GH Update Monday 7/3/06

General Hospital Update Monday 7/3/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Anna Devane comes into town and greets her daughter. Robin asks her mother why she did not tell her she was coming. Robert stands nearby and expresses to his ex wife that he knows she has some sort of ulterior motive for being there.

Manny sits with Sam while he holds her hostage. He tells her that he’s going to mark her somewhere so that he can get her mother’s and Jason’s attention.

At the station, Alexis tells the police detective that she needs for this plan to work where she has Manny believing that she’s put Jason away so Manny will let Sam go.

Inside the interrogation room, Jason tells Elizabeth that he has to get out of the hand cuffs and get out of there so that he can save Sam from Manny. She tells him that he will need her help in order to get out of there. He asks her what she plans to do. She tells him she can be his diversion.

Carly goes to Sonny’s when she’s afraid that he’s really losing it. After they talk and relive their history together, he kisses her and removes her coat. She does no stop him. He unbuttons her blouse.

Anna tells Robert that she came to spend time with their daughter. She tells him he’s a fine one to judge her. He is the very reason why Robin needs her mother. They argue about who is a better parent to their daughter. Robin then tells her parents that since she is standing right there, maybe they can listen to her opinions. Anna then asks robin about her boyfriend, Patrick Drake. Robin sets her mother straight that she is not serious with Patrick. She does not even like him. Anna encourages her daughter to realize that even if Patrick has problems, he is a man and he will come around. Robert then justifies that Patrick maybe should be cut some slack. Anna then concludes that Patrick must be a typical man. They are all alike. They all swine. She then tells Robert he needs to go and make himself useful and make Patrick pay for breaking their daughter’s heart.

Lulu and Dillon wake up in bed together. She seems very satisfied although he is not.

Manny straps Sam down to a gurney. But she grabs a gun and pushes him down. She then goes out the door and attempts to escape. She finds a phone and calls the hospital. Patrick and Epiphany hear the phone ring. Epiphany answers but before Sam can get through, Manny finds her and smashes the phone.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he cannot use her as his accomplice. But she tells him they are determined to find Sam. She then goes out and tells Alexis this is her fault. She should be in jail. All of this is happening because she set Manny free. Alexis urges Elizabeth to calm down. Elizabeth won’t calm down and the cops grab a hold of her. Lucky then demands that they let go of his wife. But right then, they discover that through all of these distractions, Jason has managed to escape.

Sonny pulls away from Carly and asks her if she thinks he should be grateful for attempting to get him to cheat upon Emily.

At Kelly’s, Diego tells his father that he refuses to live in his house. Lorenzo tells his son this is not open for discussion. He is working to get him cleared of his most recent charges. Diego protests that he is not a child. Lorenzo demands that his son goes home and meets him there tonight.

Right then, robin and Anna run into Lorenzo going out the door. Robin inquires to her mother whether Lorenzo is really retired from his previous business. Anna goes out and gets on her phone. She tells her contact that she has landed and has finally made contact.

Lulu reveals to Dillon that this is her “first time”. He tells her that he wishes she had told him. She tells him there was no reason why. She has no regrets. But she can see that it looks like he does.

At Sonny’s, he calls to Max to get the car ready for Carly to go home. She tells him he has a misunderstanding. He tells her that she would do anything in order to break up him an Emily. She cannot stand to see him with someone who is kind and decent. He tells him that she wants to pay him back for all the times that he’s hurt her. She looks at him in disbelief.

Dillon tells Lulu that he realizes that he and Georgie have been together a long time ago. She tells him she realizes he loves Georgie. He tells her that in regard to Gerogie and Diego and himself and Lulu, it’s too far gone by now. They cannot go back. She tells him she realizes what happened between them the previous night did not count. She then indicates to him that she has something she’d like to tell him. She reveals that having her virginity was not like some prize. She was, in a sense, glad to get rid of it. He asks her if she does not want her “first time” to be special. She tells him that he is special. There is no harm done. He tells her he is not ashamed of what they did. She tells him of course not. She is not either. She tells him she has to go and leaves.

Manny straps Sam down again and puts some sort of tattoo on her belly. He tells her he will now write a message to her mother so that she can get Jason out of jail. He gets an electric tool and tells her if he cannot get it to work he can just kill her or maybe find another hostage. Perhaps one of Sonny’s kids.

At the hospital, Elizabeth returns after running out of her shift to go and help Jason. Epiphany tells her she won’t get her in trouble for that. If Elizabeth tells her what happened, they will call it even. She then notices Jason and reminds him that he’s all over the television and has been reported as a fugitive. Right then, Lucky appears and tells Jason he is under arrest.

Carly tells Sonny she did not come there with the intent to seduce him or break up him and Emily. She came there to help him so she does not want him to attack her. He tells her he is not attacking her. It’s the same thing that they always do. He tells her they are supposed to be done with all of that. He’s finally found somebody who makes him happy. And she just wants to come and trash all that. She tells him that he blames her because he cannot keep her hands off of her. She tells him that he is selfish and arrogant. He reminds her so is she. He then tells her that he’s not going to mess up his relationship with Emily. So she needs to get up and go. She asks him if he wants her to walk out the door just so that he can lose his mind and lose his soul. She tells him that it’s not going to happen. And he should thank both herself and Jason for coming there and refusing to abandon him. He asks her if she thinks he should thank Jason for stealing his life. He tells her both she and Jason can rot in hell. Right then, Michael and Morgan appear. Carly tells her son she thought he’d be with Leticia. But Michael reveals that he has something on his mind. He tells his parents that since this is the 4th of July, he thinks they should have a family picnic. Carly then tells her son that his father cannot go on a picnic. Michael asks why not. Sonny replies that he is not feeling well. But he will get better. Calry tells Michael that although she and his father cannot be married, they will still both always be there for them. She then concludes to the boys that she thinks Leticia is waiting for them. Sonny tells Michael that he’s sorry he cannot make it to the picnic but promises to make it up to him. Michael and Morgan leave. Sonny tells them he loves them. Leticia then takes them out of the house. Alone with Sonny, carly tells her ex husband that she knows that Michael knows about his mood swings. He tells her that whatever is wrong with him, he does not want to pass it down to his son.

Robert appears at the hospital and tells Patrick he’d like to talk to him. Patrick tells Robert that it must wait. He has patients. Robert tells Patrick that he is concerned about his daughter. He believes she comes first. He believes that Patrick dropped his daughter like a hot brick. He has shown her no respect. Patrick protests to Robert that he has complete respect for robin. But there are limitations. Robert asks him if he means Robin’s medical condition. Patrick tells Robert that it has nothing to do with that. He is just not ready for a relationship. He admits that he is a self involved man and does not have the emotional commitment to give to any woman. And he’s certain that Robert could understand that. Robert then tells Patrick that he must realize that any man who gives up on a good woman is an idiot.

At Kelly’s, Robin tells her mother that she was attracted to Patrick. But she was tempted to have a physical relationship with him. She tells him that sex is good with Patrick. Because Patrick is a doctor, he knows all of the precautions about her conditions. And the fact that Patrick is completely insufferable and a total jerk makes it better. She knows that she could never become emotionally attached to him. Anna tells her daughter that she knows that she has been shut down for a long time because she got her heart broken a long time ago. Anna tells her daughter that there is no such thing as a desire that is only physical. Especially for a woman. And she can see the signs that Robin has feelings for this man. Arrogant and insufferable though Patrick may be, she knows that there was something there. Robin then tells her mother that none of that matters now because Patrick broke up with her. She tells her that it’s not just her pride talking. It’s just common sense to not desire somebody who is not available to her. But she admits that she did allow herself to fall in love with Patrick.

When Lucky catches Jason at the hospital and tells him he is under arrest, Jason tells Lucky that he has to go and find Manny. Otherwise, he will kill Sam. Lucky tells Jason he cannot play vigilante and make the same mistake that Lucky made in an attempt to save his woman. Elizabeth then comes and urges Lucky to let Jason go. She tells him that she realize that Jason is not the problem. Lucky has other issues.

Robert goes to Kelly’s to find his daughter and ex wife. He informs them that he talked to Patrick and found out that Patrick cannot commit to a relationship. Hearing that, Robin concludes to her father that it’s settled. Patrick is just a dog and she should have never believed he was not. She asks her parents to remind her never to fall for trash like him again. She leaves them alone and they conclude that she may have a future with Patrick after all. Robert tells Anna that he knows she has some ulterior motives for being in Port Charles. And he’s going to find out what it is.

Diego runs into Lulu on the pier. She tells him that she is upset by what has happened. Dillon slept with her o ly to cheat upon the girl he really loves. But she concludes that this is what they both really wanted (Lulu and Diego). It’s the perfect plan. Now, Dillon and Georgie have broken up for good and they get to pick up the pieces.

Dillon gets on the phone and leaves a message for lulu, telling her that he needs her to know that it meant something to him to have been with her the previous night. He tells her that he does care for her and does not want to take their relationship for granted. He tells her they need to talk and asks her to call him. Georgie appears and overhears him. At that point, she is very upset and believes it’s over between them.

Sonny informs Carly that Emily believes that he has some sort of chemical imbalance in his brain and he cannot help himself. She tells him that maybe Emily is right. He tells Carly that that cannot be. He’s afraid that if he has a genetic condition, then maybe he will pass it down to Morgan and Kristina. He does not want his kids to grow up with hate and anger and panic and wonder why they destroy everybody they try to loves. Sonny then goes out to the patio. Carly tells him that Morgan is a very happy little boy. He tells her he knows.. So that tells him that whatever this is that is going on, it has just happened along the way. His stepfather abused him. And that is what makes him that way and not some chemical imbalance. He tells her that he loves his children. He just wants to keep them safe. He will die if they ever have to go through this pain that he lives with. She tells him he needs to listen to her. Whatever he has, whatever it turns out to be, his kids are always going to love him and need him. And she is not going to give up on him or let him give up on himself, She puts her arms around Sonny.

Lulu sits on the docks alone and cries. Dillon sits alone in the place where he was with her, disappointed that she has not returned his call. Georgie sits outside the door and takes her wedding ring off. She throws it.

Patrick and Robin are working and denying their feelings for each other. He turns around to see her and she turns her back on him. When he walks and his back is turned, she looks at him.

Robert walks Anna out the door of Kelly’s and departs.

Sonny and Carly are together.

Alexis cries afraid for what could happen to Sam. Ric comforts her.

Lucky gives Elizabeth the phone to reveal she has a secret with Jason.

Jason goes to find Sam and notices the phone that Manny smashed on the floor. He then gets up and knows he’s discovered a clue. He busts the door open to see Sam strapped to the gurney with Manny standing by her. Manny smirks. But when he sees Jason pointing a gun and ready to kill him, his smirk fades

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