GH Update Monday 7/31/06

General Hospital Update Monday 7/31/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky reveals to Elizabeth that he believes that he was not the super cop after all. He did not successfully rid society of Manny. He doesn’t even know how to operate a gun the way a law enforcement officer can. She attempts to assure him that he must believe that he is the hero. He says he knows that it was Jason that fired the shot that killed Manny. And no police department gives medals for cops only attempting to shoot criminals. She hugs him. But right then, she is able to tell that he has a big bottle of drugs in his pocket. She asks him why he would be doing this behind her back. Right then, he turns it around by telling her that he knows that she has set him up.

Jason and Sam are stuck in the elevator together forced to talk and admit the feelings they still have for each other.

Carly is at Sonny’s. She gets him to take a lithium pill. He swallows it.

Elizabeth tells Lucky how dare he accuse her. She tells him that she put her arms around him to love and comfort him and she felt the bottle in his back pocket. She did nothing wrong. She thought she saw him throw the last prescription right into the harbor. He lied to her that he was done taking the pills. She demands to know where he got them. Did he see anther doctor? Is he buying them off the streets? Right then, realizing that hydrocordone has been stolen from the hospital, she asks him to please tell her that he did not steal it. He goes out the door.

Skye is talking to Robert about a secret place where she can move to where Lorenzo won’t’ find her. They brainstorm about where she should go. He tells her that in rural Iowa, Lorenzo would never think to look for her. She admits that she’d prefer not to leave. She loves the Quartermiaines and knows that they love her. He asks her if the Quartermianes are the only people she does not want to leave. She tells him that she considered Lorenzo but now knows that it won’t work between them. He tells her he was not thinking about Lorenzo. He was thinking about Luke. He knows she still has feelings for Luke. She then tells Robert that he may tell Luke that she’s gone and she is ok. She hugs him. And right then, the elevator opens and Lorenzo sees them.

Sam admits to Jason that for such a long time, she did not know what she thought or felt or what he thought or felt. She admits that she misses them. It is not all his fault. She tells him that she should not have started off by firing ultimatums at him. She tells him that she knows that she did not do any good with some of the things she did. She tells him that she should not have blown up at Carly when she came to visit him at the hospital. She admits that she assumed, at that point, that he was choosing Carly over her. Jason tells Sam that he was not doing that. She admits that she knows that now. She now knows that Carly just went to talk to him because she was concerned about Sonny.

Sonny tells Carly that he is willing to take his chances without the therapy or the meds. But Carly tells him that he has to see this through. He must know that lanie is good and she will know how to help him. He then asks her when she became such an expert. How did she know to come there? She tells him that she has psychic abilities. She knows when to find him. She had a hunch. He must know that they go way back and know how to read each other’s minds. He tells her that he knows she’s not telling him something. She then admits to him that Lanie called her and asked her to come over and she was very concerned. Hearing that, Sonny asks Carly if Lanie talked to her about his therapy and he asks her what Lanie said.

When Lorenzo catches her on the elevator with Robert, Skye asks him why he cannot respect her privatcy. He ask sher if he is supposed to accept the fact that she is spending time with a retired spy. He tells her the knows that she is asking Mr. Scorpio to take her to a place where he canto find her. And he tell sher wherever she lands. Whatever mountaintop or foreign land she is staying, he will track her down no matter what. Rober thten reminds Lorenzo that this lady is pregnant. She does not need any stress. And he tells her Lorenzo that he will ask him, like a gentleman, to back off.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows that couples have buttons that they push before they even walk out or they have angry sex. She then tells him that she hopes he did not share personal details about his relationship with Lanie. She seems very concerned that he may have shared too much. He then tells her that he’s certain that she’s told Lanie some personal things about him. He then asks her if she should not go back to therapy. He then jokes with her about all the sexual things he’s shared with Lanie. He tells her that when she are in an office with a therapist, you sometimes have to tell the truth. She tells him that there is a such thing as discretion. She tells him that Lanie must think that she is some sort of a masochist to have taken him back so many times.

Jason admits to Sam that he thought there was something wrong with Sonny. But he did not think it was his place to stop him. He felt that if he’d done that, it would be very hypocritical. He then tells her that when Manny grabbed her, his entire focus was about getting her back. And when he knew that Sonny needed help, that was when he went to Carly. She concludes that he chose Sonny over her. He tells her that it was not a choice. She reminds him that there is always a choice. She realizes that Sonny is his oldest friend and he will always come first. He then tells her that he knows that she needed him more. She tells him that it did not change anything.

Elizabeth goes to the hospital to talk to Patrick. She informs him that she remembers his telling her that he suspected that Lucky had a drug problem. And she informs him that she just noticed that Lucky had a big bottle of pills in his back pocket. She tells him that Lucky threw the pills in the harbor in front of her and told her that he wouldn’t take any more of them. But now she knows that he’s been secretly taking them behind her back. And he may very well have stolen the pills from the hospital.

Lucky is, right then, on the docks, popping pills. He’s freaking out. Emily appears. He lashes out and her and tells her that he knows Elizabeth must have sent her there .She does not trust him and she does not love him. Emily tells him that he must realize that Elizabeth loves him and he needs to not be a fool and push her away.

Robert tells Lorenzo that he knows Lorenzo believed he intended to be a good dad. But he should have thought about that before doing what he did not long ago. Lorenzo then tells Robert he does not remember asking for his advice. Robert tells him that Skye wants to put the child’s interests first. And if he wanted that also, he’d know that he needs to stay as far away from his child as possible, now that he’s made the choice that he’s made. Lorenzo protests to Robert that he has a son that he never even knew existed until he was an adult. And nothing and nobody is going to keep this child of his away from him.

Carly tells Sonny that she knows that he was there for her when she had her breakdown. He tells her that it was the least he could do because he caused it. She tells him that she is responsible for her own situation. She lost it and it was not his fault. She admits that she has to worry about her own mental health and how she can prevent having another breakdown. She tells him that she is making efforts not to fall back into where she was before. He tells her that they have seen each other through a lot. She reminds him that it was not all bad. She asks if he remembers when they lost their baby. And she tells him that that was him at his best. He was dealing with his own pain but he took care of her instead. And they relive when they were at the island together after losing their baby. She concludes to him that that was a time when they were really good together. And she tells him that that was when she knew that she loved him.

Jason tells Sam that she has a job and a mother and two sisters who love her and a nice house. And she doesn’t have to have guards around the clock in order for her to be safe. And she doesn’t have to be affected by his work. She tells him that she never had a problem with his work. He tells her he knows she did not. But he did not like having to inconvenience her and keep her in the dark and prevent her from living and growing because of it. He tells her at least now she has a normal life. She tells him she has never had a normal life. She’s very used to instability. And she asks him if he’s going to be in charge of the organization forever. She asks him why he cannot go back to the way things used to be. He tells her that it’s not that simple. She tells him that it could be. Right then the elevator door opens and they must depart. He tells her good luck with her GED test. She asks him if that is all he has to say to her. He departs without anything more to say. Right then, she gets a call from Ric who informs her that Kristina needs to see her.

Sonny tells Carly that it’s hard to understand where the line is and when you could be getting into trouble.. He tells her that he’s many times wanted to be alone. But for him, being alone is one of his greatest fears. He then tells her that he is just curious about one thing. He asks her how she felt when Emily moved in. Was she jealous or what she just concerned that he was going to have another breakdown? She admits that it was a bit of both.

Elizabeth informs Patrick that Lucky came home from work early today. And when she put her arms around him, she discovered pills in his back pocket. And as soon as he knew that she knew, he lashed out at her and blamed her and accused her of setting him up. She is very concerned about his anger and his recent behaviors. He tells her that those are some of the symptoms of having a dependency on a substance He asks her if she wants any advice. She tells him yes. He tells her that she needs to sit down and have a very serious talk with Lucky. She needs to make him realize that she loves him. He will have to get into rehab. And she can’t do it for him if he refuses. He has to really want to get clean. He tells her that she must know that she is not responsible for this. Lucky makes his own choices. She tells him that she really appreciates his help. He tells her any time she needs to talk, she may contact him. And wouldn’t you know? She hugs him. And Lucky gets to have full view of them again when he gets off the elevator.

Skye goes to talk to Robert about her concerns that Lorenzo can find her no matter where she goes

Lucky goes to find Maxie to get some more pills after seeing Elizabeth with Patrick again. She is a little concerned that he’s getting really edgy.

Sam goes to the hospital to meet Ric and Kristina after he’s called her. Kristina needs to see her big sister before a doctor’s appointment. And they really seem to bond well.

Carly meets Jason on the docks and admits again that she is concerned that Sonny does not want to get more therapy. He tells her that he blames himself for enabling Sonny all those years. And he tells her that he has refused to take pills and listen to doctors throughout his life. She tells him that his situation is different. He is not sick. And she tells him that she does not understand what Sonny is going to need to do in order to get better.

Emily goes back to Sonny’s. he tells her that he took the meds. She tells him good. He tells her he’s sorry that he yelled at her. And he tells her he really appreciates her taking care of him but it’s not her job.

Right when Robert is making plans to help Skye hide from Lorenzo, Lorenzo barges in, grabs a hold of him and demands to know what he’s done with Skye. Robert tells him he will only know where Skye is if she wants him to.

Elizabeth is alone without her husband crying.

Lucky and Maxie are in a car together. He tells her that he went to apologize to Elizabeth at the hospital. But once again, she was with Patrick. He tells her that he’s glad she is there. They kiss. But right then, the car moves forward without their knowing.

At the hospital, Ric tells Sam that he’s really glad that she was there for Kristina. She tells him that Kristina is her little sister an she loves her. She also informs him that she got stuck in an elevator with Jason not long ago. And it was very awkward.

Carly and Jason mull over whether Sonny should continue taking the medication. She asks him if that would mean that he will have to take over the organization until Sonny gets better. And what if “getting better” will mean that Sonny will never again be willing or able to take back the organization. Will Jason run it forever? She asks him what that would mean for his life.

Sonny tells Emily that he will never be able to thank her enough for her helping him to get treatment. But he cannot put her though this again. He has to see this through, he tells her . And he has to do it alone. She looks at him speechlessly.

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