GH Update Monday 7/10/06

General Hospital Update Monday 7/10/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky observes Patrick and Elizabeth talking and looking happy together. He talks to her about taking her out to dinner. It would sound, to somebody overhearing, as Lucky is, as though they are having a secret affair.

Alexis tells Sam there is nothing to forgive her for. She reminds Sam that she is her daughter. She acknowledges that Sam has been through a great ordeal and she wants to take her back to her house.

Sonny is losing it, implying that Carly and Max are sleeping together. She protests that he has no right to talk to Max the way he is talking. Max has done nothing but try to help him. Right then, Jason walks in, with his arm in a sling. He’s escaped from the hospital because he’s concerned about Sonny. He observes how sick Sonny is and tells him this has to stop. Sonny needs some help.

Lulu and Dillon sleep together again. She sounds happy and tells him that she does not know why people make such a big deal out of the “first time”. She tells him that the second time is so much better. He acknowledges to her that he does not regret being with her and he’s not jus “using” her in order to get over Georgie. He kisses her. Right then, Tracy walks in and freaks out to see them together.

At the station, Sam tells Ric that she does not want to stay in his house if he is not comfortable. He tells her that all he wants is a chance to start over and see if they can have a relationship. Right then, the mayor comes and finds Alexis and tells her that they need to talk about the Manny Ruiz case. Ric tells Sam he will take her home. They leave and the mayor seems very interested in talking to Alexis about her family. But she tells him that she does not want the press to be so concerned about her family. And she’d like to just forget about the Manny Ruiz case.

Patrick tells Elizabeth that he’s tired of all these patients that undermine his medical recommendations. He informs her that Jason has just escaped when Patrick told him he cannot go anywhere with is hand. He could bleed out and become disabled. Right then, as soon as Elizabeth finds out that Jason has escaped, she rushes out to find him, knowing where he has gone.

At Sonny’s, he asks Jason if he wants to lock him up. Jason observes that Sonny injured his hand. Sonny does not admit that he cut himself with glass. Jason tells Sonny that he cannot leave him there. He’s worried about him. And Sonny must know that there is nothing going on between Carly and Max. Jason admits that if Sonny came after him, he would not be able to defend himself. Sonny then appears calm. Carly tells Sonny that he must realize that he is sick. Rose lawn is a nice place. Maybe the doctors there can help him. He tells her that he cannot go anywhere like that. He cannot breathe in a place like that. He will fight them if they try to stick him in there. Jason then asks Sonny what he wants him to do. He reminds him that he cannot keep going like this.

Tracy demands that Dillon and Lulu get dressed. Dillon tells his mother he refuses to dress in front of her. She asks him he refuses to dress in front of his mother but he can get naked with his step sister. Lulu reminds Tracy that this is not incest. Dillon reminds her that she asked Lulu to spy upon Dillon for her. She shakes her finger at them and tells them that this is never going to happen again. She walks out and they laugh at how ridiculous she sounds.

Sonny calmly tells Carly that he did a terrible thing to her. He asks what kind of a man does this to the mother of his children. She tells him that it’s ok. He tells her that it’s not ok. He realizes he has a problem and wants to change. But if they lock him up, they must realize that he’s not going to survive. Jason then offers to stay there with Sonny and help him through this. Sonny asks Carly where Michael and Morgan are. She reminds him that they went upstairs. He seems to forget that they went upstairs and asks her if he scared them off. Sonny then looks like he’s going to cry. Carly tells him that she will be there for him. He will get through this and it will be ok. He then tells her that it’s not ok and after the things he’s said to her, she should have him arrested. She tells him that she’s not going to abandon him just like he did not abandon her. He then puts his arms around her and she cradles his head in her arms.

At the hospital, Maxie asks Patrick where Elizabeth went. He tells her she had to leave and go help somebody. Maxie concludes that is so like Elizabeth, always wanting to help others.

At the station, the police detective tells Lucky that he can see that Lucky and Elizabeth have special dinner reservations. And this would have to be because Lucky is the hero cop.

The mayor reminds Alexis that Manny Ruiz would be on death row if it were not for her. She tells him that it’s now a non-issue. Manny is dead and they must move on. He asks her how they present this case to the press. Manny’s death looks suspicious. She tells him it’s very simple. Lucky Spencer shot him. He tells her that he bets that Jason illegally killed Manny. He also knows that she was going to put him in jail for the murder of Juan Escobar. But now, she seems to be covering for Jason because he is engaged to her daughter. She denies that.

Ric and Sam return home. He asks her if she ever plans to get over Jason. He admits that she may never get over how Jason claimed to love her and still wants to break up with her.

At Sonny’s, Carly tells Jason that maybe he made a mistake to offer to take care of Sonny so he doesn’t have to go to Roselawn. She tells him that she can take care of Sonny. She’s worried about what could happen if Sonny flipped out and went after Jason. He tells her that he can handle the situation. He can tell that she has worries. She tells him that Sonny is really losing it. He tells her that he’s glad she was there for him. She tells him that she did the best she can but she does not know if it’s enough. She then tells him that she has to get out of there, shower and check on the boys. He tells her that she must inform the boys that their dad is going to be ok. She leaves. Outside the door, Max informs her that his brother can take her home. She thanks him and asks him to please not be upset by what Sonny said to him. He does not mean it. Max tells her that it’s ok. She leaves.

Sonny comes down the stairs to see Jason. He asks if Calry left and if she’s ok. Sonny then tells Jason that Calry should hate him and so should he.

Robert meets Tracy when she’s asked him to. He is dressed in a tux, not happy that she’s demanded he meets her there and informs her that he had some very important business at the casino that she took him away from. She tells him that he has to know what she just discovered, not far away. He tells her that it must be some lucky couple having sex. He asks her who they were. She tells him that it was Luke’s daughter and her son. HE does not seem as freaked out about it as she is. She tells him that he has to talk to Lulu and make certain that his never happens again. Lulu won’t listen to a word Tracy says. And his friend, Luke, Lulu’s father is missing in action. He reminds her that he has never had “the talk” with his own daughter. Tracy then tells him that while Luke is gone, as Lulu’s stepmother, she will have to put her in a boarding school if this happens again. And when Luke returns, she will have to tell him how irresponsible Robert was. He protests to her that spy school does not teach one anything about adolescent relationships.

Back at Carly’s house, Michael asks his mom what is wrong with his dad. She attempts to explain that his dad is having some problems. She tells him that he has feelings that get stronger and stronger and he hears sounds that get louder and louder that he cannot turn off. So, right now, Sonny needs to be by himself where he can take care of himself and calm down for a while so that he can get back to normal. Michael asks what he can do. She concludes that he can just love his dad because that’s what he needs the most. Calry hugs her son.

Sonny tells Jason that he cannot ask him to help him. Jason tells Sonny he need not worry. Sonny asks Jason why he’d want to help him. Jason replies to Sonny that he is sick and hopes that he would not think that Jason would just walk away in his time of need. Sonny then reminds Jason that he had him arrested and put a hit on him. And now is Jason’s chance to pay him back. So why doesn’t he? Right then, Elizabeth enters outside and asks Max if Jason is there. She tells him that Jason should not have left the hospital. She just wants to make certain that he is ok. But Max tells her that he has to ask her to leave. IT could really cause Sonny to lose it if he knows she’s there. She agrees to leave.

Inside, Jason reminds Sonny that he cannot help the sickness that he has.

Tracy goes to talk to her son. He asks her why she thinks it’s any of her business that he slept with Lulu. Tracy reminds Dillon that since Lulu is her stepdaughter and Luke is not there, she is responsible for Lulu’s moral upbringing. He reminds her that Lulu would not listen to a word she says. And he also tells her that she does not control his personal life. She tells him that what he’s doing is not appropriate and she’s going to put a stop to it.

Robert goes and finds Lulu at Kelly’s. He very awkwardly attempts to talk to her. Right away, she is able to tell that Tracy must have told him what just happened.

At Alexis’ house, Sam stands outside, lost in thought while tears stream down her face. Ric observes her and asks if she is ok. He tells her if she wants some privacy, he could go. She tells him it’s ok. She’s sorry. It’s just really hard when you have to let go of your hopes and dreams. He tells her that it’s ok. She may go ahead and cry. Right then, Alexis enters.

Sonny tells Jason that he wanted Carly to leave but she would not. He called her names and it got ugly. Jason reminds Sonny that when Carly broke down, Sonny did everything he could to help her. So why shouldn’t she do the same for him? Sonny tells Jason that he does not believe that he deserves Carly’s loyalty or Jason’s. Jason tells Sonny he should have never gone against him. He was the one who set all of this into motion. And he admits that he was wrong.

Tracy tells Dillon that she is concerned about how his having sex with Lulu could damage her. He tells her he does not buy that she cares about Lulu. Robert talks to Lulu and tells her that as her father’s closest friend, he is concerned. She tells him she knows that Tracy put him up to talking to her and she does not believe that Tracy cares about her. She protests to him that Dillon is a good guy. He would not hurt her. He respects her. Dillon tells his mother that he does care about Lulu. He is not using her. Lulu tells Robert that there is nothing to worry about. It’s “just sex”. He then reminds her, the same way Anna reminded Robin, that it’s never “just sex”.

Alexis has a conversation with Ric and Sam at her house.

Maxie meets Lucky on the docks and implies that Elizabeth and Patrick are having a thing. She tells him that she has to go somewhere. He asks her where. She tells him she’s going to a club, not like he cares. He tells her that that is not true. She tells him he only cares when she can score him more drugs. He tells her that it’s not true. Sometimes, he feels like she’s the only person who understands him. She asks him to please not say that if he’s only playing her. He tells her he is not and he kisses her.

Elizabeth goes to Carly’s and tells her that Jason cannot be taking care of Sonny. He damaged a major artery and if he doesn’t get back to the hospital, he could bleed to death.

Jason tells Sonny that nobody has the right to tell any other person how to live their lives. He had no business telling Sonny that he had to stop seeing Emily. Sonny justifies to Jason that he was only doing what he(Jason) thought was right and looking out for his sister. Jason tells Sonny that did not give him the right to blackmail Sonny and take away his business. They each talk about how they were wrong and the other was justified to do what they did. They talk about what they did in regard to Manny and to Emily and to Sam. Jason concludes to Sonny that he knew that Sonny was sick. But he disregarded it. He concludes that he did not mean to. But he believes he drove Sonny to this breakdown. And he tells Sonny he is truly sorry.

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