GH Update Friday 8/18/06

General Hospital Update Friday 8/18/06


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Dillon is shocked and upset to learn that Lulu is pregnant. He has a hard time digesting the news. Dillon starts planning how they will handle their future. He even offers to marry her, but she yells at him to get a grip. They argue about the situation. Dillon gets very upset, not knowing how to cope. She runs off, saying she needs to breathe. Dillon finds Georgie outside Kelly's, working. He prepares to tell her about Lulu, but she stops him to tell him that she already knows. She knows that Lulu took her advice and told him. He doesn't expect her to forgive him. She asks him how he feels, so he tells her about his shock.

Later, Georgie runs into Lulu at the hospital. They talk about Dillon's reaction. Lulu confesses that she's not sure that she wants to keep the baby. Georgie realizes that Lulu is thinking about having an abortion.

Elizabeth hears Lucky get up in front of an NA meeting at the hospital. He talks about how he got addicted. She walks away with tears in her eyes. Elizabeth goes home and takes out a suitcase. Lucky returns and finds her there. She says she didn't plan to be there. She came home to pack and move out, but she couldn't. She feels that she owes it to their marriage to hear what he has to say. She realizes that all of their conversations over the past months were influenced by drugs, so he'd better not be high right now. He swears that he's not and that he just came from an NA meeting. He tells her that things are different and that he wants to beat this. She looks doubtful. He begs her not to leave him. She tells him that she can't be her reason to get straight. He promises that he will get straight on his own. He tells her that he loves her and asks her to let him fix the trust that he broke. Elizabeth agrees to stay. He goes to hug her, but she stops him and talks about Cameron. She intends to protect him and not let him live with an addict. She tells Lucky that he has to stop lying to her and let her in. He promises to do that. She tells him that if he breaks his word, she will take Cameron and leave. He puts his hand on her face and they hug in a very tentative fashion. Lucky tells her that Cameron knew something was wrong because he could tell by the way he kept his distance. Elizabeth tells him that Cam is at her mom's. He wishes she wouldn't tell Audrey about his drug addiction. She agrees not to for now but points out that Audrey loves him and will want to help. He says he doesn't want Mac to find out about it. She asks him about Maxie. He says that Maxie was just confused after Jesse's death and wanted to help. She warns him to stay away from Maxie, but he assures her that she's not an issue. He tells her that his only priority is to get well. He also apologizes for the way he acted about Patrick. He knows that she would never cheat on him.

Lucky meets up with Maxie at the docks. She has pills, so he throws them off the docks into the water. She wonders why, so he tells her that he's an addict and can't take the pills any more. He also tells her that Elizabeth is taking him back and that he can't see her any more.

Sonny talks to Alexis while Ric listens in nearby. Sonny tells her that Sam is leaving town. Alexis wonders why she would tell Sonny that and not her. He is not surprised after "what happened", which further confuses her. He explains that it's because of her breakup with Jason and that she blames Alexis for it. Ric walks away after ascertaining that Sonny is not telling her about their sleeping together. Alexis explains her feelings on the subject and that she may have pushed Sam too hard when she was talking to her. She tells Sonny how she feels about Sam. They have a very frank discussion about Sam. Alexis says that Sam doesn't know how precious her life is, then she sits down. Sonny asks if she's okay, so she just replies that she's fine. As Alexis pours herself water, he asks if she's seen the doctor yet. He is concerned that she seems to be getting worse. She puts him off, but he asks her to tell him what's going off. She claims that it's some kind of allergy to environmental factors there in her office. He asks her to promise him that she will tell him if things get worse, so she does. She wonders why he came there to tell him about Sam--what is in it for him. He says he just did it for Sam, then he leaves.

Sonny calls Bernie in to ask him to track down Stan so he can find out what's wrong with Alexis. Bernie is not sure at first, since he is still working for Jason, but he agrees to do it and keep it quiet. Ric arrives, so Sonny tells him that he has nothing to say to him. Ric is not happy that Sonny told Alexis that Sam was leaving town. He would rather she just left. Sonny knows that Ric wants to forget that he nailed his own step-daughter and not have to worry about Jason or Alexis. Sonny yells at him for betraying Alexis in the worst possible way. Later, Sonny takes his pills. Bernie returns with information from Stan. Bernie hands Sonny a piece of paper. Sonny asks if he's sure that it's accurate, so Bernie assures him that it came from Alexis' latest medical files. Sonny makes sure that Bernie keeps it between them. Bernie leaves, so Sonny burns the paper. He phones to make a date with Christina for ice cream.

Sonny takes Christina to Kelly's for ice cream. He tells her that he hasn't been to see her much lately because he's been sick, but he pledges to see her more from now on. Christina asks if her mommy will get better, too.

Sam is surprised to find that Jason saw her and Ric together. He tells her why he was there--to tell her that he'd be wrong to push her away. Sam is really blown away by the news and can't believe the bad timing. She tells him that she was with Ric because she was drunk and angry at herself. She tells him in detail how she was feeling. He asks if Ric forced her. She wishes she could tell him that, but it didn't happen that way. She asks him if he thought about stopping it when he saw them together. He admits that he thought about killing Ric, but instead he just walked away. He knows that this is his own fault since he pushed her away over and over. She asks what he did after he left, so he tells her that he started drinking after he got back. He tells her that Elizabeth showed up, upset about Lucky having an affair with Maxie. He adds that Lucky is strung out on pills and then tells her that he and Elizabeth slept together. Sam looks like she's been kicked in the gut. Confused, she tells him that she thought they were just friends. He assents that they are just friends. She asks if he was trying to just pay her back, to hurt her. He tells her that he wouldn't do that. She asks him why he did it, so he says that it just happened because they were both hurt and alone. He confides that he wouldn't have told her except that she was honest with him, so he felt he should be, too. She asks him if he can look at her and not see her with Ric. He doesn't say anything, so she takes that as a "no". Crying, she wishes he could just take her back, but she knows she can't ask that. She decides to leave town after all. As she walks out the door, he stops her and tells her not to leave. She wonders what the point is. He points out that as long as he's known her, she's always wanted a real family. He asks her not to turn her back on her family. She says they're not reason enough to stay in a place she used to share with him.

Sam goes to Alexis' office because Alexis had Rodriguez tell her that she wanted to see her. Sam is angry and doesn't know why Alexis wanted to see her. She assures Alexis that she is not leaving because of her. Sam wishes her well, saying she hopes she lives a long and happy life. Alexis stops her from leaving by saying that won't happen. Sam doesn't get what she's saying, so she tells Alexis that she will just make things easier by disappearing. Alexis tells Sam that she really wanted to be a good mother to her, but she needs to think about Christina and Molly now. Sam doesn't know what she means because they will have her. Alexis tells Sam that she has stage 2 lung cancer and may die.

Elizabeth visits Jason to tell him what's going on with her and Lucky. Jason tells her that he's happy for her if this is what she wants. She tells him how she feels. He advises her to be careful. She worries that Lucky will find out about them sleeping together that he will go back on the pills. She asks him to promise not to tell anyone, but he tells her that it's too late.

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