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General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/28/06


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At the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that she really thought highly of Justus. He was an awesome guy who could have had a great life. Patrick kisses her on the forehead. Right then, Noah comes and tells his son that he’s glad that he’s finally found somebody whom he cares about. Both Patrick and Robin look at Noah dumbfounded in response to the comment he’s just made.

Lulu and Diego are in the bar plotting their plan.

At the Quartermaine house, everybody is getting ready for Justus’ memorial service. Luke goes out to talk to Edward. Alice tells him that he needs to go easy on Edward because he’s had a rough day. Luke goes out and tells Edward that Justus was a complicated man. But he was strong. Whatever choices he made, good or bad, he always carried the responsibility himself. And Luke says he admired him for that. Edward turns to Luke and reminds him that his grandson would not have stayed in Port Charles, were it not for Luke.

Carly approaches Lanie and tells her she thought very highly of Justus. He helped her get out of a lot of messes. Lanie tells Carly that she knows she did not come to talk to her about Justus. Carly admits to lanie that she is very worried about what has happened to Sonny. Lanie reminds Carly that at least, Sonny is still alive.

Luke tells Edward that Justus came back to Port charles for his father’s funeral, which would never have happened if Luke and Laura had not found Justus’ father buried in the garden. Edward concludes in that case, he can thank Luke. If they had not found Justus’ father, Edward would have never had a chance to get to know his grandson. Luke can sense that Edward might blame himself for Justus’ death and tells him he must realize that Justus was a grown man and made his own choices. Edward admits to Luke that he many times feels as though the Wards blame him for Justus’ death but are too polite to admit it. And he regrets never getting to know Justus’ father. He then goes inside, and says he needs to join the reception. Tracy comes and tells Luke tat he did a good thing for listening to Edward and realizing what Justus has meant to him.

Lanie tells Carly that Emily invited her to come and observe Sonny because she was concerned that he has bi polar disorder. But she did not see a serious problem when she talked to him. She realizes that Sonny may have just been charming her. But there is nothing she can do unless Sonny voluntarily seeks treatment. Calry tells Lanie she must realize that there is no way he will ever do that. Lanie then tells carly that she does not think that calry should be getting mixed up in Sonny’s problems. It’s that very thing that caused her break down in the first place. Carly protests that she needs to help Sonny. Lanie then pulls away and tells her that she is in no position to give anybody advice. She just wants to stay and mourn the loss of a man whom she never had a chance to find out if she could fall in love with.

On the docks, Skye tells Lorenzo that she cannot let him be a part of their baby’s life. She believes that he has had ties with Manny Ruiz. He tells her that he hopes she realizes that he would never have anything to do with Justus’ death. She tells him that may be. But she knows he has had recent dealings with Manny. He tells her that the baby is not just hers. It’s their mutual baby.

After hearing Noah’s assumption that he has a relationship with Robin, Patrick tells his father that he does not know what he is talking about. And his personal life is none of his father’s business. Noah then walks away and Robin asks Patrick if he could be more insensitive. He tells her that he meant what he said. His personal life is none of his father’s business. And they are not having a relationship. Hearing that, she does not sound content.

In response to Tracy’s comment. Luke asks her if this is not the part where she drags him inside and makes him fulfill his social obligations. She admits that she would prefer to stay outside. She is not comfortable facing her family, realizing that she ever made any effort to get to know Justus and realizing it was her fault. He tells her that he’s glad that she can be honest with herself. She smiles and tells him that they are so right for each other. There is nobody else whom either of them can confess their sins to without feeling guilty. He tells her that he remembers Justus’ mother with him and Laura. They had family gatherings and decorated Christmas trees. Hearing that, she tells him she could not picture him doing that. He tells her that they did. He noticed that Laura loved all her friends and neighbors and wanted nothing more than to be with her family. But not him. He had to travel and be out there. He tried. He really wanted to make it work between them because he loved her. But he could not because it was a lie. He then tells Tracy he is sorry. She asks for what. He says for bearing his soul. He realizes it must be a bore for her to listen to. She tells him it is intriguing to hear the man she married being so real about his issues.

Lorenzo tells Skye that he wants them to raise their baby together and believes they could make it work. She avoids his eye and does not respond. He tells her she must realize that he is the same man he was a few week ago. He has not changed. She tells him she realizes he has not changed. But she has. She no longer believes that he is the sane and sensible man that she falsely believed and wanted to believe that he was.

At the hospital, Robin tells Patrick he is right that they have no potential for a relationship. He may be good in bed and fun and charming. But his maturity level is that of a 12 year old. She’d say 13, tops. She tells him he could be a little nicer to his father. He tells her he could say the same thing to her. She tells him that that is completely different. He protests to her that he donated his liver to his father. She tells him that the only reason she is with him is because a part of her wants to believe that he is a quality person. Hearing that, he tells her he wishes she would stop this little “diversion” and admit the real reason why she is mad at him. He tells her he knows it’s because she saw him with Carly. She tells him she refuses to talk about that. She turns to leave. He asks her why she is not trying to have the last word. He reminds her that she is “slipping”. He admits to her that he enjoys moments without strings and obligations. She tells him she realizes that. He’s like a dog. He has no morals. He tells her that he’s not going to model his life in order to live up to her expectation. She tells him that he has completely failed her expectations. He tells her that he always aims to please and he walks off.

Luke admits to Tracy that doing the domestic thing with the house and kids was something he only did because his wife wanted it. The truth was he hated it. She tells him at least he tried. He tells her he failed. She tells him that he did what he did out of love and should not be so hard on himself. He asks her if she is actually giving him a pep talk. She tells him that she is merely encouraging him not to be mooning in self pity. He tells her he has to go inside and he kisses her.

Dillon enters and returns to Georgie. They talk about how upset Monica is about Justus’ death. She acknowledges that by working for Sonny and Jason, Justus put his life in danger every day and was a constant target. Hearing that, he asks her if she is blaming Justus for his death. She tells him she is merely making an observation that when somebody lives this kind of life, they are putting themselves in danger. He knows that she is lecturing him on his life style. He tells her he does not want to hear it. And he departs.

Carly and Lulu are in the bar playing pool. Lulu tells Carly that she knows she went to Sonny’s and checked in on him. Carly tells Lulu that she did not want to but admits she did. She realized however, that there was nothing she could do to help him. Lulu asks Carly why she believes that. Carly replies it’s because Sonny is now with Emily. Carly tells Lulu she’d like to give her some advice. If she ever falls for a guy who leaves her breathless and for whom she has intense desire, she must run in the other direction. Right then, Patrick enters and Carly smirks at him.

Skye tells Lorenzo that she is not telling him this in order to hurt him. But she believes that his life is too dangerous to be around this baby. He tells her that there is no guarantee in anybody’s life and nobody is safe all the time. She tells him that he could make much better efforts than he has been making. He tells her she must realize that he would do anything in order to protect her, their baby and Diego. She tells him that he needs to realize what he is doing. He tells her that although they have never said the word love and it may never be something that they will feel, there is a connection between them. And he will not let that go. He tells her that he is going to be a part of their child’s life. She tells him that she is going home because her family needs her. And she does not want to see him there ever again.

Diego meets Georgie and asks her about the service. She says it was really nice. He tells her that he wanted to him and pay his respects. But he was afraid to show his face and thought people would blame him. She tells him he must realize that he had absolutely nothing to do with Justus’ death. He then informs her that he was first to find Justus’ body in the trunk of the car. Hearing that, she is shocked. He tells her he’d like to go with her to she boathouse and explain the situation to her.

Patrick tells Carly that he and Robin had a conversation about expectations. And he tells her if she is ready for revenge, he is available. She tells him that although she’d like to get back at Robin, she doesn’t want to use him for that. He tells her that is too bad. She tells him however, she is looking for something to keep her away from Sonny.

Lanie meets Edward and they exchange their feelings about Justus. He tells her that he realizes it must have been awkward for her to face all the people who are offering their own type of condolences to her, not knowing what to tell her or what type of relationship they believed she had or could have had with Justus. She admits it was a bit uncomfortable. He tells her that he really believed that she could have been a good person for his grandson. She tells him she knows that Justus really loved him. He then tells her that he has so many regrets in regard to Justus and his family. There are so many things he wishes he’d done differently. She then asks him why didn’t he.

Luke goes to the institution to see Laura. She is in a rocking chair with her backed turned. He greets her and tells her he has some sad news for her today. Justus is gone.

Calry tells Patrick that this is her dilemma and she’d like to ask him what he thinks. She thought that she could have some sort of future with Jax. But then he bailed. He gave many noble reason for why he had to leave. But they agree that it still hurts, regardless. She then tells him that there is a part of her that wants to go back to Sonny. He then asks her why she does not. She tells him that they will only crash and burn like they always have before. He tells her that he realizes he is no shrink. But he thinks he knows what she needs. She needs a relationship with no strings or commitments. She admits to him that she is in a crises. She tells him she thinks she will have to accept his offer. And she kisses him.

Edward tells Lanie that for half a century he hid his affair with Mary May from Lila and from everybody else. It was a cowardly thing to do. But he was afraid of the consequences. She tells him she knows, since Justus told her that he hid the secret until he got charged with murder. He tells her that Lila forgave him. And he still feels as though he pushed Justus into being part of ELQ and it was the wrong thing to do. She tells him he mustn’t blame himself. He tells her when you get to be as old as he is, you many times look back and want to do so many things differently. She tells him that she knows that Justus and his family love him and he deserves to be loved. He thanks her and tells her it’s very sweet of her to say that.

Alone, Edward has a flashback of Mary May.

Right then, Luke tells Laura that he remembers right when she was pregnant with Lulu. It was right the same time when they found out about Mary May. He then informs Laura that she has a grandson. Nikolas just found out that he is a father. The baby’s name is John. Lulu is all excited about being an aunt. He guesses that is good news. And Lulu is as head strong as ever. And she must know that Lulu came by and visited recently. And he asks Laura if it is not amazing how Lulu has grown up. She looks so much like Laura. He tells her sometimes it makes his heart stop. He then gets up and walks to the window. He tells Laura that Lulu has Laura’s laugh too. He tells her he realizes that Lulu is also a lot like him. He’s not certain it’s a good thing. She gets crazy and takes chances. She has real potential and is just a few short years from being an amazing woman. He tells Laura he does what he can. And he knows that Laura would be so proud of Lulu. He faces Laura who does not seem to hear or respond. And he strokes her hair. Romantic music plays. He touches Laura.

Lulu comes to overhear Georgie and Diego’s conversation where she tells him that he cannot be held responsible for Justus’ murder. He tells her that he blames himself because he saw Justus’ body in the car right after he got into some of his dirty dealings. And seeing Justus dead made him realize that living this kind of life may not be worth it after all. She tells him that he must realize that he did not murder Diego and he is just as sorry as the rest of them. She hugs him. And he is able to look at Lulu over his shoulder. They smile at each other, as though their plan is working. Georgie may be falling for Diego and ready to break up with Dillon.

Carly and Patrick go to his room. She tells him she wants to make it clear that she does not want to have sex with him to get back at Robin. She just wants to have sex with him. Right then, Robin knocks on the door and tells Patrick they need to talk. Carly has a big smirk on her face and it looks like Patrick is equally gratified that this has happened.

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