GH Update Thursday 8/24/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/24/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Emily arrives at Windermere. Nicolas asks her to keep an eye on baby Spencer and speak with lulu about her pregnancy, while he leaves to see what Alexis' emergency is.

Ric warns Alexis to focus on her health not the office, as she prepares for work. Sam interrupts him to defend her actions.

Meanwhile, Alcazar confronts Robert Scorpio, telling him that he had a valuable shipment stolen on the pier last night and; that it won't stop him from searching for Sky, the mother of his unborn child. Robert assures him he had nothing to do with the missing shipment and; informs him that this could mean he has other enemies.

Jason, entering the main room at the mansion, reveals that he intercepted the shipment that belonged to Alcazar. Sonny replies by asking Jason why he would want to provoke Lorenzo. Jason wants to get rid of him once and for all. Sonny knows that Alcazar will be desperate to find the shipment, hidden in warehouse 21, and; he doesn't want to fight him over it.

Ric and Alexis continue discussing her health and her demanding job. Thanking him for his concern, She tells him her work is the one thing she can control. Sam speaks up to show her support, saying she will help her mother any way she can. Upon leaving, Alexis tells Sam to go to the office without her; because she has to make a stop at the hospital. A reluctant Sam agrees. Alexis thanks her for staying in Port Charles.

Emily, holding baby Spencer, greets Lulu at Windermere. Giving Lulu the baby, she assures her that Nikolas will support her.

Laney is waiting for Alexis when she arrives to talk, and protects her with the doctor patient confidentiality policy. Alexis reveals her health status involving the cancer. As Laney begins to offer her sympathy Alexis interrupts to tell her that there is more. She begins crying and almost laughing at the obvious pain and ridiculousness of her husbands affair with her daughter. She tells Laney that the only way to keep her family together is by keeping the secret that she saw Ric and Sam making love at the lake house.

Lulu struggles with the thought of caring for a baby. How can she shape the life of a baby when she needs to shape her own life. There is also the expectations of the Quartermaine´s. Emily encourages Lulu to live with Nikolas and allow him to provide for her and the baby, as well as give her guidance.

Sonny doesn't want Alcazar, thinking Sonny's organization is weak due to his breakdowns, to take by force. Alcazar not to our surprise arrives at the mansion to confront Sonny about his missing shipment. Sonny dishonestly tells him he took it as a warning; and that he can get it in warehouse 21. Jason, appearing very upset tells sonny that he made them look weak by giving him the shipment.

Sam, filing at the office, is sympathetic toward Alexis when she arrives. Almost immediately, Alexis begins coughing; Sam rushes to her aid. Nicolas arrives at the office to speak with Alexis. He is shocked when she tells him that she has lung cancer.

Lulu and Emily talk about Nicolas, the unborn baby and; Emily suggests that she should see a counselor to help her reach an unbiased decision concerning her baby. Lulu thanks Emily for her help, and leaves.

Sonny and Jason have a heated discussion about Alcazar. Sonny, concerned about Alexis, doesn't want to fight with him. Jason reluctantly agrees to leave Alcazar alone and leaves.

Nikolas and Alexis hug each other and she gives him the details of her condition. She is fighting carcinoma, the most common kind of cancer in women. Nicolas is surprised because she has never smoked; Alexis cries on his shoulder. Alexis makes Nicolas promise to care for Christina and Molly, should she die. They embrace and tell each other tearfully that they love each other.

Lulu, now at the cafe, is surprised to see Robert Scorpio, who offers to talk to her. She tells him she is pregnant; and he angrily blames her on again off again father, Luke.

Back at Windermere, Nikolas runs into Emily, literally; and tells her about the cancer Alexis is facing. Emily is supportive and comforting, reminding him of how she beat cancer.

Jason runs into Elizabeth on a park bench and asks her how she is doing. She says she is making it. Jason tells her a little about the business with Alcazar, that the timing was off. Elizabeth opens up to him about her feelings, how important timing has been in her life.

Alexis is speaking with Mayor Floyd, starts coughing; and he tells her to go home and rest, so that she can prepare for the operation.

Nicolas and Emily talk about her bout with cancer.

Lulu argues that her dad loves her and that it is not his fault that she is pregnant with Dylan's baby. Robert blames Luke because Lulu needs, try's to get his attention.

Elizabeth regretfully says that she cannot tell Lucky about her affair with Jason, thought she is not ashamed, and doesn't feel that it was even wrong. She and Jason agree to be there for each other as friends and they are both glad they shared their night of lovemaking.

Back at the lake house, Alexis spends time with Christina, while a worried Sam overlooks.

Sonny goes to see Laney, confirming doctor patient confidentiality, he tells her about Alexis and his concern about Ric raising his daughter.

Ric returns home to discuss with Alexis his offer for the job of DA. Ric seeks her approval; and tells her she will get better. She tells him to go for the job. Sam, tearful over Alexis, runs into Jason, who offers an ear. She tells him that Christina, getting to spend more play time with Alexis, has no idea what her mother faces.

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