GH Update Tuesday 7/4/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/4/06


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Robert finds Tracy on the docks. She demands to know where her husband is. He tells her that judging by what he knows, Luke has gone far away. She asks him if he has any clue as to where. He tells her no. She tells him good and he may now consider himself fired from the Haunted Star and evicted from her home.

At the metro court, Anna bumps into Lorenzo. This is the second time. Is it by coincidence?

At the hospital, Elizabeth urges Lucky not to arrest Jason for escaping from “custody” and going to find Manny. She tells him if Jason doesn’t get out, Manny could murder Sam

Right then, Jason goes downstairs in the hospital and seems to know that Elizabeth’s clue about Manny’s secret place to kidnap women is correct. He notices the phone that Manny ripped from the wall that Sam attempted to call for help from and he knows he’s close. He busts down the door to see Sam strapped to a gurney and Manny standing by her. He points the gun at Manny. Manny tells Jason he must drop his gun or he will have to put a bullet in Sam.

Robert tells Tracy that he has accomplished what Edward has hired him for, which is to get her husband to leave the house. And now she thinks she can get rid of him like a disposable diaper. He tells her that she must realize that her husband is a freedom junky. He always has to run somewhere and make himself unfound. And he tells her that she must find incentive to get him back. He asks her to ask herself what motivates Luke Spencer. It is hot women and fast money and getting revenge upon Robert. He tells her if he believes that Robert has taken money from him, then Luke will be back. Tracy tells Robert she is on to him.

Lorenzo stares at Anna and she at him. He recalls that on two occasions they have bumped into each other. First, at Kelly’s and now at the metro court. He admits that he is the clumsy one. He notices that she has an accent. She admits that she is from London and is in Port Charles to visit her daughter, who is a doctor. They introduce themselves. He tells her that London has great cultures and he loves to travel there. They shake hands and depart. Right then, she pulls out her cell phone. At that point, Robin enters with Lanie. They meet Dr. Lee for breakfast and sit together at a table. Lanie has her mind somewhere else. She says she is not hungry. She remembers the last time she was there was with Justus.

Elizabeth reminds Lucky that Manny is heartless. He kills for sport. Hearing that, he tells her that what she is implying is that he cannot find Manny on his own. Only Jason get apprehend him. She tells him that she is not saying that. She is just worried that he is in pain and doesn’t want him to be injured again. Right then, he gets a call on his beeper. She gets back to work and departs. Privately, he pops another pill.

Ric follows Alexis into the interrogation room. She is crying and very worried. He asks her why she is blaming herself. She’s doing everything she has to do to get Manny to let Sam go. She tells him she cannot help it. She is so afraid. One false move and Manny could kill her daughter. She also tells him that she remembers that when she set Manny free, Sam told her that she hoped that she(Alexis) is the first person Manny goes after. Alexis or her family, Sam told her. Alexis cries sand tells Ric that she wants Manny punished for what he did to her daughter and to all the others he’s hurt. Ric tells his wife he promises not to give up on helping get Sam back. He finds Mac and tells him that he has a plan on how to find Manny. Since Manny used to be a janitor at GH, he knows his way around there. Alexis tells Mac that she wants all of the police department to be on the lookout for Manny and they better block off all roads of exit so that he cannot leave town.

Right when Jason is holding the gun on Manny, he is distracted when he hears Lucky appear from behind and stumble over the phone on the ground. At that point, Manny shoots Jason and he falls to the ground.

Robert implies to Tracy that he knows of ways she can motivate Luke to come back. Hearing that, she asks him to hold that thought and go to the Haunted Star right now. HE reminds her that he thought she just fired him. She tells him she is untiring him. He tells her that this is public humiliation. If he’s going to work for her, his price has gone up. She tells him that she expects his total allegiance. And if she finds out that he is standing around on her dime and waiting for a better offer, if he double-deals her again, she will make him cry.

Lanie tells Dr. Lee and Robin that she is afraid that she was too much of a coward to get close to Justus. Right then, she stops herself and tells them she knows she is bringing them down and she talks to Dr Lee about how she(Dr. Lee) needs a new place to live. And right then, Dr., Lee asks Robin about her prospects with Patrick. Robin tells her that she does not, by any means, plan on waiting around for Patrick nor does she assume that they have any future together. She admits that he is really hot in bed. But there is nothing more. She says that she is old fashioned. Her idea of a date is asking what someone is doing on a Friday night. Patrick’s idea is to meet in a hotel room. She tells him that she should have learned about the “promise of love” a long time ago from her parents.

Anna calls her contact and reveals that she is secretly investigating Lorenzo Alcazar. Right then, Robert finds her and tells her he knew it. She’s on an assignment. And he calls her Agent Devane.

Both Lanie and Dr. Lee ask Robin if she is really over Patrick. Robin tells them there is nothing to be over. Both Robin and Dr. Lee notice that Lanie has been burying herself in her work since Justus died. Robin admits that she hates going home to an empty apartment every night. Dr. Lee then asks why the three of them are wasting money on three different apartments that they never see. She tells them they could all pool their resources and live together. Robin asks if they should share popcorn and stories together. They all think about how it might be worth their while to consider living together. They can have girls’ night in whenever they want. And Robin concludes that she is worried that one or both of her parents will ask her to let them move into her home. And if she has roommates, that won’t happen. She then concludes that she is in. And the three of them raise their drinks and propose a toast.

Anna tells Robert that he does not know who her call was to. She was merely calling the woman who is house sitting for her. And she is in town because of their daughter. IF he wants to be there to harass Luke Spencer, he may do that. But she is there to be a proper parent.

Sam rushes Jason to the hospital after he’s been shot. But again, it looks like Manny has escaped. Sam tells him he cannot go anywhere after he’s been shot. But Jason runs off and says he must find Manny.

Lucky calls Mac on the phone and informs him that Sam is ok and Manny no longer has her. But Jason has been shot and Manny is still on the loose most likely somewhere in the hospital.

Jason goes up on the rooftop of the hospital, bleeding and in pain from the gunshot. He looks all over for Manny and points his gun. Right then, Manny appears and climbs down a ladder. He seems to see Jason before Jason can see him. Manny grabs him and tells him that he can kill him right then and there or he can leave without killing him. But either way, he is a free man. Jason gasps and sweats and looks like he cannot get up.

Anna and Robert stand on the docks and argue about how they are both too self-involved and egotistical to be parents to their daughter. Right then, Robin finds them and tries to break up their argument. She yells and gets them to notice her. She reminds them that she has not had a tantrum since she was a child. But since the two of them have been in town she has had many. She tells them that now that she’s gotten their attention, she wants to tell them that she forgives them and wishes they would forgive each other.

At the hospital, Patrick and Elizabeth ask Sam what Manny did and what he planned to do to her. She informs them that he attempted to mark her with something and to make her his. And they must find Jason. Alexis rushes and hugs her daughter, so grateful that she is alright.

On the roof, Manny and Jason get into a struggle. Jason is hurt and not up to his full strength. But he manages to grab a hold of Manny and choke him when Manny tells him that they are very much alike. He tells Manny he is nothing like him. Right when they are struggling, Lucky comes and shoots Manny. And Manny falls off the ledge. Jason is covered in blood by his gunshot. But he stands up and looks relieved that Manny is gone.

Tracy sits in the metro court and drinks alone. Lorenzo notices her and tells her he can see that she is really bitter. She tells him that all mean are a like. They only want to take. When women ask where men go, all they want is their freedom. She is clearly very upset that Luke is gone. He tells her that he knows that she has had too much. And he tells her he wonders what would make a woman like her so afraid. She tells him that the only thing that upsets her is the thought that any man would believe that she needs him. She admits that she came very close. But she snapped out of it. And the next man who tries to con her is in for a very big surprise. She leaves and Lorenzo smirks.

Robin tells her parents that they have to stop fighting over who is responsible for making her such a disaster. Anna tells her daughter that she is brilliant and beautiful. Robin tells them she doesn’t blame her problems on the fact that both of her parents are spies. Anna protests that if her father were a “better” spy, he wouldn’t be such a lousy father. They keep arguing until Robin tells them they need to stop and listen to her. She then tells her parents that they are both good parents and they are shining example than when something does not work and you get hurt, you pick yourself up and keep going. Hearing that, they both hug her and hug each other.

Sam cries and tells her mother that her plan worked. Manny was ready to put the tattoo on her stomach in order to get her attention. She tells her it was brilliant that she pretended to get Jason arrested in order to get Manny to let her go. Alexis then admits to Sam that she really did intend to arrest Jason. Hearing that, Sam tells her mother that she is not ok with that. She was going to prevent Jason from saving her. Manny could have killed them both and could be free right now. She tells Alexis that this has always been her plan. Jason could be fighting for his life right now because of her plan.

Lorenzo returns to the metro court and ask the waitress if somebody might have turned in his cell phone. She informs him that nobody has found it. He then gives her some money and asks if she can attempt to find it so that he does not miss any important calls. Could Anna have taken his cell phone when she “accidentally” bumped into him?

Robin tells her parents that they need no longer blame themselves for neglecting her. She admits that even when she was a teenager and raised by uncle Mac, she dated who she wanted and didn’t listen to his advice about her boyfriends. So they need not take it personally that she does not listen to them. She tells them that they can go back to doing what they do best which is spying. Anna protests that they are her parents and that is what they need to be. Right then, she gets a call on a cell phone. Robert demands that she answers it. But she is too distracted and not concerned about the call. It’s got to be Lorenzo’s phone that she’s holding and not answering.

Lorenzo keeps calling his cell phone number but gets no answer.

Lucky tells Mac that he shot Manny and he fell over the ledge. They can do the autopsy and proceed however they want. But he had to do it without back up. Otherwise, Manny would have killed Jason. Mac congratulates Lucky for a job well done.

When Sam lectures Alexis, Ric tells her she must realize that her mother did what she felt she had to do in order to save her. Right then, the cops come and inform them that Commissioner Scorpio wants them to know that Manny Ruiz is dead. He fell off the roof. Sam asks what about Jason. The cop tells her all he knows is that officer Spencer shot Manny and he did not see anybody else.

Jason is up on the roof all bloody. The police detective confirms that Manny is gone. Elizabeth comes up to see him. He tells her that Manny is dead and everybody is safe right now. Right then, Jason falls to the ground and Elizabeth yells for help.

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