GH Update Tuesday 7/18/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/18/06


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Lucky admits to Elizabeth that he wants to end the lies. She asks him if this is about what happened the night when Manny died.

Sam goes to Jason’s. He calmly tells her that she has reason to hate him. She then screams at him to stop giving her permission to hate him. He must do something to stop that from happening.

Emily goes to Nikolas’ and holds the baby. He notices how well she bonds with him. He tells her hat he is in awe about how beautiful she looks. And he tells her she is a natural. Right then, the nanny is watching them unseen and does not look happy. She then enters and Emily hands the baby over to her.

Sonny goes to carly’s and tells her that there is some sort of bond between them. Hearing that, she tells him that she never again wants him to say that to her.

Dillon goes to the docks and runs into Lulu. He asks her how Lucky’s promotion party went. She tells him that he did not show up in time. She knows that there is something going on with Lucky. She also tells himt that that is a typical Spencer. She sounds bummed out. He laughs and asks her if that is a warning. She then tells him that he does not even know her. He tells her that he wants to get to know her better and believes that he already knows many thing about her. He knows her favorite ice cream and how she twists her hair. She then tells him that he forgot the part about her being selfish. He tells her that she is impulsive and crazy and never dos anything half way. But she is not selfish. IF she was, then she would have never lied to him that Georgie and Diego did not have sex in order to spare his feelings. Hearing that, she is very disappointed.

Maxie overhears Lucky telling Elizabeth that he believes that he does not even deserve his medal or recognition. He’s living a lie. He feels like a fool or a fraud or like he does not deserve her. She tells him that he should not say that. Right then, the detective comes and tells them that he’s gotten proof that Jason Morgan killed Juan Escobar.

Sam tells Jason that he may say that he does not care what Alexis thinks. But if he care what she thinks, then he must brace himself for what she is going to do. She then goes out the door.

At Alexis home, she gets off the phone concluding that she has fired another incompetent clerk. She can tell that Ric has something on his mind. He tells her he does not want to get into it. She asks him if this has something to do with Sonny. Right then, Sam’s phone rings. Ric discovers that she’s left it behind. He answers it and finds out that Sam did not get the job she applied for at the hospital. Right then, Alexis goes out the door with an idea.

Carly tells Sonny that they have had this pattern of believing that they can get back together. But they need to know that it will not work. And it’s not fair to the boys to get their hopes up. He asks her who has said anything about them getting back together. He tells her that he really does appreciate how she and Jax have taken care of his nephew. She asks what his agenda is for being nice to her. He tells her nothing. She tells him he has to leave. He then tells her that he really believes that Nikolas’ son would be lucky to have her. She then tells him that he is really creeping her out by being nice. He goes to the door and asks her to think about one more think. She must not ever think about having another breakdown again. Because she won’t. She is as strong as they come and she must never forget that. He goes out the door.

The nanny takes the baby from Emily and Nikolas. They still suspect nothing. Alone, Emily tells him that she is impressed by her. He tells her that he believes he’s hired the right nanny. He then asks her what it is that she wanted to talk to him about. She tells him that she informed him, at Kelly’s that Sonny started therapy. And it brought up, for her, some stuff about her own sessions, after the rape. He tells her he knows that that was a painful time for her. She tells him that she has learned so many things about herself and the reason why she reacted to it the way she did. He tells her that it’s alright. But she tells him it is not. She kept things from him because she thought she was preventing hurting him. She emotionally tells him that he did not deserve how she pulled away from him. He was so kind and loving and patient and supportive. And she pushed him away, never knowing until now, how unfair she was to him.’

Dillon and Lulu plan what they are going to do together. She tells him that’s he wants to meet him later. There are some things she has to do before they go. He departs. She then gets on her cell phone to call Carly. She tells her that she needs her help. She just got into a huge mess and needs Carly to help her with this.

Sonny goes to Jason’s and asks if there is any suspicion over either one of them for the Escobar shooting. Jason tells Sonny he need not worry. He assures Sonny that he has it covered. Sonny notices the bullet hole in the window and ask Jason if he plans to fix it. Jason says he will get around to it. Sonny informs Jason that Emily is very positive about this therapy thing. He’s been trying. But he doesn’t think he can go through with this. He thinks he will have to stop. Jason asks Sonny if that’s really a good idea.

Emily tells Nikolas that she is afraid that she won’t be able to help Sonny. She knows that he is shutting her out and not telling her many things. She now sees that that is the very same thing she did to him(Nikolas). She emotionally tells Nikolas that she regrets how they broke up. It almost sounds like she wants to get back with him. Right then, the nanny walks in. She leaves. It sounds like Nikolas does not want Emily to leave.

Maxie meets Lucky on the docks. She tells him she just wanted to apologize and give him more drugs. He tells her that he is quitting. She tells him that she just felt bad. He tells her that it’s not her fault. Again, she ”enables” him, by telling him that sometimes, you need some help. He’s on a role at work. If he’s in pain, maybe a few now and again won’t hurt him. He tells her that Dr. Drake told him that they are highly addicting and harmful. She then tells him that she will just leave them and let him make his own decision about whether to take them or not. She leaves them on the stairway and leaves.

Lulu goes to Carly’s and tells her that she went and told Dillon the truth, just like Carly advised her. She admitted to him that she lied about Diego and Georgie sleeping together. And Carly seems to realize that Dillon did not believe her. She tells Lulu that if Dillon does not believe that then he won’t have to admit that he was unfair to Georgie. Lulu has nothing to worry or feel bad about. She tells her there is nothing wrong with what she did. Dillon likes her and she got her man. Lulu protests that it is wrong. Carly tells her she should not see it that way.

Sam returns to the house and sees Ric. She admits to him that she bombed her job interview with Ms. Sneed. Right then, Alexis returns with shopping bags. She informs Sam that she’s bought her some clothing for her “new job”. Hearing that, Sam asks her what job. Alexis then informs her daughter that she’d like her to come and work for her.

Sonny tells Jason that Lanie believes that he is bi polar. And she admitted to him that there are no guarantees about what would happen if he took medication. He tells Jason that he does not believe that he wants to continue with therapy. He believes that he is better now. Jason does not seem to argue. Right then, Emily comes and interrupts them and asks Jason why he is enabling Sonny to not get any help. She demands that he tells her if her would tell Sonny that he should not get help or treatment if he had cancer. Sonny then tells Emily that she cannot come in and do this. He tells her he appreciates her concern but there are things he’s done that only Jason knows about. She then tells him that she does not believe that Jason knows how to help him. He has only enabled him. And it’s the worse thing that Jason could have ever done to him. He then tells her that he’s sorry that what happened to him made her doubt her own brother. She then tells him that she just does not want Jason to prevent him from getting therapy. He tells her that Jason is not. He’s making his own decision. it’s just that he and Jason have a history together that he does not have with her. She then tells Sonny that she saw his breakdown. And she will fight anybody, including Jason, if they want to prevent him from getting the help that he needs.

Carly tells Lulu that all she needs to do is answer some questions. First, does she like Dillon? Lulu replies yes. Does Dillon like her? Lulu replies that he seems to. Carly asks if Dillon has made any efforts to get back with Georgie or she with him. Lulu admits no. But she tells her that Dillon does not love her. Carly tells Lulu that he has never yet had a chance to find out if he could love her. And she tells Lulu that if there is more happiness than sadness, then Lulu should feel ok and not believe she’s done anything wrong or could not have a relationship with somebody she cares for. Hearing that, Lulu tells Carly she does not care what people say about her. She tells Carly she rocks.

Alexis tells Sam that she is not practicing nepotism to give her a job. She needs someone to help her. She knows that Sam is smart and hard working and wants to learn more about the judicial system. Sam tells her she does not want any special treatment. Alexis tells her she won’t do that. Sam can just try it out and quit if it does not work out. Sam then looks at the bag and asks Alexis what she bought in the way of clothes. Alexis tells Sam she believes she wears nice clothes. But in a law office, she may need to dress more seriously. Hearing that, Ric confirms that one thing that Alexis always takes seriously is her law practice. He says that jokingly, as though he seems to be more on the same page with Sam than Alexis is.

Lucky meets Jason on the docks and tells him that he knows that he killed Juan Escobar. He will try not to get Jason in serious trouble for it but he has to do his job as a law enforcement officers. He realizes that he(Jason) saved Elizabeth from Manny on the hospital roof. But he saved Jason from Manny and killed him. So Jason does not owe him anything. Right then, Lucky leaves and Elizabeth meets Jason. She tells Jason that she is ready to tell Lucky the truth that he was not the one to kill Manny. Jason was.

Sam tries on a suit and skirt that Alexis got for her. She admits that she does ot feel comfortable dressing so conservatively. Sam has to have the skirt high. But Aleixs pulls it down. Again, Alexis gets a business call. Ric comes out and Sam admits to him that she could not imagine herself dressing like this and could see Alexis’ expression that no daughter of hers will dress like a bimbo.

Elizabeth tells Jason that whether he wants to lie for Lucky or not, he was the one who pushed Manny over the edge. HE tells her that regardless of that, Lucky has gotten promoted and gotten his self respect back. There’s nothing wrong with Lucky believing that he was the hero. But she tells Jason that she is concerned about him. She is worried that Lucky will go after him, investigate him and get him in trouble. She tells him that he needs to start thinking about himself and not be so gracious when Lucky might hurt him. She concludes that if Lucky persists in going after Jason, she’s going to reveal to him that she knows that he did not kill Manny. Jason did.

Sonny asks Emily if there is any way that he could send Max instead of himself to get therapy. She laughs and tells him she realizes that this has been terrible for him. She realizes that he has good reason to question what will happen with therapy. He asks her what will happen if he is pushed into having another breakdown. She tells him that won’t happen. Lanie knows how to help him and she will be there for him.

Lulu meets Dillon at Kelly’s with a new burst of confidence. He tells him she needs him to go with her to a fund raiser. He tells her that he is not one to go to places like that. But she talks him into it. They go together and he admits that nobody else except her could talk him into that.. They leave together. Lucky meets Elizabeth. He tells her that he realizes he could not have achieved what he has without her. He apologizes to her for his recent behavior. She tells him he will have to make it up to her by helping her take some stuff out to the car. He grabs a hold of the things and as soon as he is unseen by her, he pops more pills. Not far away, Maxie watches him and knows that he’s hooked.

Alone at Alexis’, Ric confides in Sam about his situation with Sonny. He tells her that he is really frustrated that Sonny’s self-appointed guardians think they know what is best for Sonny and completely distrust him. Jason and Carly want him out of Sonny’s life. She asks Ric if he thinks that maybe Sonny regrets letting them run him out of his life. He tells her she must know Jason as an enabler. He wanted her to be helplessly dependent upon him and probably has the same situation with Sonny. But she clarifies to him that that is not true about Jason. She realizes he does not want her anymore. She then asks Ric what his advice to her would be about whether to believe she should attempt to get Jason back or not.

Sonny goes to Jason’s and tells him that Emily should not have blamed him for everything He tells Jason that he’s getting this therapy that is supposed to fix everything. He admits that he is scared. He asks what if he gets through this, takes the meds and becomes a totally different man. He asks if “getting well” would mean giving up whom he is.

Right then, Emily goes to Carly’s and tells her she needs to talk to Jason. Calry is kind of surprised, tells Emily that she is very good at talking to Jason and asks Emily what type of topic she should talk to him about. Emily informs Carly that Jason is preventing Sonny from getting the help that he needs. Carly tells Emily that she cannot blame Jason for this. Sonny has always fought getting therapy. He believes that it is a sign of weakness. And he’d believe that whether Jason agrees with it or not. She tells Emily that since she(Emily) is so right for Sonny, she needs to convince him, on her own, to get help. When he sees the undying love in her eyes, hopefully he will see the light. Emily then asks Carly if she really wants her(Emily) to get serious with Sonny. Carly tells Emily she really would be totally ok if Sonny and Emily were committed. In fact, she encourages it. That way, she won’t be tempted to go back to him.

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