GH Update Thursday 8/17/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/17/06


Written By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny & Max are in Sonnyís living room and Sonny is teasing Max about his crushing on Carly.  Asking him if Max has heard from her.  Max, looking sad, says there is no reason why Carly would call him.  Patrick nearly walks into Max as he is leaving the room.  Patrick is there because he wants to thank Sonny for paying Aprilís bill at the hospital.  Patrick asks Sonny if Robin asked him to pay Aprilís bill.  Sonny then tells Patrick of how he and Robin are connected because they both loved Stone and proceeds to tell Patrick his history with Stone.  He says that Stoneís birthday is coming up and he paid the bill in Stoneís memory.  He goes on to tell Patrick that even though Robin seems to be a strong woman, she still hurts inside.  Patrick tells Sonny how he admires Robinís strength.

Sam is sitting alone at Kellyís looking sadly at the ring Jason gave her when Ric walks up to her.  She sees him and looks like she is revolted by the sight of him.  He says he just wants to see how she is doing.  She says that she is full of regret over them sleeping together.  He then tells her that he thinks it might be best for everyone is she does leave town like she wanted.  She tells him that is exactly what she intends to do.  She takes the blame for them sleeping together and Ric says that he is to blame too, but she points out the difference is that she regrets what she did, while he just wants to cover it up.  He just looks at her and then walks out of Kellyís leaving her alone.

Jason and Liz are still in bed together in his apartment.  They are snuggled up together and Jason asks her how she is, she tells him that she thought she would be regretful about sleeping with him but sheís not.  Jason just snuggles her closer and they go back to sleep.

Lucky is at his and Lizís apartment alone looking very rough, he is drinking beer and writing a note.  As he moves to the bed you see the apartment is a mess, beer bottles everywhere, and the bed is unmade.  He sits on the bed looking very stoned and out of it.  He catches sight of his gun sitting across the room and lays down slowly keeping his eyes on the gun the whole time.

Alexis is in her office when Lorenzo walks in and says he wants her to put out an arrest warrant for Skye for leaving town while pregnant with his child.  He sees that as kidnapping.  Alexis does not see his side.  Alexis asks him what he would rather have, a woman who tries to protect her child from things, or the kind of mother who would let her child be involved in Lorenzoís type of life. But Lorenzo wants to find Skye and tells Alexis that he will go to the Mayor.  Alexis canít be pressured into doing what Lorenzo wants.

Georgie sees Lulu on the docks.  She tells Lulu that she overheard her yesterday on the phone and knows she is pregnant.  Georgie asks if it is Dillonís baby.  Lulu softly tells her that Dillon is the only guy she has been with.  But she swears that she did not try and get pregnant on purpose to trap Dillon and that even though Georgie has no reason to believe her because she lied about Georgie and Diego, that Lulu really hopes she will believe that she didnít want this to happen and how sorry she is.  Georgie interrupts her and tells her that she believes Lulu.  Lulu is relived, but then Georgie tells her that she has to tell Dillon.  Lulu doesnít see why she has to tell Dillon.   But Georgie tells her that Dillon is responsible and will want to help her.  Lulu doesnít see how Dillon can help.  Georgie continues to tell her that while she (Georgie) is not OK with this, she will help Lulu with it.  She talks Lulu into going to the clinic when Lulu doesnít want to and even goes there with her.  Afterwards, they go back to the dock and Lulu thanks Georgie for her support.  Lulu is very upset about being 18 and pregnant.  She doesnít think she is ready to be a mom.  She apologizes to Georgie again and Georgie tells her that Dillon and she will support Lulu.  But Lulu needs to work things out for herself.  Georgie has to go to work and leaves.

Anna and Robin are sitting outside Kellyís having ice tea and playing catch up.  Anna is prodding but Robin is being kind of evasive not really telling her mother anything.  She just updates her on everything going on, like Patrick and April.  When Anna basically begs for some more info, Robin does open up and share that she went out with Patrick last night and had a wonderful time.  They have a nice moment when they each share how happy they are to share these things, but Robin has to go to the hospital.

When she leaves Anna gets a call regarding Lorenzo and tells the caller that there are delays beyond her control and that it is making it difficult to get to Lorenzo.

Back at Jasonís, he brings Liz a glass of water while she is still in bed.  He sits down with her and she asks him about the room they are in.  He says it is Brendaís old room.  He says when Brenda moved in she hated everything in the apartment and choose that room and decorated it.  Liz asks him why he hasnít changed it and he says he has just grown used to thinking of it as Brendaís room.  Liz comments on how loyal Jason is and how nice it is that no matter what Brenda will always have a room to come back to.  She goes on to say that is how she felt last night when she caught Lucky with Maxie, her world was falling apart and she had no where to go but thought how she could always go to Jason and he would be there.

Sam goes to Sonnyís because he called her and wanted to see her before she leaves town.  He tells her that Ric told him about sleeping with Sam.  He says Ric though Sam would tell Jason and Ric wanted protection from Jason.  Sam feels guilty and Sonny tries to help her by telling her that it was a mistake and that she was hurting and confused and Ric preyed on that to get back at Jason because Ric is obsessed with Sonny and being closer to him.  Sam says that she slept with Ric because she was hurting and upset over breaking up with Jason and she just wanted to make the pain go away.

Sonny doesnít think Sam should leave town, he thinks she should tell what she did and clear the air.  See what happens and maybe it will blow over, but Sam thinks she did something unforgivable and doesnít see how anyone can forgive her.  She thinks that she has blown everything apart and that it is just best if she leaves town.  She feels guilty and ashamed.  She asks Sonny to put himself in Jasonís place Ė could he forgive Carly is she did what Sam did.  Sonny says he already did, and Sam points out that Carly and him were never the same after that.  He says he honestly doesnít know if Jason would forgive her.  She says there is nothing left for her here and asks him to visit their daughterís grave for her.  She says goodbye to Sonny.

Anna and Patrick are in Kellyís.  Anna asked Patrick t meet with her, he says he wants to get to know her better.  She asks him why he thinks he is worthy of Robin, then goes on to tell him that while she admires how he has handled himself with the AIDS patient, and that he has ďheroĒ qualities, that doesnít necessarily mean he would be good in a relationship. While he admits to being a ladies man before, he says things have changed.  Anna is skeptical.  But before he can continue, Robin walks in mad at Anna for interfering again.  Patrick leaves and Robin sits down and gives Anna grief for meddling.  Robin tells Anna that if Patrick is going to tell her he loves her she wants it to be because he wants to not because he feels like he has to.  Anna overlooks Robinís lecture and asks if Robin thinks Patrick loves her.

Meanwhile, Dillon walks into Kellyís and asks Mike where Georgie is.  Mike tells him how both Georgie and Lulu took the day off.  Dillon doesnít think that news is any good and proceeds to tell Mike the whole story of what went on with him and Lulu.  Mike gives him some advice about not forgetting about Luluís feelings, and asks Dillon if maybe Dillon might have given Lulu some mixed signals and maybe Lulu thought that Dillon liked her too.

Jason makes Liz breakfast and they talk about what Liz is going to do.  Liz is upset when she talks about the better times with Lucky.  But she says that her marriage is over and that she just needs to tell Lucky.  Jason and Liz share a few tender moments where he tells her that if she wants to change her mind he will help her and asks her if she is sure she wants a divorce, but Liz says she has to think about Cameron and that if Lucky is an addict she canít have Cameron living in the same house as him.  She thanks Jason for everything, he tells her that if he can help in any way to let him know, she gives him one last kiss and says goodbye.

While Lorenzo is pressuring Alexis about Skye, Alexis has a huge coughing fit.  Lorenzo thinks she is faking and grabs her arm.  Just then Ric walks in and get between them asking what is going on.  Ric sits Alexis down, gets her some water, and kicks Lorenzo out.  Ric talks to Alexis and says he wants her to go to the doctor, but she tells him she WAS faking and brushes off Ricís concerns.  She tells him she just wants to finish at work so she can go home.  Then she pretty much kicks him out.  After Ric leaves, Alexis calls Jason.  When he gets there Alexis thanks Jason for taking her to the hospital but she doesnít want him to tell anyone.  She tries to lie to him and say that she is seeing a doctor and that what she has isnít serious, but Jason tells her that he doesnít believe her, but that is none of his business.  He tells her that while he wonít lie for her, he wonít volunteer any information either.  But he also cautions her that the truth always comes out sooner or later.

At the hospital, Robin apologizes to Patrick for her mother.  Patrick says it is OK and he can see it is just because Anna loves her.  He says that Anna and Robin are alike, when Robin asks how, he says they are beautiful, strong, and intelligent, and that he likes that a lot.  He kisses her gently on the forehead and walks down the hall.

Liz has a flashback of opening the door on Lucky and Maxie when they were kissing.  She goes into the apartment to find it a mess and Lucky is not there.  She finds the note on the table, and looks a little surprised when she reads it.

Dillon runs into Lulu on the docks while she is looking at the pamphlets that the clinic gave her.  He doesnít see these and asks if she is OK.  He tells her how Mike said she didnít come in.  At first, she tells him she has a cold, he offers her a ride home which she refuses, and when he goes to walk away she stops him and says that she doesnít have a cold  -----  that she is pregnant.  Dillon just looks shocked.

After leaving Alexis office, Jason comes home and as he is standing in his apartment obviously lost in thought, he hears Sam say his name, turning around he sees her.  She say she is leaving town and just wanted to say goodbye, but that she needs to tell him something before she leaves, that she slept with Ric, he just looks at her and quietly says that he knows.

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