GH Update Wednesday 8/2/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/2/06


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Alexis calls Sam into her office to inform her that the Manny Ruiz files are missing. She makes it clear that she believes that her daughter has taken them.

Jason is alone at his home playing pool. Elizabeth comes to talk to him. She tells him that she realizes there may be nothing he can do about this. But maybe he should know that Lucky now knows that he(Lucky) did not kill Manny. Jason did.

Lucky goes to the docks. The police detective follows him and gushes over what a hero cop he is. Lucky is in pain, withdrawing without his pain meds and realizes that he’s taken credit for something that he did not do. He then demands that the detective stops it. Right then, Maxie comes and asks to talk to Lucky. He tells her not now.

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin meet after he’s been checked out for HIV after cutting his hands and being exposed to the AIDs patient while performing surgery on her. She asks him how he’s feeling. He tells her he knows that everybody is seeing him different now that word has gotten out, through the rumor mill that he got exposed to HIV. Right then, Noah, who’s been observing his son, tells Patrick that he knows that he’s sabotaging his relationship with Robin because he’s afraid of intimacy and commitment. He tells his son that he must know that he’s making the same mistakes that his father made. Robin then tells Noah that he has to stop and not blame Patrick for everything. Noah seems to have no clue that Patrick might be infected with HIV. Robin lets him know that that is the reason why Patrick is behaving that way.

Maxie asks Lucky if anybody knows why she was with him in the police car. She tells him that it’s hard for her to hide how she feels about him. She tells him that she knows that since he’s married and that there could be a scandal for the police commissioner’s daughter to be sleeping with a police detective, they must keep it discreet. Again, she has more pills for him. They know they cannot kiss in public. But she tells him that she wants him to call her when he can.

At the station, the mayor tells RIc that being married to Alexis could ruin her image as DA. Ric reminds the Mayor that Alexis has had her own “dirt” before he married her, by having a child with a known racketeer. The mayor tells Ric that he knows that he is helping his racketeer brother and he tells Ric he needs to do himself a favor and disappear.

Alexis tells Sam that too many things have mysteriously disappeared that all have relevance to Manny Ruiz and Jason. And it looks a little too suspicious. Sam tells her mother that she did not touch the files and records. Alexis must know that many other people would have motives to take them. Alexis does not seem to believe a word Sam says. Sam then informs her mother that she took her GED test today. And she sarcastically thanks her for her support. She knows she did not take them. She’s not lying.

Right then, the real culprit (Elizabeth) is at Jason’s, telling him that she’s very concerned that Lucky has an addiction to pain pills that has been going on too long without her knowing. Right then, Lucky enters and Elizabeth hides. Lucky rushes in and tells Jason he needs to know what has happened to the Manny Ruiz case.

Robin explains to Noah that Patrick treated an AIDs patient in emergency surgery. And he accidentally cut himself. He risked his own life to save her life although everybody told him he had to take care of himself. She tells him that even though Patrick may be ok, it does not change the reality that he was exposed to an open wound of an AIDs patient.

Patrick then goes in to talk to the AIDs patient. She has a big bandage on her head and is very hopeless. She tells him that no matter what he does, she will die. She tells him she apologizes for being rude. But he wasted his time. He then tells her that is what they pay him for. He is very impersonal and uncomfortable. He runs out the door, looking like he has something on his mind that he cannot deal with.

Elizabeth hides in Jason’s apartment when Jason and Lucky argue about how it was very obvious that Jason took out Manny instead of Lucky. Alexis could have gotten Jason in trouble for shooting Manny but has not. Knowing that, Lucky asks Jason what he has on Alexis Davis.

Alexis calls Ric into her office and talks to her husband in a cold manner like he is just another suspect. She asks him about any or all access he would have on the Manny Ruiz files. He asks her why she is suspecting him and if there is anything about Manny’s death that she does not want to make public.

Robin comes to see the recovering AIDs patient. She acts happy to her. The woman admits to Robin that Dr. Drake was there for all of two seconds. Robin tells her that Patrick has a lot on his mind right now. The woman tells her that regardless, he needs to work on his bedside manner. Robin apologizes for him but reminds her that Patrick prevented her from having to go to county. The woman asks Robin if Dr. Drake has a problem with her just because she does not have insurance and is HIV positive. At that point, Robin informs her that during the surgery, Patrick cut himself in order to save her life and got exposed. So he’s a little worried. She tells her she realizes that on a good day, Dr. Drake’s bedside manner is not great. Hearing that, the woman tells Robin that she is grateful to Dr. Drake. And that is proof, right there that nobody can imagine what it’s like to be exposed to AIDs. Hearing that, Robin tells her that she(Robin) does understand it very well. She informs the woman that she, herself, is HIV positive.

Noah tells Patrick that he remembers all too well what it was like to be a drunk. He remembers the hangovers when he’d drink Tabasco sauce and raw egg whites the next day. He tells Patrick that he understands what he is going through. And he admits to his son that he’s never been more proud of him after what he’s done.

Maxie goes to Kelly’s and talks to Lulu in an unexpectedly friendly manner, telling her that that the family must be very proud of Lucky after he got the medal. Lulu asks Maxie why she is acting so nice to her. Maxie must know that Lulu is the enemy for sleeping with Maxie’s sister’s husband. She asks Maxie why she would act nice to her after she(Lulu) has been sleeping with a married man. And why does Maxie have this “interest” in Lucky?

After Lucky confronts him about how Alexis has been covering for him and how he suspects that Sam has destroyed the files, Jason asks Lucky what he wants. He took the credit and got a medal for a heroic deed that he didn’t even do. Lucky tells Jason he should report him and Alexis to internal affairs. He tells Jason that it must be nice to have his girlfriend covering for him. Little does he know who really destroyed the files and that she is hiding and overhearing the conversation(his own wife)

Sam overhears Alexis and Ric talking about the autopsy of Manny. Ric tells Alexis he knows that Lucky missed and it was Jason who killed Manny. He asks her why Json is not in jail now. She’s wanted this for a long time. She is the DA and can put him away very easily. She chose not to prosecute Jason because he agreed to stay away from Sam. From outside the door, Sam overhears their conversation.

Maxie admits to Llul that she hates what Lulu did to her sister. But she realizes that it takes two to tango. She also tells her that Georgie has all of these unrealistic fantasies that somebody can live happily ever after with the love of one’s life. But she admits to Lulu that both of them (Maxie and Lulu) know that that is unrealistic. She tells her that people may intend for things to work out so perfectly with only one person forever. But commitments don’t’ last forever and things change. And sometimes, in order to be truly happy, you have to let things go.

At Jason’s, after Lucky has left, Elizabeth comes out of hiding and talks to Jason privately about how she cannot deal with her husband and his behavior. He tells her that Lucky is behaving very much like an addict. She tells Jason that he is the only person who is not making excuses for Lucky. She tells him that she is very worried about how Lucky’s addiction could endanger him and others and asks what if Lucky had accidentally shot and killed Jason. She asks how she could not see the signs or help her husband when she is a nurse. He then tells her that he does not believe that anybody should push anybody to get help. He’s always believed that people should make their own choices. But he tells her if Lucky is hurting himself and others, it might be time to step in. She then tells him she has to get going. She thanks Jason and departs.

Ric tells Alexis that she must realize that she is DA and Jason is the biggest criminal in Port Charles. Shouldn’t she do her job and lock him up? Alexis admits that she cannot do that to her daughter. He tells her that it would be kinder to Sam to have that criminal locked up so that she will be forced to get over him. She makes excuses. He asks her if there is really no case against Jason, then why did she manufacture false evidence that Jason did not shoot Manny when he did? She tells him she does not have not answer to him. He then tells her that she’s just angry because he took Kristina to the doctor when she was not around the previous night. She wonders what he is talking about.

At Jason’s, his right-hand man tells him that he has to move quickly before Lorenzo Alcazar takes over his territory. Right then, the guard announces Robin Scorpio. Jason tells his right-hand man not to worry. Everything will be fine. Robin enters and tells Jason she can come back if he is busy. He tells her it’s ok. He can talk to her alone. And his contact leaves. She tells him that maybe she should have called but something happened and she thinks he’s the only person who she believes would understand.

Ric tells Alexis that she has a need to blame him for everything. She then tells him that she is sorry. She is tired and has a lot of work on her desk. And she’s a little angry at him for not telling her that Sonny is bi polar. He asks her why he was expected to tell her the private diagnoses that a psychiatrist made of his brother. She tells him that it’s important that she knows about that because it could affect her daughter. She then asks him what she is doing wrong. She is working and doing everything she can to raise a family. He tells her he resents her treating him like a hostile witness. He tells her if she wants to be super DA and super mother, she can go ahead. But he tells her as far as being super wife, she need not bother. And he walks out the door.

Elizabeth returns home to unexpectedly see Lucky planning a romantic evening. He seems to be in the mood to celebrate and relive all of their romantic history. She tells him that she wants things to be the way they used to be. But they need to talk and get some things straight. He asks her why they cannot let go and remember things the way they were. HE pours some wine and tells her that things can wait. And he takes her hand. She does not look happy or in the mood, however,. He kisses her and they sleep together.

Patrick comes to talk to the AIDs patent. He looks businesslike and cold. She tells him she is sorry but he must know that he did not have to do the surgery. He tells her if he did not, then she’d have died. She tells him that her boyfriend swore he was clean. He really did try to get over the intravenous drugs. He got exposed trying to save her. She got exposed trying to save him. And now this has happened. He tells her that that is a reality when you don’t have health insurance He explains that she was only a couple of weeks away from getting health care insurance at her job. But they fired her for absenteeism. She does not blame them because she was not going to get tested anyway. Then when her boyfriend found out, he freaked. They both got tested and found out it was too late. The boyfriend walked out and she has not seen him since. He then tells her that he will do everything so that it will not be too late for her. He still seems businesslike, tells her to get some rest, departs, but seems to have sensitivity.

Robin explains to Jason that Patrick fought to admit an HIV positive woman into the hospital even though she did not have insurance. Although the administrators wanted her to go to county and thought she did not have a chance and would only contaminate other patients. But he put his life on the line to save her regardless. He cut his hands and was instructed by the chief of staff to get out of the OR but he refused because he knew it could end her life. And she admits to Jason that she still feels like she is 17, having just found that she is HIV positive and so afraid that she will lose Stone.

Patrick and his father make jokes about drunks medicating their hangovers with raw eggs. They joke that it would not work and only give them salmonella poisoning. Right then, Alan Quartermaine enters and tells them he’s gotten the results of the AIDs test. And then, the laughter ends.

In bed with her husband, Elizabeth tells Lucky that she will do whatever she needs to do to get him off these pills. Noticing that he is not responding or arguing, she wonders why and discovers that he’s fallen asleep.

Alexis is alone in her office trying to work but is too stressed.

Sam goes to Kelly’s and Lulu notices that she is stressed. She orders a banana split. Right then, Ric enters and asks her how the GED went. She tells him she has no clue. She showed up and took the test. She admits that Alexis did not know. She was too busy accusing Sam of stealing files and records. And Sam tells Ric that he may go ahead and defend her. But Ric tells her that he does not have it in him.

Alone in Kelly’s Lulu is looking at a calendar counting days. Could she be pregnant?

Jason tells Robin that she must know that she is living proof that HIV does not have to be a death sentence. She informs him that Patrick tells her that having HIV is her excuse to avoid getting close. Jason chuckles at that. She protests to him that Patrick does the same thing. He hides and does the womanizing thing. Jason tells her that she must be proud of herself and know how strong an independent she’s become. She tells him that maybe she needs to encourage Patrick the same way he has encouraged her. And maybe Patrick can trust her to help him the same way she trusted Jason to help her.

Right then, Alan Quartermaine announces to Patrick that the HIV test came back negative. Noah stands by his son and says that is so great. But Alan warns them that Patrick is still not guaranteed to be completely out of the woods. He will have to be retested in a few months.

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