GH Update Tuesday 7/11/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/11/06


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Elizabeth goes to Carly’s and tells Carly that she must not let Jason push himself to help Sonny. He just got out of the hospital and could cause serious permanent injury if he doesn’t go back. Carly tells Elizabeth that she must know that when Jason’s mind is made up, nobody can change his mine for him. She then asks Elizabeth why she is suddenly so concerned about Jason.

At Alexis’ home, she tells Sam that she does not want her to give up on getting her GED and applying to law school. Ric sits with them and Sam tells her mother that she realizes that she and Ric both have lives and doesn’t want them to feel obligated to helping her further her education. Ric tells Sam that they have time and are willing to help her. But he leaves, revealing that he doesn’t really want to do that. Sam asks her mother why she gets the feeling that Ric is not comfortable with this. Alexis tells her daughter hat Ric is comfortable, although she may have doubts herself also. She does admit to Sam, however, that she realizes that Ric has his concerns about Sonny.

At Sonny’s, Jason confesses that he did the wrong thing to take Sonny’s business from him in an attempt to keep Emily safe. Sonny tells Jason that he intended not to put Emily in danger. And that is why he gave up the business. Jason admits to Sonny that he knew exactly what he was doing and how much it would hurt Sonny. But he did it anyway. So whatever happens, it’s on his head. He admits to Sonny that although he did not mean to, he drove Sonny to this breakdown and he is truly sorry. Sonny tells Jason that there is enough blame to go around. He knows that Jason thought he was doing the right thing for Emily. Sonny acknowledges that Manny’s death may change everything. And he asks Jason if he can accept him(Sonny) being with Jason’s sister.

Patrick goes and catches Lucky and Maxie together at the hospital. She attempts to confess to him that she may have done a “foolish things”. She had too many beers and was missing her boyfriend. Lucky tells her that she needs to leave so that he can talk to Patrick alone. Patrick tells Lucky that he knows what he’s doing and how he’s putting Maxie up to this. Lucky asks Patrick what he’s doing with his(Lucky’s) wife.

Elizabeth tells Carly if she cares so much about Jason, why does she act like the jealous shrew who appears so threatened by the thought that Elizabeth might care for Jason? She’s not exactly showing Jason that she is his best friend by standing there making certain that no other woman gets close to him. If she was his beset friend, she’d make certain that Jason goes back to the hospital.

Tracy asks Dillon if he is in love with Lulu

Robert asks Lulu if she is in love with Dillon.

Dillon tells his mother that what goes on between him and Lulu is between him and Lulu

Lulu informs Robert that she realizes that Dillon is married to Georgie but they are having problems and now Dillon is free.

Dillon reminds his mother that she had total disregard for the fact that he loved Georgie with his whole heart. And she did everything she could in order to break him and Georgie up. Tracy then reminds her son that he and Georgie have just broken up all on their own without any help from her. It’s obvious to see.

Robert tells Lulu that he knows that she cannot just turn off her feelings and pretend that she can sleep with somebody and make it nothing more than that. Hearing that, she reminds him that she is almost 18. This is 2006. And he is lecturing her on his idea of an archaic relationship. She tells him that she and Dillon are ok with their arrangement. She thanks Robert for stepping in for her absentee dad. But she’s fine.

Alexis admits to Sam that she’s ok with Ric helping Sonny as long as Sonny is “legit”. But if Sonny were to go back to the mob, then there would be a problem. She assures Sam that she has a good husband. Sam asks her mother if she’s ever considered quitting her job in order to be “supportive” to Ric. Alexis tells Sam there is no way she’d consider quitting her job. If she were to do that, it would only be in order to accommodate a man’s ego. Hearing that, Sam asks her mother if she is implying that she(Sam) does that. Alexis tells her daughter that she did not mean to say that and Sam has the right to speak her mind and be true to how she really feels. Sam concludes that maybe it is safer for her to no longer be with Jason. Alexis asks her daughter if she is really “no longer with” Jason. She says she realizes how much Sam loved him and how devoted she has been to him. She asks her if she has really given that up.

Sonny admits that he has had some problems. When he saw Emily wearing a white dress, he tore it off. Jason tells him he knows he’s mentioned that and asks what that was about. Sonny admits that he bought the dress and does not even know where he got it. He just wanted to give Emily something special. But it reminded him of Lily. The dress looked just like the one Lily wore and it brought back memories. And he lost it and tore off the dress. And afterwards, he said he was sorry. Emily said it was fine. But he knew it wasn’t. Jason asks Sonny if he really does not know where he got the dress. He seems puzzled, remembering that Sonny has had similar episodes but has never had a memory lapse like this. He tells him he is trying to figure out what is different. Right then, Ric enters.

On the docks, Lucky tells Patrick that he knows Patrick has some secret trick up his sleeve with Elizabeth. Patrick tells Lucky that whatever he tells Elizabeth about Lucky’s pill popping habit, will be for her best interest and not for Lucky. And he tells Lucky if another bottle of hydrocordone goes missing, he will go after Lucky.

Back at the hospital, Robin can tell that Maxie has something on her mind. Maxie admits to Robin that Patrick is confronting Lucky about his drug habit.

At Alexis’ home, Sam admits to her mother that she may never be over Jason. But she knows that they are through. She tells her that at the hospital, when Jason recovered from the shooting, she told him that now that Manny is gone, there is no reason for them not to get back together. But right in the middle of their conversation, Calry came and interrupted them. For the first time since they’ve been together, Jason asked Sam to leave so that he could be alone with Calry. And she realized that Jason no longer wants to be with her.

Ric goes to Sonny’s, notices Jason’s arm is in a sling and tells him he need not believe that he is obligated to help Sonny. Jason tells Ric that he’s fine. Ric tells him that it was he(himself) who took care of Sonny. But Jason tells RIc that he is no longer needed. Ric reminds Jason that he betrayed Sonny, took his business, and caused his breakdown. He tells Jason he does not see how he can “help” Sonny. He tells Jason it’s his fault that Sonny has lost it. Right then, Carly appears and tells Ric he needs to shut his mouth.

Dillon tells his mother that she is contradicting herself. First, she implies that Lulu is an emotionally fragile little girl whom he could hurt. And then she implies that Lulu is some sort of predator who will hurt him. SO she needs to make up her mind. Tracy asks her son to clarify what his relationship is with Lulu is and whether Georgie is still in the picture. He then tells her that he will always love only Georgie. HE will never love Lulu in that way. Right then, Lulu enters and overhears them unseen. She hears Dillon tell his mother that he and Lulu really have no future together.

Maxie tells Robin that she bets that Patrick is making up a lie about Lucky having a drug habit, to Elizabeth, just so that he can get in her pants. Robin hears that and kind of doesn’t buy it. She seems to sense that Maxie wants to have Lucky for herself. She tells her she is working and she cannot deal with this drama. But Maxie tells Robin that she realizes that Lucky is married. She and Lucky are just friends. But she is concerned about Patrick’s behavior.

Sam tells Alexis that she still has not figured out what she’s going to do with her life. She admits that she does not regret a moment that she has had with Jason. But she believes that it’s time to move on. Alexis then tells her daughter that she has nothing personally against Jason nor Sam’s feelings for him. But as the DA, there might come a time when she will have to prosecute him. So, she asks Sam if she will be ok with that.

After Carly confronts Ric, he asks her what she and Jason plan to do in order to protect Sonny. He tells her the very thought of it is ridiculous. She tells him that the idea of his having some sort of insights about anybody’s mental health is a joke. He reminds her about her own problems and how after she’s no longer able to sleep with Jax, she obviously wants to sleep with both Jason and Sonny. She tells Ric that she knows that he is there in order to manipulate Sonny. She then grabs a poker from the fire place and demands that Ric gets out. Right then, Sonny comes out of hiding and demands that Carly leaves Ric alone.

At the hospital, Robin informs Patrick that Maxie told her the whole story. She told her that she and Lucky were on the docks talking, simply as friends. Maxie was missing her dead boyfriend. And Patrick saw the two of them together and assumed that Maxie was trying to break up Lucky’s marriage. She tells Patrick that she hopes that he is not just making that up in order to get into Elizabeth’s pants. He tells her that he is not making up what he saw when he witnessed Maxie and Lucky kissing and there were tongues involved.

Right then, Georgie and Diego are alone kissing.

Tracy and Robert meet. She asks him how his conversation with Lulu went. He tells her that Lulu is just like her father with hiding her feelings. He knows that Lulu has fallen hard for Tracy’s son. And he asks Tracy if there is any chance that Dillon returns Lulu’s feelings. She laughs and tells him no way. He tells her that he believes that she has ill intent in regard to this. She tells him that she is just trying to protect her family.

Sam tells Alexis she realizes she is a brilliant DA. But she cannot ever see Jason getting caught. Alexis asks Sam if she really believes that Jason should not have to pay his debt to society and accept the consequences of his actions. Sam admits to her mother that she believes that there are a lot worse out there than Jason. But she would like Jason to really hurt over her. She concludes however, that she does not intend to bring any of her business with Jason into Alexis’ house. They both smile and seem to have a meeting of the minds.

Carly tells Sonny he must realize that Ric does not have his best interest at heart. Ric tells Sonny that he must know that neither Carly nor Jason have his best interests at heart. She tells Sonny he must know that Jason can and will take care of him. Ric tells Sonny that this is all up to him.

Georgie runs into Dillon and admits that she was with Diego. He tells her he does not believe her when she says she denies sleeping with Diego. She tells him she knows that he and Lulu really did sleep together. And if he really believes that she slept with Diego, then he does not know her.

Robin tells Patrick that she knows that he wants to mess around so that he does not ever have to deal with real feelings. And he has an ultimate goal to get the ‘unobtainable” which would be Elizabeth since she’s married. He tells her that she used him as an excuse to keep living in her shallow-self-serving little world. By vilifying him and convincing herself that he’s trash, she was able to avoid having feelings for anybody. She then concludes that she will never “use” him as an “excuse” for anything again. They are through. And she walks away.

Lulu runs into Diego who asks her if she is hooking up with Dillon. She tells him she realizes that Dillon will never love her the way he loves Georgie. But they enjoy being together. And if casual sex is part of their relationship, she can make it work. She can take it any way she can get it.

Alone with Ric, Sonny tells his brother that he cannot go back to some sort of mental ward. It does not work. But Ric reminds Sonny that Jason and Carly cannot help him either. He needs professional help. He must see that things are getting worse. He had to send Emily out of the country because of this. He has to do something about it. Sonny tells Ric that he intends to do things his way and take his chances. Ric goes out the door and has another confrontation with Jason and again, they debate who needs to be out of Sonny’s life.

They both leave and Carly prepares a meal for Sonny. They seem comfortable together. He puts his arm around her.

At the hospital, Patrick asks Elizabeth about her relationship with Jason. She tells him that Jason has done a lot to help her and Lucky recently. And it’s nice of him to worry about her husband’s feelings. Right then, Lucky comes to pick up his wife. She hugs and kisses him. They plan to have dinner and be together. They look happy together while everybody watches him.

Carly goes outside of Sonny’s house and talks to Jason. She tells him that she believes that Sonny can get better. She also informs him that Elizabeth is very concerned about him(Jason) and believes that he needs to get back to the hospital. He tells her that he really believes that Sonny is losing it. He tells her that although he hates Ric, he believes he might be correct that Sonny needs help. She tells him that she knows that it’s no accident that Sonny got this bad when Ric was the one who thought he was helping him.

Ric returns home and runs into Sam. He tells her that he just had a confrontation with Jason. She asks him what Jason did. He tells her he believes that Jason is a selfish controlling bastard. He obviously believes he will offend Sam by saying that about the man she loves. But she surprises him by informing him that she believes that they can finally agree on something.

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