GH Update Monday 8/28/06

General Hospital Update Monday 8/28/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jax and Carly find each other. She disguises herself as a maid, walks though his room and when he sees her, he attacks her on the couch. It’s only a question of whether he expected her and not somebody else when he chooses to go at it wit her.

At the hospital, after planning on meeting Maxie to score some more drugs, Lucky runs into Elizabeth and Nikolas. They remind him that his marriage is on the line and he must beat his drug habit. But right then, Maxie is there, unseen by them, with the drugs Lucky has asked her to get for him. Knowing they are not far away, he tells Maxie he’s changed his mind. He cannot take any more of these pills.

Sonny tells Alexis that perhaps she is overstating her concerns about her cancer in order to manipulate him and control her children’s’ lives. Maybe if she’d spend more time getting well and less time assuming the cancer will kill her, she wouldn’t be able to manipulate him into doing what she wants. But she tells him he needs to attempt to persuade Jason to stay away from Sam. Jason might listen to him.

Jason and Sam are together after Kristina has asked Jason to take her and Sam on a boat ride and her mother has approved it. Seeing her big sister and former fiancé together, Kristina asks them if they are not going to kiss.

At the hospital, Maxie disappears and Elizabeth and Nikolas find Lucky. He tells them that before his meeting, he needs to make sure they understand what these pills have done to him. They tell him that maybe instead of dwelling on the past and the negativity, he needs to just focus on getting better. He leaves. When they are alone, Nikolas tells Elizabeth he can see his brother is really messed up. She informs him that Lucky is just concerned about Lulu. She tells Nikolas that she really does not like having to keep Cameron with her grandmother. And she does not like having to choose between her husband and her son. He tells her that is all the more reasons why Lucky needs to complete his NA program and get clean. She concludes to him that if Lucky relapses, even once, she will have to leave him.

Lulu goes to Kelly’s and tells Georgie that she is very worried about her present situation. But she stops herself, realizing that they are not friends and it’s not Georgie’s problem nor something she would want to hear. Georgie tells Lulu it’s alright. It’s slow and she does not have any work to do right now. Lulu ten tells Georgie that she cannot deal with the Quartermaines trying to run her life. She did not have any intention of getting pregnant. It is not her fault that she is. She used protection. It’s not her fault that the condoms were not defective. She does not want to have a baby. She cannot be a mom. She cannot have Dillon’s baby. She wants to abort. Why can’t she? What is wrong with that? Georgie then replies that she cannot answer that and walks away.

In response to Sonny’s accusation that she is using her fear of cancer in order to control her children, Alexis tells him that she’s sorry if she is burdening him. But she tells him that she knows he would do the same thing if his life was in danger. She knows that she is not the only person in this room with control issues. He’d kill anybody in order to get them out of his way if he was worried about something that would happen when he was on his death bed. He tells her she is not on her death bed. And regardless of this situation, she cannot tell her grown daughter whom she has the right to love or whom she should be with. She tells him that if he can persuade Jason to stay away from Sam, by doing that, he will, in turn be helping Kristina and Molly.

In response to Kristina asking why they are not kissing, Sam attempts to explain to her little sister that sometimes things change. She and Jason are still friends but are not romantically involved anymore. And she tells her they must get back to their mother and tell her how much fun they had. They leave and Jason looks like he feels empty that Sam did not spend more time with him.

Realizing that Jax had no clue who she was but did not hesitate to kiss her, Carly asks Jax if he “tackles” every maid that walks into his room. He tells her that he’s been waiting for weeks for her to come back. Hearing that and believing he must think she is very stupid to buy that, she pummels him and he falls to the ground. She tells him that he is a smug, egotistical jerk to be waiting for her to come to him. He better not put a “spin” on this. Doesn’t he realize that she has two kids to raise and a business to run and better things to do than chase him down all the way in Casa Blanca? She tells him that she is only there to save him from this worthless bimbo whom his mother was worried he’d fallen for. He asks Carly if his mother has expressed her “concerns” about this woman. She tells him yes. She did. She can’t believe that he’d be so stupid as to fall for this person. And she only came out there out of the goodness of her heart. He asks her if she really has concerns about his “problem”. She tells him of course he has a problem. Hearing that, he tells her that must mean that she really does have feelings for him and is jealous.

Sam returns to Alexis’ home and as soon as they are alone, without Kristina, Sam tells her mother that she had no intention of finding Jason. He just came out of nowhere. And Kristina asked Jason to take them on a boat. She assures her mother that she would never do anything that would endanger Kristina and neither would Jason. Alexis tells her daughter she knows that neither of them would intentionally put Kristina in danger. But too many things have happened to people who are around Jason.

Right then, Jason goes to Sonny’s, knowing that Alexis has urged him to urge Jason to stay away from Sam and Kristina. Sonny then tells Jason that he does not believe that he (Jason) is a threat to Kristina. His brother(Ric) is.

Lucky and Elizabeth return home after he’s attended his meeting. She tells him she’s very proud of him to be doing what he is doing. Hearing that, he tells her she’s talking to him like he’s a child who just cleaned his room. She tells him she is sorry and wonders why he is having such a negative attitude. When they get in, they are surprised to find that Emily and Nikolas have planned them a dinner. But Lucky is not pleasantly surprised. He tells them all that he wishes they would stop focusing on all of his problems. He is not an addict. His problems are not that special. Lulu has much worse problems then he has. She is 18 and pregnant and has no guidance in her life.

Carly tells Jax that she is not going to just jump back into his life so easily when he left her and got mixed up with this worthless woman. She tells him she will get back with him, under only one condition. He has to dump this gold digger. She goes out the door. And right then, Jax gets on his phone to call “somebody” and tell them he is in the mood for some fun. He seems to know what his mother has pulled behind his back.

Sonny informs Jason that Alexis has this issue about keeping Kristina away from him and have Ric raise her instead. She needs to know, however, what kind of a human being she is married to. She needs to find out that her husband slept with her daughter. And then, she can make a decision as to whether Ric is fit to raise Kristina.

Right then, while Sam is getting dinner ready with her mother, she can tell that Alexis is a million miles away. She asks her if she is ok. Alexis is reliving seeing Sam and Ric together. Alexis tells her daughter that when she first found out that she was her daughter and then found out that she could die, she was elated and horrified at the same time. And now she has to face the possibility that she could die. Sam tells her mother that she must be positive and believe that she will be ok. Alexis then tells Sam she must rest. Sam gives her a blanket. Alexis looks like she’s trying to sleep but she cannot. Right then, Kristina enters. Alexis holds her young daughter. She notices that Kristina no longer has her bracelet and that she lost it on the boat trip she and Sam went on with Jason. She tells her that she knows she had a good time but she doesn’t think it would be a good idea for her to go on any more boat rides with Jason. Kristina asks her mom why. Jason is nice, she says. And he and Sam were kissing. Hearing that, Alexis does not respond but knows something must be done.

Jax’s mother, Jane, meets with Carly at a restaurant. She tells her about all the fun she had with Michael and Morgan but doesn’t seem to want to know about Carly’s “rescue mission” with her son. Carly informs Jane that she dressed up like a maid in order to get into Jax’s room in order to see if she could find the gold digger. But she was really surprised that she could not find the woman anywhere. She asks Jane when and where she’d find her and what she looks like. Jane does not have any answer to that, indicating that she might be making the whole thing up. She then tells Jane that she’s asked Jax to meet her there and he will be there any minute to confirm to her and his mother that he’s done with his little fortune hunter. Jane then tells Carly that she’s sure she can appreciate, as a mother, the little “white lies” that mothers have to tell in order to protect their children.

Kristina informs her mother that she saw Sam and Jason kissing. Alexis asks her daughter if she is certain that that is what she saw. Kristina says of course.

Jason concludes to Sonny that he doesn’t need to tell Alexis that Sam slept with Ric. He’s done attempting to run people’s lives. Alexis needs to make her own decisions about her own family.

Alexis tells Kristina that Jason is a nice guy but she has some concerns. She tells her that she will call him and he will bring her bracelet. She gets on her phone to call Jaosn.

Right then, Sam gets a call from Sonny.

Georgie tells Lulu hat she believes that all women have the right to choose. She realizes that the easiest thing for her and for Dillon would be no baby. But at the end of the day, the decision has to be one that only Lulu can make. She has to do what is right for her. Lulu admits to Georgie that she wishes there was somebody there who she could talk to about this. She wishes her mom was there. Knowing there is nothing to say, Georgie tells Lulu she’s sorry that feels so alone.

Lucky tells Nikolas, Elizabeth and Emily that they should not suggest Lulu has an abortion. Emily tells him that it should be Lulu’s decision and nobody else’s. Nikolas tells Lucky that they cannot judge her. Lucky tells them that he’s going to go and find his sister before she makes a rash decision. But Elizabeth stops him and tells him he cannot. He asks her why she won’t let him talk to his own sister. She tells him it’s not a good idea because he’s going through withdrawal. Nikolas and Emily tell Lucky that he needs to let Lulu make her own decisions. He tells them that Lulu is too young to know how to make her own decisions. Emily tells him that Lulu won’t feel comfortable having a conversation about her sex life with her brother. But he tells them that they must realize that Lulu needs help and guidance after she got pregnant by her step brother. That’s not appropriate. That’s not responsible. She can’t make her own decisions. So will somebody tell him where Lulu is? At that point, Nikolas informs Lucky that their sister is at Kelly’s. He goes out the door. Nikolas asks Elizabeth if she’s going to go after her husband before he screws up again. She tells him no. It’s Lucky’s own choice.

When Jason goes to Alexis’ home to return Kristina’s bracelet, Alexis tells Jason that she knows that Kristina adores him. She knows he’s not a bad guy. And he must want to do the right thing for Sam and her little sister. And so he must realize that that would mean staying away from them.

Sam goes to see Sonny and asks him what he wants. He informs her that Alexis has told him if she dies, she wants Ric to be the one to raise Molly and Kristina so that they can grow up together. She admits that she agrees that it’s not cool to keep Kristina away from her real father. He tells her that in order to get that idea out of Alexis’ head, she needs to know that Ric cheated on her with Sam. But Sam tells Sonny he cannot let Alexis find out that she slept with Ric.

Carly tells Jane that she realizes why Jax might be interested in this “woman”, is because she is a “diversion”. Jane then concludes, that for that reason, they must forget all about her. Calry then tells Jane that she also had a “diversion”. She had a handsome doctor to temporarily get her mind off of Jax. But that’s all he was. He was not Jax. She concludes to Jane that the only way that she will consider getting back with Jax is if he promises to kick that Euro trash to the curb. Hearing that, Jane has to admit to Carly that she has not been entirely honest to her.

Sitting alone at Kelly’s, Lulu remembers telling her comatose mother that she realizes that she probably thought she was an accident as much as her father did. But how can she bring a baby into the world whose parents don’t’ want him or her any more than her parents wanted her.?She looks through a pamphlet. And right then, she gets on her cell phone. At that point, Lucky comes out of nowhere to snatch the phone out of her hands. She asks him what he is doing. He tells her he cannot let her have an abortion.

Sam tells Sonny that even tough he does not like Alexis’ present behavior, he can’t let her know that her husband slept with her daughter. Her mother is sick and terribly worried and needs her husband right now, even if he is a jerk. He tells her hat he has to do what is best for his daughter. And if that means telling Alexis about her husband’s infidelity, then there is no other way.

Alexis tells Jason that maybe she should not have gone to Sonny and asked him to keep Jason away from Sam. Maybe she should not have done that. But she could be dying. And Kristina needs Sam in her life. Jason tells Alexis that he is not going to control anybody’s life anymore. And he reminds Alexis that she cannot assume she’s going to by dying. She needs to get well and be there for her children. Right then, Alexis starts coughing

Carly tells Jane that she flew half way around the world in order to see Jax. And the least he can do is come down to see her. Jane tells Carly that she’s certain that her son will appreciate all that Carly is doing for him Carly tells Jane that he better because she’s never going to grovel for another man again. Right then, Jane is ready to admit to Carly that she may have “exaggerated a bit” about the woman. But at that moment, Jax walks in to surprise them both with a hot looking young woman. Could she have been the one he just called to ask to do the “favor” for him?

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