GH Update Tuesday 8/15/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/15/06


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Patrick and Robin are ready to go and have dinner at the metro court and are happy until he cuts his hand. At that pint, he is instantly cold. She tries to help him but he demands that she does not touch him.

Ric returns to a dark house. Alexis appears. He tells her that he thought she was not coning home. She looks at him angrily and tells him clearly not.

Right when Jason and Elizabeth are going at it and he’s invited her to spend the night in his apartment, Sam enters from outside in the hallway. She is ready to confess to him that she did a terrible thing (sleeping with Ric) and she wants to make it right with Jason. But as soon as Sam gets to the door, she can hear sounds that indicate to her that Jason is not alone. Right then, Jason hears a sound from outside and goes out the door with his gun. But he cannot see anybody. It looks like Sam has left.

Patrick tells Robin that he does not want her to endanger herself attempting to help him with the cut on his finger,. He tells her that after he’s been exposed, he could spread it to her and he doesn’t want to cause that. She tells him that she knows what she is doing and how to deal with this. She puts on latex gloves and tells him she knows how to protect herself. He admits to her that maybe he is overreacting. She tells him that he is. He has tested negative now and probably will again. And she tells him that she thinks that, all in all, he is handing this amazingly well. He acknowledges that she knows everything there is to know about this disease and that he is following her lead.

Dillon goes to Kelly’s to meet Georgie to see her reading some papers. She tells him that these are their divorce papers.

After Jason goes out the door when he hears something outside but sees nothing, he returns inside. Elizabeth asks him why he does not have a guard by the door. He tells her that he is not certain that guards do any good. He has learned over and over and over that no matter how many promises there are that somebody can be safe, there are no guarantees. And he tells her that is the reason why neither she nor anybody else around him would be safe.

Ric informs Alexis that he had a big argument with Sam. She tells him when she last left, she saw them getting along “real well”. He tells her that he knows he made a serious mistake. But he thought she was really out of line to call her daughter degraded and pathetic. But he also realized that Sam was disrespectful to her He tells her that he went and talked to Sonny to confess what just happened. She tells him that’s amazing because she talked to Sonny tonight also. And he was very helpful. Hearing that, Ric is surprised and asks her what she is talking about.

After being informed that Georgie got divorce papers, Dillon admits that he is really surprised. She tells him that so was she. Justus must have filed them for her right before he died and the court must have just processed them. She tells him that she realizes that it hurts for this to have to happen. They have fought to be together for such a long time. And now, they are discussing divorce papers. Right then, he instantly tells her that he does not want to dwell in anything negative and he tells her that she needs to go and change into her prettiest dress right away. It sounds like he has some plans.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she did not intend to sleep with him tonight. But he just has this way of really understanding her and making everyone seem ok. He tells her that he feels the same way around her. He admits that he is close to Carly, although she does not much care for Carly. She asks if he believes that at least Carly has his back the way she does not. Jason tells her that is not true. Calry has been a good friend to him. But Carly believes that she can run his life. He tells Elizabeth that he appreciates her in his life and always has. And it’s just that it’s bothered him that he has never known how to express it. And the life he’s chosen is completely the opposite of everything she is. She tells him that he is wrong. She confesses to him that his life has always been a temptation for her.

Right then, Sam is driving home crying and remembering Jason telling her that she is always in danger around him so he cannot love her anymore. Then she remembers sleeping with Ric.

Alexis tells Ric that she was very upset and went to the metro court. She saw Sonny there with Kristina. He was giving her some ice cream. And instead of the usual smiling through gritted teeth, Sonny was genuinely very courteous and supportive to her when she told him she had a terrible night. He put Kristina to sleep peacefully and was calm and understanding and totally cool to her and to Kristina. So whatever therapy Sonny is getting or whatever he is doing is a big relief to her. She believes that Sonny is the father that Kristina needs in her life. He asks her if she believes that he has failed as a father to Kristina. She does not answer that question.

It looks like there is a blackout all over town.

Dillon has a plan for Georgie. They get dressed in nice clothes and he plans a dinner for her. He tells her that he wants to propose a toast with some Champaign. She asks if he is toasting their divorce. He tells her that she is being grumpy. This is not for the divorce. It’s for new beginnings. It’s to toast to all that they have been through and all the mistakes they’ve made that they can learn from and make things better in the future. They now have a clean slate. She then tells him that since he has said it that way, what is he waiting for? He them opens the champagne and they are happy together.

Elizabeth tells Jason that when she first came to Port Charles with her grandmother, she was a mess and could not focus on anything. She believed that she could never measure up to being as good as her sister Sarah. So she got into trouble and smoked and drank and slept around. And then she was raped. And Lucky was her hero and helped her get through that. So she fell in love with him. Then she though Lucky was dead. Then her choices became reckless. Then Jason came along. And he was the “chance” that was too big for her to take.. She tells him that contrary to what he says, she believes that he is extremely safe for her. She means that he is “safe” emotionally. One reason was because he was always with somebody else. But she knew, that no matter what, she could always count on him. She tells him she wonders what might have happened if she had actually fled Port Charles with him that one time and if they’d made it to Italy. He admits that whenever he’d go to some museum and see some painting, he would think of her. They look very intimate together. He then tells her that although he cannot commit to her, maybe he can plan a trip for her and Cameron if she needs some time or a change of scenery in order to figure out what to do next. Even if he cannot be there, it would mean a lot to him to be able to do something for her.

Alexis tells Ric that she knows that he is either making false accusations or would like for there to be something going on between her and the Mayor. Right then, Sam enters and interrupts them. She tells them she will not be long. She will just come in and collect her things and she will be out. Alexis then asks her daughter to wait. She tells her that now that they are all calm and rational, they should now discuss what has happened and what they are going to do about it. Sam then tells her mother that there is no point in stirring up more drama. It’s obvious that this “mother daughter” thing was not a fit. Alexis has made it very clear that she does not want Sam in her life. And she does not need Alexis to be her mother. Alexis tells her daughter that they must face what has happened. They will always be connected. Sam tells Alexis that she does not want a mother who believes that she is worthless and pathetic. It hurts her feelings and it’s not something that can be taken back. Alexis tells Sam, however that this family is in trouble and they have to talk about it. Neither Sam nor Ric know that Alexis saw them together so they assume there is no point.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she has a job and cannot just take off and go somewhere with Cameron. Jason tells her that she has been under constant pressure. Cameron is now old enough to travel. And it’s something that she can do for herself and her son. She tells him that he has no idea how tempted she is to do that. That is so sweet and generous of him. But she does not want to be running away from her problems with Lucky by doing that.

Dillon tells Gerogie here is to all of their future together. And he tells her that now she must cut the cake. She asks him if they shouldn’t sign the divorce papers. He tells her that that can wait. She then cuts a slice of the cake. It’s a devil’s food cake with chocolate frosting. He asks her to open her mouth and he will give her the cake to eat. She then tells him she guesses that now they have made it to the hard part. So she asks who goes first. He tells her it’s up to her. She tells him she can make it alphabetical. And realizing that Jones comes before Quartermaine, that will make it her that goes first. She then signs. He signs after her She notices that he is still wearing his wedding ring. She cries and admits that she threw hers’ away when she saw him with Lulu. He then concludes to her that they now know what they have to do. It’s time to start over. He tells her that his only regret was that she threw the ring away without him and doubted that he loved her. He then decides that they will make new vows. He tells Georgie that he promises to be with her forever and he throws the ring into the harbor. She laughs and tells him he is crazy. He then tells her that he wants her to promise to marry him again some day.

Robin tells Patrick that she does not believe that he’s changed. She always thought that he was a man of courage and integrity. He just had a way of hiding it. He then tells her that he wants to thank her for all of her support. But she tells him that that might be a bit difficult in the middle of a blackout. He tells her maybe not. There are ways they can have the desert that she has been hoping for.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she was in denial that Lucky had a problem although she could clearly see it. She did not want to admit that he was addicted to pills nor that he was with Maxie. And this problem didn’t just occur when she caught then together. It’s been going on for months now. And as much as she would love to run away to Italy, she has to do what is right for her and Cameron and Lucky and face what has happened. She admits to him that she’s not certain what exactly she should do. He then tells her if she needs anything from him, she must let him know. She tells him that he can also call on her if he needs her.

Alexis tells Ric and Sam that there is a lot of strain and many things that might need her attention. She admits that the position of DA requires a great deal of time. And she knows that she no longer has that amount of time. In the past few moths she has been called away on business when her family needed her. She cannot keep doing that. So she is considering turning in her resignation. Hearing that, Ric tells his wife that he cannot believe that she is doing that. She is far too competitive. He cannot believe that she is turning down a career opportunity of a life time. She cries and tells him that her family is more important to her than any career opportunity. Sam then concludes that this decision in no way affects her. And she walks away.

Patrick tells Robin that he dos not believe that he deserves her. She tells him that she does not believe that anybody “deserves” the fate that they have; good or bad. He asks her to dance. And she tells him that this is the perfect definition of happiness.

Not far away when Dillon proposes to Gerogie, she tells him she does not know what to say. They just got divorced. And now he’s asking her to marry him again. He tells her not now. IN the next ten to twenty years. She tells him that she must say no. She asks him to please not take it the wrong way. She loves him but realizes that they made a mistake to make a commitment that they were not ready to make. She cannot promise that she can marry him or commit to him. But she can promise that she will love him for the rest of her life. He then agrees to that and tells her as long as they love each other then, the future can take care of itself.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t mind having Sonny take over the business and go back to work for him. He doesn’t need to have a relationship. But she tells him that he has to want to have more than work. She’s concerned about him being all alone. He tells her that he believes that it meant a lot to him that she showed up. He’s not certain he’d have been ok if he had not been with her. Right then, they kiss.

Sam gets her suitcase and heads out the door. Ric asks her if she talked to Jason. She tells him that she could not. He tells her that it might be best for her not to tell anybody. He tells her that what happened between them has the potential to destroy many lives. And it is better to just keep it a secret and nobody needs to know. She then agrees to that. She tells him that she will not inform Jason or anybody else that she and Ric had sex. Little do either of them know that both Jason and Alexis know all about it.

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