GH Update Friday 7/7/06

General Hospital Update Friday 7/7/06


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At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Patrick if he is implying that the reason the pain pills have been stolen is because of Lucky. Does he think that she is stealing them for her husband? He tells her he is not making any accusations. There are tons of patients that go in and out of there every day. Somebody could have swiped them, unseen. There are many members of the staff who have access to them. She admits to him that Lucky informed her that he needed more pain pills than what Patrick was willing to prescribe to him. So he got another prescription from another doctor. She told Lucky she was concerned that he could become dependent. And he stopped. He asks her if she is really certain that he has.

In Jason’s room, Sam asks Jason why they cannot get back together. He admitted that he loved her when he got shot. Manny is no longer an issue. He can no longer tell her that she is in danger because of him. She asks him just how her mother was able to convince him that they should break up.

Sonny awakens on the couch with Carly. She asks him what is wrong with this picture. He asks her where he should start. He then gets up and asks her if he looks better. She asks him if he feels better.. She tells him she will go and get them some coffee. He tells her he’s not going to trash the place while she’s gone. There is nothing left to break. She leaves and he picks up some broken glass from the floor. He digs it into his palm and blood spills.

Elizabeth tells Patrick that her husband is not lying about the pills. But he reminds her that it would not be a stretch that he could. He’s lied about many things. Hearing that, she tells him it must be really nice not to have to live paycheck to paycheck and not have to worry about feeding and clothing your child. Her husband needs to work and practice law enforcement after he suffered a tragic injury. He cannot afford to stay in the hospital forever and he cannot live in pain. She tells him that he’s very arrogant and does not appreciate his judging her husband and undermining her faith in him.

Carly comes back from the kitchen with some coffee for herself and Sonny. But she can tell right away that he’s cut his hand. She tells him he will need a bandage. He tells her that she can wash away this wound but there will always be more blood. She’s really worried that he’s really lost it so she goes and gets Max. She informs him that Sonny has cut his hand. Max cannot leave Sonny alone, she tells him. No matter what Sonny tells him or how he argues, Max cannot let him leave. Sonny asks them what they are talking about and why she is giving Max orders. She tells him that she is just going to go and talk to Jason and she will be back soon. Sonny then looks at Max in a really strange way and Max asks him what he intends to say to him.

At the station, Ric brings Alexis some coffee. He tells her that everybody is relieved that Manny is dead. But he’s thought of a way to make it even better. They could put Jason away. He reminds her that if it could be proven that Lucky did not kill Manny in the line of duty, but instead, Jason threw him off the roof, then she could put Jason away for man slaughter. She reminds him that if she did that, then Sam would never forgive her. And she believes that he might want to do that because it would enable him to take Jason’s place with Sonny.

Jason admits to Sam that he’s never told her he does not love her. She tells him that she knows that it was he, and not Lucky, who killed Manny. He tells her that he’s lying in the hospital with a bullet wound. Two months ago it was her. She was lying there because of him and he’s not going to let it happen again. She tells him she knows that Alexis must have cut him a deal. She will tell everybody that Lucky shot Manny. She won’t get Jason in trouble for what happened. And all Jason has to do in return is stay away from her. Jason does not respond to that.

Alexis tells Ric that she’s not going to prosecute Jason. He did not kill Manny. Lucky did. She’s not going to send Jason to prison just so that Ric can wrack up some “quality time” with his brother. HE seems a bit disappointed that she won’t do what he suggests. HE leaves and she asks the police detective to show her every scrap of evidence on the Manny Ruiz case.

Carly rushes to the hospital and finds Lanie. She tells her that Sonny really needs help. Lanie tells Carly that she cannot force him to get help if he refuses. It must be proven that he is a danger to himself or somebody else. Calry then informs Lanie that Sonny totally freaked out last night. He could have killed himself or somebody else. Then he cut himself and smashed everything. Lanie tells Calry that in that case, maybe she needs to get him some sort of in patient treatment. Carly tells Lanie that she cannot do that. Sonny is claustrophobic. He was locked in a closet and beaten as a child. IT will push him over the edge. Lanie reminds Calry that Sonny loved her enough to have her committed to Roselawn. SO maybe she should do the same for him.

At Kelly’s Georgie confronts Lulu about lying to Dillon that she(Georgie) slept with Diego when she did not. She did it in order to break her up with Dillon and take him from her. Lulu tells Georgie that it is her own fault that she lost Dillon. Mike then breaks them up and tells them he won’t tolerate their fighting in his restaurant. They go outside and continue the argument until Dillon stops them. He wildly defends Lulu to Georgie. Georgie protests to Dillon that she and Diego went for a swim. Nothing happened. Lulu lied in order to break them up. He tells her she cannot blame this on Lulu. Georgie then reminds Dillon that he must know that Luke is full of lies. Laura is nuts. And there is something really wrong with him not to see how sick and twisted Lulu is. He is very offended to hear her trashing Lulu. Diego comes out to defend Georgie to Dillon and Lulu.

Alone in the house with Max, Sonny tells Max that he(Max) guards Carly and drives her around. He must look at her in the rear view mirror and have some “thoughts”. Max tells Sonny he is crazy to think such things. Sonny tells Max that he must look at that smile and it must make him melt. And he must have fantasies about Calry admitting that she has feelings for him. Max attempts to distract Sonny but reminding him he has not eaten. He protests to Sonny that he is there to do his job and Carly is part of it. Sonny reminds Max that he is a man. So is Max. Carly is a beautiful woman. She looks at him and makes him feel like he is really special to her. Max admits that he thinks that Carly is amazing. And he may have fantasies about her.

Jason tells Sam that his mind is made up. He’s not going to be the reason why she dies. Right then, Carly enters. Sam demands that she gets out. She tells Carly that she and Jason do not care what kind of crises Carly is having today. Jason then asks Sam to leave. She tells him that this is his last chance to be sure because if she walks out that door, she is never coming back. She tells him that he mustn’t think that this is easy. He will have to say that to her face. He must tell her to go and she will be out. He then tells her, under his breath that he wants her to go. Hearing that, she tells him that he will regret tossing her aside like garbage. And if it takes her last breath, she will make certain that Alexis pays. She leaves. Jason looks lie he’s going to cray.

Georgie reminds Dillon that she loves him. She sat by his bedside and married him when she thought he’d die. She put up with his shrew of a mother. She lived in a tiny room with him above a diner. She made mistakes by sneaking around with Diego. But she did not sleep with him. And he betrayed her by what he did with Lulu. She knows what happened between then. She cries and tells Lulu that she knows that she is a snake. She can keep her job at Kelly’s. She is not afraid to have to see her every day. And she hopes that every time their eyes meet, Lulu will know the truth about her lying self. Lulu leaves and Dillon tells Georgie that she has Diego. She cano do whatever she wants with him. He no longer cares. But Georgie must leave Lulu alone. He leavea and goes after Lulu. Georgie cries. Diego tells her that she should not worry aobut Dillon He tells her it may not matter to her what a guy like him thinks. But he believes that she deserves better than the way that Dillon has been treating her. Georgie tells Diego that it means more to her than he realizes.

At the station, Ric asks Lucky how he was able to so successfully shoot Manny when Jason failed. Lucky seems to have a good explanation. Ric tells Lucky that it looks as though Jason pushed Manny over the edge. Lucky tells Mac that Jason did not have the strength to stand up, much less push Manny, after being shot. So it was Lucky’s shot that pushed Manny over the edge.

Sam goes to the elevator and pushes the button to leave. Right then, she notices a man dressed in janitor uniform like Manny used to. But she knows that he is not Manny. She pulls off the star necklace that Jason give her, breaks the chain and throws it in the mop bucket. She cries and angrily gets on the elevator.

Lulu goes alone t the boathouse and remembers spying upon Georgie and Diego and then she got together with Dillon,. She remembers sleeping with Dillon and sounding to him as though it’s no big deal that it was her first time and he did not know. She cries. And right then, Dillon enters. HE apologizes very sincerely to her for Gerogie and tells her he does not want her to be unhappy because of this situation.

Georgie returns to Kelly’s. Mike tells her that she and Lulu will have to find a way to keep their conflict out of his restaurant. He’s not going to lose customers because of them. Diego is by Georgie’s side. She tells him that she is better off without Dillon if he’s going to be a cheating pig. She then asks him if he wants to go out. He asks her if she is serious. She tells him she is. He tells her there is a concert in the park. She says they should go and suggests that they go to his place afterward. But he tells her he does not think that would be a good idea. He doesn’t want to be the “back door guy” to be with her between her breakup and reconciliation with Dillon He tells her if he’s going to be with her, he wants to be the only guy for her.

Sam goes to find Alexis in the interrogation room and asks her if they can talk. She sounds calm. Alexis tells her daughter that she’s happy that Jason has recovered. Sam tells her mother that Jason will be ok. But she’s not certain that she will be. Alexis asks Sam if Jason said anything to her. Sam admits to her mother that Jason had the best of intentions and told her that he doesn’t want them to be together. Alexis tells Sam she is sorry but believes that Jason did what is right. Sam tells Alexis that there is nothing left for her to do except get on with her life, whatever that is.

Unseen, in the station, Ric goes through the Manny Ruiz files. He’s ready to find information and take matters into his own hands. But the police detective finds Ric and asks if he can help him.

Alone with Jason in his hotel room, Carly tells Jason that she’s concerned that Sonny has really lost it. He asks her what has happened. She informs him that last night. Sonny thought he heard that Jason died. He went after Lorenzo with a gun and told he’s going to kill him because he killed Jason. Then he cut himself this morning. She talked to Lanie Winters and concluded that Sonny needs to go to Roselawan. But Jason tells her that Sonny cannot survive being locked up. He is claustrophobic. It won’t work. HE tells her he will go and talk to Sonny. He must leave. She tells him that he cannot. He must stay in the hospital. He’s been injured. She tells him that she knows she can handle this. She cries and tells him that maybe saving Sonny has been her destiny all along. Jason stares speechlessly.

Lulu tells Dillon that she had no business interfering in his business with Gerogie. He tells her that she does not owe him any apology. It’s good that he found out that he could not trust Georgie before it was too late. And he assures Lulu that he does not regret being with her. He tells her that she must know that he did not take what happened between them lightly. He cares about her a great deal. They like each other and trust each other, he concludes. At that point, she kisses him. He doesn’t’ seem to mind although he’s surprised. They kiss again.

At the hospital, Elizabeth approaches Patrick. He tells her he apologizes and did not mean to offend her. She tells him he must back off. Lucky is not a pill thief. He tells her he believes her. He just had to be objective and consider the possibility. She must know that it can happen to anybody. He didn’t mean to step out of line, he tells her. They talk and laugh together. And right then, Lucky walks in to see them together, again.

Sam asks Alexis if she will forgive her. Alexis tells Sam there is nothing to forgive her for. Sam is her daughter. She’s been through hell. She realizes Sam is in a lot of pain and she will be there for her. They hug. Ric watches them from outside the window.

Carly returns to Sonny’s. Sonny then tells Max that she is right there and he may tell her what he really thinks about her when he sees her through the rear view mirror of the car. Carly then tells Sonny he has to stop this right now. Max has done nothing but help him. He then tells her that maybe she has been coming on to Max and they’ve been doing it privately. He reminds her that she’s been messing around with AJ, then Jason, then him, Tony Jones, then Alcazar and now Max. Right then, Jason enters and is shocked to notice the state of mind Sonny is in. He tells Sonny he has to pull himself together.

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