GH Update Wednesday 7/5/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/5/06


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Sonny notices Carly sleeping on his couch. He touches her and she awakens, looking startled. She asks him what is wrong. He tells her nothing. He knows that she is wiped out. He just wanted to say good bye before he leaves. She asks him where he plans to go. He tells her he has to go to the island. It’s the only way. He has to get away.

After Manny has been killed, Alexis asks Mac how it happened. He asks her if she really cares how Manny died. She tells him she wants his department to handle this. They zip Manny up in a body bag. Alexis tells Ric that she can finally be done with that bastard once and for all. But it is still not over.

At the hospital, Lucky informs Sam that he shot Manny. He doesn’t have time to answer her questions. HE gets on his phone. Right then, they wheel Jason in on a stretcher. Sam rushes to Jason and tells him he cannot die now.

Ric tells Alexis that she can breathe now. And she might want to make a speech since she is the DA. He tells her that she did what she had to do in order to stop Manny. She tells him that Sam does not see it that way. He tells her that Sam will come around. She tells Ric that Sam will never forgive her for setting Manny free. He reminds her that Manny came after Sam because of Jason. Alexis is not the soul cause of all the suffering and destruction in Port Charles. She asks the detective what has happened to Jason Morgan. He informs her that Jason lost a lot of blood and they are not certain that he will make it.

At the hospital, Sam tells Elizabeth she must be with Jason. But Elizabeth tells her that the medical team must do their job. Alexis and Ric rush to be with Sam and tell her they hope Jason makes it. She tells them that she does not buy for a moment that they care about Jason.

Sonny tells Carly that he has to protect his own children. He has to make this stop. He is tired of something although he does not tell her what that is. She stares at him. He tells her that people he loves deserve better. She tells him that the people he loves understand that this is out of his control and she asks him what will happen when he goes down to the island. Right then, Max enters and informs them that Jason has been shot. He’s in critical condition. Sonny asks who shot Jason. Max informs him it was Manny Ruiz. Manny is now dead, however. Carly then gets up and tells them she must go to the hospital to see Jason but Sonny must stay there.

Sam asks Alexis to look her in the eye and tell her she does not want Jason to die. Alexis tells her daughter that she does not want Jason to die. Ric tells Sam she must know that all the while she was missing, Alexis was ready to stop at nothing in order to save her. She did everything she did for Sam.

Elizabeth hugs Lucky, tells him she’s so happy that he is al right and she’s so proud of him and she loves him.

Carly walks into the hospital and demands to know what has happened to Jason. Ric informs her that the doctors say that he’s lost a lot of blood. She snaps at Ric that he’s not a doctor. She tells Alexis, Ric and Sam that she has to see Jason. Sam asks Carly if she thinks that she would not be there with him if they’d let her. Carly then tells Sam that maybe the two of them can make it happen. Sonny then gets off the elevator although Carly asked him not to come to the hospital.

Lucky meets with Maxie and tells her that he would not be able to do what he did without her help. He tells her that she found a way to get him those pills without asking for anything in return. She tells him that that is what friends do for each other. He affirms that they are great friends. And he will never ask her for anything like that again. He owes her too much already. He gets up to leave. She then asks him to wait.

Sonny tells Sam that he is afraid that he is the reason why she was shot and the reason why Jason is fighting for his life. He tells her he wishes he had a chance to stop it but he did not. If Jason dies, he will never be able to forgive himself. She tells him he mustn’t believe for a moment that Jason will die. Right then, Patrick comes out. Alexis, Ric, Sam and Carly all rush to him and Sonny hears Patrick report that Jason’s heart stopped and he died. What really happens is that Patrick informs everybody that Jason pulled through. He has a very strong heart. He tells them Jason will need to stay in the hospital for a while longer but will most likely be ok. Everybody is happy. Carly then turns to Sonny and asks him if he heard that Jason will be ok. Sonny is gone. He’s on the elevator, ready to have another episode.

Maxie tells Lucky that at a time like this, after Manny got shot and killed, everybody is probably distracted and it’s got to be totally chaotic. She could probably sneak in and get some more pills without being seen. She tells him that maybe he can just take the pills when he needs them. He tells her that he doesn’t take many. She encourages him that he did this successfully and might not have been able to without the pills. She believes he might need more of the pills to stay on top of his game. He tells her that in case she gets nervous or people suspect her, then she can no longer be doing this. Because he could not live with himself if anything ever happened to her.

Alexis talks to Mac on the phone and he tells her that she must answer the mayor’s questions about Manny’s death. She tells Ric that she is worried about Sam. She does not look well. She looks like she’s in shock. He tells her he could ask Elizabeth to look at Sam. Right then, Sam tells her mother that she(Alexis) might as well go home. She’s fine. Alexis reminds her daughter that she is still wearing the same clothes she wore before she was kidnapped. Ric offers to take Sam home. Elizabeth confirms that Jason won’t be awake for a while so Sam might as well leave for a while and get some reset. Alexis tells Sam that she needs to be strong for Jason and she cannot do that unless she gets some rest.

Lorenzo meets a contact and tells him that he cannot let anybody know that he has anything to do with “that mad man”. His contact leaves and Lorenzo turns to see Sonny pointing a gun at him. Lorenzo tells Sonny he needs to take it easy. Sonny tells Lorenzo that he killed Jason and now he’s going to die. Lorenzo asks Sonny what he is talking about. Jason made it. Sonny tells Lorenzo that he was at the hospital and Jason did not make it. Lorenzo tells Sonny he must have gotten his facts incorrect. Sonny tells Lorenzo that he knows he’s working with Manny. Right then, two more guys come and pull out their guns. It looks like only Sonny can see them. He seems to think that Lorenzo is pulling a gun on him although Lorenzo is unarmed. Sonny asks Lorenzo if he thinks he can take over Sonny’s life. Does he think he can just bang Sonny’s wife and murder his best friend? Right then, Carly comes out and tells Sonny that he can’t do this. He needs to put the gun down. He tells her that she cannot defend this mad man. He killed Jason. Carly knows that her ex husband has totally lost it and tells him that he must know that Jason is not dead. He pulled through. He tells her that Jason is dead. He heard what the doctors told them. She tells Sonny he is not well and must come home with her. Finally, Sonny puts the gun down. It looks like the guys in the background put down their guns. Right then, when Lorenzo is alone, Diego comes up to his father and remarks that it looks like he really has his hands full.

At the hospital, Epiphany informs Elizabeth that Jason might be out of the hospital sooner than anticipated. She asks her who can bring him his “personal affects”. Elizabeth tells her she can. Not far away, Maxie sneaks into the supply room and takes some pain killers without being seen.

Elizabeth is very surprised to notice how much energy Lucky has. She asks him if he’s running on pure adrenaline. He tells her that he is very confident that everybody is going to be ok. But he is acting totally out of character.

Ric and Sam return home. He tells her that she can just get some sleep and he’s certain that Kristina will be ecstatic when she gets to see Sam again. Sam looks like she’s not ok, however, She tells Ric that when Manny grabbed her, he told her if she resisted, he would kill Kristina. Ric tells her he did not know that. He then awkwardly tells Sam that she’s a very brave girl and she’s been though enough. She tells him that she got kidnapped. She almost lost the man she loved. She thought there was always one person she could count on. But in the end, he was not there. She tells him that after all that pain and all that fear, she has nothing. He tells her that she has Alexis. She then urges Ric not to make a case for Alexis.

At the station, Alexis asks Lucky if he can give her the details about what happened when he discovered Jason pulling a gun on Manny when he held Sam captive. He tells her that he tried and failed to catch Manny at that time. But he later got him. Alexis can tell that his story does not add up but does not ask Lucky any more questions and tells him that they all owe him a debt of gratitude. But right then, Alexis meets with the mayor and he tells her that Manny did not die form a gunshot.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Elizabeth that he does not buy that Lucky saved the day. He reminds her that Lucky took unearned credit for shooting a drug dealer a while back. But the bullet was from a completely different gun than the kind Lucky uses. It was the very same bullets that only Jason uses.

Lorenzo tells Diego that he has a lot to learn. Diego tells his father he is thinking about him. With Jason Morgan in the hospital and Sonny Corinthos barely able to tie his shoes, now is the time for Lorenzo to make his moves. Now is the time for Lorenzo to reclaim his territory. Lorenzo tells his son that he does not understand. It is now a much bigger pond that he’s swimming in. And whether Diego realizes it or not, nobody can believe that they are not going to have to answer to somebody in the end for their actions.

Sonny and Carly return to his house. He asks her why she had to get involved in his conflict with Lorenzo. She tells him she had not choice. What he did there was suicide and he knows it.

At the hospital, Alan Quartermaine informs Patrick Drake that he knows that prescription drugs have been stolen and he’s determined to get to the bottom of this. Patrick reminds him that his son has just been shot and maybe he shouldn’t be stressing over this right now. But Alan tells Patrick that he intends to do a thorough investigation.

Alexis asks the detective who examined Manny if it’s possible that the bullet killed Manny. He tells her no way. The only thing that caused Manny’s death was being pushed off the roof. No gun had anything to do with it.

Right then, Mac gives a press announcement to commend Lucky for saving the life of Sam McCall after Manny kidnapped her. He tells them that Manny Ruiz was shot by this heroic officer, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. He then asks Lucky to make a speech. Lucky speaks and says he’d like to acknowledge a woman who has given him everything and whom he owes his life to.. Maxie is not afar away and secretly hopes that he is talking about her. But he tells them that he is acknowledging his wife, Elizabeth. He tells them that he loves her and she is the light of his life.

At Alexis’ house, Sam tells Ric that she doesn’t want to sleep. She wants to be awake when Jason wakes up. He tells her that is ok. And he admits that maybe he owes her an apology after all she has been through. But he’d like her to think about something. Jason ended his relationship with her in order to keep her safe. He made a conscious choice to act in her best interest, the very same way Alexis is doing. She tells Ric that the only difference is that Alexis has to control everything. She tells Ric none of that matters. She knows that she and Jason will be together soon.

Alexis concludes to the autopsy examiner that she does not care about any suspicious circumstances involved in this homicide investigation. All she cries about is that Manny Ruiz is dead.

In the morgue, something very suspicious happens when Manny is supposedly dead. A man who looks very much like him, with multiple tattoos, stands over the dead body.

Sonny lies on the couch and Carly comforts him. She tells him that he need not worry. Jason will be ok. And Sonny will make it out of this ok. He will no longer be angry or hurt. He will wake up and be with his boys and get to see the sunrise and run on the beach and everything will be ok. He drifts off and she cries.

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