GH Update Monday 6/19/06

General Hospital Update Monday 6/19/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jason goes to the room where sam is now staying at Kelly’s after she’s told him she believes that somebody has come through her window. There is no sign of force entry or anything except her word. But she protests to him that she is not lying, realizes that he has reason not to believe her, but it did happen.

When Jax and Carly are ready to be “intimate” after the big shock of having to give up little John, Robin enters. Jax lets her inside but Carly is clearly not happy to see her. She tells Carly she needs to talk to Jax alone.

Nikolas takes the baby to the hospital and runs into Emily. He asks her if she can hold his son while he fills out some papers. He observes his ex wife and notices how great she is with his son. She was able to get him to stop crying. He remarks that he may not even need a pediatrician. She has a knack with that baby. She tell shim that if she had held him before, she’d have been able to instantly know that he is Nikolas’ son

At Sonny’s, Ric comes over and Sonny believes that Ric found the white dress for Emily to wear. He tells Ric he set him up to have a breakdown by finding a dress that looked just like Lily’s. Sonny pushes his brother up against the wall and screams at him. Ric protests that he does not know what Sonny is talking about. Sonny then lets go of Ric. Ric then tells his brother he knows there is something is terribly wrong and urges Sonny to let him help him.

Sam notices that Jason seems to believe her when she’d feared that he would not. He tells her that he knows she could not fake the fear in her eyes. And she can tell that he has something on his mind. He tells her he knows that one of his enemies is targeting him. Whoever it is believes that making Sam fear them is a good way to get to him. It’s probably the same person who shot her. And he concludes to Sam that he is going to take her home now.

After Manny has gotten Justus to meet him at the warehouse, by having him believe that Lorenzo Alcazar has asked to see Jason. Justus gets knocked out and is unconscious on the ground. Manny moves him out the door. He tells unconscious Justus that as it has turned out, he has use for him.

Ric tells Sonny that he is concerned about Sonny’s state of mind. Sonny asks Ric if they did not have a conversation in this room about Lily being on Sonny’s mind and how Emily has the same affect on Sonny. Ric tells him no. They did not talk about Lily or Emily. But they have discussed the warehouse and the architect and they’ve discussed the legal end of it. Ric gives Sonny the copies of his legal papers. Sonny then makes himself a drink. He does not appear to remember their very important conversation where Ric offered to help Sonny get back into business but where Sonny violently shot down the idea. Ric tells Sonny that he would never select a dress. Alexis would tell anybody that he has terrible taste in women’s clothes. Sonny then tells his brother that it seemed so real. Ric then tells his brother that he need not be worried. Everything will be ok. He has people around him who care about him. And he has Emily and he has Ric. Sonny then asks ric if he will help him. Ric says absolutely. Sonny then turns to look like everything is funny.

Emily holds baby John and Nikolas is in awe of her. He admits to her that she is a natural and seems like nothing to her. But to him, it’s terrifying. He is so afraid that he won’t know how to take care of his son. He’s afraid if he holds him, he will shatter him. She laughs, tells Nikolas that practice makes perfect and gives him John to hold. He tells her that it blows him away every time he looks at him. He has a son.

At Jax’s, he tells Robin that whatever she has to say, she can say in front of calry. Carly tells robin that she will not be dismissed from this conversation. Robin tells them she just wants to know how John is. Calry reminds her that John is gone. He is now ripped away from the two people who were his world and is now with the Cassadines. Nikolas has shut them out of the baby’s life and has even gotten rid of their nanny. Robin then tells calry that she must shut up. This did not happen because of her. This whole situation is Carly’s fault.

Sam and Jason return to their former residence. She tell him that she really misses this place and when he first told her that he was “taking her home”, she thought he meant take her to Alexis’ home. She tells him she plans to pick up her stuff from Kelly’s. He tells her that this is not permanent. She tells him that she is sorry to have jumped to the wrong conclusion. He then asks her what she heard or saw. She admits that she has nothing to give him as a lead. She tells him that what really scared her, more than anything else, was the thought of living the rest of her life without him.

At Jax’s, he tells both Carly and robin that there is no point in assigning blame. The main thing they must realize is that baby John is gone. But robin tells him she still believes that they must discuss what has happened. She admits that he made a bad decision to begin with. But carly took advantage of his vulnerable state when he was grieving Courtney’s death. She then tells Jax that carly has spent too much of her life taking things away from people in order to manipulate some man to take care of her. Carly tells Robin that she put her nose where it did not belong and she destroyed a family. She tells Robin that she may enjoy her “”victory” while she can. But in the end, she will pay. Jax then tells the two of them that this is enough

At Sonny’s, Ric tells his brother that he needs to sit down and relax and assures him that what happened with Emily’s dress will not leave this room. He then leaves. He looks back at Sonny. And he goes out the door. Ric then asks Max to let him know by calling ric on his cell phone if anything happens to Sonny. When Ric leaves and Max is alone, he says to himself that he will call Ric when hell freezes over. Right then, Sonny calls Max into the room and asks his to find out where the dress came form and most importantly, find out if Ric bought it.

Sam tells Jason that she does not have any clothes to wear and has not eaten all day. He tells her that he has clothes and food for her. But she obviously wants something else.

Emily comes by Sonny’s. He tells her that he was going to call her and ask what she wanted for dinner. She informs him that she has already eaten. He jokes to her that hospital food is not good for her. She tells him she will eat with him after he tells her what got him so upset. He appears calm and tells her that he is not upset. He tells her that sometimes he feels like everything is ok. But then many things are confusing. He is not certain whether to trust Ric. Ric was very quick to jump in as soon as Jason took over Sonny’s business. Ric always says hew wants to have a brotherly relationship with Sonny. He knows that ric probably has good intentions. But Sonny admits that something is still screaming at him. Emily ask Sonny what that is. Sonny tells Emily that ric has a real way of manipulating everything. But, Sonny admits, it could be himself. He gets paranoid and starts questioning people who mean no harm. He questions his own judgment. And that is when he starts making mistakes and hurting people who don’t deserve it. Right then, his phone rings. It’s Mike. He informs Sonny that Bobbie is throwing a family bash for Nikolas’ son. And since Sonny did not show up for the christening, perhaps it would be a nice gesture if Sonny could show up and represent Courtney’s side of the family. Hearing that, Sonny does not seem receptive

Bobbie goes to Kelly’s and meets Lucky and Elizabeth. They get ready for the party. She and Elizabeth go to the kitchen to bake some brownies. Georgie brings a punch bowl. Lucky looks to be in pain and hardly able to lift it. Maxie comes and Lucky tells her that he hates to put her in this position but he really needs those pills. Right then, everybody is hiding and reedy to surprise Nikolas when he arrives with the baby. They hide behind the counter and then jump up and yell surprise.

Carly tells Robin that she had to ruin Michael’s life by telling him that AJ was his father. She lost Jason and always resented carly because of her relationship with Jason. And so she has to attempt to ruin Carly’s life. Robin screams back at Carly. Jax then tells them that that is enough. Robin goes out the door. Carly yells at jax that he needs to realize that Robin is not his friend. He cannot see her for whom she really is. She took his son from him. He yells back to her that John is not his son. Calry does not have to like Robin, he tells her. But she needs to accept what has happened. She yells to him that Robin has ruined their lives. They were just on the couch ready to make love. And Robin had to ruin that. He then tells her that they must let go of John. It will always hurt to have lost him. But they must not lose what they still have, if that means anything to them. He tells her that he still wants them to have a relationship. But he looks at her as though they both have doubts that they have a future together.

Jason is on the phone hearing his contact talking bout the “activity” at the warehouse. He informs them that Justus was supposed to meet somebody at the warehouse. He asks his contact to keep track of what is going on. Sam is busy preparing food for them to eat on the coffee table. He tells her he is not hungry. She reminds him that there is no food in the fridge so he needs to sit down and eat with her. He then tells her that he should not have brought her home tonight. He cannot eat Chinese with her and pretend that things are the way they used to be. Things have changed. She then tells Jason that the only thing that has changed is him. Right then, Jason’s guard informs him that Lanie is there. Lanie informs Jason that she is worried bout Justus. They were supposed to have dinner. But he never showed and has not been answering his cell phone. He then tells her that when he last spoke to Justus, he offered to go, in his place, to the warehouse. Jason then gets up to go and look for Jason.

Sonny tells Emily that AJ, then Jax and now Nikolas all have to made up for what Courtney did not have by making appearances at children’s parties and memorial services because it’s too late to do anything else. She then concludes that it’s too late to change the past. She admits to him that Elizabeth and Lucky invited her to attend the party. But she turned then down. He asks if it’s because she is “worried” about him. She says she wants to be with him. She told them that. They both smile. They hold each other. And she asks him if he tore the dress off of her because it made him think of her with Nikolas. And she asks him what he would do if he saw her and Nikolas in the same room

At the party, Nikolas mingles with his family and friends. Lulu tells Bobbie that she is really happy for Nikolas. He is able to reunite with his baby. She tells Bobbie hat she did a great time pulling this party together. Maxie then goes off and tells Georgie she has to plan for something. And she goes off.

Mike and Elizabeth return from the kitchen and he tells her that he thought that Robin would be there.

Jax and Carly are in bed together but awake and not looking comfortable.

Jason goes to find Justus at the warehouse where he’d planned to go. He notices that Justus’ unlucky number is written on the floor. Although the room says 26, it looks like the 6 is really a 9 that’s been flipped upside down. He then discovers a bullet and blood on the ground.

Sonny and Emily appear cozy together. He tells her that it’s amazing that she is still with him after his tantrum with the white dress. She tells him that she will be right by his side. As long as they are together and solid, then nobody can hurt them. They then agree to go to Nikolas’ party together. She goes ahead of him. It looks like he is still hiding something.

Ric is on the phone to a private contact, telling them that they must understand that his situation is very delicate. He indicates something about his wife and this “man” he has this issue with. And under no circumstances does he ever want anybody to know that he bought that dress.

Maxie goes to meet a “dealer” to get some hydro cordon. At first he tells her he does not have anything that strong. He tells her that he needs more money for the drugs than she wants. He walks away and tells her he cannot help her. But she tells him maybe they can work something out.

At the party, Lucky tells Elizabeth that he regrets popping those pills. He tells her he has to go now and he will be fine. He goes and congratulates Nikolas. And he goes out the door. Lulu holds the baby and tells Nikolas that his son told him he missed his daddy. She tells him she knows that they will be great together. He tells her that he and Courtney had a lot of plans. She tells him they can still make them come true and she is available for babysitting duty any time. He tells her that he has hired help. But he wants family around as much as possible. Right then Luke enters and asks Bobbie what the big emergency is. He is then a bit surprised to see Nikolas holding a baby. He asks why they’d ask him to be there. Lulu tells her father that although Nikolas may not want Luke to “play grandpa”, she believes that if Luke held the baby, he would see a bit of her mother in him. Luke still does not smile.

Maxie tells the dealer that she is willing to “do something” in order to get the drugs from him. She is getting them for a good friend who has been really good to her. At that point, the dealer obviously wants a “service” from her. He looks ready to attack her. She screams. And Lucky appears, yells at the guy to freeze, and holds a gun on him.

Lanie goes with the cops to find the place where Justus went. She notices that the 6 on the door has been detached, as if it was supposed to be a 9. So the room where Justus was ambushed was number 29. And not far away, they discover Justus unconscious in the trunk of a car.

Jason returns home and tells Sam that he’s worried that Justus has been killed. She almost got killed. And she must know that this is the reason why they cannot be together.

Sonny goes with Emily to Kelly’s. They look inside the window to view the people and the party. But he tells her he cannot go inside.

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