GH Update Tuesday 8/8/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/8/06


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Lulu goes to Kelly’s having no clue why Tracy would ask her to go except because she missed work. And she is stunned to see her family ad friends are there to plan a surprise birthday party for her. Bobbie, Lucky, Tracy and Elizabeth area all there with balloons, cake and food.

Emily meets Jason at the metro court. He asks her if she is ok. She tells him that she has realized that maybe breaking up with Sonny was something that had to be done. He asks her if she wants to get a table. But she tells him not exactly. He assumes that she is attempting to get him back with Sam.

Carly goes to Alexis’ home to confront her about her plan to keep Sam away from Jason and control her life. She tells carly she must realize that she cannot force her values on her daughters. She tells Carly that Kristina and Molly may take longer than Sam to see through their mother’s crap. But they will end up resenting her as much as Sam does. She tells Alexis that she can do all of them a favor by dropping dead. Right then, Ric enters but says nothing. Carly is afraid that maybe she put her foot in her mouth. Alexis has to defend herself without any help from her husband or daughter. But Sam finally speaks up. She tells carly that she realizes that this may be her twisted way to get her back with Jason. But she tells Calry she is not helping so she asks Carly to leave. Calry asks Sam if she does not want to get back with Jason. Sam tells Carly that she accepts the decision that Jason has made and she is not blaming that on her mother. She then demands that Carly gets out. Alexis shows Carly to the door. Alexis notices that Sam is dressed for dinner and cannot believe that Sam is going to celebrate her first paycheck by taking herself out to dinner, as Sam tells her. Alexis asks her if she wants some company. Sam tells her no. Her table is waiting. Alone with Alexis, Ric asks his wife if she wants to talk about this. Alexis tells her husband that she is not ok with the fact that that shrew just attacked her in her own home and her husband and daughter stood by and said nothing.

At Lulu’s party, Lucky can tell she has something on her mind. Nikolas enters with the baby. He tells her he would not miss his sister’s 18th birthday party and he tells her he’s late because he is still getting the hang of fatherhood. He then informs her that his name is not Johan anymore. She asks if there is something wrong. He tells her if course not. Lucky is also interested. Nikolas then announces to his half brother and sister that he’s named his baby Spencer Cassadine. Lulu is surprised. She tells him it’s ok with her but her dad will hate it. Nikolas then reminds her hat her dad hates that he breathes air. Lulu then asks the baby if he heard that his dad named him after them. She picks up the baby and holds him. Dillon is not far away and looks like he would like to join the party but hesitates.

Emily asks Jason to sit and talk to Edward Quartermaine. She leaves them alone and Edward thanks Jason for his “support” assuming that Jason helped Emily to break up with Sonny. Jason is not comfortable with this conversation. But Edward tells Jason he will get straight to the point. He wants Jason to kill Lorenzo Alcazar.

Dillon comes in and tells Lulu that he did not forget about her birthday. Her present is on back order. He tells her that it’s a surprise. It’s an Alfred Hitchcock box set. Lucky acknowledges that Lulu is officially an adult now. Maxie enters. Lucky stares at her surprised to see her. She tells Bobbie she’s sorry she is late. Bobbie can tell there is something up with her. She tells her she is capable of setting priorities. And she brought a present for Lulu. She approaches Lucky, informing him that she brought his sister a present and hopes she likes it. But he avoids her and wants to at least appear to be there with his wife. But wouldn’t you know? Patrick walks in the door. Elizabeth smiles and greets him. And Lucky goes and hides himself instantly and is either ready to take more pills or drink.

Ric tells Alexis that he’s heard countless confrontations between her and Carly where Calry rants and raves. Alexis shoots back at her. It’s nothing Alexis needs to be upset about it. She then tells him that maybe she resents the fact that that woman can come into her home and talk to her like that and maybe she does not want to hear that her children will be better off when she is dead. She storms out the door.

Edward tells Jason that he is a young man whom he saw with a great potential. And it devastates him that Jason was “stolen” from his family by Corinthos. Jason then asks his grandfather what he is getting at. Edward then informs Jason that what he is getting at is that Skye has disappeared. She has felt that she has no choice except to go into exile in order to keep her baby away from Lorenzo. Jason asks Edward why he wants him to kill Lorenzo Alcazar for that. He tells Edward that Skye knows what she wants and needs. She is smart. She can keep Lorenzo from finding her. She is safe. Lorenzo will never know his own child. And isn’t that punishment enough? Hearing that, Edward asks Jason why he is defending Lorenzo. Jason tells him he is not doing that.

At Lulu’s party, Patrick tells Elizabeth that he suspects that she might just be acting friendly after knowing that he has been exposed to end stage AIDs. Didn’t she plan on getting back on track with her husband? She tells Patrick that she is merely trying to prevent him from isolating himself. Lucky overhears their conversation. He goes over and talks to Nikolas about his suspicions that his wife goes and talks to Patrick every chance she gets. Nikolas tells Lucky that he must have faith in his wife and realize that she would never cheat on him unless she has good reason. He then asks his brother if he has any reason to believe that Elizabeth should give up on him. Lucky does not answer but goes and finds Maxie.

Lulu tells Dillon that he was really great and she wishes she did not have to ruin things between them. He tells her he feels the same way. They smile at each other. But right then, Georgie walks in and is not happy to see them together. Dillon then comes out and tells her that he thought he should come and celebrate Lulu’s 18th birthday party. She tells him that she is not comfortable having the entire family dragged into their drama. She then decides to enter and talk to her sister. Of course, it’s more comfortable for her to involve herself in Maxie’s problems than to deal with her own. She asks Maxie why she is obsessed about Lucky when he is there with his wife. They go out together. And of course, Lucky is not ok with Elizabeth talking to Patrick. She tells him that he must know that she is just concerned that Patrick is ok after being exposed to AIDs and she is just Patrick’s friend. Right then, Carly walks in and greets her cousin and her mother.

While Alexis is out, Kristina comes to Ric and asks her stepfather why her mommy is always working late and never home. He does not know how to answer that question.

Meanwhile, as Alexis burns the midnight oil at the office, the mayor comes to talk to her. She tells him there are some things they have to discuss.

Dillon and Georgie have an awkward moment together after the party is over. She tells him that she is not ok with the fact that he slept with Lulu and falsely accused her of sleeping with Diego. But she tells him she can look at this whole thing objectively.

Right then, Carly asks Elizabeth why Patrick was there and why Elizabeth was so friendly to him. Elizabeth informs Carly that there was a little accident in the OR. Carly asks Elizabeth what type of accident. Elizabeth tells her that Patrick was exposed to end stage AIDs. Calry looks shocked. But Elizabeth tells her that he’s ok now and there is no need to worry. Not far away, Carly is able to see Lucky and Maxie together, huddled in a corner. She’s giving him his drugs and they kiss. They go off together and Carly spies upon them.

Jason tells Edward Quartermaine that he doesn’t think that Edward can go through with killing Lorenzo and having to have his death on his conscience for the rest of his life, no matter how much Lorenzo deserved it. Edward tells Jason that he already has many things on his conscience. Jason asks Edward if he really knows what he’s getting himself into. Edward admits to Jason if that he’s considered having Jason come back to his home of origin. He knows that Jason really loved and cared for Skye and should realize that she cannot be mixed up with a man like Lorenzo and have his baby. Jason is not really listening to Edward. And not far away, he notices Sam entering by herself. He cannot take his eyes off of her and is not listening to Edward who apologizes for the harsh words he said to Jason the night when Justus died that were said out of grief. Instantly, at that moment, Jason gets up to go outside and goes to the very place, out on the balcony where Sam was shot. He relives meeting her there, running up to her to hold her and having her shot in his arms. And wouldn’t you know? Sam is standing right there at the scene of the crime again.

Carly follows Lucky and maxie to the room above Kelly’s where they are going at it. They talk about how Elizabeth won’t even know that he is gone because she’s with Patrick. Carly then goes downstairs to notice Elizabeth folding the table cloth and cleaning up all alone. Carly asks Elizabeth if she’s seen Bobbie. Elizabeth asks Carly if she’s seen Lucky. Elizabeth asks Carly if she can help her clean up. Carly helps her move some tables. She tells Carly that maybe she should go and look for her husband. But Carly blurts out that she somehow knows Elizabeth doesn’t want to do that. Hearing that, Elizabeth demands to know what Carly knows about Lucky. In response to that, Carly blurts out to Elizabeth that Lucky is upstairs having sex with Maxie.

Dillon and Georgie go outside together and he tells her that maybe he should be grateful that she does not hate his guts and can spend ten minutes with her. But he admits that he wants more. It’s kind of hard to accept the fact hat they will never have the feelings that they once had for each other. He admits to her that he is not like Bogart in Casablanca. He cannot accept just being friends. He cannot accept the fact that she does not love him anymore. She then asks him what made him think that she has stopped.

Lulu goes to the hospital where her mother is staying and asks an attendant if she has ever seen any type of response in Laura. The woman smiles at Lulu and tells her that Laura has no thoughts or feelings and remains totally nonresponsive. But she’s happy that Laura is at least at peace. And she tells Lulu that she could tell that she is Laura’s daughter. Lulu then goes to talk to her vegetable mother to tell her how happy she was to have her friends and family celebrate her 18th birthday with her. Her father is not there. Laura, at least is. And she needs to talk to at least one of her parents on this special day.

After Carly blurts out the blatant truth to Elizabeth, Elizabeth tells Carly that she(Carly) must be really bored with her own life and really twisted to say such a thing. She tells Carly that she knows her husband and that he would never cheat on her. And she can prove it by going upstairs to confirm that he is nowhere near Maxie. Carly warns Elizabeth not to do that. IT will devastate her. Elizabeth marches up to Maxie’s room and is shocked to see Lucky in bed with Maxie.

Sam goes to find Jason and tells him that she knows what he must be thinking that she has had the gall to show up at this very place unexpected. So she will leave if he wants. He then looks like he’s going to cry and demands that she runs to him. She asks what he just said. He then repeats to her that she must run to him. She goes up to him. He lifts her up. They hold each other but this time nobody gets shot. He acknowledges that she got shot at this very place. But now she is ok. He then lets go of her and asks her if she can really understand that her life could be over and she could be dead just because she ran into his arms. He tells her he is sorry but he cannot let that happen. If he did not love her, maybe he could but he cannot. She cries and he tells her that he cannot love her anymore. He gets up and walks away.

Ric goes to find Alexis in her office. To his surprise, the mayor is hugging her. He wonders if she is cheating on him.

Georgie tells Dillon that after they fell in love, nothing has changed that. Not even the big fights. He asks her what about Diego. She tells him that she still cares about Diego but she’s stopped seeing him. He tells her that makes no sense. She tells him that she did a stupid thing. He tells her that he should have trusted and had faith in her. But he was so afraid of losing her that he pretended that she was cheating. He then concludes that maybe they love each other more than they should. But what is wrong with trusting each other? She tells him that the only thing she knows right now is that she doesn’t want to keep missing him. They laugh and she kisses him. He hugs her.

Lulu tells her mother that her party was really great. Bobbie and Elizabeth planned the whole thing. Tracy and Lucky and Nikolas and Carly and Dillon were all there. She tells her mother that Dillon is the only guy she’s ever met who appreciated her. He is so smart and funny and he laughs at all her jokes. And she did this terrible thing to tell him this big lie that his girlfriend cheated on him and she cannot forgive herself for that. And she slept with Dillon and they were careful. They used condoms. She realizes that they were only 95% effective. But that means that there was a 5% risk. She could normally accept the fact that it’s over between her and Dillon. But it’s not over because she is pregnant and does not know what to do. She cries.

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