they first told him that he may not live, he thought that he owed it to Sam to hold on for as long as possible. And he remembered, when he thought about that, he stopped being afraid. But then Robin figured out how to do the surgery. But he was scared when he thought about how if the operation was not successful, he could have been a vegetable. He admits that if it were just himself, he would not have even taken that chance. But he knew that Sam needed him. And luckily the operation worked. And maybe that is the answer she is looking for. When the fear gets to be that bad, you need to think about the people who need you here.

Sonny tells Sam that he knows that Alexis would be very upset to find out what her daughter did with Ric. But she is Sam’s mother. She will get over it and she won’t stop loving Sam. Sam tells Sonny she does not think he understands. By telling her mother that she slept with her stepfather, she’s taking away everything that Alexis has. Alexis needs to hang onto the one thing she has, even if it’s false. And she tells Sonny that he needs to also do this for the mother of his child. Right then, Sam gets a call on her cell phone form Jason informing her that he’s at Alexis’s home. She tells Sonny she has to go.

Gemma talks to Jax and Jane while Carly is gone. He thanks her for “playing along” and informs her that he and Calry have a very complicated relationship. Not far away, Carly gets Michael and Morgan to help her with a little “plan”. She informs Michael that that woman sitting with Jax is a bad, bad woman. And she has a plan for how they can help break them up. She takes them into the other room to explain the “plan” to them. Right then, Michael runs up to Jax and hugs him. Jax indicates that he’s gotten to be really close to Carly’s boys. Carly introduces the boys to Gemma. And Michael “accidentally” spills a big mess in her lap. At that point, Gemma announces to everybody that she’s done with this. She was willing to pretend to be Jax’s girlfriend as a favor. But after these “monsters” did what they did to her, she has given up. She leaves. And Jane confirms that she is really happy that Carly’s boys helped with this effort. Carly tells her that she knows that it was all for nothing since there was no “gold digging predator” to save jax form in the first place.

Lulu meets with Elizabeth on the pier and informs her that her brother is really out of line. He believes that he can prevent her form making the choice to have an abortion. She asks Elisabeth what choice she has. Elizabeth dos not argue with Lulu’s point but tells her she must realize that Lucy is withdrawing from the pills and probably not thinking clearly. Lulu tells her sister in law that she’s not about to speak a word to Lucky if he’s going to believe that she is a baby killer.

Lucky talks to Nikolas about his recent interaction with Lulu. He admits to his brother that he prevented Lulu from killing her own baby. Nikolas tells Lucky that he has no business forcing his values upon Lulu. She has the right to make her own decision as she sees fit. Right then, Dillon interrupts them and tells them both that they need to stay out of Lulu’s business and realize that it is not their decision to make for her. Lucky gets in Dillon’s face and reminds him if he’d kept his pants zipped, she would not have to be making any decision in the first place.

Alexis, Sam, Jason and Sonny are all at the hospital, still unresolved about what to do.

Alexis tells Sonny that after being diagnosed with cancer, she must prepare for what will happen if she dies. He tells her that he knows that she called Jason over in order to persuade him to stay away from Sam because of her fears about what could happen to Sam after she dies and how it could affect her two younger daughters.. He admits to her that he called Sam over in order to persuade her to see things his way. But he realizes that you cannot control people’s lives. Sam tells Jason that she would not be comfortable telling anybody her secret. She believes that nobody would understand except for him. Sonny tells Alexis that maybe instead of running her life from her grave,, maybe she should think about winning this fight. She tells him that she must prepare for the possibility of her death and protect her girls. Right then, Sam announces that Dr. Trenton is ready to see Alexis. She goes with her mother. Sonny and Jason are alone. Jason asks Sonny if he’s told Alexis that Sam and Ric slept together. Sonny tells Jason that Alexis cannot take hearing that now.

Elizabeth tells Lulu that Lucky sees himself as her protector when their father was not there. And he sees her pregnancy as his own failure to be there for her. Lulu ten tells Elizabeth that is ridiculous for Lucky to blame himself for the pregnancy. It’s certainly not his fault, nor hers. Nor Dillon’s The reason it happened is because ELQ had a batch of defective condoms. Elizabeth admits she did not know that. But she tells Lulu she must take heart and realize that everybody will be there to support her in whatever decision she makes. And that includes her brother. Right then, Elizabeth relives sleeping with Jason and realizes that maybe her marriage with Lucky is not as great as she wants to believe it is. Right then, Maxie appears. Elizabeth asks her if she is following her. She tells her that she better stay away from Lucky. He’s doing everything he can to get clean. Maxie tells Elizabeth that she needs to realize that she(herself) is not such a terrible person.

After Lucky confronts Dillon, Dillon tells Lucky that he was never there for Lulu and he has no business judging anybody for what has happened. Right then, Emily comes and Lucky asks her to get her worthless cousin out of his sight before he hurts him. They leave. Alone with Emily, Nikolas admits that this is a no win situation. And maybe the only solution for Lulu is to have an abortion.

Carly and the boys return home and Michael admits to his mother that he is confused. He just did what she asked him to do in order to “rescue” Jax. She is hastily packing, very angry at Jax,, and informs her son that Jax does not need “rescuing”. Right then, Jax enters and asks to talk to Carly. Michael asks Jax why his mother is so angry at him. But he realizes he needs to leave them alone. Alone with Carly, Jax kisses her passionately. But she pulls away from him and smacks him. He tells her that her anger and jealousy only confirms that she really does want him.

Emily tells Nikolas that if he encourages her to have an abortion, she could regret it and it could ruin her for the rest of her life. He tells her that if she is forced to have the baby, it could ruin her worse. Right then, she can tell that something is on his mind. He then informs her that Luke probably led Lulu to believe that he(Nikolas) was the product of her mother being raped. Even if it was not rape, Laura was forced to have a child she did not want to have. And look at what has happened to her because of it. He sees that it’s entirely possible that his mother would not have had the mental breakdown if she had had the choice to terminate her pregnancy. So he wants to give Lulu the choice that her mother did not have. It could save Lulu from the very thing that happened to Laura.

Lulu is in the Quartermaine house, alone, reliving informing Dillon that she was pregnant and that he is the father. Right then, Edward comes in and tells her that he overheard her conversation with Lucky. She tells him that her conversation with her brother was none of his business. Tracy appears and tells her that it is their business if she is considering aborting her son’s baby.

Carly asks Jax what he wants from her. He asks if it is not very obvious. She asks if he wants sex without a commitment. She tells him that she’s not into that anymore. She used to be turned on by him. But she’s not going to allow herself to be used or become emotionally invested in him. She admits that she had a good thing with him while it lasted. He accepted her for who she was and did not expect her to change. He made her feel good about herself. But then he was gone. He tells her that he did not leave because of her. He left because of the situation involving Nikolas and the baby. She tells him that it does not matter the reason. The point is, he left. And she’s no longer going to beg. As much as she wanted to be with him, her self respect is more important. She is no longer going to degrade herself chasing after any man. But he tells her he will not give up on her or on them.

Lanie comes to see Sonny at his home. She tells him that maybe her own arrogance might have hindered his progress. She’s afraid that she is responsible for betraying his confidence. He asks her what is going on. She tells him that unfortunately, her office was broken into today. And it just so happens that his files were the only ones that are gone. He then concludes that one of his enemies was looking for his “weakness” and now it has been found.

Jason finds Elizabeth on the docks. She admits to him that there is nothing more that he or anybody can do for her. She tells him that Lucky’s addiction has really changed everything. And as it turned out, she’s not a really good “co-dependent” after all. She admit that she cannot deal with the lies. She won’t put her child through that. Lucky believes that he can help himself without rehab. But she’s told him that she will only stay with him if he agrees to complete the program and never relapse again. Otherwise, she is out of there.

Right then, Lucky secretly meets Maxie. He tells her that he cannot take any more pills. But she has them in her hand for him and tells him he will quit when he is ready.

Lulu tells Edward and Tracy that they need to listen clearly and realize that they will not make any decision for her. Edward tells her that they will support her in any decision she makes unless it’s abortion. She tells them that they are not going to make any decision for her period. Dillon walks in and tells them that they did not hear Lulu. What the two of them do is solely their business. Edward then asks his grandson if he has actually agreed to this “abortion business”. Hearing that, Dillon admits that he is surprised and may not approve of her having an abortion.

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