GH Update Wednesday 7/26/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/26/06


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At the hospital, Patrick talks to Robin about their different medical opinions in third person. She argues back to him in third person. Epiphany then tells them that she’s very sick of these games. They can work out their differences in front of a board or in a supply closet. But they better get over themselves. Not far away, Nikolas and the nanny, Colleen, bring baby John in for a check up. Right then, Emily rushes in and tells them that she is ready to help Nikolas because she assumes he’s called her.

At Alexis’s home, she catches Sam before she goes out the door and asks her how much she knows about Sonny’s bi polar disorder and how much Ric would have told her.

At the station, Mac asks Jason who is now in charge of Sonny’s business dealings. Jason replies that that would be himself. Ric won’t accept that.

Patrick asks Robin why she is so stubborn about waiting to get a patient in for surgery. She asks him why they should rush. She asks him why he has nothing better to do with his time. Is it because Carly would not sleep with him? She tells him that she knows that Carly would not sleep with him because she knows he’s been with her(Robin) and she is HIV positive. Patrick then asks Robin when she’s going to stop hiding and using HIV as an excuse for everything. Right then, they rush a patient in. She is all bloody and informs them that she has AIDs.

Emily confirms to Nikolas and Colleen that the reason she is there is because Nikolas’ butler, Alfred called her. Alfred is obviously playing matchmaker in an attempt to get Nikolas and Emily back together. Colleen leaves them alone. He tells Emily that Alfred shouldn’t have dragged her into this and he apologizes But he reveals that he’s very happy that Emily is there.

Maxie goes to meet a guy at the docks to score some pills. And it looks like he wants her to “pay” for the bargain he’s given her. But before he can rape her, Lucky comes and saves her. He then asks Maxie if she is ok. She tells him that she should have known better than to buy drugs from that dealer. He then puts his arm around her and walks with her.

Alexis asks Sam why she did not tell her mother anything about what Ric told her about Sonny. Sam admits that she’s discussed it with Emily. Alexis tells Sam she did not realize that Sam is such good friends with Emily. Sam tells Alexis if she’s concerned about that because Emily is Jason’s sister. Alexis tells Sam that she found out about Sonny’s illness from Carly, at the hospital. And they confirmed that it is genetic. So she is worried about two of her daughters being at risk because of genetics. And she has another daughter who is still in love with her ex boyfriend who is a hit man.

At the station, Jason and Ric argue about Sonny’s best interests. Ric tells Jason that if Sonny responds to the treatment and therapy, he will realize that Ric is the one who helped him get the help he needed. Jason tells Ric if that happens, then it will happen. But for now, Sonny will make his own decisions. And Jason’s job is to protect him from people like Ric.

Jason tells Ric if he pulls any more stunts with Sonny, then he will charge ric with fraud and criminal misrepresentation. Ric laughs at that and asks Jason how much he knows about legal terms. Jason tells Ric that he knows of all of the terrible things he’s done to Sonny and he does not trust him.

Jason goes and talks to Mac who tells him, privately that if there has to be a mob in this town, he’d prefer that Jason run it. He trusts him more than he trusts Sonny. Jason asks him if he’s supposed to thank him. Mac tells Jason he mustn’t’ misunderstand. He only sees Jason as the lesser of two evils.

Sam tells Alexis that she realizes she has to get over Jason. And everybody is judging her for how she feels. But she wishes people would stop telling her how she is supposed to feel. Alexis tells Sam that she has a lot of concerns about the genetic risk Kristina has for Bi polar disorder. She wonders what it could have meant all the while she’s noticed Kristina tantrum and cry one minute and then laugh and be happy the next.. Sam tells Alexis she realizes that she has concerns Kristina and Molly’s genetic risk for getting Sonny’s illness. But what does that have to do with Alexis’s concerns bout Sam? Alexis tells her daughter that what she can do in order to help Kristina is to be a good example for her. Sam can find a sane and reasonable life for herself. And she must realize that Kristina might not have that choice.

Lucky goes into a private room with Maxie. She can tell that he is still in pain. He tells her that he has to get off of this medication She tells him that he only took that stuff because he was in pain and needed it. Not because he wanted to get high. She reminds him that he just wanted to get back to work and be an active cop and not on desk duty. He then takes the pills and tells her he doesn’t want her to be putting herself at risk for him. She tells him that she is ok. He gets up and goes out the door. And he pops more pills.

Georgie goes to clear a table outside of Kelly’s Dillon sees her and sits. She goes and takes his order as if they are strangers. He tells her that he realizes he messed up and he wants to make it up to her. She then asks him if he wants to order or not. Right then, Lulu enters and Georgie tells her that this “customer” needs to be waited on. And she seems to know how to meet his needs.

Nikolas tells Emily that he just wants to get baby John on a schedule and make certain that his immunizations are up to date. He tells her that he missed out on a pretty important connection. He does not want John to grow up like he did. Whenever he got a check up growing up, there were tons of people all around. He got world class medical care. But he felt like one of the prized horses. And he doesn’t want John to have that. He wants him to be part of the real world. He wants him to know that he has sane people there for him. Not far away, Colleen overhears their conversation.

When Robin and Patrick are debating on what to do, Ms. Sneed enters and tells them that the AIDs patient will not be admitted because she has no medical insurance and not much of a life expectancy. Robin asks her if she is implying that she will not admit the patient because she has AIDs. Ms. Sneed nods her head. She protests that the patient presents a substantial risks for other patients and her condition was caused by her personal life style choices. Robin asks her ifs she is aware of the AIDs wing of the hospital. Ms. Sneed reminds Robin that that is an outpatient facility. This would be an inpatient procedure and she cannot risk what would happen if this highly contagious patient was admitted for. Robin asks Ms. Sneed of she is discriminating against this patient just because she does not have money to pay for the surgery. At that point, Patrick lashes out at Ms. Sneed and demands that Epiphany gets her out of there. Ms. Sneed tells Patrick if he performs surgery on the AIDs patient, he will be in trouble. He tells her that he refuses to let the patient die.

Gerogie tells Lulu and Dillon that she can tell that their behaviors have demonstrated that they are desperate for each other. And they should be together. Dillon needs to give up on her. And Lulu can have him. But Dillon takes Georgie aside and asks her if she loves him. Georgie admits to Dillon that she is too young to know whom she loves. She leaves and Dillon confirms to Lulu that he loves Georgie because of all that they have been through. Lulu is clearly disappointed.

Maxie tells Lucky that he saved her and that is all that matters. She kisses him and he does not stop her.

Ric returns home and asks Alexis what the big emergency is. She asks him when or if he was ever going to get around to telling her about Sonny’s illness and that their own children could be affected by it. He asks her how she found out about it. She tells him that she talked to Carly who told her that Sonny was diagnosed with bi polar. And even Carly knows that it’s genetic and has similar concerns for Morgan. She is very concerned how this could affect Kristina and Molly. He tells her that the very reason why he did not tell her is because he knew how she’d overreact to it. He tells her that instead of vilifying him, maybe she should be confronting the very person who has caused Sonny’s illness to get worse, who is also the person who has corrupted her oldest daughter’s life.

Sam runs into Jason and tells him that she is concerned that maybe Sonny’s illness could affect her two little sisters. He sounds very sensitive and sincere to her. She admits that she is so blown away by how he always knows the right things to say. She then tells him she wishes that she could make herself hate him and believe he is a jerk. She wishes he would just walk away so that she can get over him. He then goes out the door. But it looks like that is not what she really wants.

Ric explains to Alexis that after Jason stole Sonny’s business, he suspected that Sonny would have a break down. He got to witness first hand that Sonny has bi polar disorder and he confirmed that Sonny has been having these episodes for a long time. She asks him why he never told her about that. He tells her that he wants to, first of all, help his brother have a good life and get him away from Jason. Right then, she silences him and tells him that he needs to stop obsessing about his brother and spend more time being concerned about his family with her.

At the hospital, Colleen tells Nikolas that she’s observed how well he gets along with his ex wife. He admits to her that he and Emily go back a long time. The two of them and Lucky and Elizabeth were the four musketeers. And he confirms that Emily is one of his closest friends and will always be close to him. He gets on the elevator with the baby.

Lucky and Maxie are in bed looking like they are going at it.

Patrick calls Alan Quartermaine and tells him that they must perform surgery on an AIDs patient and Ms. Sneed cannot prevent the patient from getting this care. Alan then turns to Ms. Sneed and tells her that her job is not to make any medical decisions or question hospital policy. She protest that even if Dr. Drake’s procedure is successful, it will cause many risks. And she makes it clear that the fact that the patient does not have health care insurance makes a difference. Ms. Sneed argues about how this patient may not be worthy of medical care because of her personal life style choices. But Alan tells her that her job is to find a way to get funding for care for all patients and not to hassle his doctors when they are attempting to save a life. He then tells Patrick and Robin that he will get them set up to do the surgery and take full responsibility for what happens.

Lulu asks Dillon why it is that Georgie can lie to him over and over again and he forgives her. But she lies only once, and they are done. HE replies that it’s because he loves Georgie. She tells him that he must accept responsibility for his actions in having sex with her. He admits to her that she is right. He made a big mistake by throwing away the best thing in his life. And he’s never going to do that again.

Nikolas and Colleen return home with the baby and Emily is there. He asks Colleen to take the baby and he sits alone with Emily. She has an iced caramel mocha and asks him if he wants a sip. He tells her he remembers some of her previous favorite drinks. She tells him she remembers that he converted her drink preferences and this is her new secret pleasure. They laugh. He tells her that he will talk to Alfred and get him to stop his secret matchmaking.

Lucky and Maxie lie in bed together. And it looks like he’s about to admit to her that he regrets what has happened and doesn’t want it to happen again.

In the locker room, Robin and Patrick talk about how they are impressed that Dr. Alan Quartermaine was heroic in getting Ms. Sneed to back off. They talk about whether Ms. Sneed might scare Noah off from performing the surgery on the woman because she has AIDs. He asks if she thinks that they will have trouble finding a surgical team just because this patient has AIDs. She tells him that it can be very surprising who can back out at the last minute when they are afraid of HIV. He then concludes to her that if nobody will help them with the surgery, then they can do it by themselves. Right then, Epiphany come and surprises them with authorization for many people to assist them.

Nikolas tells Emily that he does not want her to be obligating herself to take care of baby John. She tells him that she wants to be a part of his baby’s life. He admits to Emily that Alfred has figured out that the happiest he(Nikolas) has ever been was when he was married to her.

Lucky gets up and dresses and admits to Maxie that this cannot ever happen again. Elizabeth is his wife. They’ve been having their problems. But he loves her and he won’t end his marriage. She sounds like she is ok with his decision. He concludes that she is amazing and he would not be able to do this without her. He asks her if she can promise him one thing; that she will keep this between them and nobody will ever know. She promises. He goes out the door and thanks her for everything.

At the station, Alexis asks to see Jason. He assumes that she wants to talk about legal issues. She tells him that she wants to talk to him about Sonny’s bi polar disorder. He tells her that he wants to encourage Sonny to get all the treatment that he needs. Alexis tells Jason she’s glad that he understands that. She tells him she also has concerns that he should be aware of, in regard to Morgan and Kristina and Molly. He tells her that he understands that also. She tells him that she is hoping that, now that he realizes that, that he understands that that is the reason why she has wanted Sam to stay away from him.

Sam returns home and Ric appears. He tells her that Alexis believes that it’s his fault that Sonny has bi polar disorder. And he’s a terrible husband. She tells him that she is over Jason. He tells her that he really does not believe that.

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