GH Update Thursday 8/24/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/24/06


Written By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Emily is at Nicholas’s house watching Spencer while Nicholas goes to see Alexis. Lulu comes by and is talking with Emily about her situation. Lulu is telling Emily that she can’t imagine being a mom. She is having a hard time dealing with everything. She feels like everyone wants to make the decisions for her. Emily tells her that the family means well and that Nicholas will support her and the baby if that is what she wants, that Lulu can live at Windemere and he can help with everything. But Lulu wants to make her own decision and is very conflicted about what to do. She feels overwhelmed by the whole thing. Lulu asks Emily what she thinks Lulu should do, and Emily advises Lulu to go talk to a counselor. That Emily thinks Lulu needs someone to listen objectively and help Lulu decide what it is best for Lulu.. She also tells Lulu that no matter what she and Nicholas will be there for her. Lulu tells Emily to let Nicholas know that she loves him and she will be in touch, but right now she really just needs to think for herself.

Alexis is at Lainey’s office thanking her for taking her on short notice. She makes sure that anything she says to Lainey is strictly confidential and Lainey assures her it is. Alexis proceeds to tell her about her lung cancer and how Sam and Ric slept together and that Alexis knows but can’t tell them because she is afraid that it will blow her family apart. While she tells her this Alexis starts to laugh kind of hysterically not really knowing how to deal with the whole situation. She sounds like she is falling apart and can’t really handle everything that is happening.

Sonny and Jason discuss taking the shipment meant for Lorenzo, when who shows up in but Lorenzo himself. He cracks a joke about who is supposed to be in charge. Whether Sonny is sane enough to deal with business, but Sonny reassures him he is just fine. Lorenzo wants to know why Sonny took the shipment, and Sonny tells him that everything that goes through Port Charles has to go through Sonny. Lorenzo is adamant about needing the shipment and finally Sonny tells him where his shipment is and that if he goes there, his guards won’t bother him. Jason looks at Sonny wondering what is going on. After Lorenzo leaves he asks Sonny what is going on and Sonny tells him that with everything going on the last thing they need is a fight with Lorenzo. That with Alexis having lung cancer it would not be a good time to have bullets flying (with her the DA and all) Jason agrees not to do anything to Lorenzo, for now.

When Alexis gets back to her office Sam is there filing. Alexis has a coughing fit and Sam stays cool and calm and gets Alexis her inhaler. After the coughing fit is over, Alexis thanks her and comments on how she knew what to do. Sam points out that Alexis did the same thing for her when Sam was shot. Nicholas comes in at this point, and Sam leaves to let Alexis tell Nicholas about her illness. Alexis tells Nicholas that there is no easy way to tell him but she has lung cancer. He hugs her and she tells him all the information on the cancer. She wants him to promise that if she dies, he will make sure that Sonny and Ric will abide by whatever decision it is Alexis makes regarding Molly and Kristina. He doesn’t want to promise this, saying that she will beat the cancer and will not need to make that decision. Finally he promises that he will look after her daughters. They hug again and before he leaves Nicholas tells Alexis that he loves her, she tearfully tells him that she loves him too.

When Lulu goes to work at Kelly’s, Robert Scorpio comes in and he lets her know that he overheard part of the fight between Tracey and Edward and tells Lulu that if there is any way he can help he will be there. She turns him down at first but when he goes to leave she calls him back and tells him the whole story. Robert blasts out “I kill him” and when Lulu thinks he is talking about Dillon he corrects her and tells her that he is talking about Luke. He figures that part of the reason this all happened was because Lulu wants her father’s attention and Luke is never around for her. But she tells him that she got pregnant all by herself. She refuses to let Robert blame Luke for her situation. He

Nicholas goes home where Emily is watching Spencer. He asks her about Lulu and Emily tells him that Lulu can’t talk with him right now. That she is overwhelmed but that she will be in touch. Nicholas then tells Emily that the reason Alexis wanted to talk to him was to tell him about her cancer. Emily is shocked and tries to make Nicholas feel better but he is a little thrown because Alexis has always been the strong one. Emily lets Nicholas know how much he helped her and they have a close moment when he tells her that he feels helpless, because he has nothing to fight for Alexis. that she has to go through this alone.

Jason and Liz meet up on the docks, she is feeling a little tired because she has been dealing with Lucky going through withdrawals all night. The talk about how timing is everything is life. Liz says that the night Manny took her changed everything for everyone. Lucky wouldn’t have hurt his back, Manny wouldn’t have escaped, and Sam wouldn’t have been shot and so on. But Jason tells her that it isn’t about timing but choices. That everyone makes choices in life and that is what affects everything. They go on to talk about the night they slept together. Neither one feels guilty, but Liz worries about Lucky finding out because she doesn’t think he is strong enough to deal with it. She does tell Jason that she is happy that their lives feel into sync for one night. Jason tells her that he is happy about that also.

The Mayor tells Alexis that she is too sick to work anymore. He tells her to go home and get ready for her operation next week. Even though she doesn’t want to Alexis does go home and Kristina is excited to see her mom home early. They talk about the fun things they are going to do while Sam looks on, upset. She leaves and goes for a walk down on the dock, meeting up with Jason.

Sam tells Jason how she is upset that Alexis has cancer and that Kristina is so young that she doesn’t really know what is going on. He tries to comfort her but Sam won’t let him. She leaves abruptly with Jason just staring after her, wanting to help but not know what to do for her.

Sonny has an appointment with Lainey and tells Lainey he has a problem with Ric raising his daughter Kristina like Alexis wants. He thinks Ric is not a good role model for his daughter. He also thinks that Alexis still doesn’t know about Ric and Sam sleeping together. He thinks if she knew this that might change her mind. But Sonny says how he can’t tell Alexis because she is going in for an operation next week and he doesn’t want to upset her. He says he doesn’t know if he can abide by Alexis’s wishes for Kristina.

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