GH Update Wednesday 8/9/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/9/06


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Lorenzo goes to the hospital and asks Robin if she has any information about Skye. She tells him she cannot help him with that. He tells her that he has the right to know about the mother of his child. She tells him that all records about Skye’s medial care and everything else about her are private. He asks her if that is hospital policy or if she is just doing her father’s bidding. She asks him what he’s talking about. He tells her he knows that Robert Scorpio smuggled Skye and his unborn child out of town. She tells him if he has a problem, he can take it up with the chief of staff but she has to do her rounds. Right then, Sonny walks in and Lorenzo tells him that he knows he’s losing it. All of the families he does business with know he’s as fragile as an egg and will crack very soon and very easily. Sonny reminds Lorenzo that he knows that Skye has abandoned him. He tells Lorenzo he needs to get a life of his own.

Carly is alone at the metro court when she gets an unexpected visit from Jax’s mother, Jane. She surprises Carly by telling her she needs her to save her son.

In the doctor’s locker room, Robin asks Patrick if he can come to her place tonight.

Elizabeth goes home devastated after finding Lucky in bed with Maxie. He comes home and apologizes for being late. He tells her he knows he should have called. But he was on a stake out. She then tells him that he is such a liar. She knows where he was. He was in the sack with Maxie.

Georgie finds Maxie at the hospital knowing that she did not come home or call the previous night. Maxie tells her sister she does not need to worry. But Georgie knows that Maxie has a secret. Maxie tells Georgie that nothing happened. She was safe. Georgie tells Maxie she knows she was with Lucky and she knows that was not safe. He’s a married man. Maxie tells Georgie that Elizabeth does not care about Lucky. She tells Georgie she knows what she is doing and she doesn’t want any lectures. But Georgie tells Maxie she must realize that Lucky and Elizabeth will not break up because of her.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she did not want to believe and did not believe for a moment when Carly told her she saw him and Maxie having sex. She even defended him to Carly. But she saw it for herself. She asks him how he can do that to her. He has no answers and knows he is cornered.

Patrick replies to Robin that he is busy tonight. She then tells him that if it’s a temporary time when they cannot be together, a rain check for being alone with her in her home is not possible because she’s moving in with her friends tomorrow. He then asks her when she wants him. She tells him in an hour and she leaves.

At the metro court, Carly asks Jax’s mother what is going on. Is Jax in trouble? Did his brother, Jerry get him into some trouble in the jungle? Jane tells Carly that she is not so worried about Jerry. It’s her other son she’s worried about. Carly asks what is up with Jax. Jane replies that Jax has taken up with another woman. Hearing that, Carly is turns her back and not ready to help. She is obviously not ok to know that Jax has been sleeping with another woman. But Jane tells Carly that she is very worried about this woman who is going to use Jax and take his money. But Carly tells her if Jax is stupid enough to let this happen, then he deserves whatever he gets. Jane tells Carly that her son has been manipulated and needs Carly’s help. Carly tells Jane that Jax has only sent her one lousy post card and has not even called her all the while he’s been gone. And right then, she knows that the post card was not even sent by Jax. Jane sent it so that Carly would falsely believe that her son did. At that point, she tells Jane she is done with Jax. She is busy.

Sonny asks Lorenzo what he plans to do. Does Lorenzo think he’s(Sonny) crazy? Lorenzo tells Sonny he knows all about his breakdowns and how he needs his meds increased by the shrink and he’s right about to see her now for another therapy session. He smugly tells Sonny that nobody has to go after him or fear him. All they have to do is sit back and watch him destroy himself.

A hot blond woman goes to see Patrick. She knows he’s been busy for a long time and tells him that they should get caught up. She’s going to let him take her to dinner and desert is on her. Hearing that, he tells her that when he was in the OR, he was exposed to end stage AIDs. Hearing that, she no longer wants to urge him to spend time together. She leaves.

Georgie tells Maxie she knows why she’s been doing that. She’s been making horrible choices ever since Jesse died. Maxie reminds her sister that she’s been making horrible choice throughout her life. So what is new? Georgie tells her that being with Lucky is not going to work. He is married. Maxie reminds Georgie that so are she(Georgie) and Dillon. And how is that working out? Georgie then surprisingly tells Maxie that as a matter of fact, it is working out. They made up. And she tells Maxie that she must stop this delusion about Lucky.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she cannot believe that he’d do that to her. He tells her that she gave him no choice. She makes it very obvious that she does not want him and has her mind on somebody else. She tells him she still cannot believe that he would break their wedding vows that that they took before God. And she cannot believe that he could make this her fault. He’s not the man she married. She does not know him. He tells her that he’s suffered throughout this whole time. And she’s been messing around with Patrick. She tells him she’s sick of his self pity. And if he wants Maxie, then she won’t prevent him from being with her. She tells him that she’s been faithful but he has not. He then goes on about her sleeping with Patrick all over the hospital and sneaking around. At that point, she takes the prescription bottle out of his pockets, asks him if he needs them and goes out the door with them.

Sonny asks Lorenzo if he really believes that he will take over Sonny and Jason’s organization and have him put in Shadybrook. He tells Lorenzo that he and Jason have it under control He also reminds Lorenzo that he can see that stress is getting the better of him. Lorenzo is obsessed about getting a woman pregnant and knowing that she has gone off with his child and he will never see them again. He knows that Lorenzo is not sleeping. He’s dealing with a lot of stress. He also knows that stress makes you careless. He knows that Lorenzo does not have any guards and is getting sloppy in his stress. So he knows Lorenzo is going to need some help with his personal issues. Hearing that, Lorenzo tells Sonny he needs to go get his head shrunk. He tells Sonny he’s very amazed to hear all of the things that Sonny must have learned in therapy. Sonny seems unbelievably calm and tells Lorenzo that maybe he can get Lanie to treat him(Lorenzo) and prescribe some medication for him. Right then, Lanie comes out and tells Sonny that it’s very impressive how calm he is and asks him if he can really do what he was just telling Lorenzo while in therapy.

Jane protests to Carly that she has made no efforts to call Jax. Carly tells her that Jax walked out on her and he can call her instead. Jane then asks Carly what is more important. Being with the man she loves or having her pride? Carly tells Jane that she does not know Carly’s life. Shes spent too much of her life degrading herself for some man. Shes’s been through hell and back with Sonny. But now she finally knows who she is and what she wants and how not to get herself back into some self-destructive pattern, over any man, including Jax. Hearing that, Jane tells Calry that she does not know Jax and is prejudging him. She asks Calry if Jax ever made anything her fault or manipulated her or wanted her to feel bad or ashamed of who she was. Calry admits he did not. Jane then tells Calry that she realizes that her son has a problem about asking for help. But she knows what he is in trouble and wants and needs Carly. And she asks Carly what she is afraid of.

In therapy with Sonny, Lanie asks him how it felt to put Lorenzo in his place and stay in control when Lorenzo taunted him about his illness. He tells her it was fun and he loves toying with Lorenzo. She asks if he’s taken his increased dose of meds. He replies yes. She tells him that she believes that he is making progress and she is impressed. He replies that he thinks they should keep going. He tells her that for his next session, he thinks she should come to his house. She tells him that part of this therapy is to get him out of his comfort zone. He then tells her hat she needs to know that his business associates see him as weak and vulnerable. That is not a good thing. And coming there to make himself viewable by everybody, in the hospital, just reinforces that. He tells her that breaking up with Emily has not destroyed him contrary to popular beliefs. So he then asks her how she would feel about casual dating.

Maxie stands by Elizabeth at the hospital. She tells Elizabeth that she(Elizabeth) was really great last night at Lulu’s party. Elizabeth angrily asks her what she is talking about. Maxie tells her that she saw her with Patrick, encouraging him to stay and making it obvious that she likes him. Hearing that, Elizabeth hauls off and slaps Maxie and tells her she is a lying manipulative bitch. Maxie asks Elizabeth what is wrong. Did she hit a sore spot? She tells Elizabeth she knows she’s been pushing Lucky away for a long time. And all she’s(herself) been doing is giving Lucky the attention that Elizabeth has been giving Patrick. Right then, Elizabeth is ready to physically attack Maxie. But Patrick pulls them apart.

Sonny tells Lanie that if he’s going to spend time with her, he cannot have people who watch over him and observe him thinking that she is his shrink. Maybe they should date. She tells him that she cannot do that. And if he’s going to use her refusal as an excuse to stop coming or taking his meds, he could have another breakdown, and this time, he could take somebody else down with him.

Jane tells Carly that she knows that Calry has what it takes to be the right woman for her son. She would be really good for him. And she knows that Jax believes that a woman’s place is by his side. Calry is strong enough to be an equal to him and be respected by him. Calry then tells Jane that those are her words. They are not coming directly from Jax. Until she hears from Jax that he wants to see her again. , she’s not going to budge. And she cannot do that to her boys. They cannot be jerked around having their mother jumping from relationship to relationship. Jane then tells Calry that maybe she should bring her boys to see Jax on the safari. Jane tells Carly that she knows what it’s like to be a mother to two boys. She admits that she’s given up on her son Jeff. But there is still hope for Jax. She admits that Jax made a serious problem to claim Courtney and Nikolas’ baby as his own. But with Carly, Jax had the courage to own up to his mistake and admit he was wrong. She tells Calry that she’s seen her son lose it many times because women were giving up on him. But she thought that Carly was different. She thought that Carly was incapable of giving up on love. But apparently she was wrong. She gets up and tells Calry she is sorry to have wasted her time. She leaves. Alone with a phone in her hand, Carly dials and asks for flight information to Cairo.

Elizabeth tells Maxie that if she goes near Elizabeth’s husband, she will have the entire town knowing what a little tramp she is. How would Maxie’s father respond if he knew that his daughter is sleeping with one of his detectives? Maxie goes off and Patrick asks Elizabeth if this is true. She admits that she really has discovered that her husband is cheating on her with Maxie. He admits that he knew it also but said nothing because he did not want to hurt her. She tells Patrick that she wishes her husband felt the same way. Patrick puts his hands on Elizabeth’s shoulders. And wouldn’t you know that right then, Lucky gets off the elevator to see them again. And once again, he gives up on attempting to get his marriage back. Elizabeth cries and admits to Patrick that she cannot accept seeing her husband with a girl who is barely legal. She tells him that she will fight for their marriage. She is not defending Lucky But she knows he is very vulnerable and Maxie is taking advantage of him. She’s going to make their marriage work. Patrick tells her that he will respect her decision. She tells him that she and Lucky are going to make this work.

Carly and the boys go to visit Sonny. At first Sonny is happy to visit with his sons and ex wife. But when Michael informs his father that they are going to Africa to visit Jax, Sonny reveals that he may not be totally ok with that.

Once again, Lucky has reason to believe that Elizabeth is with Patrick. So he goes and finds Maxie again. He tells her that he was stupid to yet again, believe that he could work things out with Elizabeth. He found her in Patrick’s arms an hour after their last argument. He leaves and tells Maxie that she can come to his home later when Elizabeth is working and they can be together. Alone, Maxie gets on the phone and informs somebody that she has some concerns about Nurse Spencer. She is a neighbor and heard some strange noises coming from Elizabeth’s apartment

Patrick goes to Robin’s home. He tells her that he senses some ambivalence on her part about the move. She tells him that it’s a little too late to back out of her agreement. She still plans to move in with her friends. But she’s not out of this place yet. And while she is still there, she plans to savor every moment. Right then, the room is dark. The lights dim. She is not concerned and tells him it’s the reason why God made candles. It looks like his mind is somewhere else. He is not ready to get romantic with her and only wants to check the fuses. She asks him if he is ok and if she should check his pulse. He concludes to her that maybe they should not go through with this.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and another nurse know that the power has gone out. The nurse gives Elizabeth a note that came from the “anonymous” informant about how noises were heard from her apartment. At that point, Elizabeth tells her she needs to get home.

After sensing that Sonny might want or need an explanation about her trip to visit Jax, Carly asks Michael to go upstairs so she can talk to his father alone. He asks his mom if they are going to have another fight. She tells him no. She tells Sonny that Jax’s mother just came by and thought she should bring the boys with her on an African safari. It’s no big deal. She just thought they could use a getaway. And she wanted to bring the boys to see him before they leave. Hearing that, Sonny asks her why she would not leave the boys with him while she is gone. Does she suspect that he will have a breakdown and be incompetent to take care of his own children?

After Lanie is free, after her session with Sonny, Lorenzo wanders into her office. She asks him if she can help him. He tells her yes. He would like to make an appointment. He needs her help.

Patrick pours some wine at Robin’s and tells her that many people are very concerned about his accident. It’s not just those who are ignorant about HIV. Even trained professional nurses who had the hots for him cannot get away fast enough when they hear the news about him. She then asks Patrick if he really thinks he can remain celibate for 6 months, until he knows the outcome of the tests. She asks if he’s ever been able to go for 6 days, much less 6 months without sex. She then asks him just whose HIV status he is really worried about. He tells her that sex is not going to happen.

Right then, when Lucky is alone in his apartment, Maxie comes in with his drugs and they start kissing and going at it. Elizabeth walks in to see them. And this time they see her.

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