GH Update Thursday 7/6/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/6/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis finds out from the autopsy examiner that Lucky did not shoot and kill Manny Ruiz. Jason did. But she tells him he must never let on that it was Jason who shot Manny instead of Lucky.

Right then, Jason sleeps in his hospital bed, after surgery and has a nightmare. In the dream, he walks into the morgue and notices that Sam is dead on the table. Alexis enters and informs him that Manny killed Sam. And he sees Manny standing nearby, laughing and showing that he wrote “SHE’S MINE” on Sam’s belly. He then awakens and freaks. Sam is right by him and asks what has happened.

Lorenzo has dinner with Anna Devane at the metro court. He tells her that he will buy her dinner as a way of saying thank you. He tells her that he looked her up on the internet and found out that she has a history of espionage and leads an adventurous life. She tells him that she has also done some research on him and found out that so does he. He asks her if she is still involved in espionage. She tells him that she’s not into it anymore. She informs him that she was involved in a boating accident and nearly died. He asks her what she is doing now. She tells him that she is there on business and to see her daughter. He asks her what type of business she’d move to Port Charles in order to conduct. She tells him that she is there to make up for lost time with her daughter. He tells her that a leopard cannot change its spots. She tells him that she is merely trying to turn the page. She ask him if he is still involved in the “family business”. He tells her not any more. He too has turned the page. And if he were to tell her the nature of his business, it would bore her to tears. He then tells her that he has to leave and that it was a pleasure meeting with her. When he goes out the door, he indicates that he is probably onto her. He asks the guy at the door to destroy the cell phone that she had access to and all of the data on it. Robert appears and tells Anna that he has observed her.

At the hospital, Lucky confirms to Patrick and to Elizabeth that he did successfully rid society of Manny. Patrick tells him it’s amazing that a guy who was injured so severely so recently could do that. Lucky tells Patrick that he was just gong his job and like he said on at the press conference, he owes it all to his wife. He gets on the elevator and departs. Alone with Patrick, Elizabeth asks him about his relationship with Robin. He informs her that they are over. She tells him she does not believe that. He still has Robin on the brain and he might be using her to make Robin jealous.

Alexis asks the autopsy examiner if she can count on his “discretion”. He tells her of course. And he informs her that “Commissioner Scorpio” asked for similar favors. She asks if he is talking about Mac Scorpio. He tells her no. It was former commissioner Robert Scorpio who asked him to hide evidence in past cases like this. She then asks him to hide but not destroy the file that confirms that Jason, instead of Lucky, killed Manny.

After Jason awakens from his nightmare, Patrick and Elizabeth enter and ask him what is up. Elizabeth tells Jason that maybe he should get some tests done to make certain he’s alright before he goes home. He tells her he does not need any tests. She tells him she cannot make him do that but when he gets home he has to take it easy. Sam assures Elizabeth that she will make certain he follows her instructions to the letter. They wheel him away and Elizabeth tells Sam that Jason will be able to go home very soon.

Alexis asks to talk to Lucky in the interrogation room He assumes that she believes that he saved the day and has no clue that it was Jason who shot and killed Manny. She asks him to recap the chain of events. He tells her the story that she wants to be able to tell everybody who asks. She thanks him and does not reveal that she knows the truth.

Dr. Lee (Kelly) tells Robin and Lanie that she found a big place that maybe the three of them could live. It’ a place that Courtney Matthews used to use for her foundation. But Robin sounds like she is not entirely certain she wants to commit to moving there. They ask her if it’s because she still has hope about Patrick.

Robert tells Anna that he would like to know what she is trying to do in regard to Lorenzo Alcazar. He tells her it might be a difficult assignment. She tells him if she were to have some sort of “assignment” involving Mr. Alcazar, she does not think it would be difficult. She tells him that Mr. Alcazar is very charming and merely asked her to have lunch with him because she found his missing cell phone for him. And she asks her ex husband if he might be jealous. After hearing that, he laughs and says that is absurd. She tells him that he is spending a lot of time sniffing around her business and sounds like he has a problem that she’s paying more attention to Lorenzo than to him. He makes jokes and laughs and she tells her he has not changed since he was an immature, selfish, shallow teenager. He tells her he will let her in on a little secret. He is not entirely immune to her charms. And if she tells him why she is really there and what she really wants, he might do something for her. She refuses to respond to that and leaves. Alone, he gets on his cell phone and tells somebody he’d like to talk to them.

Robin tells Lanie and Kelly that they must read her lips when she says there is nothing going on between herself and Patrick. They remind her that she just declared that a day ago. And already she is having doubts that they are done. She confirms that she is certain. they are done. Kelly then suggests that she just comes with them to see the new vacant apartment. Kelly tells them that this sis about new beginnings. They confirms that their lives are about them and not the men they are with. And it’s time to move on.

Alan Quartermaine tells Maxie he needs to talk to her. Somebody has taken hydrocordone. He tells her she must realize what a powerful and addictive drug this stuff is. She asks him if he is accusing her of something. He tells her no but he’d like her to think about who might have caused the drug to disappear and let him know if she comes up with something.

Alexis comes to see Jason in his hospital room and informs him that she’s examined the autopsy report. Lucky has taken the credit for the shooting but she happens to know that Lucky did not kill Manny. He did. Sam comes by with coffee and notices her mother and fiancé through the window and wonders what they are talking about.

Robin finds her father at the metro court and asks what he is doing there. He informs her that he’s meeting somebody there. She asks if it is her mother. He tells her he’s meeting Skye Quartermaine. She asks why he cannot talk to Skye at the place where they both live. He tells her that Skye has asked him to get some information about Lorenzo Alcazar. He informs her that he suspects that her mother is also in town on a mission to find out about Lorenzo.

Right then, Anna is on her phone talking about Lorenzo and his pregnant girlfriend.

Lorenzo is not far away asking his contact to uncover all the information he can on Anna Devane.

Patrick enters Jason’s room and Alexis tells them she will leave them alone. She informs Patrick that she was just telling Jason about Lucky’s success and his medal. She tells him good luck on his recovery. She tells him she means that and she departs.

Maxie finds Lucky and informs him that at the hospital they know about the missing bottles of hydocordone. He asks if anybody has accused her. She tells him not yet but Alan Quartermaine asked her if she knows anything. She tells him that she is getting a little nervous. Too many people are seeing her in the supply room and she’s had orderlies helping her steal them. He tells her that he won’t ask her to get him any more drugs. And he no longer needs them.

Sam hides herself and overhears Alexis telling Elizabeth that she believes that Lucky saved Sam’s life and probably saved Jason’s life as well. Sam overhears and knows that something is up with Alexis.

Anna meets Robin outside of Kelly’s. She tells her daughter that they need some “mother and daughter” time together. She tells her there is a day spa where they can go and get massages and facials. Robin then tells her mother that it’s ok. She doesn’t have to “cover” for why she is really there. She knows the entire thing about Lorenzo Alcazar. Hearing that, Anna tells her daughter that her father has a lot of nerve to be telling her things like that. Robin then asks her mother if it is not true.

Robert meets with Skye at the metro court and informs her that Anna is telling people that she works for an organization. But it’s all a front. And Anna has found some close ties to Skye’s Mr. Alcazar. It looks lie Anna suspects and might be correct that Lorenzo has some sort of illegal dealings going on. Skye then asks Robert if he is pumping her for information. She tells him she cannot help him. Lorenzo never discusses business with her. She then tells him that Lorenzo agreed to go back into the business and pulls some strings in order to prevent his son from going back to prison. She admits to him that it’s not a good idea to have a baby with a man whom she does not trust. And she will tell him that tonight.

Lucky admits to Maxie that his back flared before he could manage to shoot Manny. She asks him if he needs more pills to get through the day. He tells her he will not get her into any more trouble. She reminds him that he told everybody at the press conference that he owes his life to his wife. Hearing that, he tells her that he owes a great deal to her. But they must keep what they’ve been doing a secret. It sounds like she wants more than he is willing to offer him. And she kisses him.

Elizabeth comes to see Jason and asks him what Patrick has said. He admits that he told him that he has some nerve damage in his right hand. She tells him it cannot be that bad if he’s moving his hand and ready to go home tonight. Knowing what he really did, she thanks him. He asks her for what. She tells him that since Lucky is getting a medal and being promoted, they have him to thank. Patrick then comes in and tells Jason that the test results were not as bad as he’d feared. With a little physical therapy, he should regain full use of his hands. He leaves and Sam enters. She tells Jason they need to talk.

Lorenzo meets Skye at the metro court. She tells him that she wanted to let him know that she is leaving town with the baby. She knows of no other choice and does not want him following her. He asks her when she will be back. She tells him she won’t. This type of arrangement is unacceptable. The life he has is far too dangerous and she can’t put her baby at risk. He tells her that he is not going to let his son or daughter be taken from him. He will be a part of his child’s life and fight for his child.

Anna tells Robin that her father cannot accept the fact that she is there to see her daughter. But she does not deny that she has an assignment involving Lorenzo. Robin asks if her father is making the whole thing up. Anna tells her she does not want her to call her father on this. The man’s ego is very fragile and she does not want to hurt him.

Patrick informs Elizabeth that a large quantity of hydrocordon has been stolen. She tells him she’s heard but knows nothing about it. He tells her that that stuff is a highly addictive drug and that is why he got Lucky off of it. She asks him if he is implying that Lucky has a habit that he’s stealing for.

Maxie tells Lucky that he must know that Patrick and Elizabeth might be more than just friends and professional colleagues. He tells her he knows that Patrick might like Elizabeth. But she does not return his feelings. He tells her that Patrick realizes Elizabeth is married and he is seeing Robin. She informs him that Patrick and Robin are over. He tells her that she will not convince him that his wife is not committed to him. It obviously sounds like she wants to break up him and Elizabeth and have him for herself.

Sam tells Jason that it’s great that Patrick believes he will be ok. She tells him she can help with his after care or do whatever he needs her to do. She reminds him that they’ve been though so much and it’s finally over. They can go home together and she can take care of him there. He tells her that they do not have a home together. But she won’t accept that.

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