GH Update Thursday 6/15/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/15/06


Written By Veronica
Pictures by Juanita

At the Haunted Star, Tracy walks in with a big smile on her face as she hands Luke an injunction. She informs her husband that he either hand over the money he stole in his fake robbery, or she’ll have him sent to jail. Luke assures his wife that he didn’t take the money. He does, however, inform her that he knows who did and he will get it back from them.

Dillon walks into Kelly’s and sees Lulu at the bar. She shows him a reply to the ransom note that she received. She tells Dillon that the letter is demanding a meeting at the docks to hand the money back over or the cops will be called.

At Sonny’s, Max walks in and asks his boss if there is anything he can do for him after seeing him holding a knife. Sonny makes a joke out of the situation after Sonny wants to know why Max is all in his personal business all of a sudden. Max apologizes. He lets Max know that he is going to the back to cut some oranges for Lily – again referring to Emily as.

At the penthouse, Jason is staring at the window with the bullet when he has a sudden memory of Sam being shot at the Metro Court. After a knock on the door, Stan enters. He questions Jason about Escobars business, but Jason tells him that the business has to wait. He informs Stan that Sam is his main concern. He calls for 24 hour surveillance on her.

Sam bursts into the PCPD demanding to see Alexis. After the officer holds her back from entering, Alexis tells the officer that her family is welcome at any time. When she asks Sam what she is doing there, Sam forces the Lake House keys onto Alexis’ hands and tells her that she is moving out.

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Detective Rodriguez interrupts Alexis and Sam. Alexis tells him to give them a minute to talk, but Sam insists there isn’t anything to say. Alexis asks her daughter what happened and Sam informs her that s he doesn’t want to live with a woman who would try to break up her relationship with Jason. She informs Alexis that she knows all about how Alexis tried to stop the surgery and had Patrick, Jason, Elizabeth and Epiphany arrested for defying the court order. She lets Alexis know that she knows that she had her shipped off to another hospital and demands her mother to look her in the face and tell her that Patrick was lying. Alexis insists she tried to do what is best for her, but Sam tells her that Jason knows her better than anyone and knows what’s best for her it’s Jason. Sam asks Alexis “how dare you?” – with that Alexis responds, “How dare I try to save your ungrateful life?”

Jason instructs Stan to put men on Alexis’ house, as well as four additional men on Sam. Stan points out that would be eight guards, plus the guards he has Carly and the children. Stan admits that it will be stretching it a bit, but he tells Jason that he should think about protecting himself – the bullet was meant for him.

Justus is hanging out at the bar at Kelly’s when Skye walks in and begins asking him questions about Lorenzo. She tells him that she overheard him on the phone regarding Diego and heard him say something about returning a favor. She was wondering what this was regarding. Justus informs her that it is too vague to jump to any conclusions and wonders if he was acting strangely.

Lorenzo is on the docks and sees Manny there. Lorenzo makes a comment about Manny still being alive and realizes that Manny is the one who shot Sam and Durant. Lorenzo wonders if Carly was actually Manny’s intended victim. Manny points out that they are no longer a couple, so it shouldn’t matter. Lorenzo warns Manny to leave Skye alone. Manny assures Lorenzo that he has some business to take care of in Port Charles, and then he’s leaving to take over Lorenzo’s South American operations. Lorenzo informs Manny that it won’t be necessary – he’s back in the business. The two get into an argument and a gun is pulled. Lorenzo suggests that Manny leave Port Charles.

At General Hospital, Lainey sees Ric. Ric informs Lainey that he took her advice and have avoided stressful and emotional situations. Lainey thinks it’s great, but tells him that treatment may be necessary. Lainey wonders if Ric has discussed his problems with Alexis, but he tells her that she is going through too much of her own stuff. Ric wonders if it’s genetic.

Sonny hands Emily a glass of that freshly squeezed orange juice. He tells her that he made it especially for her because of all her patience and love. He apologizes to Emily for everything he put her through and they hug. Emily tells Sonny that there is no place else that she’d rather be and that she will help Sonny deal with his medical condition. Sonny tells her that he’s fine as long as she’s there.

Tracy insists that since Luke stole the money, they he already knows where the money is. Tracy expresses her disappointment in Robert as he was supposed to spy on Luke for her, but hasn’t. She suggests that maybe he should move out of the Quartermaine mansion. Robert insists that Luke doesn’t have the money. Tracy warns them to return the money, or they will both be arrested. When Robert questions how they’re going to get the money from Lulu, Luke wonders how he knew it was her who stole the money. Robert tells Luke that anyone who would send a ransom note for stolen money is just looking for attention.

At Jason’s penthouse, Justus tells him about what Skye said about his phone call. Jason wonders if it could be a favor that Lorenzo is calling in for Diego. Jason tells Justus that the Alcazars have high government connections. Jason reveals that he has known this information since Luis Alcazar came to town. He claims that Luis was untouchable and when he had his big day in court, he magically got off. Justus wonders if Lorenzo could be back in business.

Alexis informs Sam that Noah warned her that the surgery would kill her, but Patrick didn’t agree. She tells her that Jason agreed with Patrick, so they tried to compromise. Alexis advises her daughter that the reason she had her moved was for her to be safe and have unbiased care. Sam disagrees, thinking that Alexis just wanted to keep her away from Jason. Alexis is upset that Sam’s opinion of her is so low, but admits that she doesn’t hate Jason – she actually like’s Jason. She admits that what she hates about Jason is the lifestyle that he chooses – to kill people and the risk that puts on Sam. Sam calls Alexis a control freak and tells her that she loves Jason and will win him back – and if she doesn’t like it, she can stay out of her life. After Sam leaves, Alexis tells Detective Rodriguez to bring Jason in for questioning, as he leaves to do so, someone brings Alexis a certified document.

Sonny has a picture of Lily. He quickly turns the picture face down when Ric walks in. He tells Ric that he wasn’t aware that he was coming by. Ric tells him that he called 2 hours ago. Sonny apologizes for being distracted and for the fight they had over their mother. Ric tells Sonny that he wouldn’t call it a fight. Sonny starts talking about Adella and how he wishes Ric would’ve known her. He says she was beautiful and king and she died too young. He compares her to Lily as Ric picks up the picture of Lily. Ric realizes that Adella and Lily are two deaths that Sonny could have prevented by making a different choice. Sonny walks outside.

Dillon and Lulu are at the docks. Lulu places the “money” in a backpack on the bench. She hides away with Dillon and waits for Luke to come get the money. Dillon warns Lulu that the two problems are that the bag has newspaper and if Tracy is blackmailing them, she won’t come on her own. They argue about what to do as Luke and Robert tell them that they are busted.

When Sonny comes back inside, Ric wonders if he is okay. Sonny begins to talk about the warehouse, but Ric changes the subject to Lily. Sonny tells Ric that Lily loved him a lot, even though the marriage was arranged. He says that Lily helped balance him out; as does Emily. Sonny admits to Ric that Emily means to him and doesn’t want to think what or where he would be without her. Ric wonders if Emily knows how important she is to him. He tells Sonny that he should buy her a pretty dress. Sonny would love to, but he has to meet the landscaper, but asks Ric if he could pick something up for Ric instead.

At the PCPD, Alexis has Jason in the interrogation room. Jason demands his lawyer, but Alexis assures him that she didn’t bring him there to question him. She tells him that Sam moved out and she is worried about her.

Skye is at the PCPD with Diego. She is showing concern for him when Lorenzo walks in and insists Skye shouldn’t be there. Skye wonders if Lorenzo is there to visit Diego or help get him released.

Back in the interrogation room, Alexis informs Jason that Sam is blaming her for the break up and she’s gearing up to get Jason back. She asks Jason if he will continue to stay away from Sam to protect her.

At the docks, Robert opens the backpack to see the newspaper. Luke asks Lulu for the money. Dillon wonders how they figured it out and Robert informs them that he knew immediately that Luke faked the robbery. He also points out that Lulu snuck out during police questioning and shortly after a ransom note showed up. Dillon wonders why they waited if they knew. Luke wanted to give his daughter the opportunity to follow through with her scam so she could learn how it works. Lulu promises to do better next time. She leaves and Robert calls Luke an idiot.

Skye wonders how Lorenzo can keep Diego out of prison unless it was a mistake and Diego didn’t violate his parole. Lorenzo assures Skye that they will discuss such matters back at the house. Skye agrees and Diego is intrigued. Lorenzo wants to know if they are finished and if Alexis has dropped the charges.

Alexis makes the request to Jason that he tell Sam that his leaving was not her doing. Jason informs Alexis that his decision don’t revolve around her and they never will. He wonders why Diego is being released. He tells her that unless she has plans on arresting him, he’s leaving. Detective Rodriguez checks with Alexis to see if Diego can go. Alexis tells him that the charges have been dropped.

Ric comes back to Sonny’s with a shopping back. Ric tells his brother that he’s happy to help with whatever he can – he’s just happy to have a new connection with his brother. Ric tells his brother that he is happy that they are not separated anymore and he’s glad that Sonny can finally trust him.

At Kelly’s Dillon asks Lulu if he can buy her any snacks. Lulu tells him that it won’t make her feel any better. Dillon reminds her that no matter what she does, it’s not going to make a difference to Luke – he cares anyway. Lulu tells Dillon that she’s glad to have gotten to know Dillon through everything.

Lainey meets up with Justus at Kelly’s. She appears a mixture of frustrated and confused. Justus asks if he can help, but she wonders if she can talk without breaching confidentiality. She brings up Sonny and his break downs. Justus tells her that he is familiar with them, but he doesn’t know that much about them.

At Sonny’s, he gives Emily the gift. Emily tells him that she’s going to go upstairs to model it for him. Sonny tells her that when she gets back, he will have a second surprise waiting.

Diego and Lorenzo are at the docks discussing his latest arrest. Lorenzo informs his son that his freedom, cost him any chance of staying out of the business. He explains his connections to the secret government agency and how they sell weapons. Lorenzo fears that his re-entry into the business will cause an all out war with Jason Morgan.

In what looks like the inside of a warehouse, Manny is meeting with someone; telling them to set up a meeting with Jason Morgan. He informs the man to make sure that Jason believes he’s meeting with Lorenzo.

Lainey and Justus discuss his superstitions about gambling. She wonders how he could work for a mob boss. She jokes that she would like to get him on a couch. They talk about his hatred for the number 29. He tells her that is the day his father went missing and that is the day they found out he was dead. She wonders if he would come into a hotel room – number 29 if she was waiting inside. He says yes and they kiss.

Jason arrives at Kelly’s and runs into Sam. She wonders if he is there for lunch or if he came to see her. Jason asks what happened. She tells him that she wasn’t going to live with Alexis anymore once she found out her part in the breakup. Jason tells Sam that Alexis didn’t have anything to do with the breakup. He did it for his own reasons. He tells her that even though Alexis was wrong, she was trying to protect her. Sam wonders why Jason is defending his mother.

Alexis and Ric are at the PCPD discussing Lorenzo and how they are connected to powerful people. Ric tells her not to go after the Alcazars – instead he wants to take her to lunch while he still can. Alexis wonders what Ric means. He informs his wife that Sonny will need his undivided attention soon and he’s going to need to be there for him.

At Sonny’s, he tells Emily to come down the stairs – he’s ready. Emily comes down the stairs in a white dress – exactly like Lily is wearing in the photo. Sonny gets all freaked out and yells at her to take off her clothes NOW….

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