GH Update Tuesday 6/27/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/27/06


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Jason asks Elizabeth if she can come up with any clues, from remembering the time when Manny held her hostage that could help them find out where he’s taken Sam and what they need to do. She admits to him that it was a blur, she doesn’t remember much. But she wants to help.

While Manny holds Sam in captivity, she tells he should have just disappeared and stayed gone. He tells her he could not do that. He had to “even the score”. She tells him that Jason will find her and he will make Manny pay. Manny tells her he wants to see Jason try to do just that. Because it will make killing him even more fun.

At Coleman’s bar, Lulu tells Carly that she must know that her husband has flipped out in the parking garage just an hour ago. Carly asks Lulu why she should be concerned. Lulu tells Carly that she must realize that this man is the father of her children. Carly reminds Lulu that she remembers one other time when Sonny had good reason to flip out. Lulu’s father had some sort of deal with Sonny in this very place. She remembers it all too well. She admits to Lulu that she really does not believe that she can help her ex husband. Lulu tells Carly she must do something and care about Sonny’s well being. Carly then tells Lulu she better not tell her how to think or feel or act in regard to sonny. She has been through a life time of turmoil with him. He’s put her through hell. She has loved him more than anything. It only ruined them both. And there is nothing more that she can do for him. Lulu ask her why she stayed with Sonny if he put her through all of this grief. Carly tells Lulu that Sonny has a great way of sucking anybody into his sickness. Inside him, there is a sick and damaged little boy. Nobody needs to tell her anything she doesn’t already know about Sonny.

Right then, Sonny is flipping out and threatening Ric. Max and Emily are trying to stop him but he won’t. He tells Emily she has to go. Jason was right, he says. He’s only going to ruin her life. Jason and Max go outside. Max tells Ric that he has to leave. Ric tells Max that it’s not going to happen.

At Alexis’ home, Jason and Alexis are frustrated that the cops cannot find Sam. He tells Mac and the other cop that they need to find Manny and question him. She tells him if his department won’t do it, she will do it herself. Mac then reminds Alexis that it was not his department that set Manny free. She did that. She reminds him that that she was appointed Manny defense attorney and she had a job to do. He reminds h r that she freed a killer who is now endangering her daughter. Sam now has to pay the price and his department has to put their live on the line in order to find Manny. He leaves and Alexis does not know what to say.

Manny tells Sam that none of this would have happened if Jason had not shot him in the park, last summer. She asks him if this is about revenge and tells him it’s time to cut his losses. He tells her that Jason has to pay. He put a bullet in Manny’s head. So Jason gets to watch her die. Or he can just stress and get upset falsely believing that Manny has killed her.. Hearing that, she tells him that Jason no longer loves her. It is all over between them and Manny won’t be able to get to Jason by killing her. But manny seems to know better and knows just where he can get Jason where it hurts.

Jason probes Elizabeth but tells her that he knows that she told him that when Manny grabbed her and help her captive, it made her relive getting raped. So it must be entirely her decision whether she wants to risk remembering that. She reminds Jason that she intends to do everything she can in order to help him and Sam. He tells her that she might be the only person who would know how to get to Manny.

Carly tells lulu that it does not matter how she still feels about Sonny. They are poison to each other. Lulu tells carly that she might be the only person to help him. Carly tells Lulu that their entire history is very rocky. They only got together by accident. She ran into him when he was broken and bleeding and holding a shattered picture of his dead wife in his hand. She felt obligated to call for help. But Sonny wouldn’t let her. Lulu tells Carly at least she tried to help. But Carly explains to lulu that it was only because Sonny was Jason’s best friend. So she put up with sonny until he wanted to talk. She listened and that was when Sonny told her that he destroys the people he loves. And she guesses that it was the way Sonny blamed himself that kind of got to her. Lulu asks Carly if that was when she fell in love with Sonny. Carly admits maybe it was.

Max tells Ric that he needs to back off. He is only going to provoke Sonny and make matters worse. Ric ask Max if Emily should be there alone with Sonny and if she can help him any better than Ric an. Max says he believes that Emily can calm Sonny down better than Ric can. Right then, Alexis calls Ric on his cell and urges him to get home because it looks like Manny Ruiz has taken Sam. He runs out but asks Max never to tell anybody what he has just overheard. Alone in the living room with Emily, Sonny appears calm but grabs for a drink. She tells him he should not.

Jason and Elizabeth go to the hospital after she has agreed to relive what happened preceding the time when Manny grabbed her and kidnapped her. She remembers that Manny looked to be mopping the floor. She was working and her back was turned to him. She then noticed Skye walk in and Manny followed Skye with a knife in hand. She urged Skye to look out. Then Manny grabbed her and put the knife to her throat. And that was when Lucky showed up with the gun. He asks her if she remembers anything Manny said. She tells Jason that Manny told Lucky that he would not hurt her unless he had to. And he picked her up and dragged her through the hall. He told Lucky something about how she would be an easier hostage than others that he could take. Jason asks her if she is ok and if she would rather stop. She tells him she is fine and that Sam needs Jason to help her. This may be his only chance.

After Manny has left Sam alone in the room, her hands are tied to the chair. But she is able to stand up and move to a place were she attempts to cut the ropes and free herself. But of course, he walks in and catches her.

Jason and Elizabeth walk to the ledge where Manny took her and held her hostage. She says she remembered he had a body bag and told her to get inside it. He strapped her to a gurney. But he apologized for any “inconvenience” as if that was going to make her feel better. Jason then asks Elizabeth if Manny told her why he had to put her in a body bag. She tells him that he was going to take her to the morgue or the river. She then remembers that she reached for her cell phone and tried to call Lucky. She remembers this horrific experience. But she tells Jason that Sam will get out of this ok. She is a fighter. Jason tells her that that is what he is afraid of. He’s worried that Sam will provoke Manny and get herself killed.

Manny moves Sam in her chair away from where she’s moved to. He tells her that he doesn’t intend to kill her. He has other motives in order to make Jason pay for what he did to Manny’s family. And now that she is there, that’s all Jason will think of. Sam, then, angrily tells Manny that he is a sick freak. Hearing that, He takes his shirt off to expose the tattoos all over his body and asks her if she says that because of this. Does it make her sick to look at him, he asks?

Carly tells Lulu that you do not have to like somebody in order to sleep with them. Hate can be a very powerful attraction. And that is the case with her and Sonny. She asks Carly if she really slept with Sonny because she hated him. Carly tells Lulu that she once ran into Jason dancing with Elizabeth at Kelly’s and she went off on them. That proved that she really loved him. And she’s learned from that to never sleep with somebody who you love and never sleep with the best friend of the man you really love. Lulu seems very amazed by that story. Carly tells her younger cousin that she cannot lower her standards and prevent herself from falling in love. Lulu should never settle for les than she wants. Lulu asks calry if there was any value in her relationship with Sonny. Calry admits that when it was good between her and Sonny, it was magic. But when it was bad, it was hell.

Sonny calms down and tells Emily that he will do everything for her. And by the time this baby is born, they will be happy. He asks her if she believes that. She cries and smiles and says yes. He is obviously hallucinating and believing she is somebody else. She plays along with him and tells him he will be a great father and they will have a great life together. He tells her that he loves her so much. He calls her Lily and tells her he cannot wait until they have their baby.

Manny tells Sam that she can see and believe whatever she wants when she looks at him. But whether she realizes it or not, underneath all this ink, he is no different than Jason. She tells him she will never believe that. Jason has a soul. He asks her if she ever saw Jason when he kills. She tells Manny that Jason only kills when he has to. But Manny is a sociopathic, murdering bastard. He tells her that both he and Jason have a gift. Jason chooses to hide his gift and only uses it when he has to. So he’s going to provoke Jason to use his gift. And then he will kill Jason.

Elizabeth asks Jason just what he’s heard Manny tell him he intends to do with Sam. She tells him she bets that Manny won’t kill Sam. He just wants to make Jason believe that he will in order to provoke him. She tells Jason that he must believe that Sam will fight and she will be ok.

Lulu tells Carly that so often what one says and what they really feel are completely different. She knows she does that with her dad. She says that she does not care for him and behaves in a way to push his buttons. But what she really wants is for her dad to love her. Carly tells Lulu there is nothing wrong with her wanting her dad’s approval and attention. Lulu also shares with Carly that there is a guy she likes who is making some really bad choices. She should wash her hands to his problems but she cannot. She also tells Carly that she is worried that she will end up like her mother. But her dad tells her that that will never happen because she is a Spencer. Carly then tells Lulu that Luke is right. Spencers are tough. They are fights. They joke about how women so commonly care about men when they know that they are arrogant pigs. Lulu tells calry that they all keep doing that. Carly tells Lulu she may speak only for herself. She is done dealing with Sonny’s problems. Lulu tells calry that she has an observation. She believes that Carly has never stopped loving Sonny. Calry tells Lulu that she cannot go back to Sonny regardless. It would be just like an alcoholic saying they can have one more drink.

Sonny asks Emily what kind of father he can be if he does not have a crib for his baby. She assures him that all a baby needs is to be loved. She knows that he will be a wonderful father and knows how much he will love this baby. He then asks her to tell him what it will be like when this baby comes. She smiles.

Ric returns home to hear Alexis telling somebody that they need to get into Manny’s head and find out what he did. They need the best profiler. She turns to see Ric with bloody cuts on his face and is shocked. She asks him what happened. He tells her she need not worry and he will do everything he can to find Sam.

Sam informs Manny that her mother, Alexis, is the DA. And she will have every cop in this town looking for her. He tells her he still wonders what will happen to Jason.

Lulu relives her futile interaction with Diego where she is plotting a plan to break Dillon and Georgie up by making Dillon believe that Diego is sleeping with Georgie. She will comfort Dillon. Diego will comfort Georgie. And everybody will get what they want. She then awakens from her flashback and sees Dillon walk in. She tells him that throughout her entire life, she has had misguided love for too many people. And she did not understand that until she had her recent conversation with Carly. She tells him it seems as tough Clary is the only person who understands her. He asks her why she would even consider listening to Carly or comparing herself to her. He reminds her that Carly has done some terrible things to his family. She tells him that she and Carly are both into taking crazy chances and not carrying what people think. He then concludes that he knows what this is about. Assuming that he knows she is interested in him, she asks him if he “knows”. He then tells her that he believes that she is talking about herself and Diego.

Carly goes to Sonny’s and asks Max what has happened. He tells her that Sonny totally lost it but Emily was finally able to calm him down. She then tells him she will go in and check. He tells her ok. But as soon as she walks in, she sees Sonny with his arm around Emily and she looks very upset to see that. She then goes outside and concludes, to Jax, that she should not be surprised that she’d find Sonny with Emily. She admits that maybe Emily is a better person for him that she was. She asks Max to please take care of Sonny, realizing that she cannot any longer. He promises to her that he will. Inside, Emily talks to Sonny about all of the plans they will have with their child. They will take him to the ocean and Sonny will teach him to swim. At first Sonny seems happy. But then he looks to be crying. He tells her that she and the baby are everything to him. They are his whole life. He kisses her forehead. They hold hands and put their arms around each other.

Dillon tells Lulu that he knows that she does not really “like” Diego. She is only hanging around him in order to keep him away from Georgie. But she must realize that she will not break them up, Dillon tells her. He admits that he appreciates her help in getting him back with Georgie. But if Georgie cheats on him with Diego, then it is all over and three is nothing anybody can save them from.

Alexis informs Ric that Kristina told her that Manny got her to tell him right where Sam’s bed room was. All this while she did not know what was going on. And then Mac told her it was all her fault for setting Manny free. He tells her that she should not blame herself. It’s Jason’s fault that this has happened to Sam.

Jason and Elizabeth are brainstorming to figure out where Manny has taken Sam.

And we see that he’s taken her to the basement of General Hospital.

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