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General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/20/06


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Nikolas holds his infant son at Kelly’s with all his friends and family surrounding him. Lulu tells him she has to leave but wants to see baby John again soon. She says although she’s not big on babies or childcare, when it comes to John or Cameron, she can make an exception. Right then, Carly and Jax enter, with Michael and Morgan, not knowing about the party that was held for baby Nikolas and his son. They enter and lose their happy expression as soon as they see Nikolas with his baby, friends and family. Michael asks Nikolas if he can hold baby John. Nikolas tells Michael he is sorry but does not think that’s a good idea.

Right when it looks like the dealer whom Maxie could not afford to pay for Lucky’s drugs is ready to rape her, Lucky pulls a gun on him and he leaves.

Jason returns home and tells Sam that it is too dangerous for her to live with him. She asks him how he can assume that that is the case. He tells her that he has not heard from Justus after Lanie has told him he did no meet her for dinner and is not answering his cell phone.

Right then, a contact shows Lorenzo and Diego that somebody has knocked Justus out and put him in the trunk of Lorenzo’s car..

Jason admits to Lanie and to Sam that he’s very afraid that Justus has been killed.

Lorenzo demands to know who put Justus in the trunk of his car. Diego tells his father he has no clue. And he would never want to hurt Justus. He reminds Lorenzo that Justus went to bat for him in court so why would he want to have him killed? Right then, Lorenzo realizes that would probably be true but he is very afraid that Sonny and/or Jason will pin this on him and assume that he had Justus killed. He tells Diego he better not breath a word of this to anybody.

At the Quartermaine house, Edward tells Skye that the two of them can take over ELQ without anybody else. Skye then tells her grandfather that she would like to join him in his meeting but s has plans. Right then, she gets a call from Lorenzo who tells her that he cannot meet her for dinner. He has something very important to attend to. She hangs up and informs Edward that her plans are now cancelled. He tells her she should let him guess and then guesses that her “gangster boyfriend” is too busy killing people to have dinner with her.

Lucky tells Maxie that he regrets getting her mixed up in his big problem. But she tells him that everything is ok. He tells her that he has to give up his drug habit with what almost happened to her as well as what it is doing to his life. She tells him that he mustn’t blame himself. And he need not get rid of his drugs. He can keep them.

After telling Michael that he cannot hold baby John, Nikolas tells Carly and jax that he apologizes if he hurt Michael’s feelings. But he does not trust either of them (Carly or Jax) and knows that they would only use the baby in order to manipulate Michael or do anything in their power in order to weasel back into John’s life. Carly protests that it was all Robin’s fault. She holds the baby and silently listens to their conversation. Nikolas then tells Carly and Jax that he does not trust them. They would have never told him that this is his baby and he’d have never found out if it were not for Robin. He then lays down the law to them that they can no longer have any contact with his son.

Lucky tells Maxie that he will hold onto the pills that she’s gotten for him but he won’t ask for any more. She tells him that that’s ok but if he needs any more, he can ask her. He tells her he never wants to get her into a situation like this again. She tells him that she really does understand. He is in pain and Patrick Drake cut him off of his pain pills too soon. Se tells him that she cares about him and she is ready to kiss him. But he prevents her from doing that.

Calry rips into Robin and Nikolas. Nikolas tells jax and carly that the truth has finally come out. Jax took baby John away from him in order to punish him for being with Courtney.

Skye tells Edward that she does not believe that Lorenzo is a criminal. He has given up that life. He tells her that he does not believe for a minute that Lorenzo will ever change. And he cannot understand why she is so smart in so many areas but so blind about Lorenzo. She tells him that Lorenzo values his unborn child and his son and her more than his previous life of crime. She knows that Lorenzo is a business man who could do many other things and she believes that he’s put his previous life behind him.

Lanie is very worried. Jason tells her that he feels responsible for what happened to Justus. Sam tells Jason that he is not to blame. He had not idea what was going to happen. Right then, Stan enters and Jason tells him he wants him to take Lanie home and make sure that she is safe. Lanie goes with Stan and asks Jason to keep her informed if he finds out anything. After they are gone, Sam tells Jason he cannot blame himself for anything that happened tonight. He asks her whom he should blame.

Right then, Manny is on an elevator.

Jason tells Sam that he knew that someone was gunning for him. Justus warned him and went in his place. He tells her that he should have gone there instead of Justus. And he is the reason why Justus was killed. He goes out the door and tells her he has to do something about this.

Maxie tells Lucky that years ago, she had a huge crush on him and all he did was help her with her home work. She tells him that even then, she could tell that there was a connection between them. He tells her that regardless of anything else, he is a married man. He smiles at her and she tells him he should call her if he needs another fix. She gets up to leave and Lucky swallows the entire bag of pills that she got for him.

Jax tells Nikolas that he wanted to protect John from his(Nikolas’) psychotic family. Nikolas tells him that that is just an excuse. He tells Carly if she really cares about John so much, why doesn’t she just graciously back out of his life, instead of using her own children to win him back. He tells her that he cannot believe the lengths she would go to in order to hold on to a child who is not even hers. Hearing that, Michael tells Nikolas he mustn’t talk to his mom like that.

Georgie goes to meet Deigo on the docks. He tells her that something terrible has happened. And he is worried that he might have caused this. She asks him if there is any way that he could fix it or make it right. He tells her no. It’s too late. She tells him that all he can do is just walk away and try harder the next time not to let something like this happen again. She is nice to him He asks her why. She tells him she cares about him and kisses him on the forehead. Lulu appears and watches them.

Stan takes Lanie back to the hospital as Jason asked him to. Epiphany sees her son and instantly assumes that he might be dating her. Stan tells his mother that Justus was Jason Morgan’s attorney and he’s afraid that he’s been murdered tonight.

Jason goes to the Quartermaine house. Edward sees him and sarcastically asks to what they owe this “honor”. Jason looks at Edward bleakly and tells him he is afraid that Justus is dead.

Jax approaches Michael and tells him he apologizes for what has happened and admits that he is the one who caused this problem involving the adults and this baby. Michael tells Nikolas that he owes his mom an apology. Nikolas tells Carly that he did not mean to disrespect her in front of her children. She goes out the door with Jax and tells Nikolas she hopes he noticed Jax tonight because he(Nikolas) has no clue how to be a good father.

After finding out what has happened to Justus, Epiphany tells her son at she is really disappointed that he has wasted his talent to choose to work for Jason. Stan tells his mother he’s heard it before. She tells him that he is really lost and wishes he had done something better with the top rate education she worked hard to pay for him. Lanie overhears them and tells Stan that maybe Jason was overreacting. But he notices that she is worried because she is shaking.

Georgie tells Diego she’d like to help him with his recent situation and asks him how bad it could be. He tells her she must know that he is nothing but trouble. And she needs to stay away from him. She leaves. Lulu comes out of hiding and makes light of the interaction. He is very upset and tells her that he’s tired of her manipulative little games to try to snag Dillon. A man may have died tonight. And he’s really tired of her foolish behavior.

After Jason tells Edward that he believes that Justus died, Edward tells Jason that he believes that Justus must be ok. Jason tells Edward that he knows that this trap was meant for him. And since Justus went to the warehouse in place of Jason, there’s no way that he could have gotten away. Jason tells Edward he is really sorry. Edward then tells Jason that he should be dead instead of Justus.

When Carly and Jax return home with Michael and Morgan, Michael asks them why John now lives with Nikolas. Jax replies that it’s because Nikolas is John’s real father. Michael asks jax if he will not miss John. Jax admits that he does miss him but he made a mistake by wanting to be his father and lying to him and to Nikolas telling them that he was his father. He tells Michael that he will always love the baby and he is still Michael’s family because he’s Courtney’s son. But he tells him that unfortunately, they may never see John again. Carly holds Morgan silently looking very angry.

Edward tells Jason that he is a stone cold criminal. Everywhere he goes, death and destruction follow him. Jason tells Edward he is very sorry for what happened to Justus. Edward tells Jason no, he is not. If he was, then he’d give up this life of crime. He tells Jason that Justus had such a promising future and his family was so proud of him. And in an act to help Jason, Justus got himself killed. He asks Jason how many more have to die because of him. Skye enters. Jason goes out the door without saying anything, looking upset. She asks Edward what has happened. He informs her that Jason just got Justus killed.

At the hospital, Lanie admits to Stan that she and Justus hadn’t really gotten serious yet. But she really liked him. Something clicked. She wanted to get to know him better. She invited him to have dinner. But now he’s dead. He went to the wrong warehouse. It had his unlucky number 29. She used to laugh and tell him that he couldn’t be so superstitious. He tells her he can take her home.

At the end of the party, Lucky meets Elizabeth while she cleans up. He asks her if his dad wrecked the party when he was gone. She tells him it was not Luke. He didn’t do anything. It was Carly who wrecked the party. She and jax showed up with Michael and Morgan. Nikoals told them that he did not want them to have any more contact with the baby. Michael got upset. Carly and jax picked a fight with Nikolas and robin and the party ended. She tells him that although Jax did a bad thing, she feels kind of bad for him because she can see that his heart is breaking. He admits to her that he never had any use for jax and believes he deserves what he got. He then tells her that maybe now, they should forget this whole thing and concentrate on their relationship. He puts his arms around her.

After Michael and Morgan go to bed. Carly admits to Jax that she does not know what to do now. She is tempted to “accidentally” run into the baby or send him an anonymous gift or toy or something. He tells her that he feels the same way. He sees John everywhere he goes and has to keep reminding himself that he’s gone. She tells him that all they can do now is hope that Nikolas will reconsider and let them see him again. He then gets up and tells her that he cannot keep doing this. She asks him what he is talking about. He tells her that this is not fair to her or to the baby. He tells her that if he is not around, then it’s possible that Nikolas will let her see the baby. He tells her that Nikolas is angry at him and not at her. She asks him what he is talking about when he says if he was not around. He tells her that maybe he should leave Port Charles. He’s already gotten her and her boys into too much of a mess. She looks disappointed but agrees that maybe they could take a break for a while. He then gets on his phone to call his mother and tells her he can take her up on her offer and be in Botswana in the morning.

Alone in Kelly’s, Elizabeth and Lucky laugh when she tells him that she can see his mom in baby John. She asks him what happened when he had to leave. He tells her nothing really special. It was just police business. He then tells her that he wants to dance. He turns on the juke box and they dance and laugh and seem happy together. From outside the window, Maxie observes them and looks disappointed.

Edward tells Skye that Justus was the son of a child that he barely knew and the grandson of a woman whom he loved more than anything. He tells her that Justus’ real father died from violence. And he regrets trying to push Justus into what he wanted him to be. Maybe if he’d just let Justus develop his talent his own way, then Justus might still be alive today. He had to join forces with his gangster cousin. And he tells her that he’s now learned that criminals will never change. And anybody who gets mixed up with them is in trouble. He concludes if she loves that child, then she will get away from Lorenzo Alcazar.

Lorenzo tells Diego that he knows that whoever killed Justus was probably after Jason. Justus is Jason’s lawyer. And they had motive to pin the crime on him so that Jason would blame him for it. Diego remarks to his father that he is amazed at how good he is at this and he asks Lorenzo whom he believes would have done this. Lorenzo says he believes that it would be Manny Ruiz. Diego tells Lorenzo that he thought that guy was dead. Lorenzo admits not yet.

The cops examine all of the evidence that was found in the warehouse where Justus may have been killed. They discover Lorenzo’s bracelet and put it in a plastic bag.

Manny is not far away, on the elevator, watching his plan go just as he’d wanted it.

After Jason has left his home, his guards tell Sam that it is Mr. Morgan’s orders that she cannot stay. And they push her out the door.

Jason is sitting on the docks alone and very depressed.

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