GH Update Monday 8/21/06

General Hospital Update Monday 8/21/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny runs into Ric at Kelly’s and informs his brother that he just missed Kristina. Ric tells Sonny he knows where his stepdaughter is. Sonny knows that Ric just cheated on Alexis with Sam and that Alexis does not trust her husband. He also knows that Alexis is very sick and does not believe there is anybody she can talk to about that..

Sam goes to Alex’s office and informs her that she is leaving town. Sam tells her mother she seriously doubts it will affect anybody if she departs. Kristina and Molly are too young to remember her or care if she is out of their lives. And she tells Alexis that she can always be a good mother to her two younger daughters regardless of the problems she’s had with her oldest. Hearing that, Alexis informs Sam that she may not be the perfect mother to them when she has cancer. Hearing that, Sam is shocked. She asks her mother what she just said. Alexis repeats to Sam that she has stage 2 cancer and she may die. Sam then asks Alexis if she is really certain that there is no cure. Many times doctors mistakenly diagnose that cancer is incurable when that is not the case.. Alexis tells her daughter that there is no easy cure this time. She has confirmed that it is terminal.

Right then, Lucky tells Maxie that he cannot go on seeing her. It was a mistake and he’s going to make his marriage work with Elizabeth. She is not ok with that.

At Jason’s home, he informs Elizabeth that he told Sam that they slept together. Hearing that, Elizabeth demands to know why he did that. It’s not going to do anybody any good.

Patrick and Robin inform April that she is getting better and does not need to stay in the hospital much longer. She tells them that there is nowhere for her to go. But they surprise her by informing her that there is an apartment waiting for her. It’s Robin’s.

Sonny tells Ric that he(Ric) has no business judging his brother(Sonny). He tells Ric that he would feel sorry for him if he hurt people and did not have that smug look on his face. He tells him that no amount of therapy will enable him to forgive the way Ric uses women when they are vulnerable. He tells Ric that he’s trash to sleep with his stepdaughter. He has not respect for his wife who is Sam’s mother and the mother of his child.

Lucky tells Maxie that he’s come to the realization that he is an addict. He has to get off his pills and make his marriage work. And Elizabeth has agreed to support him in that. Maxie tells Lucky that she helped him when he was in pain. And she does not just mean the back pain for which he needed the pills. There is other hurt that he went through involving Elizabeth. She saw for herself that his wife is cheating on him with Patrick. He tells her that he is not going to walk out on his marriage. Elizabeth is his wife and he loves her. Hearing that, Maxie reminds Lucky that now that he’s admitted to Elizabeth that he’s an addict, Patrick Drake will look a lot better to Elizabeth that he has before.

Right then, Elizabeth tells Jason that she bets that Sam will want to get back with him now. He tells her that it’s highly unlikely that he will get back with Sam when Sam is leaving town.

Sam asks Alexis if there is not some type of surgery or chemo or something that cure her cancer. Alexis admits that there is a chance. Sam admits that she is surprised that Alexis would have lung cancer when she does not even smoke. Alexis admits that one does not have to. It could be caused by anything. It could be environmental. She first thought that the coughing was just due to the allergies. But they’ve enough testing to find out that it is really cancer. She admits that she has been putting off dealing with it and not telling anybody because she has a family and a job. Sam then asks what will happen when she has the surgery that could cure it. Alexis tells Sam that if she went through with the surgery, there would be many risks involved. Sam tells her that maybe it will be worth it if it can save her life. But Alexis tells Sam that she is still concerned about how this will affect Kristina and Molly. They need more than just a nanny.

April asks Robin if she intends to let her be her roommate. Robin informs her no. She is moving into a loft with some of her friends. So April can live on Robin’s old apartment. April wonders if Robin plans to live with Patrick. Robin tells her no. April then asks them why they are being so generous to her. She tells them that since they are doctors and so busy, it’s s out of character for them. Robin jokes about how she is just trying to impress Dr. Drake because he’s an ego freak. April then acknowledges that it’s incredible that Robin would do that for her especially after she infected the man whom Robin loves. April then tells the two of them that it’s obvious to see that they are in love but they are both too stubborn to admit that.

After finding out that Sam intends to leave town. Elizabeth asks Jason if he really believes that Sam won’t reconsider. She is still in love with him and now has a mother and two little sisters. She tells him that people screw up but they redeem themselves. She asks Jason if he thinks he can forgive Sam for sleeping with Ric. He admits that he is not certain but he’s not going to hold a grudge. He asks her if she thinks she can forgive Lucky for sleeping with Maxie. She admits that it may not be easy. But she has to try to make her marriage to work because she has too much to lose if she does not. And she tells him so does he.

Alexis tells Sam that it’s obvious that a DNA connection only goes so far. She tells her she is sorry for all the hurt she caused her. They acknowledge how difficult it will be for Sam to leave Kristina and Molly. Alexis tells Sam that she knows that Kristina is so used to seeing her mom in control of everything. And it will traumatize her young daughter when she sees her mom in a hospital and helpless and dependent upon others. And she asks Sam if she can help Kristina with that, realizing that Sam will not want to abandon her little sister at a time like this. Alexis informs Sam that Ric does not yet know about that and she has to tell him. Hearing that, Sam is surprised and tells her mother that she does not want to be around when Alexis tells Ric about it. Right then, Ric appears at the door to overhear their conversation. He hears Alexis tell Sam that she has cancer and needs her family, all of her family to help her beat it because she does not want to die. When they see that Ric has heard everything, Sam tells them she thinks the two of them need to be alone and she leaves. Knowing that Ric has heard every word of her conversation with Sam, Alexis tells him in a somewhat flip manner, that at least she does not need to repeat to him what she already told Sam. He tells her he wants to know everything about this. She tells him that she’s been diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer and in order to kill the cancer, she will have to have surgery and chemo. And it won’t be fun.

Robin and Patrick pack boxes in her soon-to-be vacated apartment that they are getting ready for April to move in. He tells her she did a great thing but he admits that he is not crazy about her living with a bunch of roommates. She admits that it may limit his options. At that moment, they kiss and talk about taking advantage of what little privacy she has left. But he pulls away. He tells her he wants that. She knows that. She then asks him what the problem is. She reminds him that he’s tested negative and knows what he needs to do. He tells her that he could still infect her with another strain of HIV. She tells him that she’s lived with it for 10 years now and at some point, you have to take a risk. She tells him it’s up to him. At that point, she kisses him and he does not stop her.

In her hospital room, April writes something. It could be a will as she assumes she’s going to die. And right then, she drops her pen and her monitor beeps.

Sonny comes to see Jason and informs him that he should know that Sam is about to leave town. Jason admits that he saw her and knows everything. He also knows that she slept with Ric. Sonny admits that must have been ugly. Jason tells Sonny that Sam informed him that she’s leaving town. But Sonny informs Jason that there may be a change of plans now that Alexis has informed Sam that she has lung cancer.

In response to Ric’s inquiry about why she did not tell him about her cancer and if she ever planned to, had he not found, out, she tells him that she is not going to apologize for the way she’s handled this. She tells her husband that she is very scared and in regard to the things that have recently happened, she does not known what to do. She tells him that she needs her entire family to help her. She then, acknowledges to him that she has admitted that. He tells her that he will be there for her and give her all the help and support she needs. In response to that, she appears very businesslike and cold. She talks about he mayor. And he indicates to her that he got the idea that she may be having a “thing” with the mayor. Hearing that, she laughs and tells Ric that he jumped to the wrong conclusion. He then asks her what she needs. She tells him all about the things she needs in regard to her job and household issues. But he tells her he’s not asking her about business. He wants to know about her emotional needs. She clearly does not want to talk about that. He moves toward her. She fights him and tells him she does not want him touching her. But he holds her and tells her it will be ok.

Jason admits to Sonny that Alexis asked him to come to her office to “talk business”. And, unexpectedly, she started coughing so hard he had to take her to the hospital. Sonny acknowledges that that is not good and he does not think that Sam will leave town when her mother needs help.

Right then, Sam is standing on the docks alone, wondering what to do.

Lucky goes to the hospital before his NA meeting and talks to Elizabeth. He tells her that he made a mistake to assume that she would cheat on their marriage. He tells her if she believes in him, then he can do this. She tells him she is counting on that. They hug. And Maxie observes them.

Patrick and Robin sleep together. When lying in bed together afterwards, she talks to him about his history with leading the bad boy life. And she tells him he need not change because of her. He tells her he remembers telling her she was a coward for refusing to take risks in her life. She tells him he was correct to have told her that. He then tells her he was wrong. He believes she has had so much courage to have done what she has done every day. Right then, they both get calls on their beepers. It sounds like it’s news about April. Very sad news.

When Sam is sitting alone on the docks, Ric appears. She tells him she does not think it gets any worse than this. She sleeps with her stepfather and her mother gets diagnosed with cancer. He asks her what she plans to do now. She informs him that she got a job offer out of town. He tells her she must realize that her mother needs her. Hearing that, she asks him why he is so concerned, all of a sudden, about what her mother needs. He tells her that they both owe it to Alexis to agree never to let her find out what happened. Little do they both know that she already knows.

Sonny tells Jason that he bets that Sam believes that he will never forgive her. Jason admits to Sonny that he does not know what to think or feel about Sam right now. Sonny then tells Jason that although he realizes that Ric is a sick bastard, Jason must realize that he is Alexis’ husband and a “father figure” to Sonny’s little girl. He tells Jason that Alexis will need Sam’s help. And in order for Sam to do that, Jason might have to forgive Sam a little bit.

After Lucky is done with his NA meeting, he goes looking for Elizabeth. But she is not there. A nurse informs Lucky that Elizabeth told them she had a “meeting” at the Elm St. pier.

Right then, Elizabeth goes there after Maxie has asked her to meet. She demands to know what Maxie wants.

Robin and Patrick go to the hospital and find out that April has suddenly bled out and has died. Robin reflects that no matter what anybody does, people can die of AIDs. And she’s amazed to know that April has died on Stone’s birthday.

Sonny goes to Alexis’s office and tells her he knows that she has lung cancer. She asks him how he knew. He tells her that he hacked into her medical records. She tells him if she felt better, she would file charges against him. He asks her what is going to happen now. She tells him she is not entirely certain. But whatever happens, she needs for him to make this better for Kristina.

Right then, Sam knocks on Jason’s door. He tells her he was just going to go and look for her. She tells him that now that they’ve all found out that Alexis has cancer, they know that she will need to make sure that Kristina and Molly are taken care of. Sam acknowledges to Jason that she knows it took a lot of courage for Alexis to have told them about her cancer because of how stubborn she is. And she informs him that her mother has asked her to stay. He asks Sam what she wants to do. She acknowledges to him that her family needs her and this is a matter of life and death. She believes that maybe this is her chance to make things right and do something good and meaningful after making this terrible mistake. She admits that she screwed up so bad. She tells him that she does not want her mother to die. And if there is any way she help her to fight the cancer, then she needs to stay. But she needs a way to deal with the situation involving her and Jason.

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