GH Update Wednesday 8/16/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/16/06


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Sonny overhears Max talking to his brother and decides to speak to him. Max tries to stall, but Sonny isn't having any and asks Milo what is going on with Max. Sonny tells Milo that he realizes that Max has been under a lot of stress with the way he has been acting and mentions that maybe he needs a vacation. Milo blurts out "It's not that" and Sonny makes him tell him what is going on with his brother.  Max tries to divert Sonny's attention from Milo, whom he can't trust not to blab, but it does not work out. Sonny and Max have their talk and lets him know that he knows Max wants Carly, or at least has feelings for her. Max is visibly shaken, somewhat afraid. Sonny tells Max that there is no one else that he would rather have with his x-wife other than Max, but that there are a few things he should know first. Max denies that Carly has gotten to him. Sonny keeps asking him if he thinks of her being naked, and does he miss her, etc. Then Sonny says how would that make Carly feel knowing you don't miss her? Max says "I didn't say that. Carly is great, fantastic, unbelievable!" Sonny says "What are you going to do about that Max"? Max says "Check on the Mazaretti.

Robin comes to see Sonny, saying she could not sleep. Sonny knows why she is there, Stone's birthday is coming up and he is on both of their minds.  Outside, Max tells Milo not to run his mouth about how he feels about Carly. Milo tells Max that the boss is OK with him and Carly. Max says there is no me and Carly. Milo tells Max maybe he does have a chance with her, and that if he does not try, how would he ever know?  Robin and Sonny discuss his recent split with Emily and his illness.  Sonny admits to Robin that he does not want to take the medication, but he does because of his kids. Robin tells Sonny that Stone would be very proud of him. Sonny and Robin discuss Patrick and how she feels about him and tells Sonny what Patrick did for April and how he was infected during surgery. She also fills him in on what the hospital administrator is trying to do, get April out of GH taking advantage of the brown-out.

Robin and Patrick return from their picnic at the hospital and Robin invites him in. The two docs get it on after Robin insists that Patrick will not hurt her. Patrick gets paged by the hospital telling him that April (the AIDS patient) is being moved to a different hospital by the hospital financial clerk (do you think she looks a little bit like Alexis, but with red hair?) Patrick arrives just as Ms. Smartie Sneed was transferring April to the County Hospital.  They argue and April applauses Patrick's efforts, but said that she is right, she has no insurance.  Meanwhile, Robin dreams of Stone and the day she told him that she was HIV positive and lays down next to him in his sickbed. Patrick talks to April and assures her that he will not transfer her to County. April calls him on it saying is this about your ego or about me? Patrick laughs that she was right. He asks April to distract Ms. Sneed to buy him some time until he can go to the Board and talk to Allen. He tells April t
o put up a fight and demand that she not be transferred, causing a scene until Ms. Sneed gives up.  April tells Patrick that she can tell how much he and Robin love each other. Patrick tells her it is not her business to speak of his personal life and besides, he does not do long-term relationships. April tells Patrick she waited too long to do anything about her illness and that she probably won't make it until Christmas. No guarantees, that Robin could end up like her somewhere down the road and then where would Patrick be? She says she knows he can't deal. Patrick says he can deal and that he never said he loves Robin although he admits he cares for her.

April does as Patrick asks and complains to Ms. Sneed and then Sonny, Max and Milo walk in the door looking all big and bad- Sonny says "Is there a problem with the treatment you are giving my friend here? I see things that concern me, are you familiar with the term `connected, Miss Sneed? Then you realize that if anyone upsets my friend or that distresses them, in turn causes themselves distress, I am not threatening you, I don't threaten women, but a hospital is a horrible place to work when the doctor's hate you. f. April then they upset me. Sonny tells Miss Sneed that the bill should have been coming to Sonny and that it is very troubling and makes Miss Sneed apologize to April which she is forced to do. After Miss Sneed leaves, Sonny tells April to just to consider this a gift from a friend she never met. She asks whom and Sonny says "Stone Case". Patrick goes back to Robin's and tells her that she matters and what he feels for her he has never felt for another women in his life and that in time there is a chance that he might love her. All Robin can think of to say is "oh" as Patrick leaves.
Georgia and Dillon ponder why their 'wedding' cake has been eaten, unaware that Patrick and Robin were at Kelly's and also enjoyed the goodies.  Lulu walks in unaware that Dillon and Georgia are there "celebrating" their divorce.  Lulu tells the pair that she is glad they are getting back together and that they can all get on with their lives. Dillon nicely asks Lulu if she can leave since they are in the middle of their divorce party. Lulu leaves, brokenhearted.  Georgia feels sorry for Lulu. Dillon tells Georgia he does too, but not to worry, he is staying with Georgia.  Georgia and Dillon talk about Georgia starting college next month and Dillon wonders why Georgia didn't go to Princeton since she earned a full scholarship there. Georgia says Princeton just hasn't have what it takes - Dillon.

Georgia runs into Lulu on the docks and overhears Lulu talking on the phone to a pregnancy hot line asking if pregnancy tests are ever wrong.
Nicholas invites Emily to spend the night as nursie listens in.  Emily admits that it would be very easy to say yes, but that she has to say no. Nursie intrudes and tells Nicholas that Spencer is sleeping like an angle and would he like to look in on him.  A scream is heard and the nurse smirks as Nicholas rushes out.....  Emily slipped on the stairs and hurt her ankle. Nurse asks if Emily would like a Brandy, but they dismiss her and she leaves with a scowl. Emily tells Nicholas it was kinda like old times being in his arms as he carried her in. Nicholas tells Emily that she realizes now that she has to spend the night. Emily laughs that she wanted too all along. Nicholas administers an ice pack as Emily asks him what more could a girl want?  Once again the babysitter intrudes and Nicholas asks her to get Emily another ice pack. Nicholas also tells Emily that he would get her some pajamas and says it's been a long time since he has been able to do anything for her.

Colleen tells Nicholas and Emily to keep their voices down so they won't wake the baby, then she listens in at the door.

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