GH Update Thursday 6/22/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/22/06


Written By Veronica
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Sam is visiting Liz with two bodyguards behind her. She asks Liz for a favor. Liz wonders what she could do for them. Sam corrects Liz and tells her to ignore the two bodyguards. Sam asks Liz for a job application. Liz questions Sam thinking she wanted to be a lawyer. Sam tells her that since she isn’t in law school yet, and she’s not taking Jason’s buyout, that she needs a legit way to support herself. Liz is sympathetic. Liz thinks that she would’ve been able to get through to Jason. Sam tells her that Jason basically threw her out of his apartment.

At the penthouse, Jason is sitting down on the couch. Stan enters and tells Jason bad news a bout Justus. He tells him that his body was just dumped at the coffee warehouse. Just then, Carly enters into the penthouse. She tells Jason it’s important that she talk to him. Stan leaves. Carly tells Jason that Jax left for good and she asks for his help. Jason says he can’t help her right now. She tells him that she really needs his help because she’s lost everything. She begs him not to turn his back on her.

Emily is on the phone with Max checking in on Sonny’s condition. Emily tells Max that she managed to talk Nikolas out of going to the police. Max agrees that it’s a good idea – the last thing Sonny needs is to be thrown in jail. Max tells Emily that he is watching him for her. She thanks him.

At Sonny’s, he’s sleeping and has a dream of when Lily was in the car and died with the car bomb. It wakes him up, just as Ric comes in.

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Carly tells Jason that Nikolas doesn’t want her or Jax to see John. She tells Jason how she tried to make Jax stay, but Jax thought the best thing for everyone would be if she left. Carly talks about her relationship with Jax and Jason tries to comfort her. She wonders how he could just walk away. Jason says that it probably wasn’t easy. She says she thinks their entire relationship was about the baby and not his feelings for her. Jason comforts Carly and tells her not to lash out and do something that she’ll regret. Carly blames Robin, but Jason tries to calm her down just as Detective Rodriguez and Lucky enter the penthouse. They tell Jason that they’re there in regards to Justus’ murder. A shocked Carly looks at Jason.

Liz hands Sam the application to work at the hospital and informs her that hospitals can be a depressing place to work. Sam says that she knows, and it’s not like she’s responding to a calling, but there are no jobs out there for salvage operator. She needs to put a roof over her head and she doesn’t want to accept help from her mother or from Jason. Liz defends Jason to Sam, but Sam tells her that she’s tired of it being about what Jason wants. Liz assures her that when Jason finds the shooter, things will settle down, but Sam says she’s tired of begging and trying to remind him of what he’s missing. She tells Liz that he admitted that he misses her. She was close and almost got to him. When Liz asks what happened, Sam reveals about Justus, to which Emily hears and looks upset.

Alexis is in the PCPD interrogation room with Lorenzo. She asks him what he knows about Justus’ murder and he tells her that it is the first he’s hearing of it. She shows him the bracelet and he says it looks like something he had and lost a long time ago. She tells him that it’s his and he makes a crack about it possibly being from someone who had a good time in Los Angeles. She asks him when the last time she was at the warehouse was. He tells her he doesn’t recall and she tells him that it is where his bracelet was found along with Justus’ blood and a bullet casing. He tells her that he hasn’t been at the warehouse, and gets up to leave. Alexis tells him to sit down and that he’ll leave when she’s done with him. He sits back down and tells Alexis that she’s enjoying her newfound power. He tells her that he did not murder Justus, then reminds her that she did murder his brother and got away with it, and everyone seems to forget that. She smiles and then takes the bracelet and leaves Lorenzo in the interrogation room.

Ric gets a text message from Alexis. He offers Sonny some more alcohol. He tells Sonny that he was about to call the contractor when he heard Sonny yell. He asks him if he remembers the dream. Sonny says “Always. Wish I could forget it.” Ric asks him about the dream, but Sonny doesn’t want to talk about it, but then confides that it was about Lily’s death. Ric asks him if he has the dream often. He tells him it depends on what is going on in his life. Ric asks about Lily and Sonny goes over his history with Lily and compares her to Emily. Sonny talks about the impact that her life and death has had on him. Ric talks about Lily and makes a comment about something similar happening to Emily. Sonny hears an explosion in his mind and covers his ears as Ric looks on.

As Lucky and Detective Rodriguez are there to bring Jason to the PCPD, Carly wonders why Jason didn’t say anything about Justus. She then realizes it’s because she kept rambling on and on about Jax and her life. She apologizes to Jason because she knows how much Justus meant to him. She tells the police that Justus and Jason were like family, so Jason can’t possibly have anything to do with it. Jason says that he didn’t, but he intends to find out who did. They say that Alexis does too and he can help. Jason assures Carly that he knows his rights and will go to the PCPD. Jason tells Carlyl that he put Sam up at the Metro Court with guards. He tells her that the guards say that she is fine, but he would like for her to check on Sam for him. Carly apologizes and tells Jason that it shouldn’t have happened and Jason says she’s right.

At Sonny’s, Sonny is on the phone as Ric tells him that he knows that Sonny is more careful now. Sonny admits to dropping the ball the night Emily and him were shot at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. He tells Ric that if Jason hadn’t come in, but Ric tells him that he’s out of the business thanks to Jason. Just then Edward barges into Sonny’s and asks Sonny why his grandson is dead. Sonny thinks Edward is talking about Jason and questions it. Edward corrects him and tells him that he’s referring to Justus.

Lainey and Emily are talking about Justus’ death. She apologizes, but Lainey tells her that she’s better now that they found the body. She tells Emily that she wanted to seduce Justus the night he died. She reveals to Emily that she let so much time pass between her and Justus without getting to truly know him. She is upset because at the last moment, he had to take a meeting for Jason. Just then, Skye comes over to the hospital and tells her that she’s sorry for her loss. Skye asks if there are any leads and Lainey informs her that the last time she spoke with Justus, he told her that he was going for a meeting with her baby’s father.

Patrick is with Robin while she is getting off the elevator. He kisses her and asks if she is free. She wonders why and he informs her that he thought they would go for lunch and then go back to his place. She asks him if the supply closet is booked. He tells her he wants to try something different.

Robin walks up to Dr. Lee. She hears the bad news about Justus being murdered. She asks Robin if Justus was a friend of hers. She tells her that he was a long time ago, but he was really good to someone else she loved who also deserved a better death.

In the interrogation room at the PCPD, Alexis asks Jason about what he knows. He tells Alexis that Justus went to the warehouse in his place. She asks him who set up the meeting. He tells Alexis that it was a meeting on Alcazar’s behalf. She wonders why he didn’t go, but he tells her that he had other business. She asks Jason if he recognizes the bracelet as something belonging to Lorenzo. He says yes, but he can’t put a positive ID on it. She asks him if there is any reason why anyone would want to murder his lawyer. Jason tells her that he can’t think of any reason. She tells him that there is always a reason in his business – whether it be a message or something else.

Edward is telling Sonny that he wasn’t thrilled when Justus wanted to hide away in a monastery, but at least he was alive. He wonders why Sonny and Jason had to bring him back into Sonny’s life of chaos. Ric tries to calm things, but Edward talks about how Sonny ruined the lives of Jason, Justus, Karen Wexler, Brenda and Emily. He wonders how many more people in his family he has to ruin. He warns Sonny that if anything happens to Emily because of him, he will kill him with his own hands.

Ric tells Edward that Sonny is not the reason that Justus was killed. He then tells Edward that Emily is safe with Sonny and that she is protected. Edward tells Ric that Sonny’s protection is worthless. He tells Ric about his first wife being blown to bits. While Edward is rambling on about Lily, Sonny takes off his tie and begins to choke Edward. He warns him not to talk about Emily or Lily. Sonny tells Max to get him out of there. Edward tells Max that Sonny is certifiable and should be shot. Ric tries to assure Sonny that Lily’s death was not his fault. He tells Sonny that Emily is protected and everything will be okay.

Sam arrives at the Metro Court with her two bodyguards in tow. She tells them that she will be going back to Kelly’s. Kristina goes running over to Sam. Sam tells her that she looks pretty. Viola informs Sam that Alexis had to cancel on tea with Kristina. Sam tells Kristina that the two sisters could have tea together. Sam sees Viola looking for something and she tells her that Molly lost her bear again. Kristina asks Sam why she doesn’t want to live with the family anymore.

Manny walks into Alexis’ house. He apparently had a key made to the house. As he leaves, he notices Molly’s bear. He says “it’s all about the love” with a twisted smile.

The girls are having another Girls Night Out. Robin, Dr. Lee, Liz, Lainey and Emily are having some tequila shots. Lainey makes a toast to being in love and excludes Dr. Lee because she is not in love. Robin interrupts stating that she is not in love either. Lainey toasts to the women because they are brave and risked their hearts by being in love. They each take a shot to Lainey’s toast.

Jason walks into the door of the penthouse. Stan is there. Jason tells him that the police think that it was Lorenzo who killed Justus. Skye enters the penthouse to talk to Jason. She tells Jason that she feels awkward asking, but she needs Jason’s help, but she wants to talk to him alone. Stan leaves and Skye then asks Jason if Lorenzo killed Justus.

Sonny’s hands are shaking. Ric tells Sonny that if Edward goes to the police, he’ll say that Edward provoked him. Ric leaves and tells Max to get another bottle of Scotch for Sonny. Max wonders why Ric didn’t bother stopping Sonny from choking Edward. He tells him that Sonny shouldn’t be drinking. Ric gets Sonny and tells him that all he asked Max for was a bottle of Scotch and Max started giving him an attitude. Sonny tells Max that if his brother gives him an order, it’s the same as if the orders came from him. Ric apologizes, but thanks Sonny for sticking up for him. Sonny tells Ric that he’s grateful for him standing up for him because he knows that there is something wrong with him. He tells Ric he doesn’t think he can go through it alone, and he’s going to need Ric.

Carly is at the Metro court talking to the bartender. He asks if she has seen Jax because they need his signature. She informs him that Jax left town and that she is running the place solo. She has a quick flashback to him telling her he loves her and then leaving. Patrick approaches Carly and apologizes for bothering her. He says he is sorry for her loss. She wonders which he means. He tells her that he is sorry for the one that hurts the most. She tells him that with all she has gone through, she should’ve developed a tougher skin. She hugs Patrick and sees Nik as he looks on.

Sam approaches the Lake House with the two bodyguards and suitcase. Kristina and Alexis open the door. Kristina gets excited that Sam is home. Alexis wonders if it’s true. She tells Alexis that Kristina persuaded her, if it’s okay with Alexis. Manny is watching from outside.

Jason tells Skye that he doesn’t know who killed Lorenzo. Skye wonders if it could be Lorenzo. He tells her it could be anyone, but she questions that she doesn’t hear Jason telling her that it isn’t Lorenzo because he’s out of the mob. Lorenzo comes in and tells Jason that he got his message. He sees Skye and wonders why she is there. Skye tells him that she has a few questions to ask Jason. She asks Jason right in front of Lorenzo if he his back in the mob or not.

Max comes into the living room with the bottle of Scotch. Ric thanks Max and he leaves. Max begins to make a phone call, but changes his mind when Milo comes in and wants to know who he is calling. Max tells Milo that Sonny is losing it and he wants to call Jason, but he can’t.

Ric tells Sonny that Edward is simply grieving. Sonny begins to hear voices and sounds of explosions in his head again. Ric begins blaming Jason for Justus’ murder and questions whether Jason is capable of running the organization. Sonny calls for Max to find Lily…

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