GH Update Tuesday 8/22/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/22/06


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After the shock of April’s death, Robin and Patrick are devastated. She remembers that this day, which is her date of death, is also Stone’s birthday. She becomes very discouraged and no longer optimistic. She tells him that they may have been very foolish to have given April hope when she had end stage AIDs and it was inevitable that she’d die.

Elizabeth tells Maxie that she’s a real piece of work. Maxie tells Elizabeth that she understands that she would hate her guts after what happened. But she did not seduce Elizabeth’s husband. He told her that his wife does not understand him.

Alexis talks to Sonny in her office. She tells him that since she has two daughters, she needs to make arrangements and think about what would happen in the event of her death. He tells her that she can make any arrangements she wants. But she should focus her energy on getting better so she can be there for her daughters. Hearing that, she tells him he is preaching to the choir. She lost her mother when she was very young and she is fighting so that she won’t have to do that to her daughters.

Sam goes to Jason’s. She cries and tells him she does not know what he’s going to do given the fact that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Jason asks if he can get her anything .She admits that it’s not his job to comfort her. But he touches her. She tells him that right up until she heard about her mother having cancer, she was so out of there. She tells him that all she needed to do was get in the boat and put everything behind her. And then, it would all go away. She was literally packing her bags when she heard that Alexis wanted to see her. And from the moment she walked into her mother’s office, she was furious. Right when she walked in there, she shad to start in with Alexis. She was so selfish. And when she found out, for just a second, she felt this pain in her chest and she wanted the cancer to happen to her because she felt she deserved it and Alexis did not deserve it. She tells him that Alexis was so calm and practical when she told Sam about it. She never thinks of herself. She only thinks of Molly and Kristina and how they would need Sam. And she kept thinking about how she lied to her mother when she needed her the most. She has been keeping a secret that would rip her world apart.

Alexis tells Sonny that nothing has been more life defining to her as when her mother died. She remembered her smile and her touch and the sound of her voice and the assurance that she’d never be alone in this world. And every choice that she’s made in her life has been shaped by her mother’s death after she promised to be there for Alexis. She is independent to a fault. . She’s been socially isolated and afraid to love or trust anybody because of fear that they would go away. She realizes that she has been taking Kristina out for fancy dinners because she does not know how to cook. She buys her all the fancy clothes and knows how to do her hair. She is the security that Kristina needs. And she does not want Kristina to have the kind of pain she had when her mother died. He tells her that he knows where this conversation is going. She is asking him to let Krstina stay with Ric and not with him if something were to happen to Alexis.

Elizabeth tells Maxie that Lucky would say to her that his wife does not understand him because he was addicted to pain pills and desperate enough to say anything in order to have them. Maxie tells Elizabeth that Lucky needed the pain pills in order to work and she honestly thought that his marriage was over. Elizabeth tells Maxie that she is not a victim. She’s just a manipulative, home wrecking tramp.

Alan Quaretermiane comes in to talk to Robin and Patrick after April has passed. When he talks to them about what has happened, Robin has a flashback of her entire history of having AIDs. And she asks Alan if he ever gets tired of telling the same spiel over and over again to people. Does he ever get tied of offering people false hopes? Because no matter what you do or what type of medical procedures you offer a patient with HIV AIDs kills people. She leaves and neither Patrick nor Alan can say anything.

Sonny tells Alexis that he wants to do everything he can in order to respect her wishes and do the right thing with Krstina. She tells him that Krstina needs stability and cannot be uprooted from the only life she’s known. He asks her if she really believes that Ric is a better father than he is. She tells him it’s not a question of who is better. Alexis tells Sonny that she must put Kristina and Molly’s needs first. Although she understands how he feels about Ric and she does not argue, she knows that they will not be in danger if he raises them. They can’t be separated. And they will be together with their father.

Lucky is withdrawing from his pain pills and freaking alone in his home. He scrounges inside the couch to see if he can find pills that have fallen though the cushions. At that point, he calls Maxie and gets her answering machine.

Maxie tells Elizabeth that she’s known Lucky for most of her life and admits that she has had a crush on him. And she liked the fact that he needed her. Elizabeth asks Maxie if she is just making excuses for her disgraceful behavior. Maxie tells Elizabeth that she did not intend to break up her marriage. Elizabeth tells Maxie that’ good because Lucky is not going to leave his wife for maxie. She tells Maxie that Lucky is addicted to the pills. She knows that having the addiction can make one do stupid things. That could be why Lucky “chose” to sleep with her. But she knows that Maxie wanted to sleep with her husband because of some kind of sick teenage fantasy. She doesn’t really care about him. She tells Maxie she wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. So if Maxie cares about Lucky, as she claims she does, then she should stay completely away from him. Because all she is to him is a reminder of how close he came to throwing away his entire life.

Sam asks Jason what she should do in the way of Alexis finding out that she slept with Ric. Assuming that Alexis does not already know, he tells her that maybe she should never tell her. It will only make things worse.

Patrick finds Robin by the docks and asks her if this is what it means to be in a relationship. She just walked off and did not tell him where she went or what was going on with her. She tells him that AIDs is a hopeless situation for anybody. They make so many promises. But in the end, it will kill anybody who has it. And she will die. Just like Stone died and April died.

Sonny tells Alexis that it’s too soon to make drastic plans. But she is adamant about making him agree to carry out her wishes with Kristina. She tells him he must realize that they were both deprived of their mothers as children. So they should know what that very thing will do to their daughter. Given his situation, he should have bonded with Ric but instead he hates his guts. She tells him that he’s been very supportive and urges that he does not blow it now. He tells her that she needs to find out if the surgery and chemo will work. She can’t fight him. She needs to fight the cancer and live for all of her daughters.

Sam tells Jason that it would be so selfish on her part to keep the secret from her mother. He asks her what she means. She admits to him if Alexis found out, she would hate Sam. And Sam would take the punishment that she deserved. And that would be the end of it. But if she keeps the secret, then she’d have to live with it, never knowing when it will blow up but realizing that at some point it will have to. Right then, Elizabeth enters, sees Sam and admits that she did not realize that Sam would be there. Sam informs Elizabeth that she has discussed with Jason that she is having a family crises. She admits to Elizabeth that she will find out sooner or later, so she might as well tell her. She informs Elizabeth that she’s just found out that Alexis has lung cancer. And she needs to cancel her plans to split town and instead stay and help her mother through this. Elizabeth then admits to Sam that she slept with Jason after having some serious problems with Lucky and considering divorcing him.. She tells Sam that Lucky is addicted to pain pills. He’s going to get help but she’s afraid that if he found out that she slept with Jason, he would stop his treatment and give up. Hearing that, Sam agrees to not tell Lucky or anybody else that Elizabeth slept with Jason. Sam leaves and Elizabeth tells Jason that she had a confrontation with maxie on the docks. Maxie told Elizabeth that it’s all her(Elizabeth’s) fault that Lucky got addicted. And she knows that Lucky is at his most vulnerable point right now. He needs her. And it’s very important that Lucky never knows that they slept together.

Sonny meets Ric on the docks. He tells him that he just talked to Alexis and she informed him that she has lung cancer and a 50/50 percent chance for survival. And he tells his brother that Alexis is now fighting for her life. And she will need both him and Sam. Ric tells his brother that he’s not going to listen to any lectures from him on morality. But Sonny tells Ric that he knows what Ric commonly likes to do in the way of manipulating and hurting people. Sonny tells Ric that he must realize that Alexis’ life is at stake and that must be more important to Ric than anything else. He tells Ric that he can’t control what he does nor the fact that Alexis loves him. So Ric must “pretend” to be the man she believes he is. He tells him if he does not do the right thing by Alexis, he will no longer by under Sonny’s protection.

Alexis goes home and talks to Krstina. She puts her daughter on her lap and tells her they must talk about something. She informs her that the cough that mommy has is getting worse. She went to the hospital and had them look at it and they found a spot. They are going to perform an operation and get rid of it. She informs her young daughter that the reason she did not tell her about it was because she did not want to scare her. She will go and have the surgery. And then, in a couple weeks, she will come back and be with her and Molly and the family she loves. Kristina looks worried. Alexis holds her daughter.

Robin and Patrick return to her apartment. She tells him she does not feel like having any company and she is reconsidering moving. He asks her what made her change her mind. She reminds him it’s not exactly like April needs this place. And her friends should be able to afford their new place without her. He asks her what about not wanting to live alone. She then reminds him that she is always alone and she will be until the day she dies. He then asks her what about her resolution not to give up nor fall into despair.

Maxie is standing on the docks with a new bag of pills that she got from a dealer, knowing that wherever Lucky is, he might need them.

Right then, Lucky is in his apartment suffering in agony with drug withdrawal. He is sweating and crouching on the sofa. Elizabeth holds him in her arms. But he obviously looks like he wants something else.

Sonny goes to inform Jason that he talked to Alexis. She wants him to let Krstina stay with Ric. He doesn’t want to think about that yet. She needs to think about getting better. He will do what Alexis asks for. But that’s as far as it goes. Ric will no longer be under his protection. Jason reminds Sonny that this must not be the only thing he came to discuss with him. Sonny admits that it is not. He also wants to talk to him about Sam. Alexis will need her daughter. So if Sam stays in town, she will need Jason to be supportive to her.

Sam goes to Alexis’ home after her mother has had the conversation with Krsitna. She acts happy, telling her little sister that she is back to stay. She seems to assume that Kristina has not heard the scary news. She talks about how she is going to make cookies with her, go on a picnic, takes lots of pictures, make videos. She will help her learn to swim better and have all kinds of fun together. Alexis watches her two daughters together and does not look comfortable.

Patrick tells Robin that he’s come to expect a certain something from her. That is positive reinforcement. When he got exposed to HIV in the OR, she gave him all of the help and support and encouragement that he needed. She tells him the reason she did it was because his chances are excellent. But she is different. She’s lived with HIV for years and it’s still in her. And she needs the truth. He then tells her that the truth is that April died. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to. She tells him that April accepted the fact that she was going to die. And then the two of them came along and gave her false hopes. He tells her that they gave April more time than she thought she’d have. And that was precious to her. He tells her that nobody knows how much time they have left. Anybody could run out in front of a bus and die at any moment. She cries. He tells her she can be as angry and as upset as she wants. But he’s not going to let her give up.

While Lucky is withdrawing, Elizabeth gives him some water and a towel for his forehead and asks if he wants her to call a doctor. He tells her that he cannot let her do that. He can’t let the hospital have his addiction on their medical records. He needs as few people as possible to know about it or he could lose his job.. He tells her that she is all the inspiration and all he needs. She holds him and cradles his head in her arms and tells him they are going to get through this.

Jason tells Sonny that this whole situation sucks. He knows that Sam needs him. Sonny tells Jason he would really not want to be in his situation. He is concerned that Alexis is not thinking bout living. She’s given up and preparing to die.. Jason tells Sonny that he knows that Sam will not let her mother give up. Sonny tells Jason that they must know that if Alexis dies, Kristina will suffer. So that is the very reason why he must do everything in his power to make sure she stays alive.

At Alexis’ home, Alexis asks Kristina if she wants hr mommy or Sam to tuck her in. Kristina says she prefers her mommy. Sam gives her little sister a hug goodnight and Alexis takes Kristina upstairs. Alone in the house, Sam turns out the lights and goes on the porch. Ric appear and asks Sam how Alexis is. Sam informs him that he mother is a little shaky. She knows that she’s just told Kristina about her cancer and it’s worried them both. So she thought that she should make it sound to Kristina that she was coming back to visit and they were going to have an adventure together. Ric ask Sam if she really wants to stay in town now. Sam angrily tells Ric that of course she intends to stay there and be there for her mother. He tells her that they must never tell Alexis that they slept together. But Sam tells him that she’s going to tell her mother the truth. It’s the only way. And she informs that Jason already knew. He was there that night. Right then, Alexis observes her daughter and her husband from the window. And she relives seeing them sleeping together.

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