GH Update Monday 8/7/06

General Hospital Update Monday 8/7/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

On the docks, after Lulu and Elizabeth have been talking about pregnancy and hanging with Cameron, Lucky comes. Lulu then gets ready to leave. But they can tell that she has something in a bag that she forgot to pick up. She grabs it and tells them it’s private. It’s a bunch of condoms.

At Alexis’ home, Ric and Sam agree that Alexis is neglecting her two young daughters and is obsessed about keeping Sam away from Jason.

In the interrogation room, after Alexis has gone to privately talk to Jason to warn him that she won’t “help” him stay out of trouble if he doesn’t try harder to stay away from Sam, Carly walks in and tell Alexis she cannot do that. She tells her she knows that she is putting false charges on Jason only because of Sam. Right then, Alexis drinks some tea or coffee and starts choking and looks like she’s going to pass out. At that point, she tells Jason he is free to go.

Sonny walks in on a meeting of his territory. The guys expected to see Jason and now recognize him(Jason) as the leader of the organization. Sonny tells them that Jason is not there and they must do business with him. They tell him that they thought that he’d retired and they know that Sonny is not well. It sounds like they have threatened him. At that point, Sonny pulls out a gun and reminds them that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Elizabeth asks Lulu what is up with the condoms. Lulu doesn’t not want to share her business with Elizabeth and she departs. Alone with this wife, Lucky tells Elizabeth that maybe Lulu does not need her “wisdom” any more than he does. He tells Elizabeth that he does not appreciate her accusations that he’s addicted to pain killers. With that statement, he reveals to her hat he’s not ready to admit that he has a problem or get any help.

Ric tells Sam that he’s noticed that Alexis is “slipping” with being a mother to Kristina and Molly. Sam asks him if he’s discussed this with Alexis. He tells her he knows it would not go over well if he implies to Alexis that she is favoring her adult daughter over his daughter and niece. He tells her that Alexis would probably just accuse him of being a lousy father. And it would put them in family court. She then asks him if that is the only reason why he is not confronting Alexis with his concerns. He confirms that it probably is.

In the interrogation room, Carly tells Alexis that she is abusing her power of office to be harassing Jason for no other reason than because she disapproves of his relationship with her daughter. The police detective overhears them. Alexis then tells Carly and Jason they can go. She does not want to argue. She tells them they are free to go. Carly tells Alexis that she thinks she is above the law and she is on to her.

Outside the office, Carly informs Jason that Ric had concerns about Sonny. And so does she. She’s worried about what will happen if he goes off his medication.

Right now, as they speak, Sonny tells the guys if their next generation wishes to expand their operations, then they must listen to him. He reminds them that in case they did not now, Alcazar is aligned with the FEDs. And he asks them if they want to lead their family into business with this man. He asks them why. He informs them that Alcazar wants to control Port Charls only for his own interests. Not because of them. And they want to go into business with him? He tells them if they go into business with Lorenzo Alcazar, they will be under public scrutiny. They seem to listen to him when he tells them that they are in no position to have him removed. He tells them from now on, all avenues in Port Charles must go through him. And what that means is that every one of them needs him. He then puts his gun down and reminds that that is, unless they still think he is crazy. They don’t challenge him with any arguments.

Elizabeth admits to Lucky that he’s been lying to her about the pills and where he got them from. HE must realize that he’s in denial and he needs help. And she tells him she is done pretending that this problem does not exist. She tells him that he’s going to take Cameron to see his grandma. And they need to meet later and face this problem head on. She leaves. And as soon as Lucky is alone, he gets on his phone to call “somebody” to the pier and asks them to get there as soon as they can.

Ric and Sam talk about the fact that Alexis got Sam her job. Sam reminds Ric that most of the time when she is working there, Alexis is gone. She’s driven to doing business in secret. He tells her that they mayor has a belief that his choice to represent Sonny makes him an “embarrassment” to Aleixs. Hearing that, she tells him that he got off easy. Alexis and many other bureaucrats are accusing her of shredding documents for Jason. Hearing that, Ric asks Sam why she still is not over Jason. He tells her if she can give him an answer about that, then he will tell her about his “attachment” to Sonny and why he doesn’t trust Jason anywhere near his brother. She tells him that Sonny has good reason to trust Jason. He asks her why. HE angrily tells her that Jason double-crossed Sonny and kept her financially dependent upon him and now he’s dumped her. Why can’t any of them wake up and see Jason for what he really is? Hearing that, Sam gets really angry. She’s still not about to let anybody speak ill of Jason.

Carly goes to the hospital to talk to Lanie. She informs her that Sonny is right now in a meeting in a warehouse. She’s afraid that without his medication, Sonny will really lose it with those guys. She reminds her that Jason was supposed to be there instead of Sonny. But he got “detained”. Lanie then informs Carly that she should have asked Sonny to stay in his session with her. She admits that she asked Sonny to leave. But if she’d known that he was about to go and meet with the group at the warehouse, she would not have asked him to leave. She just didn’t see any point in demanding he continue therapy. She get him to take all the medication in the world, he has to want to change.

Right when Sonny is discussing issues with the guys, Jason enters. Sonny reminds them that he thinks they knows Jason Morgan, his “second in command” Right then, Sonny and Jason conclude that business is done and they are getting out of there. They leave together.

Maxie goes to find Lucky. She looks like she is happy to be able to “help” him when he’s having problems with Elizabeth. He admits to her that his wife does not understand and he needs some more pills. At first she sounds hesitant to get the pills but agrees to go and find them because she believes it will give them more time to spend together. But right then, Elizabeth appears and tells Maxie she is sorry but she and Lucky need to spend some time together alone.

At the Quartermaine house, alone, Lulu opens a card that looks like it’s from her father. He tells her he wishes he could celebrate her 18th birthday with her. He also tells her that he’s enclosing a picture of her mother when she was Lulu’s age. Lulu then cries and pulls out the pregnancy test.

Ric goes to find Alexis and asks the cops where she is. It doesn’t seem as though anybody can find her. Right then, Alexis is alone reading some letter and looking like she has some sort of secret.

At Sonny’s, they cannot find Max. Sonny informs Jason that it’s really annoying him that Max won’t help him get any booze because he’s worried that it will interfere with the “all might medication”. Jason tells Sonny he must realize that Max is not comfortable and cannot be expected to enable him to drink. But he realizes he would not want his servant controlling him either. Sonny then informs Jason that he noticed that the guys sensed that he might appear frightened and paranoid when he went to talk to them. He tells Jason that he doesn’t want to be “that guy”. Jason tells Sonny that he believed that Sonny was in control. Sonny tells Jason he does not know how he pulled it off. He doesn’t remember what exactly he said or did. He was running on pure adrenaline. For some reason, he got them to “buy it”. But Jason is wrong to get the idea that he is in control. Right then, Carly enters and reveals that she is upset that Sonny could be in trouble. She talks to Jason about Sonny, in third person. Sonny then reminds her that he is in the room. She need not talk about him as though he is not there. She tells Sonny that she is really concerned. So many things have happened. She wonders if they can get their old lives back. Can he go back to his old arrogant self? Can he let Jason do his old job? And that way she doesn’t have to constantly worry about him. He then tells her she may relax because he’s fine. She then tells Sonny and Jason that she needs to go somewhere.

After Elizabeth catches Maxie and Lucky together, Maxie tells Elizabeth that she just wanted to ask Lucky if he would accompany her to Jesse’s grave. Hearing that, Elizabeth appears to heave no suspicion. Maxie leaves and Elizabeth tells her husband that it was nice of Maxie to reach out to him after Jesse’s death. She knows how much they both miss him. And she asks Lucky if Jesse’s death might be a major reason why he’s turned to these drugs. He tells her no and that he is in control now.

Lulu is looking at the birthday card that her absentee father gave her and cries. She is still hesitating to take the pregnancy test.

Sonny tells Jason that Lanie wanted to up his dosage of the lithium but he refused. Jason kind of implies that maybe Sonny should have listened to her. Sonny tells Jason that he was a little worried when Lanie said he may need to be on that stuff for the rest of his life. And he didn’t want to meet with those guys after taking the increased dosage. He then asks Jason if Jason believes that he(Sonny) is ready to take over the organization. Jason does not respond. Sonny then tells Jaosn that he wishes he would say yes, because he (Sonny) admits that he is arrogant. He has kids that need him. He wants Jason’s approval. Right then, Jason admits to Sonny that he wants to say yes. But he honestly does not believe that Sonny is ready. Right then, Ric enters. Jason demands that Ric gets out. But Ric tells Jason that he(Jason) does not want Sonny to recover. He wants Sonny to stay sick and be dependent on Jason so that Jason can take over the business.

Carly goes to talk to Sam at Alexis’s house. She tells her that she wants to help Sam get back with Jason. Sam asks Carly why she supports that. Carly tells Sam that if Jason gets back with Sam, then he will let Sonny get the business back. And they will all get their lives back. Sam asks Carly why she wants to push her and Jason to get back together. She tells Carly that she is not like Carly. She cannot beg for something that is not going to happen. Jason made his choice. Carly tells Sam she must realize the type of crap that he rmother has been pulling with her. Sam tells Carly she realizes that. But Jason has made his own decision to stay away from her. Carly asks Sam how Jason must feel to have the woman he loves almost dying and having Alexis manipulating him into believing that it’s his fault. She tells Sam she must know that Jason loves her and would do anything to protect her. And they both need to stop listening to Alexis. Right then, Alexis enters and tells Carly she wants her out of her house.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that if she does not trust him with his medication, she can check up on him. She tells him she does not want to do that. He asks her why not. She is a nurse. She does it all the time. She tells him she just wishes he would own up and get some help. He tells her that he needs her to help him by taking the prescription out of his hands when he gets them. But she is not going for that idea.

Lulu gets the pregnancy test out of the bathroom and reads the instructions. Right then, before she can test the results. Tracy comes in and interrupts her. She asks Lulu what she is doing and informs her that Mike called her and informed her Lulu missed her shift again. She tells Lulu that she will take her to work. Lulu asks Tracy why she is doing that. Tracy replies that the reason is if she is at Kelly’s, then she won’t be at the boathouse with Tracy’s son.

Carly goes to confront Alexis and tells her that she is making up false accusations about Jason only because she wants to keep him away from Sam. Alexis tells Carly she can do whatever she wants when her daughter was shot because of him. She tells Carly that she(Carly) can put her children in danger if she wants. But she(Alexis) is not going to do that to Sam. Right then, Sam listens to their argument speechlessly.

After Ric confronts Sonny about how he cannot trust Jason, Sonny tells Ric that Ric is his brother by blood. But Jason is his brother in another way. His relationship with Jason is by choice. Ric keeps harping on Sonny about all the terrible things Jason has done to him. At that point, Sonny is ready to physically attack Ric. But Jason pulls him away. Ric then tells Sonny that once again, he’s letting Jason call all the shots and have his way. At that point, Sonny tells Ric he better get out of there or he will let Jason do what he’s wanted to do for a long time which is bust Ric’s face. Ric then goes out the door. Sonny faces Jason and reveals that he does not trust his brother.

Sonny and Jason go to talk to Lanie. She apologizes to Sonny if she was hasty and tells him she’d like him to come back and talk to her if he needs. He then tells her that he will do whatever she asks. He will cooperate with mediation or whatever she recommends.

At Alexis’s home, Carly tells Alexis that she is controlling everybody. she wants Sam to live up to her impossible standards but she’s only pushing her away. She tells Alexis it might take longer for Kristina and Molly to be pushed away since they are so much younger and dependent on their mother. But sooner or later they will resent her as much as Sam does. Right then, Ric enters.

Lulu goes with Tracy to Kelly’s having no clue what is in store for her. When she gets there, she notices that they have planned a surprise party for her. And she smiles.

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