GH Update Wednesday 7/19/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/19/06


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Dillon and Lulu awaken in the boathouse together. IT looks like they’ve slept together. He tells her that he is very afraid that they will be found out. He sounds like he is joking when he says that they have been found out. She tells him they mustn’t worry. All they need to do is get dressed and back into the house.

At the hospital, it looks like Patrick and Robin are not speaking directly and only communicating in third person about the others’ bad attitude and incompetence. At that point, Epiphany tells them that they need to implement a new hospital rule that doctors cannot date or have social involvement. They keep arguing in third person again. But she silences them by asking how highly educated they both are and why they are behaving like second graders. She demands that they stop or she will have them both reported for unprofessional conduct. Right then, Noah enters to witness them all.

Sam is leaving to start her first day working for Alexis, She runs into Jason. They are both startled to see each other.

At the Quartermaine house, Edward is reading the paper ad telling Alice that the stock market is a disaster and the economy is going to hell. Right then, Dillon walks in and acts like everything is great. He tells them how he loves his morning coffee. Not far behind him, Lulu enters. He then asks her if she knows the name of the band that he heard on her CD player. Alice says she knows the name of the rock band. Right then, Edward says she may be buying into this charade but he does not. He tells Dillon and Lulu that he knows they were together last night. He knows that they were in his car together. Tracy then enters and confirms to her father that they were not in his car. They were in the boathouse last night, having sex. Hearing that, Edward chokes on his coffee.

Noah enters and tells Patrick and Robin that he feels responsible for their interpersonal problems. They tell him that he need not worry about any loss. They could care less about each other. But he does not buy that.

Robert meets Skye at the metro court to talk about how she can hide herself and the baby from Lorenzo. She realizes that if he prevents Lorenzo from finding them, nobody else will be able to find them either. He reminds her that when she disappears, she has to really disappear. She must know that Lorenzo Alcazar has many ways to find her. She tells him she knows that. And she regrets how she will be hurling the people she loves. There will be so much that she and her baby will be missing out on. He then tells her that if she has any second thoughts, it’s not too late to back out. Right then, Lorenzo enters. She tell him that they were having a private conversation He tells them he knows what they were talking about. And he’s not going to let her take their child from him.

At the station, Alexis is gathering what she tells Ric is evidence against Jason and the Escobar case. She tells him that he must see that she has no way to convict him. He then tells her that he knows that Jason has taken over the organization and is guilty of money laundering. She sarcastically asks how she could have missed that. He tells her that maybe he is a better attorney than she is and odes not bring his emotions into the work place. He knows that she is preoccupied with Sam. She must know that she can do what no other DA in Port Charles has ever done. She can put Jason Morgan away.

Jason and Sam run into each other at the docks. He notices how conservatively she is dressed. She tells him that she is starting a new job and has to play the professional role. HE asks her what her new job is. She cannot answer. She tells him she must break herself of the habit of seeking his approval. She tells him she cannot pretend as though nothing has happened and that they can be friends. And she walks off.

At the metro court, Skye tells Lorenzo that he has to stop following her. He tells her that he just needs to protect his interests. She tells him that she must keep this baby away from him. He reminds her that it is his baby. She reminds him that he had a chance to clean up his act and give this baby a good life. But he chose not to do that. So she wants him out of their lives. Robert hears their conversation and leaves. Skye tells Lorenzo he needs to stop following her around. He tells her that he is protecting his interests. She tells him that she has to protect this baby form him. He reminds her that this is his baby. She reminds him that he had a chance to clean up his act and give this baby a good life. But he didn’t want to do that. She concludes that she does not want him near this baby. It’s as simple as that. Robert overhears their conversation and departs.

At the Quartermaine house, after hearing what Tracy has informed him about Dillon and Lulu, Edward tells Dillon that he is a rich, spoiled cad who is taking advantage of this poor, emotionally frail, vulnerable young girl. But Lulu protests that she is not helpless. Dillon is not taking advantage of her. They are choosing to spend time together. And what they do together is nobody’s business except theirs. Tracy tells them that she can put a “ban” on the boathouse. She asks Dillon what he was thinking. Dillon then tells his mother is what he was thinking is that he and Lulu are not children. They are careful and responsible. They are not related. He thinks she is a great person. And they want to be together.

Robin meets Noah in the hospital locker room. She apologizes for getting him involved in her mess with his son. She tells him that although she’s had it with Patrick. She should not take that out on him. He tells her that he realizes the way his son comes across. But underneath his front, he is not as bad as he appears. She tells him that she did not see the signs that he really is a jerk. But just because she had this misfortune of believing in somebody who was not worth it, does not give her the excuse to take it out on him. He tells her that there is a way she can make it up to him. She asks him how. He tells her that she can have lunch with his son.

At the hospital, Robert tells Skye that maybe she is overreacting about Lorenzo Alcazar. She tells him that he is a lot more dangerous than he appears. He tells her in that case, they need to go ahead with this plan right away. Skye then tells a nurse that she has a change of plans. She will have to have this baby out of town.

Robin explains to Noah that she and Patrick tried and failed to have a relationship. They found out that they were not compatible. He tells her that he wants Patrick to wake up and realize that there is more to his life than sleeping around and being afraid of commitment. He tells her that he does not want her and Patrick to make the same mistakes and miss out on what he had to miss out on when he was their age. She tells him that maybe there is nothing to lose if she and Patrick never see each other again. He tells her that they could underhand what they mean to each other if they would stop being so selfish. She then asks him if he really believes that Patrick would meet her for lunch if she did agree to meet him.

Tracy talks alone to Dillon. She asks her son why he is running around with Lulu. She thought that he was committed to Georgie. He tells her that he and Georgie are through. She asks him why. He tells her that Georgie cheated on him. She asks with whom. He tells her with Diego Alcazar. Tracy says she cannot believe that prudish, wholesome Georgie Jones would sleep with a convicted sex offender. She asks how he found out. Did Diego brag about it? He tells her no. She tells him that Georgie Jones is a annoying and plain and middle class and mainstream as she can be. But she is faithful. She asks him where he got this information. He tells her that Lulu saw them having sex. Tracy then tells her son that now she understands why he wants to believe that.

Sam goes to the station and gets ready to work. Alexis gives her a bunch of files. She carries them to the other room. And once again, she bumps into Jason. And she drops some files. He helps her pick them up and tells her he can get them straightened up for her. She asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that the city keeps inflicting fines because of the coffee business. She tells him he does not have to make efforts to avoid her. Right then, Alexis comes and asks what Port Charles’ favorite criminal is doing holding her police files.

Lulu is alone in the Quartermiane house. Tracy approaches her and tells her she is very clever. Lulu tells Tracy to go away. Tracy tells Lulu they have a lot in common. Lulu tells Tracy they have nothing in common. Tracy tells Lulu that they have Dillon in common. She tells Lulu that the two of them think a lot a like and they both want Dillon away from Georgie. She informs Lulu that she has stopped at nothing to keep her son away form that snotty valedictorian. She blackmailed a photographer to get nude photos of her. She threatened Dillon with boarding school. She cut off his money. She made them both go live in a rooming house, drop out of school and work at Kelly’s in order to be together. She got their marriage annulled. But none of that worked because Georgie and Dillon are in love. It’s very obvious to see. And why is it that when Lulu decides she wants to be with Dillon, she informs him that Georgie cheated on him?

At the hospital. Robert finds Robin to tell her that her mother has called him. She tells him that she is at work. He tells her that she cannot work all the time. She reminds him that he’s spent most of his adult life burying himself in his work. He tells her that he enjoys taking time off. She tells him that he is stir crazy and insanely jealous that her mother has gotten more opportunity to do PI work than he has. He makes indirect references that she is becoming cold and desolate. She then blurts out, knowing that her father wants to hear about Patrick, that she and Patrick are having lunch together. She then tells him that she has now discovered that his pretending to be dead all those years has probably kept her a lot saner than she’d have been if he’d been in her life. He and her mother are driving her nuts by being so engrossed in her personal life. She tells him she understand that they are concerned about her. She will keep them informed. But they must respect her boundaries.

In the hospital locker room, Noah tells Patrick that he has arranged for him to have lunch with Robin. It’s his treat. Patrick asks his father if he’s missed the fact that he can’t stand that woman. Noah tells Patrick that he knows he has feelings for Robin that he doesn’t have the courage to face.. He is in total denial. Hearing that, Patrick asks his father if he’s considering becoming a shrink just in case this “surgeon” thing does not work out. Noah tells Patrick that he can either be a coward or he can act in his integrity and take a chance on a wonderful woman whom he knows Patrick cannot get out of his mine. Hearing that, Patrick tells his father he liked it better when he was drinking. Noah tells his son that he realizes he was not there for him. He hid in a bottle and drank. He wishes he could undo it. But it’s too late. He just wishes that Patrick would not give up on a good opportunity in his life. Patrick tells his father that he chooses the life he chooses. He has a medical career. He’s not a drunk. And he enjoys playing the field with many different women. He chooses not to commit to one person. He also informs his father that he and Robin have come to a mutual understanding that they cannot be together. He also indicates that he is afraid that Robin may not return the feelings that he hides that he has for her. And that might be the reason why he is given up on her. Noah tells his son that he should not assume that Robin could not commit to him.

Diego and Georgie go swimming together. Dillon watches them unseen. She tells Diego that she never thought that Dillon would accuse her of doing something she did not do. But now that she knows he would, she is doing just fine without Dillon. She seems really happy with Diego.

Tracy tells Lulu that she knows that she lied to Dillon that she saw Gerogie sleeping with Diego when she did not. Is she so desperate that she would have to con a man to win him over? Lulu reminds Tracy that she (Tracy) would know all about that. Tracy asks Lulu what really happened. Lulu then confesses that she lied to Dillon that she saw Georgie and Diego having sex when she did not. Right then, Dillon enters to overhear their conversation but remains unseen by them. Lulu then asks Tracy what she plans to do now that she knows. Tracy tells Lulu that she won’t do anything to hurt her. She knows that she will suffer all on her own. But she can tell her one thing, from experience. No love ever comes form lies and deceit. Tracy then concludes to Lulu that she will get hurt. So she advises her to cut her losses with Dillon. Admit that she lied. Maybe some day, he can forgive her and they can be friends. Other than that, she tells Lulu, she is on her own. Right then, Dillon enters the room.

Georgie and Diego come back from swimming. She kisses him and is really happy. And she suggests that they go to the boathouse. She tells him that Dillon was so convinced that they had sex the last time. So maybe this time, they should really do it.

Right then, Robin goes to the metro court. She has planned to meet Patrick but assumes he will stand her up. He surprises her, however, by appearing right before she’s ready to leave.

At the station, Alexis tells Ric that she noticed that Jason showed up at Sam’s first day of work. She observes him looking at police files that she dropped on the floor. He tells her that maybe Sam purposely dropped them so that Jason can see them. . Right then, Alexis goes into the interrogation room to talk to Jason. He asks her what she wants. She tells him she wants to discuss her daughter. She tells him that it’s not fair of him to break up with her only to go and find her. She’s really trying to get over him. And he can’t keep popping and out of her life. She needs a chance to get over him and get on with her life. He protests that he did not know that Sam has started working at the station. Alexis then tells Jason she realizes he did not mean any harm. But in the future, whether he runs into Sam by accident or on purpose, he must walk away from her and give her a chance to get over him. Right outside the door, Sam is putting away files and overhearing their conversation. Right then, Ric enters to overhear.

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