GH Update Friday 8/25/06

General Hospital Update Friday 8/25/06


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Lucky is having a nightmare where he sees himself open the apartment door and finds Patrick and Liz making love on the bed.  Just as Patrick tells him not to he shoots Liz.  Lucky awakes from the nightmare with Liz right beside him.  She gets him a glass of water and wants to know what the dream was about.  He doesn’t want to tell her at first but she gets tough with him and tells Lucky he needs to open up to her.  He finally tells her what the dream was about and as they are talking he brings up what he did with Maxie.  Liz gets upset and tells Lucky she doesn’t want to talk about that.  They will deal with that after he goes through withdrawal.  He feels guilty about cheating on her, and takes its eating him up.  He says to her “you didn’t cheat on our marriage, I did”  Liz has a small flashback of being with Jason and feels guilty

Robin walks into the locker room at the hospital to Patrick changing his shirt.  Patrick is a little upset that he has been calling Robin and she doesn’t call him back.  She tells him she was doing research.  He offers her a chance to do a consult on a patient with him, but she refuses telling him that she doesn’t do consults anymore.  He walks away from her accusing her of wanting to hide.  Robin tells Patrick that she sees what he is trying to do but that she needs to deal with this in her own way. He sees that she is hurting inside and tries to get her to admit it, but she doesn’t want to open up to him.  Robin gets mad at Patrick though when she feels like his is acting like he knows all about living with HIV.  She basically tells him to back off!!  He gets the hint but is still mad because she won’t open up to him.  Plus he is offended that she feels like she has to be positive and not honest with him about how she is feeling.

Sonny and Jason are at Sonny’s house.  He tells Jason about Ric taking the assistant DA job and warns Jason that Ric hates him and will use his powers to try and nail Jason.  Sonny wants to tell Alexis that Ric slept with Sam figuring that will make Alexis see Ric for who he really is and she wont’ want to have anything to do with him.  Sonny is worried about Ric being in the DA’s office, but he sees that Alexis needs him now, so Sonny is conflicted about whether to tell her or not.  He goes on to tell Jason about Alexis wanting Ric to raise Kristina is she dies.  Jason hopes that Sonny won’t let that happen and Sonny assures him he won’t but he has to tell Alexis something.  Jason knows that Sonny will need to do what is right for Kristina, but he asks Sonny to at least tell Sam before he blows the whole thing wide open.  Sonny agrees.

Alexis is at her house alone.  She is trying to make a tape for Kristina and Molly but she has trouble with it.  She doesn’t know what to say and it’s very hard on her.  She ends up stopping the tape.  Kristina and Sam walk in and Kristina goes for the video camera wanting to watch what was on it.  Sam stops her by telling Kristina that she has a lot of toys in her room that need picking up before the go to Alexis’s doctor’s appointment.  After Kristina leaves the room Sam and Alexis have a heart to heart talk about what Alexis was trying to do.  Alexis asks Sam what she would want to hear, Sam tells her she would want to hear that she mattered, that Alexis loves her and that she would always be with her.  But not that everything would be OK, because it wouldn’t be and Alexis has always been truthful with her daughters. 

At the hospital, Alexis arrives with Sam & Kristina in tow for her doctor’s consult before she has surgery.  Kristina is a little scared because she doesn’t understand what is going on and has only had bad experiences with the hospital. Patrick puts her at ease and suggests that maybe Sam should take her down to the docks for some fun.  Alexis and Sam agree that is a good idea and Sam & Kristina go off, while Alexis and Patrick go in for her pre-op consult.

Sonny gets a call from Ms. Snead who wants to know what to do with April Gilbert’s personal effects.  She wants to send them to Sonny but he gets annoyed with her and tells her he will be down to pick them up.  When he gets to the hospital he meets with Ms Snead who gives him the rundown on what happened.  Sonny gives her a talking to about not having any empathy for the sick people she works with.  He reminds her that the Stone Cates AIDS wing is set up for people who are dying of AIDS and need somewhere to go.  He really lets into her about not being very nice with people and warns her that she better not let him find out that anyone else was turned away like Ms. Sneed tried to do with April.  She gives him Aprils personal effects which contain a letter that April was writing when she died, addresses to Robin.  Sonny reads the letter and has Robin paged.

Liz is talking to her grandma explaining that Cameron is better off there with them than home right now.  Lucky overhears and feels bad about what he is doing.  He tries to get Liz to go and see him but she doesn’t want to leave Lucky alone.  Just then Nicholas shows up and offers to stay with Lucky.  Liz is grateful and rushes off to see Cameron and do some work at the hospital.  Nicholas and Lucky have a few words.  Nicholas thinks Lucky should go into rehab but Lucky doesn’t want anyone on the force to find out, plus he doesn’t have a way to pay for it.  When Nicholas offers to pay Lucky just gets offended.  He starts to talk about all the wrong he has done but Nicholas sees right through the act and tells Lucky just that.  Nicholas tells Lucky he is acting just like a textbook addict.  He is making excuses for taking drugs and Nicholas is not buying it.  Lucky gets mad and tries to go to a meeting, Nicholas suggest he go with Lucky.  Lucky accuses him of trying to baby sit him and Nicholas agrees.  Nicholas explains that he just wants Lucky to get better.

Emily walks into the locker room at the hospital to find Elizabeth crying and looking sad.  Emily sits down and asks if Liz is OK.  Liz explains how she misses Cameron very much and that he doesn’t understand why he can’t go home.  It’s not like Liz can tell him that his father is a drug addict.  While they are talking, Maxie is eavesdropping from around the lockers.  Liz proceeds to tell Emily that while she loves Lucky very much and desperately wants him to get better, if he takes drugs again she will leave.  Liz can’t have Cameron affected in that way.  Maxie hears this and smiles while she looks at the pills she has.  Emily reminds Liz that Nicholas and she are there for them and she can talk to Emily anytime she wants.  She wants to help Liz.

Sonny gives Robin the letter that April wrote and explains that it was in her personal affects and that it looks like she was writing it when she died.    The letter thanks Robin and Patrick for being there for her.  April says in the letter she felt very alone when she first came to the hospital and that Patrick and Robin made her feel better.  She tells Robin that she is writing to her instead of Patrick because Robin has the same disease and can understand.  She wants Robin to know that they made her feel like her life had some purpose.  April writes to Robin to fight the disease she has that will show people they can live with it. 

Alexis has her consult with Patrick and tells him that she isn’t scared of the operation but she is afraid of the cancer she has.  Alexis compliments Patrick on his ability as a doctor but she wants him to put it out straight for her.  She wants to know if there is a chance she will die.  At first, Patrick tries to sugar coat the whole thing, but Alexis forces him to tell the truth.  She tells him that she has to think about her small daughters and make plans for them, just in case.  Patrick admits that it wouldn’t be wrong to make the plans that a lot of people who have this do indeed die.

Sam and Kristina are down on the docks when Sam tells Kristina about Jason’s boat and guess who shows up….Jason himself.  Kristina runs up to him and asks to take them on the boat.  Sam calls Alexis at the hospital to ask if it would be OK.  Alexis gets on the phone with Jason and asks him to assure her that there won’t be any problems (like hit men or bombs waiting).  He gives Alexis his assurance and they decide to go out on the boat.  Jason lets Sam drive the boat and is generally very kind to her.  After the ride, Kristina wants ice-cream and while she is getting it Jason and Sam talk.  She tells Jason how worried she is that she won’t be able to be there for Alexis and Kristina but Jason gives her a pep talk and tells her that he knows Sam can do this.  That he has seen her keep going even though she is afraid before. 

Sonny is still at the hospital talking with Robin.  She is telling him about how after Stone died she had a particular bad day and was walking when she came up on a church and decided to go in.  She felt at peace and really felt like Stone was there with her.  She says that when she has a bad day now, she just remembers going to the church and that makes her realize that life has a lot to offer, and she needs to keep going.  Sonny tells her that when she feels that way, she should remember also how much Stone loved her. 

Later in the day, Alexis goes to see Sonny and asks him to please try and keep Jason away from Sam.  That it does Sam no good to have Jason around.  Alexis pleads with Sonny, and tries to explain that she just wants to keep Sam safe.  That Kristina and Molly need Sam right now and that if Alexis dies they are going to need Sam even more and that if she is with Jason there is a good chance she might be killed and that worries Alexis.  Sonny tells her that he doesn’t think him talking to Jason would be a good idea and that after everything that has happened; it wouldn’t be fair to either Jason or Sam.

Nicholas and Lucky go to the hospital so Lucky can go to a meeting.  They see Liz and both Liz and Nicholas assure Lucky that they only have his best interests at heart.  They just want to see him be well.  Maxie is lurking around the corner where no one can see her.  When Lucky makes like he is going to the meeting he actually meets up with Maxie and asks her is she scored.  She says “just like you wanted” and holds up a bag of pills.

Patrick is scrubbing up for an operation and Robin comes in and starts to scrub up.  She changed her mind and would like to do the consult with him. He teases her a little which puts her at ease. 

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