GH Update Wednesday 8/23/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/23/06


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At the Quartermaine house, Lulu overhears Edward and Tracy discussing how some sort of condoms that is part of their shareholdings is worthless. Is it the kind she used that did not work with Dillon?

Robin and Patrick sit alone in her apartment depressed. She remarks that she knows that April would have really liked the window that lets in all the sunlight.

Elizabeth is sleeping on the couch when she notices that Lucky is gone. Right then, he is out on the docks. He seems to have found the drug dealer and is ready to arrest him.

Anna comes to see Robin and Patrick. She tells them that she noticed that her daughter’s car was still there this morning. She assumes that the two of them are moving in together. And she tells them that she’s brought a basket with scones and jellies and fruits to let them know how happy she is. Robin reminds her mother that she has a doorbell. She asks Patrick if he will let her talk to her mother alone. Patrick tells Robin that he will go and take care of the arrangements for April. Alone with Robin, Anna asks her daughter if Patrick has made arrangements to take April home after she’s been discharged from the hospital. Robin admits no. They are making funeral arrangements because April died yesterday.

Lucky confiscates the drugs form the dealer and has Detective Rodriguez book.him. Elizabeth comes to witness her husband. Det. Rodriguez notices that Lucky is wearing a knit winter cap in the summer and notices he is shivering. Lucky explains that he is sick with the flu. Elizabeth tells Lucky that he has to stop fooling himself and must deal with his issues.

At Windermere, Alfred wont’ give up on match making Nikoals and Emily. Right then, Colleen comes and tells them that she is worried about Spencer. She tells them that due to the humidity, the poor little guy is getting so cranky and uncomfortable. And she asks Nikolas if they cold take him away for a while.

Lulu enters to hear Edward talking about how substandard contraception has gotten into their shipments. Tracy tells her father that it’s no big deal. Emily, however, tells them that there could be a lawsuit and it’s not ok. Outside, Lulu finds Dillon. She tells him because of the “defective batch” manufactured by his family, she is pregnant. Right then, Tracy comes out and admits that she has overheard that Lulu is pregnant by her son.

Hearing the shocking news about April, Anna asks Robin what happened. Robin informs her mother that they thought that she was making good progress and could leave the hospital soon. She was ready to let April move into her empty apartment. But April suddenly bled out and died. She admits to her mother that she is feeling so discouraged. Being a doctor and wanting to find solution and yet knowing that you cannot do anything about how things like this end lives is devastating and discouraging. Anna tells her daughter that she is so sorry and wishes there was something she could do. Robin admits to her mother that they knew that April was critical. But they just wanted to offer her better hope than that. And now that she’s seen it happen to April, she’s worried that it could happen to her. Hearing that, Anna tells her daughter that she must never hesitate to come an talk to her if she wants or needs to.

After Tracy hears that Dillon got Lulu pregnant, she asks Lulu if she planned for this to happen. Lulu replies that it’s very girl’s dream to turn 18, blow up like a balloon and barf her guts out. Hearing that, Emily tells them that maybe this is not a good way to start this conversation. Edward tells Dillon that now that he is divorced, they will make him do the “right thin”. Emily tells Edward that both of them are adults and must make their own choices. Lulu demands that they stop and let her make her own decision. She reminds them that she is not part of this family. Edward tells her that she will be. Edward tells the others that it is g disgraceful that his grandson would do something like that. Tracy then reminds her father that he has no business judging her son. He did the same thing. There are two women he impregnated out of wedlock. Hearing Tracy and Edward talking in a very insensitive way about Lulu and her family, Emily asks them if they can listen to themselves. She needs their support. Not the behavior that they are both doing. Edward then concludes that Lulu is a lovely young girl even if she is Luke Spencer’s’ daughter. And they will offer her all the support that she needs.

Colleen asks Nikolas if they could take Spencer to another climate. She suggests taking him to the place where NIkoals’ father taught him to swim. Nikolas tells Colleen that that would be nice. But he has too much on his plate. His brother is having lots of problems and needs him. But she persuades him to know that his son has been through so much. And at that point, he agrees to send his son to Greece over night. Alfred overhears and sounds suspicious.

Elizabeth and Lucky return home. She tells him she can see that he is warm and sweating. He tells her that he feels like he is crawling out of his skin. She assures him that he will get through this. She informs him that she woke up this morning and noticed he was gone. He asks her if she thought he was out to score more pills. She tells him that maybe he is not ready to get back to work so soon.

Emily goes to Nikolas’ home. HE tells her he apologizes for Alfred’s obsessive need to match make them. She tells him she has not come because of that. It’s about Lulu. She is pregnant. Haring that, Nikolas informs her that he had previous planned to take Spencer to Greece. But now, because of this, he cannot. He needs to stay in town for both his brother and his sister. Colleen overhears their conversation and frowns/

Elizabeth tells Lucky that maybe he needs some help. He might have to enter a rehab program. He tells her that he cannot. The entire department could find out. Right then, Edward barges through their door and informs Lucky and Elisabeth that his family intends to take “Full responsibility” for “the child”. And they must know that he or she will be raised as a Quartermaine instead of a Spencer. They have no clue what he is talking about. He tells them, in case they did not know, his grand son got Lucky’s sister pregnant.

Lulu goes and talks to Georgie at Kelly’s when Dillon enters. He tells her he apologizes for his family. That is how they deal with a crises. They have to let everybody know all of their personal issues and dirty laundry and reduce everything to a business contract. They are his family. He tells her it’s obvious that they are not getting married and do not love each other. But they must make the right decision for this kid’s future. She then tells him that maybe he should realize that she might want this baby.

After Emily has informed him what has happened to Lulu, NIkolas tells her that he he should have just been there for her. Emily tells Nikolas he should blame himself. Right then, Colleen comes and tell nikolas she is getting plans into motion to send Spencer to Greece. But he informs Colleen that he’s had a change of plans. He has some important family issues he must deal with. Emily tells Nikolas that he must know that his sister will resent him if he thinks that he is making decisions for her. But he reminds Emily that Lucky cannot help her. Luke is away. She has no other family members or friends. So what other choice does he have?

Dillon tells Lulu that he knows that they cannot give a baby up for adoption. They cannot give the baby life and then send him or her off to strangers and never see the baby again. She tells him that he just doesn’t understand. He is not about to just pop this kid out and let the Quartermaines take care of the rest. Right then, he gets a call from his mother and grandfather, summoning him home to talk to them. She looks depressed. But he tells her she should not freak out yet. They are going to find a solution that will work out for everybody. She notices Georgie and asks Dillon if it will work for her too. Dillon goes to tell Georgie he has to get home now. She tells him that she also disapproves of his family thinking that they will “find a solution” without having consideration for what either of them want. Dillon leaves and Georgie reminds Lulu that she must know that the Quartermianes are never going to let her give the baby up for adoption. Hearing that, Lulu asks who says anything about a baby.

At Lucky’s’ home, Edward makes all his plans and informs Lucky that he will get Lulu married to Dillon so that the child won’t be a “bastard”. And then, at that point, their money and lawyers will handle the whole thing. Lucky gets really angry an irritated to hear Edward’s pompous attitude. Elizabeth tells Edward he needs to leave their home and she needs to talk to her husband alone. He leaves and Lucky tells Elizabeth he cannot deal with this. He’s in agony withdrawing from these drugs. Then his sister gets knocked up by some rich punk whose family wants to control her life. She tells him that they will find a way to work this out. He then snaps at her to leave him alone and stop telling him how he’s supposed to deal with it. In response to that, Elizabeth tells her husband she does not care if he is going through withdrawal or what is happening. He has no right to speak to her like that.

After Anna leaves Robin and Patrick alone, she apologizes to him for her mother. He tells her that he can see that on one level, she may like her mother’s meddling in her business. Robin admits that when she told Anna about April, she let up on it. She tells him that she can see that her mother was scared when she heard about April. Her mother is the strongest person she knows and to see her scared blows her mind. He asks her what they should do about April. She suggests that maybe they cremate her and bury her ashes where they buried Stone’s ashes. He gets a call on his beeper. She tells him she will go to the lab and focus on what she does best even if it makes no difference.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Georgie that she does no want to be pregnant. She has just turned 18. She wants to go to college and have a life and a future. She is light years away from being ready to be a mother. She tells her she realizes that this “condition” can be solved by a safe and legal medial procedure. Georgie asks her if she can really go through with that. Lulu tells Georgie that she wants to be done with this. She knows that she cannot expect Dillon to commit to her when he is in love with Georgie. She also knows that Dillon will not marry her and have an affair with Georgie. So what else can she do?. George tells Lulu that whatever she decides to do with this must be her own decision. Lulu admits she does not have a clue what to do..

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy apologizes to her son for opening her mother without thinking. She was only reacting to the moment. She admits that she and Edward have been very insensitive to him and to Lulu. And she will be there to help him and respect his choice to do whatever he sees fit. Hearing that, Dillon asks his mother whom she is and what she did with Tracy Quartermaine. She tells him if he does not want to make a legal, binding commitment to Lulu, He does not have to. Overhearing their conversation, Edward comes in and tells them that of course, Dillon will marry the girl. Tracy reminds her father that she is having a private conversation with her son. He tells her she has the morals of a shark from the discovery channel. They eat their young. She protests to her father that he only wants this to be a legal business endeavor and has no consideration for her son. Dillon then asks them both to shut up and stop trying to control his life. He leaves and Edward tells Tracy that her son is now sounding just like a QUtrtermaine and Tracy better watch out.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he needs to go and talk to his sister. Lulu needs him. She asks him if maybe she should talk to her instead. Maybe she’d be more comfortable talking to a woman. She tells him that she understands his behaviors very well.. She works in the hospital and reads the pamphlets and knows that this is the first step to finding more excuses to take more pills. Lucky goes out the door telling Elizabeth he has to help his sister. And as soon as he’s out the door, he gets on his cell phone and looks like he’s going to score more drugs.

While attempting to get back to work, Robin and Patrick argue. She looks to him like she is in control. But when she is alone, she breaks down crying.

Emily and Nikolas come to see Elizabeth when Lucky is out. They admit that they all know that Lulu is pregnant. Elizabeth informs them that Edward Quartermiane came and gave his speech and really antagonized Lucky. Nikolas asks her how Lucky can help Lulu when he’s going though this drug withdrawal. She tells him that they need to have faith in Lucky. He needs to look into their eyes and know that they trust him Hearing that, Nikolas asks Elizabeth if she does. She does not answer.

Sure enough, Lucky calls Maxie. He tells her that he’s really having a bad time with these withdrawal symptoms. He needs just a bit more pills. She has them in her possession but tells him it might be hard to get more and he might have to wait until tomorrow.

Dillon goes in and tells Georgie that his family is judging him and Lulu but it is their fault that he got her pregnant. He informs her about the defective condoms. Hearing that, she sarcastically tells him that it’s really lame for him to be blaming the condoms for the fact hat he slept with her. He tells her that he wishes he could take back what happened. But he doesn’t know what to do now. Hearing that, she asks him why he cannot do what Lulu wants and give her some consideration.

Lulu goes to visit her mother in the hospital. She tells her that this is so messed up. She wishes they could talk this over. She really needs her advice right now. But her mother cannot help her. The truth is, she probably thought that Lulu was an accident as much as her father did. But now she is pregnant. How can she bring a baby into the world whose parents don’t want it any more than her parents wanted her?

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