GH Update Monday 6/26/06

General Hospital Update Monday 6/26/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Carly finds Patrick on the docks and expresses her anger toward Robin. She tells him that she bets that Robin would stop at nothing to poison both him and Jax against her. She tells him she has a good mind to seduce him just to tick Robin off. But she’s still not over Jax. He tells her that Jax was a fool to leave her. He tells her in case she changes her mind, he is still open to being used. She then tells him that there was a time when she would have jumped into bed with him the second Jax left. She looks like she is not ready to do that. But she looks over Patrick’s shoulder and sees Robin. At that point, she kisses Patrick right so that Robin can see that. He, right away seems to know that that is the reason why she is doing that. Robin tells them they mustn’t let her interrupt.

Jason calls Alexis’ house and tells her he wants to talk to Sam. Alexis informs him that Sam has gone to bed and she’ll have her call Jason in the morning. Little does anybody know what lurks in Sam’s room. Right when Sam gets into bed, Manny comes up and covers her mouth and terrifies her.

Sonny and Emily are about to leave the bar. He’s drunk and she’s ready to drive him home. Right then, Ric enters and tells his brother that he did not mean to bring up old wounds that Sonny may have with Lily. But right at that moment, when Sonny sees Emily getting into a car, he has a flashback that she is Lily ready to get into an exploding car and he pushes her out of the way before it kills her. She asks him what happened. He tells her hat the car exploded and she could have been dead. But right then, he turns away to realize that he is only seeing things. Both Emily and Ric ask Sonny if he is ok. He tells them that he saw the car explode. Right then, Coleman comes outside and asks if everything is ok since he’s heard yelling. They tell him everything is fine and Ric takes Sonny home.

After noticing Carly kissing Patrick, Robin tells her that she does not waste any time. She tells Patrick that he must see what carly is doing. She walks away and calry asks Patrick what he’d like her to do. Beg for Robin’s forgiveness and tells her that the big, bad carly won’t bother her again? He reminds her that he could tell Robin that. But will he.?

Manny covers Sam’s mouth with duct tape and ties her wrists. He tells her that he needs her to cooperate with him so that he does not murder Kristina. He tells her it will be entirely her decision whether her little sister lives or dies. Right downstairs, Alexis and Kristina have no clue what has just happened. Outside, Jason suspects that something is going on. He demands that the security guards let him inside. He’s worried about Sam. But Alexis tells Jason that he just called and there is no reason to worry. Right then, Kristina runs upstairs to Sam’s room to discover that her big sister has disappeared. Jason goes up with his gun and cannot find her either. Alexis and Kristina go up and Jason tells them that Sam is gone. He knows that Manny has got her.

Carly asks Patrick if he’s willing to “cheat” upon Robin. He tells her that it would not be cheating. He and robin are not married or committed. He admits that he did sleep with Robin. She tells him he should spare her the details. She tells Patrick that she’s going to count to ten before she does anything crazy. She’s going to make a decision as to what she is going to do. He can join her and wait to see what happens. Or he can chase after Robin and apologize. It looks like she’s tempting him.

Lulu witnesses Sonny losing it and believing that Emily is his long lost Lily. She comes back inside the bar. Diego asks her if she is still ready to break up Georgie and Dillon. She informs him that she just saw something in the parking lot that made her forget all about that.

Sonny gets home with the help of Ric and Max asks what has happened. Ric informs Max that Sonny has hallucinated. He thought that Emily was Lily and that she was walking into an exploding car. Sonny gets inside and starts smashing everything in sight with a baseball bat. He smashes the mirror but then looks at his reflection.

At the hospital, Emily informs Elizabeth that Sonny is really losing it. He is erratic. One moment, he appears happy and healthy. Then the next, he goes off the wall. Just a few days ago, he threatened to kill Nikolas. And just tonight, he thought that he was saving her life from an exploding car. She concludes that Sonny is having a nervous breakdown.

Mac and the cops go to Alexis’s home and Jason informs them that Manny has been stalking Sam for a long time. Alexis asks him why he did not tell her. He reminds Alexis that he tried but she refused to let him talk on the phone. Right then, Kristina comes downstairs and Jason asks her if she’s seen anybody lurking outside, looking for Sam or asking any questions about her. She admits that the man with the tattoos came and asked about Sam. Alexis asks her daughter why she did not tell this to Mommy. Jason concludes that Manny has been stalking Sam and planning what he’s going to do for weeks.

At the hospital, Dr. Lee asks Robin what has happened with her and Patrick. Robin informs her that Carly Corinthos hates her so much that she would seduce Patrick right in front of her. And Patrick better come and explain to her really soon what is going on.

Right then, Carly and Patrick go to Coleman’s bar. She tells him that she hopes he is not under Robin’s spell. He tells her that he hopes she is clear that he is not under her spell either. Not far away, Lulu and Diego observe them. Diego asks Lulu why she is so concerned about them. She tells him that it’s kind of odd that Sonny just had a breakdown and not long thereafter, his ex wife walks in with Dr. Drake.

Carly tells Patrick that she has had a history of sleeping with the wrong guy only to get revenge. She tells him that she hopes she’s learned from her past mistakes. But she believes it would be so great to see Robin suffer. He asks her to tell him about the “wrong guy” in the past. She admits that she was in love with Sonny’s enemy and it changed her life.

Sonny walks through his living room with the shattered glass and demolished objects all over the room. Outside, Max tells Ric that they need to call Jason. Ric argues that Jason is the last person who should be there. He is the very reason Sonny suffered the breakdown in the first place. Max tells Ric that Sonny has completely lost it and they have to do something fast. Ric then walks in to talk to Sonny. And Sonny points a gun at Ric.

Emily tells Elizabeth that she has to help Sonny. Elizabeth suggests that maybe it would be better to have Jason on this instead. Emily tells Elizabeth that she does not believe that Jason is capable of helping Sonny. She knows all too well about their previous relationship, where Jason just enables Sonny to keep doing what he’s always done. She believes that she is the only person who can help him. But Elizabeth warns Emily that if Sonny is having manic episodes and he could hurt her. Emily goes to the elevator and departs to be with Sonny.

Sonny holds the gun on Ric and smirks. He does not listen to his brother asking him to put the gun down.

At the hospital, Robin informs Dr. Lee that Patrick is an arrogant jerk. She is obviously wondering if he is just being with Carly because if his fear of commitment or if she has reason to believe that she’s lost him and he really does like Carly.

At the bar, Carly tells Patrick that she really wants to put Robin in her place. Robin is a judgmental, self-righteous jerk. Lulu tells Diego that she has to be concerned about what she is just seeing. Carly is her cousin. Patrick tells Carly that there is a lot more to Robin than calry realizes. He tells her that robin is smart and tough and a great doctor. He thinks very highly of her. She tells him, sarcastically, that he has to send out the wedding invitations. He tells her that being with her, instead of Robin is wrong. She tells him that sometimes the person who is “wrong” is the one you cannot walk away from.

Ric finally gets Sonny to give him the gun. He asks Max to leave them alone. He grabs a hold of his brother and assures him that he will be there for him and help him get through this. Sonny asks Ric if he is really willing to be a brother to him. Ric assures Sonny that he means what he says.

Elizabeth goes to Jason’s and asks Bernie Abrams if Jason is there, telling him that she has something important. He tells her he cannot let her enter since he does not know her. Stan then appears and tells Bernie that it’s ok for Elizabeth to enter. He informs Bernie that she is a friend and a nurse who assisted in Sam’s surgery. The man then apologizes and introduces himself to Elizabeth. Right then, Jason walks in and tells Elizabeth that he’s glad she is there. He needs her help in order to find Sam.

Patrick asks Carly if she loves Jason or if it’s Jax or if it’s her ex husband. She tells him that Jason is her best friend. Sonny is the father if her children so she will always love him. And as for Jax, who knows because he took off. She admits to him that getting emotionally involved with anybody can cost a lot. He then tells her that he understands and it’s for that reason that he’s not ready to go on “that ride” with Robin or with anybody else. Robin then walks in and asks Patrick if he’s really stupid enough to fall for Carly’s crap. Carly then leaves them alone. Lulu and Diego play pool and observe them. Patrick admits to Robin that he has used Carly in order to prove a point. Hearing that, she tells him that this ought to be good. He tells her that she needs to grow up and stop thinking so much about Carly and about everybody else’s business. At that point, Lulu approaches Carly and tells her she has something very serious to talk about. She believes that there is something seriously wrong with Sonny.

Ric tells Sonny that he knows that what is happening is going to pass. Sonny asks him how he’d know that. Ric admits that he has done some research. Sonny asks if he believes that Sonny is bi polar and informs him that that is what Emily thinks is the case with him. Ric tells Sonny he believes that Emily is right. Sonny tells Ric that he does not believe that he has a chemical imbalance in his brain. Sonny tells Ric that he should know that he has this dark side and has had it since he was a little boy. He can ask anybody who knows Sonny’s history. Ric can ask their mutual mother. He then lashes out at Ric telling him that he abandoned their mother and would not know anything about her. Sonny tells Ric that he’s tired of trying to save everybody. He knows that he destroys everybody who loves him and this is what he deserves. Ric tells his brother that he has a disease that can be treated. Like asthma or diabetes. He tells Sonny that he can help him. Ric tells Sonny that he does not need his help. And Ric does not have to worry. Sonny cannot destroy Ric because he does not love Ric. He smiles and asks Ric if he wants them to have the “brotherly bonding”. He asks if Ric wants to be close to him.. He then asks Ric to come forward so that he can give him a hug. Ric moves toward Sonny and Sonny punches Ric and knocks him down.

Patrick and Robin are alone together. Inside the bar, Lulu informs Carly that she saw Sonny in the parking garage freaking and believing that Emily was going to get into an exploding car. Carly tells her cousin that she’s glad she told her. This is bad. Sonny should not be out in public and would be mortified to have anybody see him “this way’. Lulu asks Carly she means by “this way”. Carly informs Lulu that Sonny has these “episodes”

Sonny tackles Ric and Ric pins him to the couch. Sonny yells at Ric that he is weak. Their mother loved Sonny more than Ric even when Sonny pushed her down the stairs. He asks Ric to take his best shot and punch him. Ric punches him,. He asks his little brother if he wants to save him and taunts him. Right then, Emily appears and urges them to break it up

Alexis and the cops are making efforts to find Manny Ruiz.

Jason tells Elizabeth that she might know what Manny’s tactics are when he ties up a woman and takes her hostage. He did that to her. He asks Elizabeth if she remembers anything that Manny might have said or done that could possibly be the key to saving Sam.

Manny takes Sam to a place and pulls the duct tape form her mouth. She screams. He smirks and tells her that she can scream louder than that. He tells her he likes the way she fights. But screaming won’t do her ay good. Nobody can hear her except him. He pulls out a gun and fires a shot at the ceiling, certain that nobody can hear the loud noise. He tells her she can see that nobody can hear anything that happens. He’s got her right where he wants her.

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