GH Update Friday 6/23/06

General Hospital Update Friday 6/23/06


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Skye it at Jason’s penthouse asking him if Lorenzo is back in the mob. Lorenzo is there and tells her that they are not going to discuss that with Jason. Skye figures that she has her answer. Jason tells her that he thinks Lorenzo is still in the mob.

At Alexis’ Lake House, Sam is there standing in the doorway. Alexis tells her to come inside because this is her home too and she never has to ask permission to be there. Sam tells Alexis that she may not want her to move back in after she hears what she has to say. Alexis assures her that she is always welcome there because she is her daughter – even though she has no illusions about them becoming an instant family. Sam thanks Alexis and tells her that she doesn’t want to put her or her sisters in danger. Kristina is in one of the rooms in the Lake House playing with Sam’s sweater as Manny spies.

Nikolas walks into the Metro Court and sees Carly and Patrick together. She comments that it is all too familiar for him. Carly wonders what Nikolas wants. He tells Patrick that it doesn’t surprise him that she is seeking comfort in his arms, but warns him that it is all about payback.

Ric tells Sonny that he doesn’t think Jason is capable of running the organization. Sonny begins to hear voices in his head and has flashes to the night of the car explosion. He calls for Max to find Lily. Ric wonders what is going on. Max corrects him and says “Emily”. Sonny seems confused.

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Still in the penthouse, Skye tells Lorenzo that he made a promise to her and wonders why he did if he had no intention of keeping it. Skye brings up Diego and questions if that is how he managed to keep Diego from going back to prison after violating his parole. She brings up the fact that Diego was caught buying a gun and all of a sudden, the charges are dropped. Lorenzo tries to get Skye to drop the discussion while in Jason’s company by assuring her that they’ll discuss it alone. Skye asks Jason if a situation like that would happen if a deal was made. Jason tells her that given his experience, nothing is ever free. Skye thanks Jason for his honesty and leaves. Lorenzo chases after her. Lorenzo attempts to plead his case by reminding her that they are having a child together. He begs her to give him a chance to explain. Skye leaves, but tells him that because of their child, she will meet him at the Metro Court. Jason calls Stan and tells him that he needs to talk to him regarding Sam.

Sam informs Alexis that someone broke into her room at Kelly’s. Alexis wonders why Sam didn’t call the police. Sam tells Alexis that nothing was stolen, but whoever it was, unpacked all of her bags and put a picture of her and Jason out on the nightstand. Sam tells her mother that it was a reminder that she doesn’t need to live with Jason in order for her to be a target. Alexis doesn’t think it has anything to do with the mob because Jason’s enemies send messages with gunfire. Sam wonders who Alexis thinks it could have been. Alexis figures it is maybe a teenager pulling a prank. Manny is wandering around Sam’s room at the Lake House. He is looking at her clothing; sniffing them.

Nikolas states that he missed months of his son’s life because of Carly’s life and the only reason he has the chance to get to know his son is because Robin told the truth. Carly is disgusted by the talk of St. Robin and accuses her of doing it to get back at her. Nikolas tells Patrick that Carly can’t accept the fact that Robin told the truth about Michael’s paternity. He tells Patrick he would had to see Carly’s revenge come between his relationship with Robin. Patrick wonders what relationship and tells Nikolas that whatever happens between him and Carly or Robin is none of his business.

The ladies of General Hospital are having their Girls Night Out at Jake’s. Lainey makes the confession that she sits in her office and gives advice that she has no idea on what advice to give. Robin tells her that it isn’t true. Lainey tells them that she has never been in love, yet counsels the brokenhearted. Dr. Lee tells her to consider herself lucky – love only leads to heartache. Robin assures them that if they meet the right person things could be good. Liz and Emily are discussing what love is, but Dr. Lee is pessimistic about love and talks about love dying. Robin states that the joy of falling in love is worth the pain of losing it.

Dillon meets Lulu at Jake’s. They play a game of pool. At the hospital, Diego brings Georgie flowers. He tells her that he is giving them to her for helping him the other night at the pier. He didn’t get a chance to say thank you. He informs her that she helped him without asking questions and didn’t even know what was wrong. He asks if she likes them. She tells him that they are beautiful. Diego wonders if flowers are enough and assures her that he knows that they are just friends, but invites her out to dinner.

Sonny asks Max where she is. Max tells him that he meant Emily because Lily is dead. He tells Max that he knows Lily is dead because he saw her die and sees her smile before she gets in the car again. Ric wonders if Sonny is alright. Sonny tells Ric that it should’ve been him.

Ric orders Max to call Emily and gets Sonny another drink. Max refuses and Sonny reminds him that he is in charge. Ric gets him some alcohol and tells Sonny that he’s been saying Lily’s name a lot lately. Sonny informs Ric that he can’t forget. Ric attempts to make Sonny face his problems by asking Sonny what else he remembers about the night Lily died.

Back at Jake’s at the Girls Night Out, Robin tells them that love can sneak up on a person. Liz figures that Robin is in love with Patrick and Emily backs up that theory. Robin tells them that Patrick isn’t all that bad when he doesn’t have an attitude.

Over at the pool table, Lulu beats Dillon and wants a dance as her winnings. Dillon asks for a raincheck because he wants to surprise Georgie. Lulu wonders why since she thought that they were fighting.

At the hospital, Georgie informs Diego that she can’t have dinner with him ever. Diego questions why since she is getting a divorce from Dillon. Georgie apologizes for giving mixed signals, but Diego insists to her that she should keep the flowers. She refuses and Diego storms out of the hospital and hands the flowers to a frail woman in a wheelchair.

Alexis is on the phone with the police for them to send officers to watch the house. Sam tells Alexis that Jason already has guards watching the house. Alexis tells her that Jason’s guards draw attention to the fact that Sam is staying at the house. She figures that if the police are there, any enemies will assume that they are protecting her and not Sam. Sam figures it makes sense and walks outside to tell the guards to leave once the police get there. Manny is still in Sam’s room – this time in her closet staring at her clothing.

Stan enters the penthouse and informs Jason that Sam sent her guards away and that Alexis has cops outside the house. Jason orders Stan to go over to Kelly’s in order to search Sam’s room that was broken into. Jason informs Stan that he believes Lorenzo knows more about what’s going on than he’s letting on. He takes out a gun.

The cops are at Alexis’ house. Sam looks at a picture with Alexis, Ric and Kristina. Alexis tells Sam that she is glad that she has come back to the house. Sam tells Alexis that she came back because Kristina was very persuasive. Alexis tells her that Kristina knows how to work Ric too so that he caves. They laugh for a moment talking about Kristina and Sam wonders if she has any illusions about her living there. Alexis tells Sam that they need to start being honest with each other. Sam tells Alexis that she can do that. Sam suddenly gets chills and walks into her bedroom to get her sweater. From the closet, Manny is watching her as she comes in, puts the sweater on and leaves.

Max makes a phone call to the hospital for Emily. Sonny is with Ric talking about the events that led up to Lily’s death. He tells Ric that Lily was supposed to go to Puerto Rico to tell her father that she was pregnant, but waited till the next morning. He tells Ric that it was supposed to be the happiest time of their lives – they even discussed baby names. Ric asks Sonny what happened after they left Luke’s. Sonny replays the events for Ric. He tells him how Mike stopped him from going to the car because he had to talk to him, so Lily kept walking to the car. He remembers her looking back at him and then getting into the car. As he was shaking hands with Luke and Mike, he turned to look at the car and it exploded – that’s when his world fell apart. He says that it should’ve been him in that car. Ric wishes he could change what happened to ease Sonny’s pain.

Lainey expresses her disbelief that Justus is dead. She questions Emily about her love for Sonny when he’s in just as much danger. Emily tells Lainey that she can’t worry about the future. Elizabeth agrees that a person cannot spend their life living a series of “What If’s.”

Diego walks into Jake’s and approaches a dejected Lulu. She tells him that she’s tired of playing these games – they need to finally break them up.

At the hospital, Epiphany yells at Georgie for working too slow. Dillon approaches Georgie with a bouquet of flowers. Epiphany tells Georgie that she cannot go anywhere until she finishes her work.

Max finally gets through to Emily’s cell phone. Dr. Lee, however, picks up the cell phone and hangs up on him. Max informs Sonny that Emily is at Jakes. Sonny, looking all disheveled and drunk decides to go to Jake’s to see Emily. Max tries to stop him but to no avail. When Sonny leaves, Max yells at Ric. Ric tells him that it’s not his fault. Max tells him that it is his fault because he was enabling him with the alcohol and made him relive Lily’s death.

Lulu and Diego are playing pool. She informs Diego that of a new plan that she has to break up Dillon and Georgie. She tells Diego that he is going to lure Georgie to a place and she is going to run to tell Dillon. He questions the effectiveness of her plan because Georgie will deny anything happened, but Lulu knows that Dillon will not know what to believe when Diego insists it did.

Skye informs Lorenzo that the only reason she is giving him the chance to explain is for the sake of their child. She asks him if he did indeed agree to re-enter the business to keep Diego out of prison. He admits to Skye that he did because he would protect any of his children. Lorenzo states that he agreed to go back to give Diego his freedom. Skye asks if he really got out of the business and Lorenzo admits that he did to start a new life with their child. Lorenzo assures Skye that he can protect all of them. Skye realizes that the business is not safe for anyone. At that point, Jason walks in and sees Lorenzo.

Sam walks back into the living room to Alexis. Alexis tells Sam that since they have promised to be honest with each other, she should go first. She tells Sam that she is happy that she is choosing to build a new life that doesn’t revolve around Jason. She reminds Sam that she told her that she was nothing without Jason, but she believes that’s not true. She assures Sam that she believes that she has endless potential, but she also realizes that she makes her own choices. Therefore, she will support her no matter what. Sam asks Alexis if she really means that. Alexis assures her daughter that she does. Sam breaths a sigh of relief mixed with a laugh and tells Alexis that then they are off to a good start. The two ladies say goodnight and Sam heads back to her room. Alexis stops her and tells her that she is really glad that Sam is there. Sam leaves and goes back to her bedroom. Sam grabs some pajamas and gets undressed for bed while Manny watches.

Ric responds defensively to Max’s accusations that he’s trying to undermine Sonny. He sarcastically tells Max that the plan is for Sonny to self destruct so he can take his business away from him – but he doesn’t have the business anymore because Jason took it. Max corrects Ric and tells him that Jason took the business away to protect Emily. Ric informs Max that he better find a way to get along with him because he’s Sonny’s brother and he’s not going anywhere. He tells Max that his brother is sick and he’s going to be the one who gets him better.

Sonny semi-stumbles into Jake’s and asks Emily if she is okay. Sonny tells her that she didn’t come home from work and he got worried. Emily tells Sonny that she didn’t want to leave Lainey alone after everything that happened with Justus. Sonny approaches Lainey and sits down. He tells her that he is sorry about Justus – he was a good guy. Robin offers to take Lainey home. A glass breaks and Sonny freaks out. Emily wonders if everything is okay. Sonny chalks it up to being worried about Justus and her. Emily assures Sonny that nothing is going to happen to her. She recognizes that he has been drinking and offers to drive him home.

Carly and Patrick are back together on the docks. He questions whether or not she’s trying to seduce him to get back at Robin. She informs him that she is not over Jax. Patrick calls Jax a fool to leave her behind and tells Carly that he’s open to being used. Carly tells Patrick that once upon a time she would’ve jumped into bed with him the second Jax left, but changes her mind and kisses Patrick when she sees Robin looking on.

Skye and Lorenzo are still at the Metro Court. He tells her that they can figure out a way to make the relationship work. His cell phone rings. Skye walks away saying that they are finished. Jason approaches Lorenzo and takes his cell phone away. He tells Lorenzo to take a walk outside with him.

Outside the Metro Court, Jason realizes that Lorenzo is holding something back from Skye and he wants to know what it is. Lorenzo pretends not to know what Jason is talking about. Jason takes out a gun and holds it on Lorenzo and tells him that he has nothing left to lose. Lorenzo tells a stunned Jason that Manny is very much alive and that he is in Port Charles. Lorenzo also tells Jason that there is something that Manny wants to finish.

Kristina comes into the living room where Alexis is doing work. She tells Alexis that she is having nightmares and wants her mother to read her a book. The officer opens the door and tells her the perimeter is secure and that they will continue to patrol all night long. Alexis tells Kristina that the police are out there to keep her from having nightmares.

Sam walks over to the bed. She lies down in the bed and pats the pillow beside her – longing for Jason. Sam closes her eyes and begins to fall asleep. Manny puts his hand over her mouth. His startles Sam and she wakes up and begins to struggle with muffled screams. She turns around and sees Manny and the shock turns to fear. He tells her to be quiet because it will hurt more if she screams.

Sonny and Emily walk out of Jakes. She tells him that she should drive, but he wants to drive instead. Ric approaches the two. He wonders if Sonny is alright because he left the house in a hurry. Ric tells him that he is sorry if talking about Lily’s death made him upset. Ric assures Sonny that he will do whatever he can to help him. Emily begins to walk to the car, giggling in slow motion – just like Lily. Ric pats Sonny on the shoulder in a similar fashion that Luke did in the flashback. The pat begins a trigger back to the memory of Lily’s death. Sonny runs over to Emily screaming “No.” He runs to her and pulls her down as the car explodes. Sonny and Emily get up from off the ground. A concerned Sonny panics and asks Emily if she is okay. She wonders what he is talking about. He tells her the car exploded. A confused Emily stares at Sonny as he realizes that the car has not exploded. He imagined the entire thing….

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