GH Update Wednesday 7/12/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/12/06


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Skye meets with Robert at the bar and informs him that she believes that Lorenzo should not be in her baby’s life.

At Nikolas is at home with his new nanny, having no suspicions of her. He tells her that they must make certain that his evil grandmother does not come near the house. Right then, Helena is on the phone trying and failing to get a hold of the nanny and get her to return her call. She suspects that the nanny may not be cooperating with her and might be helping her grandson’s efforts instead.

Max is standing outside of Crly’s house after she’s called him over. He is dressed in a “date” suit and rehearsing what he’s going to tell her. He reveals that he is thinking about hooking up with her.. Right then, she comes up behind him, looking like she’s been jogging. She is wearing a sexy sports bra.

At Nikolas’ home, the nanny comes and asks him if it would be ok if she runs a few errands to get some things for the baby. She addresses him as Mr. Cassadine. He tells her that they’ve known each other long enough so that she can call him Nikolas. He then asks her what made her decide to become a nanny. She replies that she finds it very rewarding to take care of children. He asks her what brought her to Port Charles. She answers the question and gives him no reason for suspicion. He tells her that he and baby John are very lucky to have her. He admits that he does not have a clue how to take care of a baby without help. He tells her that she’s been taking really good care of him and knows his son is really happy with her. He leaves and when she is alone, she privately tells the baby that his father is such a nice man. And he trusts her. She concludes that it’s just what his great grandmother wants.

Robin tells Patrick that she can see that he’s flirting with Elizabeth. It’s not appropriate. She is a married woman. He tells her that he’s not a home wrecker. She asks him if he was really telling the truth about Maxie and Lucky kissing. He tells her that he knows what he saw. He would not make up a lie like that in an attempt to get Elizabeth into bed. Right then, Dr. Lee enters. He assumes that she likes him. Robin makes a sarcastic comment to Patrick about how no woman can resist him. She leaves and Dr. Lee reminds Patrick that Robin is her friend and she does not like his behavior.

Lorenzo goes to the metro court and notices Skye and Robert together at a table talking privately. HE asks her why she has not returned any of his calls. They do not reveal to him what their conversation is about. She tells him that Robert is just talking to her about Lulu. Lorenzo still questions why Skye is talking to Mr. Scorpio. Robert tells Lorenzo that he has had problems with is ex wife. Lorenzo then notices Anna sitting at a table by herself not far away. He goes and asks her if Robert has told her anything about Skye Quartermaine.

Lucky goes and finds Elizabeth at the hospital. They smile and talk about how great their marriage is. He asks her if she remembers how things used to be. She asks him if everything is ok. He reminds her that so many things have happened recently and he doesn’t want to forget how to be her husband. She concludes that she does not want to forget what it’s like to be his wife. They talk about how he is the perfect father for Cameron. They kiss. And right then, Patrick interrupts them and tells Elizabeth he needs her help. She goes off with Patrick. And right when Lucky is alone, he pops more pills.

At Carly’s, she asks Max if he can spray some water on her so she can cool off. She then asks him if he can help her with boxing. She swings her fists. But he tells her that he doesn’t know how to help her. Right when she catches him off guard, she punches him in the face. He asks her why she called him over there, obviously secretly hoping that she wants to hook up with him. She informs him that she was hoping that he could help her to not give into her temptations to go back to Sonny. She tells him that she is still thinking about Sonny and worrying about him. And it’s taking all the will power she has not to pick up the phone and call him. He tells her if she is really worried about him, maybe they can call Sonny. She tells him that she went there only once because Jason asked her to. She tells him that it’s really messed up to even be remotely thinking that she might have a future with Sonny. He tells her that there is nothing wrong with her having those thoughts. But she tells him that he, of all people, must know only too well how disastrous it would be for her and Sonny to get back together. She looks at Max in an emotional way and tells him she needs his help so that she can resist the urge to get back with Sonny. She takes his hand and appears like the damsel in distress that he would love to play a role with.

Lanie goes and meets Robin and Kelly(Dr. Lee) at the hospital. They are ready to go and look at an apartment where they can all live. But Robin reveals that she has her reservations about this arrangement. They tell her that they work all day in this joint and come home to stale food. Kelly tells Robin that if they all live together, they can have fun as well as save money. Lanie encourages Robin to go and look at the new place and consider it.

Lorenzo tells Anna that it’s really coincidental that she is in the same town at the same time as her ex husband. She explains that she is there to see her daughter. She tells him that her marriage to Robert did not work. He is in her past.

Not far away, Skye tells Robert that she already told Lorenzo that she wants to raise the baby without him and he won’t accept that. Robert tells her hat Lorenzo is probably determined to be a father to the child. She tells him that Lorenzo leads a very dangerous life. He tells her he knows all about having a life of danger. She tells Robert that that is the reason why she came to him. She needs him to help her hide from Lorenzo. He tells her he knows what it’s like for somebody to be gone for decades or forever.. And he reminds her that Lorenzo has many contacts in many places and he can find out where she is and track her down.

Ric goes to the hospital to talk to Lanie about Sonny’s present condition. He tells her that Sonny needs to get professional help. He might even need to be committed. She tells him there is no way she can arrange that. If Sonny refuses to go to an institution, there is nothing anybody can do. And Ric has no legal authority so far as she knows. Right then, Carly gets off the elevator to hear their conversation and informs Lanie that Ric has no legal authority over Sonny and she will not let him have Sonny institutionalized.

Robert concludes to Skye that he will make arrangements to prevent Lorenzo from finding her when she leaves. He leaves and Lorenzo tells Skye that he is not going to let her keep him away from their baby. He leaves. Anna tells Robert that she bets that Lorenzo is very possessive. He tells her that it’s very obvious that Lorenzo is completely enamored with Skye. She indicates that she might be concerned that Robert likes Skye. He indicates that he might have concerns about Anna being interested in Lorenzo.? They both deny themselves to be jealous of the other’s interest in other people.

The nanny goes to meet Helena on the docks. She tells her that she is late. Helena tells her that she must do as she is told. And if she cannot accept what Helena expects her to do, then she could easily find another nanny. The nanny then apologizes and smiles at Helena. Helena then tells her she is very pleased at her efforts to persuade Nikolas to unknowingly enable her to see the baby. Helena tells her that she will have the nanny continuing to be her eyes and ears. She must make no mistake that it is her(herself) who is controlling the baby’s future.

Nikolas invites Robin to his house. He tells her that he has to have a lot of security in his home to keep his grandmother away from his baby. They talk about what it’s like for him to be a single dad. She asks him if it’s ok if she comes by and sees the baby tomorrow. He tells her of course. He invites her to stay for dinner. She tells him she’d like to. But she has to go and meet Lanie and Kelly to look at an apartment. She reveals that she is having reservations about it because it’s Courtney’s loft that they are going to look at.

At the hospital, Carly confronts Ric and Lanie about Sonny being committed. Lanie tells her that Sonny’s condition could get worse and worse if they ignore it and prevent Sonny from getting professional help. Carly tells her that she can take care of Sonny without any professional help. Lanie leaves and Carly confronts Ric. He tells her that she must realize that Sonny will get worse if they don’t realize the problem he has. She tells him that he is only manipulating Sonny and she believes that he does not care about his brother. He will only hurt him and control him again. Ric then concludes to Carly that for a woman who is over her ex husband, she sure seems to be unusually obsessed over him. He tells her that she likes to think of Sonny as her personal property. And he knows she doesn’t like him for obvious reasons. But he knows, all too well what it’s like to have a break down. She should know that also. She tells him that he does not care about Sonny and does not know how to help him. She goes away, angrily. But Patrick grabs her arms and tells her that he was thinking that they could spend a romantic afternoon together. She sounds like she might like to do that. But she has other things, or more accurately, another person on the brain. She goes away.

Robin tells Nikolas that she realizes how insensitive it is of her to move into Courtney’s house. He tells her that there is nothing wrong with that. It’s a nice place and he’s certain that she will like it. But she reminds him that she’s lived by herself for too long. She’s gotten too used to not having to answer to anybody except herself. She knows she has annoying little habits and is not used to be in the presence of other people’s annoying habits. He then tells her that he is eternally grateful to her for revealing that little John is his son. She tells him that she intended to do that. But she warns him that Carly won’t give up on that baby, no matter what anybody does

At the hospital, Elizabeth gets into her street clothes and talks to Lanie about that she has to go and “do something personal”. She gets on the elevator to leave, looking all excited. Lucky hides and overhears unseen. He also notices that Patrick is gone and assumes he’s going to be with Elizabeth.

Max goes to the bar and drinks. He tells Coleman that he is really bummed out. He thought that Carly liked him. Ric also goes to the bar and drinks. Max tells Ric that all he does is make things worse for Sonny and Carly. Ric tells Max that Carly is going to cause Sonny to have another breakdown. She is poison to Sonny. She just throws herself right at his brother and ruins his life. Right then, Max points his finger at Ric and firmly tells him he better shut his mouth about Mrs. C. Ric then jokes and taunts Max about having the hots for Carly. He makes crude comments about her. And Max gets up and grabs him and is ready to punch him. Coleman breaks them up. Right then, Patrick enters to watch this.

After looking at what used to be Courtney’s house, Lanie and Kelly reveal that they are really excited and want to live there. But Robin is not ready to live there.

Carly goes to the docks and sees Nikolas. She asks how John is. She tells him that she found some baby clothes. He tells her no thank you. They have more than enough baby clothes. She informs him that Michael was asking about him and would like to see him. She reminds Nikolas that he is her son’s cousin. All she needs is 20 minutes. But he reminds her that they have already been over this. And every time he looks at her, he remembers that she has taken months of his son’s life that he will never have be able to make up for. She tells him she apologizes. She realizes she made a mistake. But so has he. And she approaches him to reveal that she might be flirting with him. It doesn’t seem to work and she leaves, however.

Max, Patrick and Ric all sit at the bar. Max and Patrick admit that they like Carly and are attracted to her. But Ric asks for the check and says he does not want to be part of this conversation. Patrick asks him if he really does not think Calry is attractive. Ric tells them that he bets that Carly slept with everything that walks in order to get what she wants. She tried to prevent Nikolas from knowing that he had a baby. That’s Sonny’s nephew. How low can she stoop?. At that moment, Max is ready to attack Ric and tells him he has no right to be trashing Carly. Coleman then tells him he has to control his temper or else he will have to remove him. Right then, Nikolas enters to hear the three of them talking bout Carly.

Carly goes and meets Lucky outside of Kelly’s. She can tell that he has problems at home. She tells him that maybe he needs to stop stressing and go to a bar and have some fun for a change.

Kelly and Lanie tell Robin that the reason she had to move into that place is because of them. Where else can she get to live with such great women? And they tell her she must sign on the dotted line. She then agrees and they all raise their glasses to propose a toast to new beginnings. She tells them that sometimes she is a wimp about new beginnings. They tell her that there is nothing wrong with having caution. She concludes that this will be a good way to get over Patrick because he’s clearly gotten rid of her. They then tell her that they have seen that Patrick does look at her when he sees her. But they all realize that when he’s out with the guys, the farthest thing from his mind is a commitment with any woman.

At the bar, Ric tells Nikolas, Patrick, Lucky and Max that he believes that Sonny’s worst mistake was to get mixed up with Emily. She is too sweet and pure. Nikolas agrees with that. Lucky talks about how it’s a real mess to believe that any woman is good and pure. Right then, Carly enters and sees the five of them together. She asks them if the ladies in their lives know what all of the bad boys are up to.

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