GH Update Wednesday 6/21/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/21/06


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At the hospital, Dr. Lee asks Patrick if he is exclusive with Robin or if anyone can join him in the supply closet. Right then, robin enters and tells Patrick that she’s been looking all over for him.

Alone in Nikolas’ home, while he’s gone, Helena leans over the baby’s crib and tells him she has to do something about the dreadfully common name John. She asks him if he’d prefer a name like Dimitri, or even better, Alexander. Right then, the new nanny is pressing her ear to the door and when she hears Nikolas returning, she motions for Helena to go away and hide herself. Nikolas enters, sees the nanny holding the baby and suspects nothing.

Jax is on the phone with his mother ready to leave for Botswana. He tells her that he has some regrets but believes he’s made the right choice. He tells her he loves her and hangs up. Right then, there is a knock on the door. It’s carly wearing an evening dress. He tells her that she cannot tell him he did not warn her. This is not going to work. She obviously wants to go somewhere with him but he’s stalling about going.

Sonny goes to the Haunted Star. Luke tells Sonny that he’s heard that he’s taken a few hits. Sonny assures Luke that he’s good. Luke asks him if that is so and tells Sonny that he would not find anything good about being betrayed by someone he trusted.

At the hospital, Dr. Lee tells Robin that Patrick sounded to her like he was in a committed relationship with robin. She departs and Robin tells Patrick that she’s fascinated and asks him to tell her more about this “commitment” they have.

Calry is in Jax’s living room waiting for him to get dressed for their formal evening together. She wonders why he is taking so long. He tells her that it’s nice that she’s doing this for him. But he doesn’t’ want he harboring any false illusions. She then tells him she realizes that but she wants him to know what he is saying good bye to. Right then, he appears wearing a tux.

At the hospital, Emily asks Epiphany if she’s heard form Lanie. Epiphany tells her that Lanie has taken a personal day and cannot say when she will be back. Maybe Emily should make an appointment, she tells her. Right then, Epiphany gives her a card that is an invitation to the Haunted Star and tells her that it looks like somebody has an “appointment” with her. It’s obviously form Sonny.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny tells Luke that he will pay him whatever he wants in order to rent out his joint to have the perfect evening with his lady. He asks Luke if he can enable Emily to win at the black jack tables. Luke tells Sonny he can do that and remarks that Sonny looks very cheerful for a guy who just lost his business and asks Sonny if he’s there is to plan a romantic evening with Emily so that he and his friends can blow Jason out of the water. Sonny tells Luke that he never planned to do that. Luke assures Sonny that he is willing to help him as long as his place does not get shot out. Sonny tells Luke that all he wants to do tonight is make Emily happy. And as far as the organization, he is done. Luke seems surprised. Sonny admits to Luke that he is now asking himself why it took him so long to get out.

At Nikolas’ the nanny remarks to him that she has a suggestion for how to burp the baby. He is very impressed by how much more she seems to know than he about taking care of a baby. He reveals that he is very uncertain of his fathering ability and hopes he can get better at this with time. From outside, Helena overhears their conversation from a walkie talkie device. He tells the nanny he wants to be the best father he can be. He asks her how she is settling into this place. She asks him how he can live there alone and asks if he has a family in Port Charles, appearing like she knows nothing about him. He replies that he has a brother named Lucky who is a police officer and a sister, Lulu who just graduated from high school. And she’ll meet them soon. But the other side of his family, with the exception of his aunt Alexis, are all psychotic. She laughs, sounding like she could not believe such a thing. He then tells her that he must reveal something to her. Jax and Carly are not the only people who are not allowed to access to his son. His grandmother, Helena Cassadine cannot come near him. She asks him if his grandmother is not a sweet old lady. He tells her that Helena is immoral and dangerous and cannot go near the baby. He then asks her to sit down so he can fill her in on some information. He tells her that the Cassadines all came form Russian nobility. Because of his upbringing, he has been named a prince. And so would his son. And his grandmother wants to control that. So, he tells her, if she sees his grandmother anywhere near the property, she must call the guards and have the police there as soon as possible. Helena listens, not sounding happy but ready to scheme.

Sonny tells Luke that the life he has now is worth giving up everything he had before. Luke tells Sonny that he understands all too well where Sonny has been where he is now and where he is going. Business and personal life do not mix. Sonny tells Luke that it did not work with Carly but Emily is different. Luke tells Sonny he realizes that Emily is his angel and hopes that Sonny can get what he wants and that Emily does not have to pay the price. He then tells Sonny that the problem with angels and people like the two of them is that angels end up in danger for being with them. Sonny tells Luke he realizes that but he’s been “bitten’ too long and just needs to make some changes. Luke tells Sonny that he thinks that the choices Sonny has made have indicated that he’s bitten himself. He tells Sonny he knows all about what it’s like to start over. And he also knows that sometimes it’s better to walk out of the wrong door than it is to stay inside and rot. He looks at Sonny with a grave expression like he is very worried for him and tells him he wishes him the best of luck.

Patrick and robin go to the metro court. Right then, Carly and jax ener. The two women notice each other and are not happy. Jax tells Carly that she was the best surprise that he ever saw coming. She tells him that he cannot talk about her past tense because she is right there. He admits to her that he will miss her. She tells him that she just wants them to be there in the moment. And who knows? He might change his mind and reconsider. Right then, he tells her he has something for her. He gives her an envelope that gives her power of attorney in his absence and full control of the hotel. Robin cannot help observing them and tells Patrick that she’s worried that Jax might be crazy enough to ask Carly to marry him. She tells Patrick she’d like very much to walk over there and start something with her. Maybe it would motivate Jax to see Carly for the woman she really is. Hearing that, Patrick tells robin that he can see that she is just like Carly. In fact, she is carly.

Jax is surprised to notice that carly is not happy that he’s given her the power of attorney. He tells her he thought that she’d want to own the place. But she is worried that it could mean that he is never coming back. He tells her that he believes that his going away will be best for everybody. She tells him that it will not be what is best for her. He tells her that this situation with Nikolas is not going to get any better. As long as he(Jax) stays in town, Nikolas will never get over what they have both done. But if he leaves, then Nikolas might consider letting her and Michael and Morgan see John. She then gets very angry, gets up to leave and tells him he better stay the hell away from her.

At The haunted Start, Emily and Nikolas both appear alone and notice that the place is empty and they are first to arrive. They notice that they have both been invited by people who are not there. He knows that Sonny invited her. He then tells her he’d rather not be there when Sonny arrives so when she sees Luke, she can tell him that he sends his regards. He then picks up a black jack chip and tells her before he leaves, that as co owner of this place, he’d like to present the Quartermaine heiress and her loaded boyfriend with a winning blackjack pass. Right then, Sonny walks in, sees the two of them together and smashes a bottle. He startles them and points the broken glass at Nikolas. Emily tells Sonny he cannot do what he looks intent on doing.

Jax returns home after Carly has angrily walked out on him. After only a few minutes, she is at his door.

Robin asks Patrick how he could tell her that she is in any way like Carly. He tells her that she loves to get into everybody’s problems and blame everybody else for everything she doesn’t like, test people and set impossible standards for everybody around her to follow. It’s just an excuse to avoid being close. And if that does not work, she always has the HIV to fall back on. Hearing that, she walks out the door.

Carly tells Jax that he never told her that he loved her. He tells her that he understands that sometimes you have to leave. He understands her. And he kisses her. At that point, it looks like they are no longer angry. Romantic music plays and they go into his bedroom.

At the Haunted star, sonny tells Nikolas that he thinks he’s better than Sonny just because he has a rich family. He ought to strangle him and cut his throat. He gets in Nikolas’ face and tells him if he ever comes near Emily again, he will wish he hadn’t. Nikolas tells Sonny he’s insane. Sonny asks him what he just said and is ready to hurt him. Right then, max appears and tells Sonny he has to leave. They go and Nikolas gets on his cell phone to call the police. Emily asks him not to do that. But Nikolas tells her that he has to do something about that psycho.

After jax and Carly are done making love, once again, they turn their backs on each other, say nothing and lie awake.

Robin goes to the balcony. Patrick comes to find her. She tells him that she knows that she is a complete jerk and a loser and he is a hottie and nothing more than a “catch” for her. She tells him, sarcastically, that she wonders what he’d want with her. He doesn’t even like her. Hearing that, he sounds very serious in telling her that she has no idea and cannot tell him what he likes.

Nikolas asks Emily why she doesn’t want him to do something about Sonny. Can’t she see that he is dangerous? He could have killed him if there were no witnesses there. She cries and tells Nikoals that he does not understand. Sonny has a chemical imbalance. And she wants to help him through that. He tells her that he’s very worried about what he can do to her. She tells him that Sonny poses no danger to her. If he’s learned anything from what they have been through the last few years, then he will stay out of this and let her handle it. He says nothing but is not ok with letting this go. He tells her she has to swear to him if Sonny ever hits her or threatens her or even looks like he will, she must call him. She smiles and tells Nikolas it will never come to that. He tells her if she does not let him know, he will call Lucky right now and report Sonny. She tells him that she knows Sonny better than she’s ever known anybody before. He tells her that he really hopes that that is true.

Sonny and Max return him. Sonny demands to know why Max pulled him off of Nikolas. He tells him that he wants Nikolas taken out. Max tells Sonny that he had to get him out of there. He caused a scene and threatened Nikolas in front of many witnesses Sonny screams at Max that he wants Cassadine eliminated! Now!. Max then goes out the door and gets on the phone. Sonny asks him if he is calling Jason.

Patrick tells Robin that he wishes she would believe that he is sincere when he says that he likes her. When they were in bed and she let down her walls, he was thinking that he really really liked being with her and having sex with her. She then laughs and he kisses her.

Nikolas returns home and tells baby John that he’s still not very certain of himself around him. He’s afraid that he will cause him harm if he holds him or burps in the wrong way. But he tells him that he is a miracle to him. Just being able to hold him like this makes all the bad things in the world go away. He kisses his infant son and tells him that he is perfect. And he has to be the luckiest man in the entire world. Being able to spend the rest of his life calling him his son is an honor that he will cherish forever. The nanny then comes in and observes him.

Emily stands outside of Sonny’s to overhears his conversation with Max that Nikolas must be killed. Max tells Sonny that that is a really bad idea to even think about. The Cassadines have connections and body guards all around and he won’t get away with it. Not to mention what it will do to Emily. Right then, Emily appears after hearing Sonny saying he wants to kill Nikolas and tells him that she spoke to Nikolas and he agreed not to press charges. He asks her why Nikolas would have a problem with him. He tells her he knows what Nikolas wants. She then screams at Sonny for the first time and tells him that he has to stop this because she cannot take it anymore. He then goes upstairs.

Jax gets dressed and notices that calry is sleeping in his bed and not ready to leave. He leans over her and kisses her. He then goes back into his living room and tells her, believing she cannot hear, that he loves her. She opens her eyes and tells him, under her breath, that she loves him too.

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