GH Update Tuesday 8/1/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/1/06


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It looks like Lucky and Elizabeth’s marriage is in trouble. He is alone in the squad car with Maxie. She seems to be gloating that he does not trust Elizabeth and believes she is cheating. And she believes she can “comfort” him. He tells her he will get over it and she can help him. She then tells him he must know how much he means to her. At that point, she kisses him. And right then, the car moves forward. The sirens go off. And it collides with another car.

On the docks. Carly asks Jason what it will mean if Sonny “gets better” and can no longer run the organization. Does he want to run it forever, she asks him? She reminds him that he won’t be able to have Sam in his life. He tells her that he and Sam are through. But she realizes that he won’t be able to get over Sam so easily. He might regret it one day if he closes the door on their possibilities forever.

Right then, Sonny tells Emily that he cannot drag her through his problems. She confirms that he is breaking up with her.

Lucky’s squad car runs into Edward Quartermaine’s car. Edward comes and asks what is going on. He then notices Lucky is driving the car and he appears courteous. He then looks inside the car and notices Maxie Jones. He asks Lucky what she is doing in his police car.

Elizabeth goes and talks to Nikolas about the problems she’s having in her marriage. She tells him that she’s been in denial for long time that Lucky has a drug addiction. She was able to see some obvious signs. It seemed that Lucky was recovering from his back injury too soon and too easily. She knows that Patrick refused to prescribe more pills. She’s seen some very suspicious behaviors in Lucky. She discovered the bottle of pills the first time and he tossed them into the harbor and told her he was done taking them. She believed him because she wanted to. But she discovered the pills again. She also knows that pills have been stolen from the hospital. She asks nikolas if he knows how to help his brother. Not far away, Colleen the nanny is hiding and eavesdropping upon their conversation.

Carly tells Jason that she is worried that he cannot run the business by himself. She tells him that maybe she can help him run the business. He tells her he will never get her involved in his business. She tells him she is a great business woman He needs to realize what she can offer him. He then tells her that he will not risk her life any more than he’s going to risk Sam’s life. SO she better get over it.

Sonny tells Emily that he has no right to cause her so much pain. But she does not want to let go. She asks him why he cannot give it more time and see how things go. He tells her that little bit of therapy he’s gotten has made him see things differently. She cries and asks him how he sees things differently. He admits to her that he cannot stop loving her. But he now realizes that to drag her through this is the most selfish decision he could make. She tells him no. Giving up on them is the most selfish decision he could make.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas she apologizes. She did not mean to come there and fall apart. He tells her that it’s totally ok for her to come and talk. Right then, Colleen interrupts. She tells him she did not know that he had company. He introduces her to his sister in law and asks her if she can let him talk to Elizabeth alone. She leaves. He tells Elizabeth that he knew that Lucky was upset. But he did not realize that he had this problem. He just assumed that Lucky was stressed by having to be in the hospital but he thought that once Lucky got back to work, he’d be ok. She admits that she could not believe that her husband would be addicted to drugs. He tells her that maybe it’s not as bad as they fear. Maybe he is only taking the pills for his bad back. Maybe it’s not a crutch. And maybe he will stop. He tells her she must realize that her husband loves her and only wants to do right by her.

Lucky apologizes to Edward for being so careless as to run into his car. Edward is surprisingly gracious and tells Lucky that he has no problem with the fact that if anybody had to damage his car, it would be a law enforcement officer who protects the streets from crime. He tells Lucky he is glad to at least know that some “drug crazed criminal” did not hit his car. He tells Lucky how proud and how in his debt he is for all Lucky has done. Lucky did a heroic deed to end Manny Ruiz. When Lucky hears that, it makes him even more upset to know that he is taking credit for something he does not deserve.

Carly tells Jason that he knows that he is still in love with Sam and he cannot believe that he can let her go. She tells him that if the two of them are together, then they will have the love that they’ve always wanted and needed in their lives. She urges him to think really hard about that. Right then, they are interrupted by Jason’s business colleague.

Sonny concludes to Emily that she had a terrible thing to happen to her. Her marriage fell apart. But because of who she is, she wanted to take care of him. She then asks him if after a few days in therapy, he believes that he is an expert. He tells her no. He just never had the guts to admit that he really needed to have her with him. He tells her that he mistakenly thought that he was taking care of her, when in fact, she was fixing him. And maybe he was just sensing that another break down was coming. And she was with him because of her kindness and who she is. He tells her that she never gave up on him. She may have saved his life. But he gave nothing in return. She cries and tells him that he’s told her that he loves her and that she saved his life. But he’s now asking her to leave. She asks him how he can do that. After all the promises and ending his relationship with Jason just so that they can be together. He tells her that he’s spent their entirely relationship afraid that she would someday find out who he really is. He tells her that she must know that no matter how much medication he takes and therapy he gets, he will always be ruthless. He has sometimes killed to get what he wants. And that is who he is. She cries and looks at him .He concludes to her that that is why he cannot be with her.

Jason’s business associate interrupts his meeting with Calry. She tells him that she and Jason were in the middle of a very important discussion. Jason tells her she needs to leave him alone with the guy. She tells Jason he must call Sam and she leaves. His contact tells him that he might be in danger and there might be retaliation of he does not make a move soon.

Sonny tells Emily that all he wants for her is to be happy. She tells him that she thinks she’s felt this coming when he sent her away. He tells her that he was only protecting her. She tells him he can tell himself anything he wants. He may not want her to see him at his worst. She concludes to him that she will not fight and she will not beg. She will not be like every other woman he’s been with. She gets up to leave. He tells her that she has good reason to hate him. She tells him she will never hate him. He gave her a wonderful gift. He helped her to see how strong she really is. He helped her recover from something terrible happening to her. And she tells him that now it may be his turn. He tells her that he will try to be as strong as she is. She tells him that it may all be worth it to her if he is well. He tells her if she can walk out of there with something worthwhile, then it will make it easier to let go. She cries and tells him she will send for her things. She cannot bear the idea of packing right now. He hugs her. He tells her he wants her to be happy. She will be a brilliant doctor, a wonderful wife, a lucky man’s best friend and an angel. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her she can be what she already is and she will make him sorry that he’s asked her to leave. She leaves and he cries.

Georgie goes outside of Kelly’s and notices Nikolas sitting at the table. She asks if she can get him anything. He tells her he’s just there to wait for his brother. Lucky appears and asks NIkolas what he wants. Nikolas informs Lucky that Elizabeth came to talk to him. Hearing that, Lucky angrily tells NIkolas that Elizabeth had no right to go behind his back. He tells Nikolas aht Elizabeth is flirting with Patrick Drake. Nikolas then asks Lucky if it’s untrue that he’s taking pills. Lucky tells Nikolas that he is only taking the stuff for the pain. He demands to know what kind of trash Elizabeth told Nikolas about him. Nikolas confronts Lucky about how obvious it is that he’s got a problem. Lucky then goes after NIkolas and pushes him down on the ground. Right then, Georgie comes out and demands to know what they are doing. Nikolas asks Lucky if he is not addicted to the pills, then why did he lie about it? Lucky answers that he lied because he wanted to avoid a confrontation with Elizabeth. He tells Nikolas that he appreciates his concerns. But only he and Elizabeth can save their marriage.

Edward returns home and asks if anybody cares that an old man was almost killed in a car accident. Right then, he notices Emily there unexpected. He knows that she is upset. She tells him that she’d like to stay there for longer than just to visit. She wants to come home. He then tells her that she is always welcome in his house. But he’s concerned that “that creep” might have hurt her. She tells him that it’s not like that. He tells her that he is so happy that she’s finally come to her senses and no longer wants to be near that animal. She tells her grandfather that she realize he does not care for Sonny but she does not want to hear it. He protests to her that that man tried to physically attack him when Justus died. She protests that Sonny was very sick and did not mean to hurt anybody. And she tells her grandfather that if he keeps trashing Sonny, she will be forced to defend him. Edward then tells her that he wants her back and he won’t upset her.

Jason goes to Sonny’s after Sonny has asked to see him. Sonny is drinking. He admits to Jason that Lanie has advised him not to drink. But he sees no harm in it. And he tells Jason that he has some news that Jason might be interested in hearing. He informs Jason that tonight, he let go of Emily.

Lucky returns home to Elizabeth. She tells him she’s glad he’s home. He tells her so is he. But he cannot accept the fact that she is accusing him of being a pill popper. It’s not enough that she believes this, but she has to go behind his back to his brother. She tells him that she just wants to get them some help. He admits to her that he physically attacked Nikolas. She is shocked to hear that and tells her husband that he must realize that he has a problem.

At Kelly’s, Georgie tells Maxie that Lucky is really out of line with the way he attacked Nikolas. Maxie defends Lucky to Georgie and tells her his wife is unworthy of him. Elizabeth is messing around with Patrick Drake. Georgie is surprised to learn that her sister knows so much about Lucky’s personal life. She urges her sister to please assure her that her “crush” on Lucky has ended. And remembering that Maxie told her she was seeing a married man, she fears that he might be the one.

Colleen is scheming alone in the house with the baby. Nikolas comes home with his lip split after his altercation with Lucky.

Carly goes to the Quartermaine house, knowing that Emily is there. She DOESN’T seem to want to gloat that Emily and Sonny broke up. She tells Emily that she is sorry. She sounds sincere. And she is grateful to Emily for helping Sonny. But she tells Emily that there is one thing she does not get. She asks Emily why, now, she is abandoning Sonny when he needs her most.

After learning that Sonny broke up with Emily, Jason tells him he realizes that it’s never easy to break up with somebody. Sonny concludes that he is setting Emily free and letting her have the life that she deserves. Jason admits to Sonny that he had no business preventing them from being together. And he concedes to Sonny that he believes that Emily got Sonny the help that he(Jason) could never get for him. And he tells Sonny he’s glad that he and Emily had their time together.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that his biggest problem is that she does not believe him. He asks her why she went behind his back to his brother. He tells her that without the pain pills he will either be on disability or stuck at some desk job. And he won’t let that happen. She asks him if he is really not addicted to the pills. He tells her he is not an addict. He’s just a cop with a bad back. But she tells him that they have to get him into treatment.

Georgie tells Maxie that she hopes that Maxie would not “be with” Lucky Spencer. It’s not appropriate that she’s sleeping with a married man. Maxie protests that Lucky cares about her. Georgie tells Maxie that they are practically related. She must realize that Lucky will not leave Elizabeth for her. Georgie concludes to her sister that when she gets her heart broken, she will deserve what she gets if she cannot get over this delusion she has. Maxie is very adamant that she has a future with Lucky, however.

Emily concludes to Carly that she(Carly) will always be a constant in Sonny’s life. They have children together and will always be connected. So she urges Carly to not let Sonny give up on his treatment.

Jason tells Sonny that he should have seen that Sonny needed help and gotten him to a doctor. Sonny tells Jason he did not want a doctor. He wanted a friend. Jason tells Sonny he’s been some friend to sit by and let him suffer. Sonny tells Jason that he was there for him to trust him and not ask him to change. He also admits to Jason that he would have never believed that “what he had” had a name. And were it not for the kids, he would not even consider following through with therapy. Jason tells Sonny that he hopes he will follow through. Sonny thenconcludes to Jaosn that he may need Jason to take over the organization indefinitely. Hearing that, Jason looks at Sonny and does not appear happy.

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