GH Update Monday 7/17/06

General Hospital Update Monday 7/17/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky is freaking out after Maxie has taunted him about his drug addiction. He lets her kiss him and then pulls away. He then tells her that this cannot go on. He’s going to stop before it’s too late.

At Alexis’s home, Sam comes back from swimming with Kristina. Ric returns after going to Jason’s to get her pass port for her. He notices her in her seductive swimsuit and may be having “impure” thoughts.

At Jason’s, Carly admits that when she was last with Sonny, a part of her was tempted to go back to him.

Sonny talks to Lanie in therapy about how he has endangered too many women in his life. He’s never beaten a woman. But he got Lily killed by a car bomb. Then Brenda got shot. Then he got into the mess with Carly. And he got two women pregnant outside of the marriage to Carly. He tells her that “this thing” he is supposed to have is bi polar disorder. And it does not excuse the things he’s done. She then tells him she agrees. But she tells him that they must examine what is going on. She asks him about his situation with carly. He tells her that Lorenzo Alcazar was seeing Carly and he even hired a woman to make Sonny think that she was Lily in order to drive Sonny over the edge. He admits that he acted like an idiot. He admits that he pushed Carly away. She got stranded in a storm. She was pregnant and went into labor. He followed her into a house and heard her screaming. And he busted down the door. He saw Lorenzo there so he shot him. But the bullet missed Lorenzo and accidentally hit Carly. He only intended to protect Carly. But he saw her lying there in the blood. And when he thought about what he’d done, all he could think about was that Calry was his whole life and he killed her.

Carly tells Jason that she realizes that she and Sonny do not have a healthy relationship. IT was a disaster. But it’s an equal opportunity disaster because she’s as bad for him as he is for her. She confirms that he wants her although she is not good for him. And she has this similar addiction to Sonny. But she learned at Roselawn that she can break this vicious cycle she’s always had with Sonny. Then Jax came along. And although she realizes that Jason does not care for Jax, she tells him she believes that Jax was good for her. She really believed that this man was with her because she wanted to be with him. But she realies that Jax is gone. And there is still good in Sonny. And she now knows that Jason must stop her from running back to Sonny.

Sam encourages Ric to go swimming with her. They return and seem to be a lot more comfortable with each other than they’ve been before. He is impressed by how well she can swim. She admits it might be a Cassadine gene. She notices that Alexis, Nikolas and Kristina are all good swimmers. He tells her about Alexis enrolling Kristina in many activities but he thinks she should get her daughter some swimming lessons. Sam agrees when she notices how much Kristina seems to love the water. Right then, Alexis enters wearing her business clothes. She seems happy. But she looks to be wondering what she might have just walked in on.

Jason tells Calry that as long as they have been friends, he has never been able to stop her from doing anything. She then tells him that she needed to go through many things in order to be able to live life on her own and make her own choices. She tells him that things would be so much better if she could stay away from Sonny. But they live too close by and will always have ties with the kids. He then tells her if she stays with Sonny because of him and if she does what she thinks he wanted, then he is sorry. He tells her he should not have pressured her. It’s her life and she has to make her own decisions. At that point, she concludes that she shouldn’t be talking like this. She realizes that Sonny is with Emily. She is better for him than Calry is. Right now, Sonny is in therapy talking to Lanie. And any therapist with any sense would tell him to run a million miles away from her. She realizes she is no good for him.

Sonny tells Lanie that he and Carly have been through a lot. HE finally thought that they were at a place where they could trust each other. And then Alcazar came between them. He realizes that he played his own role in this and was not blameless. But she betrayed him by seeing Lorenzo Alcazar. Ad he admits that in response to that, he started seeing Sam and got her pregnant. Sam was lonely and vulnerable. He did not intend to hurt her but he did. Lanie then concludes that Sonny kind of has a pattern with seeking vulnerable women. Sonny asks her if she is implying that that is the case with Emily. He tells her that he did not get together with Emily in order to spite Carly. He did not intend to fall in love with Emily. It just happened. She made him happy and for some reason, he had a break down when he was wit her. Lanie then asks Sonny what would happen if he did not feel as though he had to protect a woman from his mood swings. She then asks Sonny just whom he would envision his future with.

At Alexis’ home, Ric takes Kristina to swim together so that Alexis and Sam can talk. . Alexis admits to Sam that she does not consider herself a good swimmer. She might have the genetic predisposition of the Cassadines to love water, but she remembers being a child and having her brother, Stavros making her afraid of the water. Right then, Alexis gets a call. It’s the mayor. He seems to expect her to prosecute Jason. Sam asks her mother what she intends to do. Alexis affirms that she realizes that Jason is a career criminal. But she does not believe that there is any evidence to convict him of killing Escobar or Manny. So Sam can relax, she tells her. Sam then tells her mother that she is ok with her doing her job as DA as she sees fit.

Jason goes to the hospital and talks to Elizabeth. She tells him that Lucky just had his award ceremony. He’s happy and he’s been promoted to detective. But she still cannot stop thinking about that time when Manny went over the roof. It’s kind of odd that Jason did not tell her anything about Lucky or a gunshot. He bluffs to her that he was lucky that he did not get hurt worse than he was. But she asks him if Lucky really killed Manny. Or did he? Not far away, Maxie watches them and overhears their conversation.

Ate Nikolas’ home, while he is out, Helena is visiting the nanny. She reminds Helena that Nikolas is very suspicious of her. Helena reminds her that that is why she pays her. The nanny tells Helena that she might not be able to keep doing what Helena want her to do. Helena may not be able to successfully pull off this scheme and hide her from Nikolas. Right then, Carly walks in. She hears the nanny talking to somebody. But Helena knows she must hide. Calry finds it very odd that the nanny is talking to herself. Right then, Nikolas enters and demands to know what Carly is doing in his house unannounced. He tells her that it’s best for his son if she stays away. She tells him what is best for his son is for him to get a new nanny. He tells her that if she comes to his house uninvited again, she must call. She tells him he must’ say that she did not warn him and she leaves. The nanny stays silent and looks uncomfortable.

Sonny meets Emily at the hospital after his session with Lanie. She tells him that he doesn’t need to tell her what was said. But if he wants to talk about it, she will listen. He then tells her that Lanie told him that he has this kind of pattern. Whenever he breaks up with Carly, he has to go and use other women, like Sam and Alexis. She then asks him if he believes that he did that with her.

Alexis goes away on business again and leaves Sam alone with Ric. They both confirm that swimming was very therapeutic for both of them. They also confirm that Alexis has some difficulty kicking back and having fun. Sam then asks Ric if he’d mind putting some sun screen on her back. He tells her sure. But right then, it looks like there is some tension. And she tells him she has to go for a swim and leaves.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he does not know exactly what happened but he knows that Lucky fired his gun at Manny. She asks him to tell her exactly what he knows. He admits that he had his hands around Manny’s neck and was ready to push him over the edge. But Lucky is a cop. He knows how to use a gun. And he got Manny off the streets. Right then, Elizabeth goes to return to work. Maxie comes out and informs Elizabeth that she noticed her talking to Jason. Elizabeth informs Maxie that she and Jason are friends. Maxie asks Elizabeth if it is not a conflict of interests to be having a private meeting with a gangster when her husband is a cop.

Lucky goes to Kelly’s when nobody is left there except for Lulu. She asks her brother why he did not show up for this party. What happened? He reminds her what happened when they were growing up and how their mutual father has been abandoning them. He tells her that after all that has happened, he will never take his family for granted. Hearing that, she tells him she knows that. That is what she loves about him. She tells him she knows that Elizabeth appreciates the commitment he has to her. So he mustn’t ever change. He then takes her hand and looks emotionally at her, expressing that he does not want to screw up his life. But does he have any control over it?

At the hospital, Sonny tells Emily that he knows that their relationship was not just another distraction from his thoughts of Carly. But he admits that he has to get his life together before he can be with anybody. She affirms that she pushed him. And she is really proud of him to have the courage to go and get therapy. She tells him that when you get therapy, it enables you to understand your choices so much more. She admits to him that when she was getting therapy, she found out that she covered up what was going on with her after the rape. And she does not want that to happen to him.

After Carly confronts Nikolas’ nanny and she leaves, Helana explains to the nanny that calry is very aggressive and persistent. But she msut never be intimdated by her. The nanny still does not seem comfortable or really “getting” what Helena is telling her. Right when Helena is trying unsuccessfully to “train” the nanny to keep Carly away from the baby, Nikolas comes in and interrupts them. Again, Helena hides. The nanny pleads her case to Nikoals that she believes that Carly should not be around John. He then concludes to her that Carly won’t be.

Ric goes to the hospital and talks to Emily. He tells her that he believes that Jason is not a good influence in Sonny’s life. She tells him that he cannot blame Jason for what happened to Sonny. Emily also reminds Ric that Sonny will never believe that Jason is enabling him or hurting him in any way. Hearing that, he tells her he hopes that she is wrong. She then follows him to the elevator and tells him that he must realize that Jason has been a huge help to Sonny through all of this. And if anything, they are closer now than ever before. She seems proud to tell him that.

Sonny goes to Carly’s home. She assumes that he’s there to see the boys and informs him that they are in bed. But he tells her that he is there to see her.. He asks her why she has baby toys. They don’t’ look like Morgan’s things. She confirms to him that those where things that she and Jax got for baby John. She wants to be in his life. But Nikolas wants to make that impossible for her. She assumes that he is there to judge her. But he surprises her by informing her that he is there to apologize.

Lucky returns to meet Elizabeth after she’s been waiting for him. She demands to know where he has been and why he did not call. He seems upset. She asks what is going on. He tells her he did not realize how bad things had gotten until tonight. She then tells him whatever it is, they can handle it.

Alone with baby John in his house, Nikolas picks his son up and talks to him. He tells him that the idea is to sleep when he is put down for a nap. He tells his infant son that Carly may have upset him. But that will soon be behind them. Right then, Emily enters. He asks her if she can hold him while he gives him his bottle. She talks to the baby, informing him that she knew his daddy when he could not make toast. Right then, the nanny comes to spy upon them, unseen. Emily can tell that Nikolas has something on his mind, by his expression. She asks him if something is wrong. He tells her that he was just thinking how beautiful she looked when she was holding him. The nanny looks at them unhappily.

Alexis and Ric talk alone on the porch. He asks her if she thinks that she and Sam are alike. She tells him that she believes that her daughter is so unlike her. Sam has this risk-taking thing about diving that Aleixs does not have. Sam is really dragging her feet about getting her GED when she is such a bright young woman. She also does not understand why Sam has wrapped up her entire life in Jason Morgan and is lost without him. Right then Ric is ready to kiss Alexis, she gets a call. She pulls away and totally disappoints him by being engrossed in a business call. And it looks like Ric might prefer to be in the company of somebody else.

Right then, Sam goes to Jason’s .She cries and tells him that she is still not over him. She tells him that he left her. And now, she is supposed to just move on. She tells him she will. But she cannot get over this pain she is feeling. She cannot get over this hurting. And she wants him to hurt the way she is hurting over him.

Sonny admits to Carly that he has started therapy today. He has been told that he has this thing called bi polar disorder. He will do whatever he needs to do. But he doesn’t want to be walking around, heavily medicated, like a zombie. She then informs him that she’s done a lot of research on the internet about bi polar disorder and has found out that many people lead productive fulfilling lives with it when they take medication. He tells her that he wants to be ok for the kids. He tells her that they have a bond. She could have and should have given up on him a long time ago. But when he needed her, she stood by him.

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