GH Update Monday 8/14/06

General Hospital Update Monday 8/14/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At the metro court, Sonny notices that Alexis has a terrible cough. Kristina ,who has been having dinner with her father is also concerned about her mom’s present state.

Emily goes to Nikolas’ home again, after, once again, Alfred has prepared a romantic dinner for them together in another attempt to play match maker. She, however, does not have the “proper attire”. Having no clue what was planned, she has come over in her surgical scrubs. They are ready to enjoy dinner and being together. But right then, Lucky comes and stumbles down the stairs. He tells Nikolas that he must take care of Cameron and Elizabeth because he(himself) has screwed up everything. It looks like Lucky is drunk, probably overmedicated with his pain pills, and very upset.

Right then, Elizabeth goes to Jason’s He is alone and in shock after discovering Sam and Ric sleeping together. But he seems happy to see Elizabeth. She is crying and tells him she has no place to go. He puts his arms around her.

Right then, at Alexis’ home, Ric gets up and assumes that Sam “meant” to do what she did with him. But she tells him he better not touch her. It sounds like she regrets what has happened.

Dillon goes to meet Lulu on the docks to announce to her that he cannot commit to her because he’s decided to get back with Georgie. She does not reveal the big secret to him but he can tell that she has something still on her mind. He asks her what is up. She tells him that she is happy that he is back with Georgie. She is ready to leave but he asks her what is going on. She admits that there is something else. She tells him that she is leaving Port Charles.

Noticing Lucky disoriented, Nikolas and Emily ask him what has happened. He tells Nikolas, slurring his speech from drinking, that he must understand that he was not taught the right manners and given the wealth that Nikolas was given. He is a Spencer. And they can never succeed or have anything of value in their lives. Nikolas tells Lucky he’s tired of all of his pathetic excuses for he choices he’s made. Emily demands that Lucky tells them what happened. Lucky admits that his marriage is over. Elizabeth walked out on him when she saw him with Maxie.

At Jason’s, Elizabeth is crying and in shock. Jason is similarly in shock because of the very same thing. He asks her if “something” might make her feel better and pours her some of the alcohol he’s been medicating himself with before she came. Noticing that he’s been consuming it, she asks him if he’s drunk. He admits not yet, although he’d probably be totally trashed and passed out if she had not come. He asks her what has happened. She tells him that Lucky has been having an affair with Maxie Jones. Tears are streaming down her face. He informs her that Sam is sleeping with Ric.

Sam tells Ric ht she regrets what she has done. She has done the worst possible thing she could do to kill what she could have had with Jason, just because she was upset over losing him.. And he was that mistake for her to make. She then gets her clothes on and tells him that he better not get the idea that it will ever happen again. He tells her that he was not the only willing participant in this. They needed each other. She tells him no. He only needed her. He had to take out his revenge upon Jason. She asks him if it was worth ruining his marriage over this. Does he feel any guilt or remorse for what he has done to her mother or how this has affected so many lives?

At the metro court, Sonny asks Alexis what is going on. He knows that she is very upset about something. He asks her if it’s true that she’s just having a bad day and tells her she tell him what she is covering up here.

Lulu “explains” to Dillon that after graduating and needing a change of scenery, she is considering traveling. He then tells her he knows what is going on. She is trying to find her dad again. He then tells her if she needs his help in finding Luke, he cannot help her with that. She tells him she realizes that he cannot with what has happened the last time he did that. She tells him she realizes that it is not fair to Georgie or to anyone. He asks her if she needs him to take her home. She tells him she can go home by herself.

Alexis tells Sonny that she is having some issues with the Mayor. He tells her that he realizes that she has to do her job and deal with her boss. He tells her that he knows that there must be more than that going on with her. He tells her that maybe she does not hate the Mayor as much as she says she does. She indicates to Sonny that Ric does not care for the mayor. Hearing that, Sonny concludes that maybe Ric believes that she is having a “thing” with the mayor. Alexis then tells Sonny that she doubts that Ric is even giving her a thought right now.

Sam angrily tells Ric that she never pretended to love Alexis. But he did. She did not know what she was doing. She was drunk. He had to stick it to Jason and betray his wife. She tells Ric that Jason needs to know that he only slept with her in order to get revenge upon Jason.

After each hears the other’s starling revelations about infidelity inflicted upon then, Jason tells Elizabeth that he knows that Lucky made a mistake to sleep with maxie and it’s not her fault. She tells him that he mustn’t believe that he pushed Sam away. But she concludes that there is nothing more devastating than noticing the person you love sleeping with somebody else.

Lucky tells Nikolas and Emily that he slept with Maxie. But he believes that Elizabeth has been spending too much time with Patrick Darke and probably sleeping with him. Nikolas tells Lucky that that is the biggest crock he’s ever heard. Lucky tells Nikolas that he(Nikolas) can always throw money at a problem and he screwed up his own relationship with Emily when she got raped. He tells Nikolas that he needs to “fix it” for him like Nikolas always does. But Nikolas tells Lucky not this time. Now, Lucky must fix it without any help.Emily tells Lucky that he’s stoned. He laughs and tells her that he’s way beyond stoned. He’s had so many pills today, he cannot think or do anything. She tells him that he needs some help. He tells her that she must know that he is beyond help. He’s following in his father’s footsteps. And so what if he needs something from under the counter just in order to get through another day. He grabs a big bag of pills. Nikolas tries to prevent him from taking more pills. And right then, Lulu walks in and is shocked. She demands that her brother tells her what he is doing.

Alexis tells Sonny that it’s too late to save her marriage.

Ric tells Sam that she’s not going to go to Jason with this. She asks him if he thinks that she’s not going to tell Jason so that he(Ric) can blame her for the whole thing. He then asks her if she has that much self-hate that she would go back to a man who clearly does not want her. She tells him that he is so sick that he would sleep with his step daughter. He asks her if she really did not have any responsibility nor know what she did. Was she too drunk to make her own decision? She admits that she did it and she regrets it. He tells her that he does not believe that she will attempt to “explain” the whole thing to Jason. But she tells him she will if it is the only way to stop him(Ric)

At Jason’s, Elizabeth tells him that for such a long time, he’s been so good to her. She’s felt a special connection with him. They once meant a lot to each other. He then tells her that that was a long time ago. She tells him that’s true. But she is not sorry. He tells her that he really likes the way that she can look back with no regrets. She tells him that when he first met her, all she could do was look back and think of the what-ifs. But he taught her to live in the present. And she tells him that she doesn’t think he ever knew how much in love she was with him. But they did not have their chance. Right then, romantic music plays. She admits that after the “shock”, she left the house, did not know where she was going to go and found herself on his doorstep. But tomorrow, she will be strong. She will figure out what to do. But it looks like he doesn’t want her to go. He looks like he wants to kiss her. He touches her hair and moves toward her. They kiss.. He removes her dress. She takes off his shirt. And they go at it on the couch.

After Lulu walks in to see how sick Lucky has become, Nikolas demands that his brother gets out. Lulu then asks Nikolas and Emily if they should not help him with his drug addcition. Maybe they should call Elizabeth. Nikolas tells ther that that would not be a good idea right now. She asks why. Nikolas and Emily hesitate to tell her but then conclude that she will find out sooner or later. So they tell her that Elizabeth walked out on Lucky because she caught him cheating on her. Lulu is really surprised that her brother would do that to his wife.

At the metro court, Sonny tells Alexis that she may doubt that her husband loves her. But he does. And she needs to tell him what he means to her and work out her differences with him. He admits to her that he understands what it’s like to be really messed up. He’s been to hell and back but is working his way back up. He wants to get his life on track and be a good father to Kristina and to the boys. She tells him that she thinks that is a good plan. She also tells Sonny that she believes that Ric would be beside himself if he could hear Sonny defending him. He tells her that he realizes that it’s inconvenient needing somebody. But she must know that everybody needs somebody at some time. Right then, an attendant tells all of the people in the restaurant that the power is not working so they are checking it. Sonny and Alexis know that it’s getting late and they need to depart. She tells him that she needs to get Krstina home. They notice that Krsitna has fallen asleep on the couch. Sonny picks up his sleeping daughter and carries her. He tells Alexis that he can keep her for the night. He knows Alexis is in no condition to care for their daughter tonight. He assures Alexis that Kristina will be ok with him at his house.

Ric tells Sam that her speech that it was a mistake and that he was using her to stick it to Jason is a lie that she is telling herself. And if she goes and blabs to Jason what happened, all she will accomplish is to get him to hate her. In response to that, she tells him that he is a dead man and he must now start running.

Jason notices Elizabeth asleep on his couch. He kisses her on the forehead. She awakens. He brings her some bottled water. She admits to him that with all the pain and heart ache, she does not know how to process it. He tells her she is so beautiful and always was. He just never expected this. She tells him that she never thought that this would happen. She concludes to him, however, that this is the only night that they can spend together.

Sonny returns home and notices Ric in his living room. He asks his brother what he did knowing that something is up with him. Ric tells Sonny it is not “what” he did. He “did” Sam. And he’s not going to give Jason the satisfaction of blaming him for that. Hearing that, Sonny asks Ric what his problem is. He informs his brother that not long ago, he talked to Alexis in the metro court. He now knows why she is so upset that she cannot have Kristina at her house tonight and needed Sonny to take her. He tells Ric that now he can see things really clearly. He knew that Ric bought the dress for Emily so that Sonny would think that he did something he did not do. He’s getting into everybody’s business and manipulating everybody so that he does not have to face the fact that he has trashed his life.

Alexis returns home and relives seeing Sam with Ric. She breaks down crying hysterically and has a terrible coughing trauma.

Elizabeth and Jason lie in each other’s arms by the fire. She asks him what will happen to Cameron when he finds out that Lucky is no longer in his life. She’s worried that it will tear that little boy’s heart part. He tells her that it will be ok because she is a great mother. She then tells him that she wishes so much that she could spend more time with him. But she realizes that with the life that Jason leads, she cannot take that chance. She will always remember and be so grateful that when she had no place to go, Jason rescued her. She tells him she should probably go. But clearly, neither of them wants her to leave.

Sonny concludes to Ric that he slept with Sam in order to stick it to Jason, and to get to him(Sonny). Ric then tells his brother here we go again. Sonny believes that everything is all about him. Sonny tells Ric that he has to get over his “issues”. He has to stop chasing after Sonny and instead think more about his family. Because that is the most important thing that Ric has. He tells Ric that he(himself) has had to face his issues. He was forced to do that when he hit rock bottom. And he tells Ric that with his most recent thing with Sam, Ric has totally “bottomed outs”. He tells his brother that he really needs to wake up and figure out what he really wants and needs in his life.

Alone in the house, Alexis straightens things up and looks like she’s pulling herself together.

Lucky is alone in the apartment drinking and taking more pills. He notices a gun on the table. He stares at it.

Elizabeth informs Jason that Cameron is staying at her grandmother’s tonight. And she cannot go there because she promised her grandmother that she would attempt to work things out with Lucky. And maybe the only place for her is the hotel. He then tells her she may stay with him. He kisses her. Right then, Sam enters the hallway outside. She goes up to the door of the apartment that used to be hers’ with Jason and is ready to go inside.

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