GH Update Monday 7/24/06

General Hospital Update Monday 7/24/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Patrick are at the metro court. Not far away, they notice Nikolas kissing Robin. Patrick watches and indicates that he might be jealous and have feelings for Robin

At the station, Alexis tells Sam ht she believes she knows why a file with incriminating records on Jason has disappeared. She believes that Sam has taken it. Sam does not deny having taken it but reminds Alexis that she is her daughter and her mother gave her this job.

At Sonny’s house, Jason tells Ric that he is onto him wit the dress. Carly has found out that he bought the dress and made Sonny believe that he did and had completely forgotten it when he did not. Ric denies it. He tells Jason that he only resents him because he is Sonny’s brother and Jason is afraid he will lose his “place” if Ric becomes close to his brother and gets him the help he’s never gotten before.

Meanwhile, Sonny is having a therapy session with Lanie. He admits to her that what he is feelings is the fear that he will shatter like glass. He concludes that that is what it is like to have bi polar disease.

After noticing that Patrick and Carly have seen them kiss, Nikolas tells Robin that they need to leave. The go out on the deck and Carly tells Patrick that he must know that Robin is only putting on a show. She reminds him that Nikolas has impeccable manners. He would not do anything unless Robin wanted it. And she tells him he can always give Robin a taste of her own medicine by putting on his own show for her to see.

Robin tells Nikolas that she knows that what they did was so immature. She’s stooping to Patrick’s level and just wishes she could give up on him.

Inside the metro court, Patrick tells Carly that he just wishes that he could give up on Robin

At the hospital, after noticing that Patrick has given Elizabeth flowers and that she seems really cozy around him, Lucky tells Maxie that he knows that his marriage is failing. He may not have enough time for his wife. But he has his work as a law enforcement officer. It’s important to him. And it looks as though the main reason Elizabeth goes to work is to see Patrick. Right then, he leaves. And although he is unable to see her, Elizabeth returns to work, gets off the elevator, alone, without Patrick, with no cares where Patrick is or whom he is with. Maxie is standing nearby. Elizabeth asks her if she’s seen Lucky. Maxie tells Elizabeth that she has not seen him.

Sam asks Alexis why she does not trust her.

At Sonny’s. Ric asks Jason how many times he has watched Sonny have a breakdown and done nothing. He believes that Jason wants to do nothing in response to Sonny’s illness. He doesn’t want Sonny to admit that he has a problem so that he will never get any help or get any better. And that way, he will be dependent on Jason.

Sonny concludes to Lanie that he realizes that he has bi polar disorder. She tells him that she is ready to diagnose it. He tells her that he is not exactly happy about it. But a part of him is at least relieved that he can do something about this. He asks her what she plans to do. She tells him that she will prescribe lithium. She tells him that his blood levels will have to be checked while he’s on the lithium. He then asks her how long he will have to take it. She tells him for the rest of his life. She warns him if he were to go off of this stuff, it will just be a matter of time before he has another breakdown.

After noticing that Patrick’s mind is somewhere else, Carly asks him why he can’t get his mind off of “little miss perfect”

Right then, Robin admits to Nikolas that she wishes she could get Patrick out of her mind.

Patrick tells Carly that he really likes Robin. She is a quality person. And he knows she avoids being close to people

Robin tells Nikolas that Patrick hides his feelings but has some heroic qualities.

Patrick admits to Carly that there is more than just good sex in his relationship with Robin. But the one thing that is wrong with them is commitment.

Robin tells Nikolas that the one thing that is wrong with her and Patrick is commitment.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Emily if she has seen Lucky. Emily admits she has not and knows that something has happened. Elizabeth tells Emily that Lucky saw her with Patrick and assumed the wrong thing. Right then, she assumes that Emily is going to defend Lucky. But Emily surprises her and tells her that Lucky is being totally unfair to her to be falsely accusing her of cheating on him. He needs to know that she is faithful and loves only him. They both agree that Lucky’s recent behaviors are so unlike him.

At the station, Alexis concludes that she has made a false accusation of her daughter. She tells Sam that she made a mistake and realizes this won’t be the first time. She hopes Sam can forgive her as she will forgive Sam for making mistakes also. Sam then tells Alexis she will do that. But when Sam goes out the door, she indicates she is angry by slamming the door and hitting the file cabinets.

Sonny comes downstairs to witness Jason and Ric in their argument. He asks them what is going on. Ric admits to his brother that Jason is accusing him of buying the dress that Sonny freaked when he saw Emily wearing. And he admits to Sonny that Jason is correct. He did buy it.

Carly asks Patrick why he is so surprised that Robin is doing this behavior. She was totally possessive of Jason. He reminds her that that was many years ago. She tells him that Robin is the same self righteous twit she always was and only wants him for herself. He tells her that he trusts Robin. She tells him he should not.

Nikolas asks Robin if she believes that one day, Patrick will look at her and be ready for a long term relationship. She admits to him that she’s never thought that far ahead and realizes that that is somewhat of a long shot. He then tells her that one thing he’s learned is that people are psychic. And if you care about them, you must leave the door open for your expectations. She asks if that means that she should tell Patrick the way she really feels. He telsher it’s better that she does it now than wait until she’s really invested more time and feelings into him. She then concludes that Nikolas is really wise. She needs to go and talk to Patrick. He tells her he will take care of Carly. They walk inside but discover that Patrick and Carly are gone. They obviously assume to know where they have gone and what they are doing.

Alexis goes to the hospital and tells Elizabeth she needs to find Lucky. Elizabeth asks her why she is looking for Lucky there. Alexis tells Elizabeth that she just wants to talk to Lucky about a file. Elizabeth seems to know that there is some sort of secret that Alexis will not tell her about.

At Sonny’s, Ric tells his brother that he believed for a long time, that Sonny would never get the help that he needed unless he hit rock bottom. Sonny then asks Ric if he intended to push him over the edge. Ric protests that what he did was not out of malice. He had to somehow motivate Sonny to get the help he needed before it was too late. Hearing that, Jason tells Sonny that Ric is absurd to say he wanted to help him. What he did was like putting a loaded gun in Sonny’s hands.

Nikolas takes Robin back to the hospital and tells her he enjoyed the evening he spent with her. She tells him she really appreciated his being there to listen while she bored him talking about Patrick. She hugs him like a platonic friend and departs. Emily then comes and tells Nikolas she’s surprised that he’s ended his evening with Robin so early. He tells her that their entire conversation was about Patrick. He can clearly tell that she is in love with Patrick. She tells him it’s kind of odd that Patrick came and asked her many questions about her “relationship” with Nikolas. He concludes to her that he hopes that Patrick and Robin can resolve their differences and not deny themselves the love that they have. He looks at her and she seems very attentive to hear him talk about how some people really lose a lot of value by denying the love they have. Is he talking about Robin and Patrick or about himself and Emily?

Carly and Patrick go to the bar. She seems to know that he has Robin on the brain and may not want to risk losing her by sleeping with Carly. She reminds him that since Robin hates her guts, she may never forgive him for sleeping with her. But he admits to her that he needs to “use” her. And she agrees.

At Sonny’s, Jason asks Sonny if he believes that there is any justification for what Ric has done. He’s done so many terrible things to him. Sonny cannot trust him. Ric then asks Sonny what this man(Jason) has ever done for him except enable him to stay sick and deny the problem he has and do nothing about it. Sonny then tells Ric he’s sorry. But Jason can be trusted. Jason has never manipulated him or shown any dishonest behavior. Ric, on the other hand, has shown Sonny that he cannot be trusted with his underhanded scheming and manipulation. He concludes to Ric, that he does not want him in his life. Ric protests to his brother that he has not mean any harm. But Sonny tells Ric that he needs to go. It’s what is best for both of them.

After Jason and Ric are gone, Emily comes to see Sonny and asks if he is alright. He then informs her that Ric admitted to buying the dress. And Ric explained that he did in order for Sonny to get help before it’s too late. He thought it was an act of “tough love”. She tells him she is really sorry to find that out but maybe Ric was acting in his best interests. He tells her that that is so typical of Ric to be pulling these kinds of stunts. He cannot trust him, forgive him, overlook this or take Ric back after knowing that he’d do this.

Jason then goes to the bar. Calry sees him and asks what he is doing. He tells her he’s just there to have a beer. She tells Patrick that she’s sorry but has a change of plans. Patrick tells her he totally understands and leaves. She then tells Jason that it’s odd that he’d be there. She knows that if he simply wanted beer, he could reach into his refrigerator at home. She knows the reason he’s out is because he could not stand the thought of going home to his empty house because he misses Sam.

Right then, Sam runs into Ric at the docks. She notices him kicking a pay phone. She tells him that she just smashed some file cabinets. Realizing they are both angry, she tells him he may go first. He tells her that he admitted to Sonny that he did a pretty sleazy thing to force Sonny to get therapy. But at least it worked. Sonny is seeing Lanie and taking lithium. She tells him that’s good and he should not believe he did anything wrong. He tells her that Sonny has pushed him out of his life. She tells Ric that Sonny may come around and realize that Ric only acted in his best interests. But he’s worried that Sonny will never forgive him. He tells her he’s asked himself what he would do if he has the same genetic predisposition to bi polar disorder as his brother has. Would he feel betrayed the way Sonny does? Or would he realize that somebody was acting out of tough love to save him? He tells her that at least he has not been enabling Sonny for years, the way Jason has been doing. Hearing him blaming Jason, Sam tells Ric that maybe he is unfair to Jason. He asks her why she keeps defending Jason after he broke up with her.

Patrick finds Robin at the hospital and tells her that he knows that she sent Jason to find him with Carly. She tells him that he is ridiculous to be accusing her of doing that. She does not care what he does. Neither does Jaosn. He tells her that she was using Nikolas in order to make him jealous. She tells him he used Carly to make her jealous. They both conclude that they did not use anybody to make the other jealous. But they both say they know they did make the other jealous.. She tells him that Carly will never be of any value in his life. She knows that he is avoiding her because she is HIV positive. And he’s using Carly because she is not. They both leave. And when Elizabeth is alone and unseen, she puts some important paper in the shredder.

Sonny informs Emily that he concluded to Lanie that he believes that he is bi polar. And he agreed to let her prescribe lithium. He shows her the bottle of the prescription. She hugs him and tells him how happy she is that he’s going to work to get better. He admits to her that he’s not certain how much of this stuff he will have to take every day of his life or what it’s going to do to be dependent on this drug forever. She tells him she will be there forever, no matter what happens.

Sam tells Ric that she really does not feel comfortable with this situation involving Alexis. If she disagrees or has any problem with Alexis, then it’s all her(Sam’s) fault. It’s a no-in situation with Alexis. He tells her he knows all too well the way Alexis is. She then asks him what she should do. He tells her she should stop trying so hard to live up to Alexis’ standards and just accept things the way they are.

Jason tells Carly that he finally got Ric to admit that he bought the dress in order to set Sonny up. Ric defended himself and said he did it in order to motivate Sonny to get help. But Sonny did not buy it and threw Ric out. She’s happy to hear that. He asks her what is going on with her and Patrick Drake. She tells him that Patrick is a way to get her mind off of Jax. He reminds her that not long ago, Jax was somebody she could not stand. She tells him that that changed. She really found out that Jax is worthwhile. They both know that Patrick will not completely meet her needs and will leave her with an empty void. They both conclude that she cannot expect Sonny to fill that void. And she tells him, in that case, the only way to keep her away from Sonny, is for her to get back with him.

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