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General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/25/06


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After Alexis has concluded that it was not Sam who stole the files from the DA’s office, she goes to the hospital and informs Elizabeth that she believes that Lucky took them.

At the bar, Jason tells Carly that he’s a little worried what will happen when Sonny gets therapy. He will have to re-examine everything.

At Sonny’s, Emily tells Sonny that when she saw him have the breakdown, she was not afraid of him. She was afraid for him. She tells him that she believes that once he starts getting treatment, things will be better. She hugs him. He admits to her that Lanie has prescribed medication. She does not know exactly how much he will have to take but he will take it for the rest of his life. He tells her that he knows he may have to take this stuff. But he doesn’t want it to stop him from being himself. She can tell that he might not always take the stuff and she tells him that he cannot be playing Russian Roulette with his sanity. She tells him that bi polar disorder is a chemical imbalance. You cannot just stop it because you want to. She reminds him that he’s known that throughout his life. He tells her that the whole point of taking lithium is to control his emotions. And he does not want his life and his whole person to be compromised by drugs. She is very adamant that he has to take this stuff. Lanie knows what she is talking about. But he tells her he does not know how this stuff is going to affect him and he is not certain that he wants to find out.

At the hospital, Mac comes to see Alexis and she asks him if he might have a clue why it is that the files against Jason have disappeared. She also asks him how it is that his department has never been able to convict Sonny or Jason.

At the hospital, Georgie tells Elizabeth that she knows that Maxie has some sort of secret going on. She’s under suspicion for the missing prescription drug. She asks Elizabeth if she could please not tell Georgie’s dad.

Sam and Ric talk on the docks. He admits to her that he understands how annoying and self-righteous Alexis can sometimes be. But he tells Sam she must realize that her mother is really on edge. The mayor is putting pressure on her 24/7. He then asks Sam if she wants to go somewhere with him to have a drink. She agrees.

Carly tells Jason that he should not blame himself for the fact that Sonny has refused to get treatment all these years. Sonny was not going to listen even if Jason had told him to get therapy. Sonny has made his own choices. She reminds him that she has seen Sonny through many breakdown and knows hat Sonny has to make his own decisions. She sets him straight that he has never lied to Sonny or tricked or deceived him. He’s been a friend to him which is more than they can say about some people. Right then, Jason gets a call from Elizabeth. She tells him that there is something she needs to talk to him about right away.

Sonny tells Emily that many people believed that he was sick for wanting to be with her.. And what if they were right? She then tells him that Jason did not want them together because he was afraid that Sonny would hurt her. But now that he’s getting help, that’s no longer an issue. But he tells her it’s not just Jason. Many others don’t want them together. He tells her that he cannot assume that this therapy is going to work. She must know that he has a dangerous life. She tells him that she believes that the treatment can work. He asks her what if this whole thing pulls them apart. She tells him if he completes his therapy and he decides he does not want to be with her, then she will walk away.

Jason goes to meet Elizabeth on the docks. She informs him that there are files on him that are missing from the PCPD. Alexis is looking to find the person who took them. And she admits to him that it was she who destroyed the evidence. She shredded them. Hearing that, he tells her that if she were caught, she’d be facing criminal charges. But she tells him he need not worry. She was not caught. He asks her why she wants to put herself at risk. She tells him it’s because of all the things he’s done for her and for Lucky. She feels as though she owes him. He tells her he appreciates that butt was his own problem to handle. And he needs her to swear to him that she won’t do that again.

Sam and Ric go to the bar. She jokes about how boring and stuffy his life is. But she admits that anybody who can jump in the water and swim with his five year old step daughter is definitely not boring or stuffy. She acknowledges that this has been a fun afternoon. He grabs two pool sticks and asks her if she wants to play pool.

At the hospital, Lanie meets with Calry and tells her that she has some information about Sonny that could affect his children. She informs her that she diagnosed Sonny with bi polar disorder. It is genetic. Not all children of people who have it get it. But Sonny’ biological children could be at risk. Carly tells Lanie that Sonny has been through hell. Lanie tells Carly that she won’t let anything bad happen to Morgan if he follows in his father’s footsteps. If Morgan develops symptoms, then they can get him in for treatment so he does not end up like Sonny.

At Sonny’s, Emily is afraid that Sonny will find excuses not to take the medication. He wants to call Jason who agrees to come over and talk to him about it. But she tells him that he must know that Jason will only enable him. He asks her why she is blaming Jason. Jason is his friend. He doesn’t want to control people’s lives. She reminds Sonny that Jason saw him through many breakdowns but did nothing to help him. Sonny then tells her that this is not Jason’s decision or hers’. This is his life. And he has to decide how to live it.

Sam and Ric play pool together. But it looks like she wants to sit at the table alone. She tries to appear happy but is lost in thought. She admits that she is not over Jason. He tells her he is sorry. But she tells him she wishes she could snap out of it. He asks her if she wants to dance. She doesn’t seem to be in the mood for it. But he promises not to step on her toes. She looks a little happier after they dance.

Alexis goes to the hospital and runs into Carly. Carly asks her if she is there to see Lanie Winters. Alexis admits no. Carly tells her hat maybe she should. Alexis asks Carly what is going on. Calry informs Alexis that Sonny was diagnosed with bi polar disorder. Hearing that, Alexis tells her she has heard of that. She has worked with a client that has that and she knows that it’s genetic. Calry tells Alexis she might want to consider that it could be passed down to Kristina.

Jason walks into Sonny’s house while Emily is talking to Sonny. She urges Jason to realize that Sonny needs this medication. Sonny tells her that she does not have to talk about him as though he is not in the room. He tells her that he loves her and it means a lot him that she wants to help him. But he needs to make his own decision. Emily then concludes that she knows that Sonny may think she’s being a nag. But he’s fighting for his life. And he must know that he needs the medication and she urges him to take it. Jason sees that she is crying. She goes out the door. Alone with Jason, Sonny asks him what he would do if he was in Sonny’s position. He asks Jason if he would take something that numbs him out like a zombie if it meant that he was “cured”. Jason does not respond.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Emily that she does not know what to do in regard to her marriage with Lucky and her job at the hospital. She cannot prevent being around Patrick Drake because they work together. She doesn’t know what to do. Emily assures Elizabeth that she need not worry. Lucky will come around.

Right then, Sonny takes the prescription out of his pocket. He tells Jason that Lanie told him that doctors rarely get it right the first time. Sometimes they prescribe too much so that the person is too drowsy. Sometimes they prescribe too little and the medication is not effective. He asks Jason what if he takes this stuff and it turns him into a robot and he has no feelings or emotions.?What kind of a life is that? Jason asks Sonny if he trusts Lanie. Sonny admits to Jason that maybe he does not entirely want to be cured because he’s afraid that it will turn him into a different person. He tells Jason that he made a life for himself for better or for worse. And what if he takes that medication and finds out that everything that gave him joy in the way of business and respect and fpower, and most importantly, the people in his life. What if he finds out that they are not good for him and he has to give them up?

After finding out that Carly has discovered that Lanie has diagnosed Sonny with bi polar disorder, Alexis admits to Calry that if Kristina is at risk, then so is her entire family Ric is Sonny’s half brother and Molly is his niece.. She tells Carly that she can do some research on the internet and she tells her that she’s been through many experiences of children having tantrums. Calry tells Alexis that she always thought that Sonny’s problems and tantrums were from his past and his abusive father. Alexis tells Carly she realizes that that has something to do with it. But Calry tells her that they must look to see if Morgan or Kristina are at risk.

Elizabeth lights candles and wears a teddy and waits for Lucky to return home. But when he comes in, he is totally not in the mood. He tells her it’s been a long day. He’s tired and tonight is not the night. She tells him that she knows they’ve had some problems. But she wants to be with him. He must realize that there is nobody else for her. Definitely not Patrick Drake. He grabs a beer and tells her that he believes that it’s more than coincidental that every time he goes to the hospital, he sees Patrick with her. She tells him that Patrick flirts with all the women there. He reminds her that if Patrick wasn’t getting what he wanted, he’d quit. She tells him that Patrick only flirts with her in order to get to Robin. She then concludes that it is almost as if he wants her to be having a thing with Patrick. And she asks him why that is. She tells him he must realize that Patrick Drake is only one of many doctors in that hospital. He tells her that he feels as though he does not deserve her. She’s beautiful and smart and sweet. Maybe she should be with Patrick. But she tells him that that is absurd. He tells her that he just got over back surgery. She tells him that now they need to be together. She kisses him but he pulls away. She asks him what is the matter and why he is being this way. He tells her he does not know. She asks him if he’s sure that he is ok. He tells her that he’s ok and just has to take a shower. And he leaves.

Georgie meets Maxie on the docks and notices that she is in a good mood. She asks her why. She asks if it’s due to a “new guy”. Maxie tells her sister maybe. This guy is really cool and good looking and they share a common bond. Georgie asks her who this guy is. But Maxie is a little hesitant to tell her. Georgie reflects to her sister that she realizes that she really suffered a blow when Jesse died and asks if she’s ready to start seeing other people. Georgie tells her that maybe they should let their father know. But Maxie tells her sister that they cannot let Mac ever know. She admits that this guy is married.

Sam actually has fun dancing with Ric. They talk about his relationship with Alexis and hers’ with Jason. He then tells her hat it’s kind of amazing how Alexis and Jason so dislike each other but they are so much alike. Hearing that, she tells him that Jason would not want to hear him say that. He tells her that Jason, similarly to Alexis, needs everything to be his way. And she might have felt the same way toward Jason as he has felt to be with Alexis. Hearing that, Sam tells Ric she has to go. And she leaves.

Alexis tells Carly that she must realize that Sonny has been in denial for a long time about needing therapy. She tells Carly that she and Jason maybe need to stop enabling him. Carly tells Alexis that Sonny has to make his own decisions. But she won’t let him ruin his life or have any serious consequences. She informs Alexis that when Sonny first found out that he was bi polar, his first concern was how it would affect Kristina. Carly assures ALexis that Sonny cares about his children more than anything else.

Jason admits to Sonny that he could not imagine living with what Sonny is told he must live with. He tells him he really gets what he is facing right now. Sonny then admits that he does not know if he can do it. He doesn’t want to have to feel as though he is losing control. But unfortunately, he has an illness. And Dr. Winters wants him to deal with it with these lithium pills. Jason concludes that the medicine will help him get well and the kids will need that. Sonny then admits to Jason that Michael and Morgan once saw him have a breakdown. They were scared and he does not ever want that to happen again. And he’s worried that Kristina or Morgan could have it. Hearing that, Jason asks Sonny if he would want them to suffer if they had it or would he want them to get help? Sonny replies that of course he would want them to get help. But he just does not know if this stuff is going to make him seem different. He asks Jason if he will promise to tell him if he appears different. Jason says he promises. Sonny then takes a pill and drinks a glass of water. Jason watches him. His expression reveals that he might not want Sonny to be dong this. And then we see a picture of Sonny’s three children.

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